tagMind ControlA Valentine Present

A Valentine Present


I think this may be my best story. It comes the closest to real life. EVERYTHING in this story could happen and I have made happen. Not all together as depicted here. You will note that in this story, Lisa DOES remember what happens under hypnosis. It is not necessary that the subject not remember. In this story the issue just doesn't come up. If you enjoy the story please vote. Fives are most appreciated.

* * * * *

Sara had been like a sister to me for at least ten years. She was very pretty and vivacious but, we never had any chemistry. Probably because we were like brother and sister. We would confide our deepest secrets to each other. I would tell her about my attempts with the girls and she would tell me what she was doing with her boy friends. We were now both in our late twenties. I am Tim Sharp. I am a new lawyer and a semi-professional hypnotist. I occasionally put on shows and call myself Masterhypnotist. Its fun and it earns me extra money for my various hobbies.

I was engaged to a terrific woman named Lisa. Sara and I were having coffee at Denny's talking about my upcoming wedding. Sara was also a lawyer and she worked for the same firm I was with. We were on our break.

"Tim, I can't believe you are actually getting married. Lisa is lucky to have you. I envy you."

"Why would you envy me? You have had all kinds of men chase you to get you to marry them. Chad is terrific. Why don't you marry him?"

I should tell you it was the day before Valentine's day.

Sara started to get teary. I was at a loss to figure what was going on. "Oh, Tim. I'm a failure!"

Some failure. She was gorgeous, brilliant and on the verge of being promoted to junior partner.

"What in the world are you talking about?"

More tears. "I, I've never told you, but I have never had an orgasm. I can't come. I can't get married." She wailed.

"What does Chad say about that?"

"He doesn't know, I fake it."

"Sara, I am going to give you and Chad a Valentine's gift. You and Chad come over to my apartment tomorrow night at eight. I will hypnotize you and you will never have the problem again."

"Can you really do that?" She was sniffling through her tears.

"Oh, yes. That is easy. You probably are trying and that never works. If I can do that is Chad your man?"

"Oh, I love him. I just couldn't marry him, knowing I have been faking that I was coming for him. What will you do?"

"I will lead you through your love making and get you to have a massive orgasm."

"How can you do that? What will you do?"

"First, you will tell Chad that I am a hypnotist and it would be fun to see me do my thing. Then I will hypnotize you and Chad and lead you through your lovemaking. I will leave you with post-hypnotic suggestions that will enable you to do it yourself when ever you want."

Sara stared at me with wide eyes. "Tim, I couldn't do that. You want me to make love with Chad in front of you. I'd be mortified and Chad would never agree."

"Well, Chad won't know and you won't care. You are a wonderful subject. Remember the PAD party where I hypnotized you and you did that dance on the piano?" She blushed.

"I had forgotten all about that. I can't let you see me naked, I'd die."

"All right, come over to my apartment tonight at eight and we will see if we can figure something out. Okay?"

She nodded and we went back to contracts and interrogatories. I was already meeting Lisa at my apartment so Sara would feel comfortable.

At eight, sharp Sara was at the door. Lisa and I were just finishing the dishes. "Sara, come in and sit in the living room. We'll be right out." We finished the dishes and joined Sara.

Lisa was tall, about five, ten and very willowy. Sara was about five, five and more athletic. They were both very attractive. They knew each other very well. We would double date and the women would do things by themselves. I had hypnotized them both many times, but I was not sure they knew that. They were both excellent subjects. Although tempted, I had never had sex with Sara or even had her display herself for me. I had thought about taking a "peek" several times and decided that would be wrong, to say nothing of probably being illegal.

"Sara, can I tell Lisa your problem?"

She blushed. "She already knows."

"Sara called me today and we had a long talk. I told her that if anyone could help her you could."

This time Lisa blushed. "Lisa, Sara is embarrassed to have me see her making love with Chad. What do you think of that?"

"Are you surprised? Sara is not an exhibitionist, she doesn't screw in front of an audience. Sara, I agree with you, but, the alternative seems even worse. Have you tried talking to your doctor?"

"Oh sure. She checked me over and said there was no physiological reason why I couldn't come when I made love. She told me to try meditation."

I spoke up. "Sara, I want to try something right now. Is that okay with you?"

"What are you going to try?"

"I am going to hypnotize you."


"We'll see what happens."

