tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Useful Secret

A Useful Secret


Jess Turner was always a bitch. We were both in sales positions and I was the top performer in our company when she arrived. Over the course of her first four years with our company she had managed to secure all the good accounts many of which were customers because of me. It didn't hurt that she was marred to the top lawyer in our company. His name was Frank and not only was he our General Counsel but he was involved in managing our software development as well. When Jess was promoted to sales manager I saw the writing on the wall and started looking for another job. It was clear that she viewed me as competition and she was simply figuring out a way to eliminate me.

Jess was also attractive. She was nearing forty years old but was very well built and always wore nice skirts and blouses that showed off her large D-cups and shapely legs. Her ass was her best feature and it seemed everything she wore was designed to highlight her flat stomach and taut backside. Jess had never had children probably because her career was much more important to her. She was a selfish and manipulative corporate climber.

Things changed when Jess and I attended a conference in London where I ran into an old friend. Brian and I had been roommates for 3 years after college. We had worked for the same company he had stayed with them while I moved on to join my current outfit. Brian was a notorious womanizer and in the old days he would often tell me stories of his conquest. When I ran into him at the London conference he dropped a bombshell piece of news on me.

With a look of pure mischief on his face Brian asked me, "So, how long has Jess Turner worked for your company?"

"About four years. Why, do you know her?" I responded.

"Do you remember my Orlando conference hook ups?" Brian shot back. "That was her."

"You have got to be kidding me?" I stammered in disbelief.

"One in the same and she still looks pretty good all these years later." Brian said with a gleam in his eye.

I recalled Brian's stories of the hook ups he had for three straight years at our industry conference in Orlando. He was banging a married chick from a competitor company. He told me all the juicy details each year when he returned. And now I was finding out that Jess Turner was the little slut from all those stories.

"Is she still married?" Brian asked.

"Yes and her husband is now the General Counsel of my company." I responded. "And as far as I know she doesn't stray like she did before he was making the big bucks."

Brian was now married as well so he steered clear of Jess during the conference. He and I did manage to go out for dinner and he retold me a few of the details of his past romps with Jess. I already knew this information would be useful to me but I had not figured out exactly how or when I would use it.

After the conference ended I was on the same flight as Jess back to New York. My idea of sleeping the flight away was dashed when she told me she needed to talk to me during the flight. The plane was only half full so she told me she would come back to my seat after we got up in the air.

She wasted no time. As soon as we were at altitude Jess came back and motioned me toward an empty row in the back of the plane. After a little small talk about the lack of attendance at the conference she got to the point.

"Jim, your numbers are really not cutting it lately." She said in her best sales manager voice. "With the pressure I am under I have decided to put you under a 6 month performance review."

"Jess, perhaps if you did not take my good accounts and stick me with the dogs I would still be the top performer." I said with a smirk.

"Don't cop an attitude with me Jim. I am giving you a chance to redeem yourself." Jess replied.

"Save it Jess." I responded angrily. "I have already been interviewing and will be leaving the company on my own volition in the next couple of weeks. I sure hope I don't spoil all the fun you had planned for my performance review. I wish you all the best getting rich off the accounts that you stole from me."

Jess was pissed and without saying a word she nodded her head and started to get out of her seat. I was overtaken with anger was not going to let her just walk away from me without getting in a good shot.

"By the way, Brian Downing asked that I tell you hello." I said.

She stopped cold before gathering herself. "Good. How do you know Brian?" She responded while trying to act nonchalant.

"We were roommates during the time you were having your annual hook-up with him in Orlando." I replied with more than a hint of satisfaction.

Jess sat back down and turned to me angrily. "You cannot speak to me that way. I am your manager and I will not tolerate..."

I cut her off by raising my hand up and firing back, "Jess, save the act for someone who cares. You can fire me right here but I promise you I will tell every person including your husband that you are not the loyal wife you make yourself out to be. The choice is pretty simple. I am leaving anyway so I don't give a fuck." The roar of the jet engines allowed me to spit the words at her without anyone else on the plane hearing a thing.

Jess sat back down and put her face in her hands. "Jim, that was a long time ago. I made a mistake and I regret it."

