tagInterracial LoveA Vacation to Remember

A Vacation to Remember


Danny drove the love of his life to the airport and watched her board the plane with her friends. The two were very much in love, destined to be married. All the same, the next time he laid eyes on her would be after another man's cock frequented her pussy more than a few times.

Shanti was one of the most beautiful women that you would ever meet. She's a West Indian girl, with gorgeous brown skin, long luxurious black hair, and a perfect face. Her body was a knockout – 32-23-35. You couldn't ask for a nicer ass. She was a small woman, about 5'4, 110 pounds. She was quite sheltered, never having experienced all that much in this world. In fact, Danny was just her fourth man that she has been with in this her 26th year.

Her and her friends Elvira and Anna arrived in the Dominican Republic on Friday afternoon. The spent the day getting settled in, and the evening having a drink at the resort bar.

Saturday was a day of relaxation – they checked out the beach, and pretty much lay there the entire day. Sunday was spent shopping. Monday was when things became quite interesting.

Her sex drive was like that of a normal woman in her mid-twenties, so she was not any more aroused than she normally would be. Besides, Danny fucked her a good one mere hours before she left. The three friends went to a club and got drunk, dancing with people in the resort from all around the world. She was wearing tight, white pants that showed off her amazing ass, heels that showed her entire feet, and a tight little black top that exposed her belly and neck. She was looking hot, and she knew it. Her long, thick hair had a wet, curly look. She had a manicure and a pedicure before she left, so her toenails and fingernails were polished perfectly – a clear, glossy look. A toe ring drew attention to her pretty feet.

All the hot guys in the club were checking her out. Some even tried to dance with her. Shanti would tease them a little by feigning mild interest, before turning away and ignoring them. Elvira, on the other hand, was on the trip to get laid. She had a boyfriend, but it was new, and not serious. Anna was, from many accounts, unattractive, and thus more than happy to fool around with someone if there were any takers.

At the end of the night, three guys matched up with the three girls almost perfectly. It was as if all the stars had to be aligned in the perfect manner in order for Shanti to cheat on Danny, and on this night, they were.

Steve was a handsome man, who was aggressively trying to be friendly with Elvira. Jim was an unattractive man who was settling in nicely with Anna. Angelo was the hottest of them all. He was an Italian who lived in the northern part of the United States. He had a typical "Gino" look – short black hair that was slicked back, but a little spiked. Brown eyes and tanned skin completed the picture. The most noticeable thing about him, though, was his size. He was a giant at about 6'3, 250 pounds, and as could be clearly noticed in his tight black shirt, it was all muscle.

Angelo noticed Shanti immediately, his locking onto her gorgeous, perfect ass. After a couple of hours, when Steve mentioned that he wanted to go over and talk to three women, Angelo was more than happy to join him. He had never fucked a brown girl before, and this one was the hottest one that he had ever laid eyes on. Why not start with the best?

She didn't even give him a second glance. This was very rare for him, as he was used to getting his women. This made him pursue her even more aggressively. When she danced, he danced behind her, eyes locked on her beautiful ass as it shook before him. Her pants left nothing to the imagination about that ass, yet his imagination was starting to run wild. He placed his hands on her waist and was surprised at just how slim it was. He moved with her to the beat, pressing his crotch against her. Teasing him, she pressed her ass back against him a little as she danced. Already aroused from the alcohol and the excitement of being at a club in a strange place, she could feel herself become a little wet as this incredibly hot guy hit on her. She didn't think it was cheating if she teased a little.

Shanti did not expect her two friends to want to go back to the hotel room of these three guys just two hours later. It was after one in the morning, and Elvira and Anna wanted to continue to party with Steve and Jim in their room. Shanti had little choice but to tag along with this hot guy that had the most incredible, muscular body that she had ever seen. She felt guilty that her heart was pounding so hard.

At the room, she sat in a chair and watched TV, feigning boredom. She was bored, actually, since there was nothing she could do about her arousal, and yet her two friends were making out on two of the three beds. Angelo sat in a chair next to her, trying desperately to engage her in a conversation. She spoke to him politely, but he made little headway in getting her to warm up to him.

