tagErotic HorrorA Unique Vampire Ch. 01

A Unique Vampire Ch. 01


Copyright 2008 by Midnight Death Writer

This is my first submission; but not my first story. This is the start of a short series. Part two gets into a more detailed story. This short series may continue if I get enough interest, or I get another good idea for another story.

It is not permissible to reprint this story in part or whole without express written permission.

Constructive criticism will be gratefully considered, crank flamer bitching about things because they dislike the genre, or the plot, pr other unrelated issues with be cheerfully ignored, so don't bother. - Midnight Death Writer

Have you met me?

I'm not like the rest of the human race. I appear to be a woman. I look like a woman, feel like a woman, smell like a woman and taste like a woman. I could breed like a woman if I find the proper Mate. I haven't caught up to him. I've been here through the ages, moving, always moving. Sometimes I'm a priestess, but that hasn't been fashionable for quite a while. My features are mobile, as is my skin color. Like a chameleon, I carefully blend in with the surrounding race.

I loved the Bronze and early Iron Ages; there were lots of jobs to be had as priestess. Many Priestesses were there to mate with all comers. These days, I have to haunt the porn industry to find what I'm looking for in a man more often than not, although I don't restrict myself. I never star in the films, and the few times they attempted to film me, the results terrify the photographers and they destroy the images. It is not often I need to affect their minds to get them to do this. Ordinary cameras fail to capture my image when they are used on me.

Daylight doesn't bother me, and my reflection shows in a mirror. I'm really not a vampire as conventionally imagined, not that blood sucking vampires don't actually exist. The superstitious mind of man is so easily swayed with imaginings, some are true and some are not. I can sleep when I want, and with whom I want, and don't usually stay in one place very often.

How can I move about so easily? I'm not in any identification system. Pictures are not possible, remember? Mind control. I have ID cards, but they always read as I want the person to read them. Identification verification systems are even easier to manipulate than the mind of man is.

I always have cash. When people get paid by me, they never give the right change. I'm always in new clothes, as unless it is done for me at the first class hotels I typically stay at, I never do mundane things like laundry. I get noticed, but I don't stand out in a crowd unless I want to stand out.

Who am I? The last of the Goddesses? Don't kid yourself, We never disappeared, nor did the Gods. We simply lost interest in the petty doings of mankind. A few of us remain on earth. Most have moved on. I'm hunting the right Mate. He's here, I'd know if He left, but He is also a searcher, and in my case, an avoider.

Being ageless is not without its cost. My body doesn't pay the price of aging, other than in the weariness of soul after so many years, where the centuries count like a normal human years. Mankind pays. Mostly men, but the occasional woman also pays my way. Each one I entertain, meaning fuck (What a quaint word to describe the act), gives a little of himself. I look for the largest of men. They have it to spare. What is it? His manhood. Fuck me enough, and they wind up tiny specimens below the belt. A few can't stay away, and become far less than average.

Have you seen the famous statue of David? The model wouldn't stay away from me, and that is why he is portrayed so small. Leonardo also paid a small price for having me, but he was more interested in his art (and the model for David) than me. A very smart man, in more ways than one.

Occasionally a rapist will try me. These men I use mercilessly and some have committed suicide after discovering what happened. It doesn't have to be a tiny bit of a man's essence. I can take more if I want to. Once I was gang raped, but who raped who that time? I took them all and took a lot. Draining them of all I could get. I didn't need a victim for months and months!

That story tells what can happen when I lose control, or throw my control away. It was at a temple, and Persians had raped it, and started raping the priestesses. I was the high Priestess. When they were done with the temple, I as High Priestess, was tied down and the solders lined up. Their captain went first. He was a large man, in every respect, at least 12 inches of manhood. He raped me long and hard, and I thrust back at him, encouraging his lust. My arms were tied but my legs were free. And I used my legs and feet to pull him as deeply as I could. He came once and made to rise from me, but I pulled him back in.

My tunnel of love, was still pulsing and milking and stroking his manhood, which had shrunk slightly but still remained hard. My contractions kept him tight inside me reducing in size to meet his smaller size and kept me tight around him. He regained hardness, if not size, and plunged again, continuing the rape. As did I, crying out in passions unleashed, urging him on, he came again and as he shrunk, So did my pussy, sucking as if it were not my nether regions, but my mouth sucking to give him, and me, pleasure.

He stopped after his second climax, but my pussy didn't and he could feel the suction. Soon he was plunging yet a third time. I cried out for him to put everything he had into me! He, fool that he was, did just that! Soon, all too soon for him, he completed his third climax, and again I pumped him for all he was worth.

When I finally let him withdraw, he was soft and all of two inches long. He, and his men, assumed it was because he had climaxed three times. However when he next needed a woman, which wasn't for several weeks, the largest he got was a mere four inches!

I took man after man, some came twice, some three times and one fool four times! I was in constant orgasm, and sucked them all dry. A few fools thought to use my mouth. And I took them hungrily. These also paid my price. Finally, they began to fear the wanton that could not be sated, and they left me there tied to the altar that they had been fucking me on. My other priestess cut me loose and helped me off of the altar. They thought I had done what I had done to preserve them from similar fates, but all had been raped, and all were pregnant. All, except me. The isle of Lesbos was where we moved to after that, and established a new temple, and a new order.

Someday I'll find the Mate I need. The only part of his essence I want is his seed. While my breed can't really die, we breed rarely. I suppose this is good, or earth would be covered with gods and goddesses, and mankind would find it difficult to procreate!

It is interesting that he gets his essence from women, and that is how I track him, as I can see who he had done. Sometimes I seduce these women, and pump them for his description, not that it matters much, as he can also change to blend in. But the benefit to them is, as what he takes away, I restore, as his subtraction is a looser pussy, and mine reduced it again. Many of the women think he stretched them. And he does, permanently.

He has possibly the largest penis on earth. How he convinces the average woman to attempt him is shameful, as he doesn't care if they are attracted to him. Only that he is attracted to them. Why does he run from me? He both fears and loathes me. He fears I won't hold back and will reduce his manhood. He thinks more of his enormous cock than anything else.

He loathes me as I was once raped by his brother, who lusted after me, and I was not asked, I was forced. I did not take his seed, but I took his manhood for all it was worth. I had been a virgin Priestess for quite a while, and was parched for mans essence, but was trying to stop the constant sapping of mankind, out of guilt. He lusted after me, he took me, and I took him. For all that he had. Do you know that even gods can suicide? He did.

Only those two brothers could impregnate me. His brother raped, now I will have to, to have the child I so desperately want. Once I find him and we are face to face, he will not be able to resist, just as his brother did not refrain. This is why he runs. One day I will find him. Until then, to survive, and to continue this long life, I take a little here, and a little there, and I no longer feel guilt about who or what I am, I simply am what I am.

Have you met me? Perhaps...

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