tagRomanceA Valentine's Day to Remember

A Valentine's Day to Remember


Kelly and Brian have been friends forever. Brian was a couple years older than Kelly, but they grew up together. When it was time, Kelly applied and got accepted to the same college Brian attended. Brian offered her his spare bedroom, and Kelly jumped at the chance to stay out of the dorms. Even though they'd always been close they kept a primarily platonic relationship. That is until one lonely Valentines Day, when one of them took a chance.


"I've got a date tonight so don't wait up. We're going to catch a movie or something after my last class." Kelly said as she swept into the kitchen, dressed in knee high black boots, a black miniskirt, and a red sweater. A thick black belt accented her hourglass figure. Fiery red curls hung down her back as she adjusted her earrings.

"I can tell." Brian watched her from the table as he finished his bowl of cereal. He felt the stirrings of desire as soon as he saw her. He always did. He couldn't recall exactly when she went from being his best friend to starring in all his fantasies.

"Good luck on that Physics test today. Oh, and do you mind to stop at the store on your way home from the gym? I left a list. Thanks." She grabbed her handbag and books and was gone in a flash.

Brian finished his breakfast and headed to the gym before his afternoon classes. He figured he might as well get all sweaty before taking that cold shower he needed after he saw Kelly that morning. His workout helped clear his mind a bit; it always helped when Kelly got to him.

Nevertheless, Brian was distracted that day. He couldn't focus. Kelly filled his mind and clouded his judgment. When he gave his friend Tyler a ride home, Tyler made a comment about how Kelly looked that day. Brian's sneer and grunt gave away his true feelings. "Dude, just tell her. Tell her you're in love with her and end your misery. Do something special for her and get it over with so you can get on with your life. Either she feels the same or she doesn't."

"It's not that simple." Brian muttered as he pulled to the curb outside Tyler's dorm.

"Maybe not, but Valentine's Day is in a couple days. She's a sexy girl. She'll either spend it with you, or with some other asshole who just wants to fuck her." With that Tyler slammed the door and Brian headed home.

The apartment was quiet when Brian got home confirming that Kelly was still out on her date. He changed into his pajamas and stretched out on the couch to watch some late night television.

Brian jumped awake when he heard the slamming of a car door and the squealing tires of the car speeding away. Kelly ran up the walk, her clothes disheveled and head down. Once she shut the door, Brian noticed her lipstick was smeared and there were tears sliding down her cheeks. He got up and walked over to lean against the wall. "You O.K.?"

"Get away from me. Men are pigs. No, better yet...Men are self-absorbed, sex-crazed assholes." Kelly pushed past him and headed to her room. Brian followed.

"Hey now, don't generalize about all of us. What happened Kel?" He walked up behind her and wrapped her in his big strong arms.

Kelly turned into him and buried her face in his t-shirt sobbing. "Things were going great. We had a nice time. I was just going to give him a quick kiss goodnight, then come in the house. Well...one thing lead to another, and when he suggested we get a bit more comfortable in the backseat, I realized what was going on and told him I needed to go. He got pissed. Said something about me not getting away with being a tease. He wouldn't let me go Brian. But I fought him and was able to get out of the car."

Fighting the rage that ran through him, Brian tilted her chin up so he could look into her tear filled eyes. "Who was it Kel? Tell me his name so I can go beat the shit out of him."

Kelly just shook her head and buried her face in Brian's shirt again. "No, Brian, don't. It would only make things worse."

He pulled her back gently so he could look in her eyes and cup her face in his hands. "Kelly, I can't tell you I don't want to kick his ass, because the thought of him hurting you has my blood boiling." Wrapping her in his arms, he whispered in her ear. "But I'm glad you're ok. You're home now and safe, and I'll do everything in my power to protect you."

"Thanks Brian. You're the greatest. I think I'm just going to get ready and go to bed."

After placing a light kiss on her forehead, he started to walk out the room. "You know where I am if you need me."

Holding her arms across her body, Kelly just nodded as Brian left the room.