"Oh, all right."

"Sara, sleep."

She was sitting up in the chair and she collapsed, limp as a rag. Before Lisa could react I turned to her. "Lisa, you sleep." She also collapsed into her chair.

I had hypnotized both of the women in my life many times. They were totally conditioned. I had used it with Sara to help her study, sleep and get over a cigarette problem. She knew that I hypnotized her, she just didn't remember what happened. It was very stimulating to say sleep and watch her crumble. Absolute control is very addictive. With Lisa I had used erotic hypnosis to improve our sex. Her orgasms were volcanic. She knew she was hypnotized and had a slight memory of what happened. It did not effect the results at all.

I had never asked either woman to do anything that they wouldn't want to do. Lisa and I had engaged in much sexual acrobatics with hypnosis easing the way. I liked putting on a show so I had her engage in sex with me in front of an open window at a hotel, much to the amazement of workmen on the street. I made my semen taste like vanilla and she enthusiastically swallowed. I had her imagine she was tied down and I was raping her against her will (she had a monstrous orgasm during that escapade) and I instructed her that she would do everything I told her and she would not be able to resist. She remembered the whole thing and told me that it was an incredible turn on to have no control like that. She knew I had hypnotized her and had taken over and she loved it.

I had done very little with Sara. I didn't want to take advantage. Well, I wanted to take advantage. But my conscience wouldn't let me.

Now I wanted to find out how far I could push the envelope, while helping Sara have orgasms. For my plan to work she would have to lose all her inhibitions while in a trance. My compensation would be a wonderful show and the thrill of absolute control.

"Lisa, we are alone and you are feeling very sexy. I want you to take all of your clothes off."

Lisa stood up, looked at me with a loving expression and opened her jeans and stepped out of them. She was wearing plain white panties. She pulled them off. She was now nude from the waist down. She pulled her sweater over her head and dropped it on the floor. She undid her bra and dropped it on the sweater. She stood up and held her arms out to me. Her breasts were sticking out firmly and her nipples were erect. Her blonde pubic hair was glistening with moisture and a musky odor was starting to permeate the room. I hugged her.

"Lisa sit back in the chair and become very relaxed. I am going to talk to Sara. You will realize she is in the room and it will make you feel even more erotic to have a witness to our sexual activities." I knew that Lisa had an exhibitionist streak.

Lisa sat down with a sigh. She looked slightly glassy eyed. "Lisa, you will not move or speak until I tell you. Do you understand?" She nodded yes.

"Sara, when I count to three you will waken feeling very good and you will trust me completely. When I tell you to sleep you will go into an even deeper trance. One, two, three."

Sara opened her eyes and looked around. When she saw Lisa she gaped. "Why is Lisa naked?"

"I wanted to show you what it might be like to be naked with others around. Doesn't Lisa look happy?"

Sara laughed. "Sure, but the two of you are getting married."

"What if you were naked, also?"

"Tim this is weird. Why would I get naked around you and Lisa?"

"Lets find out. Lisa go back to sleep." She closed her eyes and collapsed.

"Sara, you are all alone and feeling sexy and very warm. Take all of your clothes off." This was the test. She might reject the suggestion and wake up. She didn't. I was rationalizing this was all for Sara's benefit. Yeah, right. Well, she would benefit. She stood up and opened her jacket and shrugged it off. She had a white blouse on. She opened that and pulled it out of her skirt and removed it. She wore a matronly type bra that minimized the size of her breasts. They were larger than Lisa's and almost as firm. Her stomach was a washboard. She was tight. She stepped out of her skirt and rolled her pantyhose down. She pulled off her white cotton panties and now she was naked.

She stood there as if in a daze. "Sara, I am going to waken you now. You will feel very good, very comfortable and will not be troubled that you do not have clothes on. In fact it will make you feel a little naughty and excited. You definitely won't mind me seeing you naked. Your only concern will be what Lisa thinks of all this and when you see her naked you will realize she doesn't mind. When I count to three you will waken. One, two three."

She opened her eyes. She looked gorgeous sitting there. Her red hair was natural. Sara's skin was light and very creamy. Her complection was perfect. She was flawless. I had to remind myself that I had an equally compelling woman who was also sitting naked in front of me. Sara was speechless. She looked at me with her mouth open. "Tim, what did you do to me? How did I get like this? What's going on?" She looked slightly hysterical.