It was three o'clock, and Shanti got up to go. She couldn't wait for her friends any longer – who knows how long they'd be?

"I'm gonna head back." She said. Anna ignored her, taking advantage of a rare man in her life. Elvira broke the kiss.

"Okay. Do you know where you're going?" She asked. Some friend.

"Yes, I think so." Shanti replied.

"You shouldn't go by yourself." Elvira stated as Steve kissed her neck.

"I'll walk her." Angelo said, eager for one last shot at this goddess.

"No, that's okay." Shanti replied.

"Really, it's no big deal." He said, putting on his shoes. Shanti turned her gaze back to Elvira. She was already making out with Steve again. What could she do?

"Alright." She agreed. The two of them walked down the hall, and then up two flights of stairs, and then down the hall again until they reached the girl's hotel room. Conversation was a little better during the walk, but they were at the door in a matter of minutes. Shanti turned to him.

"Well, thank you for walking with me." She said as she pulled out her card-key. He looked at her, holding her gaze. She didn't look away. Good. He leaned forward, placing a hand on her cheek. His lips pressed against hers softly.

Their lips smacked loudly, and he kissed her again. This time he sucked her upper lip a little, giving her little kisses. Thrills shot up and down her body as this giant of a man hovered over her and kissed her softly. She could feel tingles in her pussy begin to grow. She broke the kiss.

"I have a boyfriend." She stated. He could tell that she was out of breath a little. He was satisfied that there was at least SOME interest.

"Yeah, but he's far away." Angelo returned.

"I know, but we can't." She replied. He knew he shouldn't push the matter, but he had to at least try and buy some more time.

"Well," he began, "can I at least come in and grab a bottle of water?"

"Yeah, sure!" She said, smiling. She had a beautiful smile. She turned and slipped her card in the lock. As she did so, she bent over just a little bit. His eyes again locked onto that amazing ass of hers. The two of them entered and she slipped her bare feet out of her heels, and he slipped his out of his sandals.

She went to the little fridge and again she bent over as she reached in to get the water. He was standing right behind her when she turned around. He took the water from her hands and opened it, taking a drink. He offered it to her. Shanti raised it to her lips and took a drink herself. He stared longingly at her mouth. The way her sexy lips wrapped around the top of that bottle was enough to make him want her more than ever.

When she took the bottle from her lips, she offered it back to him. He took it from her and set it on the table, eyes locked on hers. The big man stepped up to her and she did not back away. He placed his hands on the warm skin of her naked sides, his big hands practically wrapping around her slender waist. He pressed his lips against hers, this time a little harder than before. She hesitantly kissed back, pussy buzzing like crazy. Their lips smacked loudly, and he ran his tongue along her lips as he kissed her. Shanti opened her mouth a little, allowing this Italian man's tongue to slip inside. She sighed into his mouth as she felt his strong hands slide around her back. He pressed his mouth harder against her, turning her on all the more.

Angelo slid his hands down her small body, and for the first time, held that amazing ass over her tight pants. He pulled her against him, and when she felt hardness pressing against her stomach her pussy flooded. His giant hands held an ass cheek each, and he squeezed them lustfully. Her inhibitions slipped a little, and she sent her tongue into his mouth. She was breathing laboriously, as their tongues danced against one another. The only sounds in the room were the sounds of their heavy breathing, and the sounds of their lips smacking against each other as they kissed passionately.

He broke the kiss, squeezing her ass tightly as he kissed down her cheek to her neck. She could feel his soft lips pressing against her neck, over and over. He could hear her breath in his ear as he kissed all over the exposed skin. He was such a big man, that when he hovered over the small woman like this, she couldn't be seen if one were to stand behind him. He pulled away, releasing her bum. He took her tiny hand in his and began to lead towards the bed. It was the bed at the far side of the room – coincidentally it was hers.

This was the time where she needed to stop things. Saying one word or not saying one word would change the way her entire vacation went. Unwittingly, she was at a fork in the road, and speaking one word would determine which path she would take. Either one set of events would happen on her last three and a half days in the Dominican Republic, or another set of events would happen, and it all depended on one word. That word needed to be uttered right at that very moment. The word was "no" – and Shanti did not say it.