Brian headed to the kitchen for a drink as he tried to shake the feeling of Kelly in his arms. Over the years he's held her thousands of times, but she still had the same effect on him. He started to think of anything that might ease the aching in his groin. As he headed to his own bedroom, he heard Kelly call him from her room.

He moved to lean against the doorframe. "What's up Kel? Everything ok?"

"Brian...I...I know its asking a lot but..." Kelly stammered as she sat cross-legged on her bed picking at a stuffed rabbit. "Will you hold me? Just until I fall asleep. I always feel so safe in your arms."

Brian walked over to the bed and sat down beside her. "Sure Kel, anything you want." He lay back on the bed pulling her so her head was lying on his chest. He knew he would pay for this the next day, but he couldn't resist the opportunity to hold her in his arms all night. They lay like that talking about everything and anything for about an hour. Finally Brian looked down at Kelly, lightly stroking her shoulder with his fingers. "So...Valentines Day is in a few days. Got any plans?"

"I don't even want to think about it right now, Bri. I'm done with men for now. What about you?"

"Nothing yet. I have an idea though. Why don't the two of us spend it together? We'll boycott the whole idea and veg out on the couch watching movies."

She stifled a yawn as she thought about it. "That sounds fun. We can watch slasher movies, and anything anti-romance." Then she snuggled into his chest and fell right off to sleep.

Brian eventually fell asleep as well. He awoke when he felt Kelly shift and giggle a bit. Opening one eye he looked down at her "What's so funny?"

"I can't believe you stayed with me all night. Thanks, it helped a lot." Wrapping her arms around him she gave him a hug before leaning up and placing a light kiss on his cheek.

When Brian became fully aware of his surroundings, he shifted and sat up. "Yeah well, you know I'll do anything for you. Now I need to get up and get going. I have a lot of things to do today."

Brian headed to the shower where he was able to obtain a much-needed release. He loved being able to hold Kelly all night, but it played hell on his senses. The ache in his loins was so strong he was surprised he was able to walk.

After his shower, Brian went to the kitchen where he was greeted with the smell and sound of bacon sizzling. "What are you doing?" he asked Kelly.

"Well, I figured it was the least I could do. I don't have any early classes today, so eat up."

"You didn't have to do that, but I'm not going to complain." He grabbed a plate loaded with bacon, eggs, and toast. As they sat and ate breakfast they talked about the plans for their anti-valentines night.

The next few days passed in a blur. Brian spent his extra time in the gym, putting all the rage he felt toward Kelly's assailant into his workout. As much as he wanted to go beat the guy to a bloody pulp, he wouldn't because Kelly had asked him not to. The last thing he wanted to do was upset her or make things worse for her in anyway.

Finally, Valentine's Day was upon them. Brian had gathered quite a few movies for them to watch. He finished up the popcorn just as Kelly got in from her last class. "Hey go ahead and change into something comfortable. I've got popcorn and snacks as well as all the blood and gore you'd like." He said as he carried the bowls to the coffee table.

"Thanks I'll be right back. These heels are killing me. Whoever said stilettos were comfortable was lying through their teeth." Kelly pulled off the shoes as she headed down the hall to change.

Brian finished gathering up the snacks and put in a DVD. He waited on the couch until Kelly bounced back into the room and plopped down on the couch. "Ok, lets watch some poor defenseless people get slashed by a crazed madman with some cheesy dialog."

They watched a couple movies together; both had a great time. Brian was shocked when, during one scene, Kelly clung to him like she was scared. He didn't say anything, just pulled her into him, cradled her to his side. She snuggled into him and they watched a little more of the movie.

After a few more scenes, Brian couldn't resist. He softly caressed Kelly's bare arm letting his fingers trail from just under the sleeve of her t-shirt to just above her elbow. He was caught staring at her when Kelly raised her eyes to meet his. Brian couldn't resist her big green eyes and soft kissable mouth.

He slowly lowered his head to lightly graze her lips with his own. Her soft inviting lips matched his every movement. She tasted like heaven and her sweetness rocked him to the core. With a groan, he deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue into her open waiting mouth. As his tongue danced with hers, he heard a soft moan escape her lips.