"Sara, sleep." She collapsed. "Sara, what upset you?"

"I was conflicted. I felt like I wanted to have sex with you and I didn't want to upset Lisa. I couldn't remember how I became naked and that bothered me and I was scared." She said all of this in a monotone.

"Sara, you are to think of me like you would a doctor. Think of me as the person that is going to make your sex life marvelous with Chad. You will do everything you need to do to get Chad to cooperate with the project. You will encourage Chad to let me hypnotize him. You will tell him how nice it made you feel and it will help your love life with him. Will that make you feel better about being naked in front of me?"


"Okay, Sara. I am going to waken you again. This time you will feel good. If something bothers you, you will tell me. One, two, three, waken." She again opened her eyes. She looked calmer. Lisa had sat through the whole thing.

"Sara, how do you feel now?"

"Tim, its still weird but at least I'm not freaking out. Is it necessary for me to be naked?"

"I wanted you to see what it might feel like. Lisa, you can move and talk. Sara you can get dressed, if you want to. You don't have to." She did not jump up.

"Lisa, have you ever fantasized how it would be to have a woman caress your body?"


"How about you Sara, have you ever had such fantasies?"

She blushed. "I suppose so. Mostly because of my problem. Lisa, don't even think about it."

She jumped up and started getting dressed. Lisa and I laughed. "Sara, I want you to come back tomorrow night and we will have a small Valentine day party. Bring Chad. Lisa, come here and kiss me."

She came over and sat on my lap. She reached around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss. Sara again gaped. "You two are going to embarrass me."

"Sara, there is nothing to be embarrassed about being in love. I love Lisa." I kissed her again.

Sara was now dressed. "Hey you guys, time out. I'll see you tomorrow night with Chad."

After Sara left, Lisa looked at me quizzically. What was that all about? Why did you want me naked around Lisa and why did you want Sara naked?"

"You mean besides being able to oogle two beautiful women?"

She smiled. "Yes."

"Sara confided in me that she has never had an orgasm and that is why she won't say yes when Chad proposes to her."

Lisa looked shocked. "You are kidding. She actually told you that and its true?"

"Yes to both questions."

"What are you going to do about it?"

"I am going to direct her and Chad in their love making and help both of them have monstrous orgasms."

"Oh, you are, are you? Why don't you start at home?" Lisa took my hand and lead me into our bedroom. She sat me down and put her hand on my zipper and pulled down. My cock sprang into action. She opened my zipper, loosened my belt and pulled my pants down. Who was controlling whom? Lisa grabbed my very erect cock and slowly sucked it into her warm mouth. Her soft lips started at the head of the penis. She licked the opening as she sucked it into her oral opening. I could feel her tongue on the sensitive head as I went deeper into her wet, sexy mouth. She smiled up at me as she sucked.

I felt her vagina from the back. Sopping. I rubbed her clit and she moaned. I used all of my will power to avoid coming. Suddenly she stopped sucking and slowly withdrew from my engorged member. "Tim, please, now make me have a glorious climax. Do your magic, please?"

Lisa was in effect hypnotizing herself. She lay back on the bed. and her eyes got glassy. She closed her eyes and her entire body became limp. "Lisa, go deeper and deeper into trance. As you go deeper your body will become more and more aroused. Your nipples are becoming more sensitive as I speak. Your cunt is sending you signals that are coursing throughout your body. Your cunt is spasming with arousal. Every nerve ending in your body is sending you strong erotic signals. Your arm pits, ass, feet, neck and face are flush with feeling. Your pussy is anxiously waiting for my engorged prick. When I enter you the feeling will spread throughout your body and build as I pump your body. When I tell you, you will have your strongest orgasm yet. You will feel it in every nerve ending of your body."

I spread her legs and got her in position to accept my cock. I was ready! My engorged cock was ready. I slowly entered her. Her vagina clutched my penis as I pumped. I knew that I could only last a few more moments.

"Lisa, you will start to come, now!"

Her hips bucked against me and she screamed. Her scream became a cry that led to tears. I was pumping my seed into my future wife's body. I hugged her bucking torso.

"Lisa, you will fall into a wonderful natural sleep and wake tomorrow morning feeling terrific. Tomorrow evening you will go into an even deeper trance when Sara gets here with Chad and I say 'sleep Lisa.' You will relive the exact feelings you had during tonight's orgasm." We fell asleep, holding each other. When we woke in the morning Sara was still holding me.