She didn't want to sleep with this man. Or, rather, she did want to sleep with him – he was, by all appearances – everything that she had fantasized about. But she loved Danny, and did not want anyone else. All the same, she did not utter the word "no", and from that point forward, her body would not let her heart have a say. She allowed herself to be led to her bed, and she sat down on the edge. Angelo sat down beside her, placing a hand on her thigh. Tingles shot up her body, and when he leaned forward for a kiss, she was all too happy to oblige. As he slipped his tongue into her mouth, she felt his hand on her exposed belly.

The touch of his skin on hers sent bolts of desire up her body, originating from between her thighs. Another sigh escaped her mouth and into his. She brought her arms up around his neck, sending her tongue back into his mouth.

Angelo gently eased Shanti onto the bed on her back, his lips never leaving hers. She didn't know how far she would let this go – she knew she would not let this guy fuck her – but she did not know where she would stop it. She was really enjoying this, and couldn't bring herself to stop anything quite yet. He slowly caressed his hand up her warm stomach. Just before they could reach her breasts, her hand grabbed his, stopping him. She did not break the kiss, but she would not let his hand go any further up her body. It was not just because she didn't want this to go too far, it was also because her breasts were small, and she was a little embarrassed about them. Her bra came with a bit of padding, and certainly exaggerated their size somewhat. Angelo kissed her harder, sliding his hand back down her body and around to her ass. He squeezed her cheek lustfully over her pants.

He slowly brought his hand back around to the front of her body, this time gently caressing her thigh up and down. He never once came within a few inches of her crotch – if she stopped him at her tits, she would certainly stop him at her crotch! He had to keep this going, and so he settled for just teasing her for now. His fingers trailed towards the inner part of Shanti's thigh. She could tell that her panties were only becoming wetter. When would she stop this?

He leaned over top of her now, kissing her even harder. His fingers were now caressing further and further up the inside of her thigh, and she found her legs parting a little for him, almost by instinct. His fingers now came within an inch of her treasure, and her heart began to pound even faster. Her left hand caressed his right arm. Her tiny brown hand could not even wrap a quarter of the way around his muscular arm. This turned her on all the more. She slid her hand up his sleeve, caressing his bicep. Before she knew it, his hand was on her crotch, touching her over her pants.

"Mmmmph…" she moaned into his mouth. His fingers were touching her pussy ever so gently, and the fact that it was over her pants made the touch that much softer. Her tongue went wild in his mouth, her hand squeezing his big bicep tightly. He would not increase the pressure of his touch, and she found herself lifting her ass off the bed slightly, pressing her crotch upward against his hand.

He rubbed her a little harder, and she broke the kiss.

"Ohhh…" she sighed as he kissed at her mouth, lips smacking loudly. Her hand released his arm as again she kissed back. Her hand caressed down his chest and slid up his tight shirt. She could feel the six-pack of his abs as her hand slid up his smooth skin. Her cunt was tingling like crazy as she felt the hard muscles of his chest.

So lost in the feeling was she that she didn't

realize that he was undoing the button of her pants until she felt them loosen. By then, he was already pulling down her zipper. Her hand lay still on his smooth chest - she forgot to move it. Their tongues rubbed against one another as he slid his hand into her panties.

He could tell that she shaved her pussy, as all he could feel was her skin as he reached down between her thighs. Angelo's fingers found the sopping wet lips of Shanti's pussy, and she moaned again into his mouth. Bolts of electricity shot up her body when he touched her.

He slowly ran a finger up and down the lips of the beautiful woman's vagina, and she squirmed beneath him. Each time his finger reached her entrance; she was dying for him to slip it inside her body. Each time, however, he ran his finger back up her slit, nudging her clit. It was driving her crazy. She couldn't remember ever being so horny!

Suddenly, he broke the kiss, pulling his hand out of her pants. Shanti opened her eyes, wondering why he stopped. Her chest was heaving, and her pussy was tingling. Angelo slid his shirt up his body and over his head, throwing it on the floor and revealing his perfectly tanned and toned chest and abs. Her pussy surged with desire at the sight. This man was perfect! She stared longingly at his naked upper body as he grabbed onto the sides of her pants. He tugged downward, and she couldn't bring herself to resist as he pulled her pants quickly down to her knees, revealing her silky red thong. He yanked them down to her ankles, and she pulled her little brown feet out one by one. She was now wearing only a tiny little top, a bra, and the skimpiest pair of panties there ever was. Most of her body was exposed to a man that she met mere hours ago!

