tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Unique Vampire Ch. 02

A Unique Vampire Ch. 02


Copyright 2008 by Midnight Death Writer

This is my second submission. This short series may continue if I get enough interest, or I get another good idea for another story.

It is not permissible to reprint this story in part or whole without express written permission.

Constructive criticism will be gratefully considered, crank flamer bitching about things because they dislike the genre, or the plot, pr other unrelated issues with be cheerfully ignored, so don't bother. - Midnight Death Writer

A Unique Vampire – Part 2

The Rape at the Oracle

I'm not like the rest of the human race. I appear to be a woman. I look like a woman, feel like a woman, smell like a woman and taste like a woman. I could breed like a woman if I find the proper Mate. I haven't caught up to him. I've been here through the ages, moving, always moving. Sometimes I'm a priestess, but that hasn't been fashionable for quite a while. My features are mobile, as is my skin color. Like a chameleon, I carefully blend in with the surrounding race.

I loved the Bronze and early Iron Ages; there were lots of jobs to be had as priestess. Many Priestesses were there to mate with all comers. It was a wonderful time for me, and I made huge stores of the energy needed to keep me youthful and alive, being careful not to take too much from any one male. Occasionally I could refrain and simply enjoy the act. I was at an early temple in a Greek colony when the Persians overran the area and a troop raped the temple and its priestesses, including the High priestess. Me.

When they were done looting the temple, I as High Priestess, was tied down and the solders lined up. Their Captain went first. He was a large man, in every respect, at least 12 inches of manhood. He laughed as he approached and was telling his men that I was to get used like no High Priestess had ever been used. He was a large man and arrogant. I looked at him and decided he was to be punished.

How would I punish a man while tied up you ask? The ropes they had tied me with would have restrained a strong man, but I could have broken loose from them like they were rotten string. My kind has strength unknown to mortal man. But I had no need for such theatrics; I would punish him in his pride.

He shredded my robe, a robe made to allow one to make love without the need to disrobe, but this fool felt the need to attempt to humiliate me.

&& He angered me and I would punish him like I had punished no one before! I licked my lips and opened my legs inviting him. My body flushed with anticipation, as it geared up in preparation for what ws to come. This fool mistook my actions for lust! He would soon know who had raped whom!

He approached with a laugh, and told his men I was meeting his expectation for a whore priestess, but HE would teach me who was master! His chiton was dropped and he revealed his manhood. At least 12 inches long, and thick!

&& This would be a feast, and I would feed like I had never fed before! I would suck this man's manhood down as much as my body could take at a time!

He entered me without preliminaries, and was surprised to find I was well lubricated already. He called to his men, saying I was truly a whore, but one that looked forward to being raped in wet anticipation! They roared their approval, and stopped what they were doing with the other priestesses to better watch their commander subdue me. As soon as he was in I contracted my pussy muscles around him; wet, but tight. This ability my race has to accommodate any man, and satisfy him, never too tight, and never too loose, was important since we shrank men's Manhood when we fed. My pussy rippled as he plunged, milking him as he raped.

He raped me long and hard, and I thrust back at him, encouraging his lust. My arms were tied but my legs were free. And I used my legs and feet to pull him as deeply as I could. He stiffened in release, and spilled his seed into me, and he made to rise from me, but I pulled him back in.

&& I was not done with this so called man, I would rape him yet again!

My tunnel of love, was still pulsing and milking and stroking his manhood, which had shrunk slightly but still remained hard. My contractions kept him tight inside me reducing in size to meet his smaller size and kept me tight around him. He regained hardness, if not size, and plunged again, continuing the rape. As did I, crying out in passions unleashed, urging him on, he came again and as he shrunk, So did my pussy, sucking as if it were not my nether regions, but my mouth sucking; to give him, and me, pleasure.

He stopped again after spilling his second load of his seed in me, but my pussy didn't stop, and he could feel the suction. My heels drove his hips forward every time he attempted to back out. Soon he was plunging yet a third time. I cried out for him to put everything he had into me! He, fool that he was, did just that! All too soon for him, but after a long protracted bout of rapine he spilled his last and largest load, and again I pumped him for all he was worth.

&& I had never taken as much from one man as I had this man, and he would rue the day he met me!

When I finally allowed him to withdraw, he was soft and all of two inches long. He, and his men assumed it was because he had climaxed three times. However when he next needed a woman, which wouldn't be for weeks, the largest he got was a mere four inches!

The next men came and lined up taking turns at times, all wanting to have a piece of this insatiable woman. I took man after man, some spilled their seed twice, some three times and one fool four times! I was in constant orgasm, and sucked them all dry. A few fools thought to use my mouth. And I took them hungrily. These also paid my price, for I was "ambidextrous" that way.

Finally, they began to fear the wanton that could not be sated, and they left me there tied to the altar that they had been raping me on. My other priestess cut me loose and helped me off of the altar. They thought I had done what I had done to preserve them from similar fates, but all had been raped at least once, and all were pregnant. All, except me. The isle of Lesbos was where we moved to after that, and established a new temple, and a new order. I had enough of men's essence to last for years.

The Captain and his men, who had so foolishly stolen what could have been theirs freely given, had paid dearly; and that captain, who had been so proud of his manliness, and manhood, had been reduced to a mere shadow, and had slit his own throat a month later, not able to take what had been done to him.

Have you met me? Perhaps...

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Please continuebest story I read in a long time

Best story I have read in a long time

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