"Tim, that was your usual marvelous performance. I am totally addicted. What are you planning for tonight when I go back under?"

"I am going to help Sara and Chad accomplish what we have experienced and we will enjoy the show and maybe participate."

She grabbed my cock. "Tim, that is wicked."

"You're right, isn't it fun? Who loses, its win, win." She gave my penis a lick.

"We have to go to work."

That evening Sara was there with Chad. The moment the door opened Lisa looked distracted. "Hi Chad, good to see you. Sara, you look terrific." They were both wearing jeans, Sara's were especially tight. We went into the living room.

"Happy Valentine Day, all. Lets have a toast." I took out a cheap champaign and poured a glass for each of us.

"To a wonderful love life for all of us." Chad and Sara seemed to blush.

"Chad, did I ever tell you that I am a hypnotist?"

"No, you didn't. What can you do?"

"Make Lisa fuck like a bunny." Now it was Lisa's turn to blush.

"Oh, come on Tim, don't be crude. What can you really do?"

"No, really. I make sex incredibly enjoyable and intense. Would you like a demonstration?"

"How would you do that?"

"I will make Lisa have a flaming orgasm right in front of you and Sara."

"Aw come on Tim, you're putting us on."

"No, really, I really can do it. Should I demonstrate?"

Chad turned to Lisa. "What do you have to say about all of this?"

"I don't know what to say. What would you say if someone offered you a chance to have a rousing orgasm?" Chad just stared at Lisa.

"You think he can do it, in front of us!?" His voice was rising .

"I don't know that, but it wouldn't surprise me. What do you think, Sara?"

Sara blushed, yet again. "I want to believe it. Don't you Chad?"

"Oh, sure, but this is a bunch of bullshit."

"Chad if I do it will you let me hypnotize you?"

"If you can do it I'll let you – " he paused. "Yes if you can do it I'll let you hypnotize me."

"Lisa, sleep." She closed her eyes and melted into the chair. "Lisa, you are very aroused. Your whole body is very aroused. As your trance goes deeper, your arousal will also deepen. You feel it throughout your entire body." I knew she was preconditioned. This was a show for our friends. I also knew that Lisa as a latent exhibitionist would, unconsciously, enjoy exhibiting herself. Especially if she didn't have to be consciously responsible.

"Lisa, as you get more aroused you will disrobe. With each garment you remove your arousal will deepen. When you take off your last garment you will have a gigantic orgasm that you will feel in your entire body. It will radiate out from your breasts and vagina down your legs and up your arms to your neck and head. Your whole body will be flushed and you will feel your body become overwhelmed and you will lapse into a wonderful pleasure induced coma. You will awake from the coma when you have recovered, feeling absolutely wonderful."

I sat back and watched. Lisa was wearing a skirt and sweater with pantyhose, bra and flats. The three of us watched her. Sara was transfixed. Clearly my instructions had set the stage for Sara. She looked like a hungry person who was watching someone get ready to eat a steak. Chad looked skeptical.

Lisa stood up and slowly took her sweater off. Chad's mouth fell open. As the sweater came off her face seemed to flush. She had a matronly looking bra covering her C cup breasts. The red flush was moving down her neck. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. I thought Chad's eyes would pop out. She bent forward and shrugged her bra off. She put it down next to her. Sara seemed to be reacting to the suggestions that I had given Lisa. She also was becoming flushed. Chad was breathing hard and his crotch was tenting. Lisa was breathing very hard now and the flush was creeping down her flat stomach. Lisa was moving more quickly now. She opened her skirt and stepped out of it. Before it hit the ground she was kicking off her shoes and pulling her pantyhose off. The flush was getting deeper. Her breathing was getting ragged and her hand was shaking. Her eyes were glassy and a fine sheen of perspiration was on her body. To my surprise she had panties on. White cotton. Frantically, she grabbed the waist of the panties and pulled them off. As the panties landed on her feet her body started to convulse. She looked like she was having a seizure. Her legs shook and her hips bucked and she collapsed on the floor on her back. She was bucking her hips and kicking her legs into the air as she started to scream. Fluid could be seen pouring out of her vagina. We could not decipher what she was saying.

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