Angelo covered her mouth with his, kissing her roughly as he reached underneath her body and grabbed her naked ass cheek. He could feel where the string of her thong led to the crack of her ass as he squeezed the soft cheek. His hand caressed up and down the back of her exposed thigh, squeezing her bum each time his hand touched it. He was a little surprised at how far into his mouth she shot her tongue.

This was working out better than he could have hoped! He slid his hand into the side of her panties in the back, caressing her entire naked ass as the skimpy string of her red panties stretched over him. He slowly ran the tips of his fingers down the crack of her ass, reaching underneath it. When he felt hot moisture, he knew he found her treasure. She stiffened beneath him as his digits trailed along her sensitive slit. All he did was caress the entrance to her needy pussy, never penetrating her. She kissed him more urgently, clearly wanting more.

Shanti ran her brown hand down his tanned chest, continuing downward until she was clutching the outline of his hard cock through his jeans. Even through his pants, she could tell that this man was very well hung. He was on his side, facing her, and she rolled onto her side to face him, swinging a sexy leg onto his. Her leg was bent at the knee – she was opening herself up wider for him. Her pussy was soaking wet, and his fingers were covered with her flowing juices as he ran them around the bottom of her ass and pussy.

The more turned on she got, the more she needed to feel his hard penis in her hand. Finally, she could take no more. Her nimble, but inexperienced fingers opened his button and slowly pulled down his zipper. Her hand eagerly reached into his boxer shorts and what she found in there sent bolts of desire through her pussy. Her small hand has never wrapped around such a humongous cock! She was caught off guard by just how thick he was, and when she stroked him for the very first time, she was again caught off guard – this time by his length!

Just when she needed it most, he dipped the tip of a finger just inside her hungry vagina.

"Mmmmph…" she moaned into his mouth, her hand squeezing his manhood as bolts of pleasure shot through her. She wanted this man badly. There was no doubt about it. She wanted to taste this man's skin as she kissed all over his sexy, strong chest. She wanted to see how big his penis really was, and when she saw it, she knew that she would want to taste it as well. A blowjob – that was it. She wanted to give him one, and in so doing, perhaps it will give her time to regain control of herself. How far would she let this go?

She broke the kiss, panting as she looked at him with her gorgeous eyes. He watched her look down at his chest, and then bend towards it.

She kissed the tanned skin of his smooth chest softly. He rolled onto his back, watching this West Indian woman slowly kiss towards his nipple. The whole time, her small hand was stroking his giant cock half in and half out of his boxers. He watched her pink tongue dart out of her mouth and lightly lick his little nipple. She sucked it inside, briefly. Shanti slowly kissed down his stomach, kissing and licking each muscle in his six-pack. She has never seen one quite like this!

She stopped, as she got closer to his crotch. She sat up, her hands grabbing his pants and boxers. She pulled downward, and he raised his ass up off the bed, allowing her to pull his pants and underwear down his legs, setting free his giant cock. She stared at, entranced as he pulled his feet out of his clothes and became completely naked for her.

"Oh my God!" She exclaimed.

"What?" He asked, smiling inwardly as he knew what she meant.

"Your dick is so big!" Shanti exclaimed. She had never seen one that big before. Angelo had nothing to say to that – he got that a lot.

Shanti wrapped her fingers around his monster organ. Still lying on her side, she bent towards it. As she held his cock straight up in the air, he swept her long hair over to the other side of her head so that he could see what she did next. He watched her pink tongue stick out of her mouth and softly lick the side of his manhood. She ran her tongue around the mushroom head of his fat penis. She was in awe, almost reverently licking around his member – as if it was something that was to be worshipped, but not touched. He watched her tongue lick across the top, running over the tiny hole as her small hand held him straight up in the air. He raised his hips off the bed a little, urging her to take him into her mouth.

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