"Well maybe you should have figured all that out before you started backstabbing your lover's roommate." I replied. "Brian told me all about it. He said you were a very willing participant and even called you talented. I am sure the talented part will not surprise our General Counsel."

"You are a son of a bitch." She said dejectedly.

"Nope." I replied. "I am just a guy who is sick and tired of watching a well connected bitch deplete my bank account and ruin my career."

"OK Jim. I will not put you on a performance review. And I will give you a good recommendation for any company you interview with." She said in hopes that would appease me.

I was really enjoying how the tables had turned but I was not going to relax my advantage. I had suffered because of this bitch ever since she came to my company. I had nothing to lose.

"The first thing you are going to do is go into the lavatory and take off your panties for me."

"What the hell are you asking?" She gasped.

"I am not asking Jess. I am telling you to go take off your panties and bring them to me. If you don't, I will resign on Monday and I will tell anyone who will listen about your infidelity."

Reluctantly she stood up to go to the lavatory. She was clearly rattled. In all the time I had known her she had outmaneuvered me. I could tell she saw no good way out of this predicament.

When she came back she did not sit down but instead handed me her balled up panties. "Here, now I am going back to my seat." She said.

"Not so fast." I replied while patting the seat next to me directing her to sit down. I shoved her pretty pink panties into my pocket.

"You are an asshole." She responded as she sat down beside me.

"I find it amusing that you can call me an asshole after what you have done to me the last few years. I guess it pays to be married to one of the big dogs. I bet Frank would be pissed off if he found out what his young wife was doing in Orlando a few years ago." I responded with the appropriate measure of contempt. "Do you think he would be upset to learn that you told Brian to book a room at a different hotel so no one at the conference would see you slipping in and out? How about the hot tub?"

Jess knew she was stuck and her body language told me that her fight was gone. She did not say a word as she looked away and shook her head.

"In my world Jess, turnabout is fair play and I have sure suffered mightily since your arrival." I continued. "Now it appears I have the upper hand."

"This is blackmail." Jess said accusingly.

"You don't have to do anything I ask you to do Jess." I responded. "But let's be clear that I have no problem walking away from my job on Monday and I will be telling anyone who will listen about you and Brian."

"So what do you want from me?" Jess answered.

"If we were not on a plane I would probably fuck you right now but I am not interested in getting arrested. I guess we will have to be a little more discreet." I replied with a grin.

I took my seat blanket out of its wrapper and put it on my lap. I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my already erect cock out.

"Based on what Brian told me you are pretty experienced in taking care of the little fellow. Now why don't you put your hand under this blanket and make this trip go a little faster." I said with satisfaction.

Jess knew she had no choice. "OK but this is the last time I touch you." She said more in hope than as a statement of fact.

"You make your own choices Jess. Just be prepared to live with the consequences." I replied. "And while you are at it, hike your skirt up a little and open those pretty legs up so my hands can have a little fun as well."

She looked around to make sure no one was looking at us and then reluctantly uncrossed her legs and I moved my hand to the opening of her skirt. As she stroked my cock I reached up her skirt and found her pussy. Luckily, the plane was very dark as we flew through the night and many of the passengers were already asleep. No one was seated in our row so our only chance of getting caught was by flight attendants or passengers coming back to the rear restrooms.

Jess continued to work my cock as I played with her pussy. She was not enjoying this and was not wet enough for me to stick my fingers in her but I was content to rub her pussy lips and play with her full bush. It did not take long before I was nearing orgasm.

I leaned over and whispered, "Suck my cock."

Jess looked at me like I was crazy so I reached around the back of her neck and pulled her head towards my lap. Her resistance was simply for show as she knew she had no choice. I lifted the blanket and put her head under. She put her mouth on my cock and I quickly began pumping in and out of her mouth. Within seconds I came explosively in her mouth. Jess pulled off and spat my load into the blanket.

"Not bad." I said as I leaned over and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. "This flight is going to be a lot more interesting than I thought."

"I am not doing that again." Jess replied.

"Then I will think of something new." I responded with a grin.

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