Brian reluctantly broke away, before he got to the point he couldn't stop. "Kelly, I...we..." He stopped when Kelly placed her index finger over his lips. His gaze darted between her big beautiful eyes and her full lips. He wanted to taste her again, needed to, but he didn't want to make her uncomfortable.

He felt Kelly shift and move to straddle his lap. Shocked, he gazed into her eyes, looking for answers. The only thing he saw, though, was Kelly as she leaned down to lightly tease his lips with her tongue. It took every ounce of willpower that he possessed to keep himself from grabbing her and ravishing her mouth with his. His willpower crumbled when he felt her fingers teasing the hair at the nape of his neck and her mouth nibbling over his lips. Brian wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. One hand cupped her face so he could explore her mouth further, while the other held her to him so she could feel his cock straining against his jeans.

Kelly pulled back, and Brian watched as she slowly drew her t-shirt over her head. Her perky 36C breasts appeared to be begging for attention. Brian slowly ran his hands up her legs, to rest lightly at her waist. His gaze traveled the length of her, searching her eyes with his. No words were spoken between them. None were needed.

Brian brought his lips back to hers, claiming them. He moved his hands up to lightly cup her breasts, as he nibbled and planted feather light kisses along her jaw line. His thumbs teased around her nipples, as he suckled lightly on her neck. He leaned forward to claim her breast with his mouth. As he was sucking, biting, and teasing it with his tongue, Kelly's hands cradled his head, holding him closer to her. Her soft moans and sighs filled the room and Brian's loins with desire. Brian kissed and nibbled his way to claim the other nipple. Being sure to pay just as much attention to it as he had the other one. He nibbled, suckled, and teased causing Kelly's breath and moans to increase.

As Brian kissed his way back up Kelly's chest to suckle at her throat, he felt her push against him, so he moved back to gaze deeply into her beautiful eyes. He felt her fingers slip under his shirt to playfully tease and caress his muscular chest and stomach. She started to push his shirt up, so he helped her by removing it. Kelly's lips teased Brian's while her hands caressed the silky hardness of his chest. Brian uttered a groan as she placed kisses along his jaw and down his chest and abs. Her hot breath was teasing the fine hairs around his navel causing his hardness to twitch and throb.

Brian let out a loud groan as he felt Kelly's hand slide over the bulge in his jeans. He watched her with need-filled eyes as she slowly lowered his zipper. While her fingers worked to free his engorged member, Brian struggled to maintain control. When he felt, her hands circle around him, he almost lost it. He was so hot, so hard; the sensations were almost too much. He watched while she caressed his hard length. Let out a groan and tried to hold back when he felt the first flick of her tongue across his throbbing cock head. He didn't want to explode in her mouth, not yet at least. But as she slowly took him into her mouth, he knew if he didn't stop her, his control would snap. He pulled her up, and gazed into her questioning eyes.

Saying nothing, Brian stood and picked Kelly up, carrying her to his bedroom. He laid her on the bed, and quickly undressed. Climbing on top her he gazed into her eyes. "You're so beautiful," he said as he kissed his way down her stomach stopping to suckle each nipple. Hooking his fingers under the waistband of her pajama pants, he heard her gasp and moan as he removed them revealing every delectable inch of her.

He'd loved her from afar for years, and now it was as if all his dreams were coming true. He ran his hands over her legs, picked up one and nibbled his way higher from ankle to knee, her moans encouraging him as me moved from the right to the left. His hands caressing as he inched closer to her heat, her moans and breathing increasing as he kissed up her inner thighs. He let her scent envelope him as he slid his hands under her ass, raising her to his mouth. He placed light kisses around her mound, holding her firmly as his tongue dipped into her heat. Her sounds encouraged him to continue exploring her sweetness. He felt her hands in his hair guiding him.

Brian couldn't take it anymore; he needed to be in her. He moved onto her and positioned himself at her entrance. Gazing deep into her eyes, he pushed himself into her tight heat. Groaning, he leaned down and captured her lips with his as he fought to maintain control. She was so tight, so wet, and so perfect. He began to move within her, slowly at first, the sensations she caused in him were incredible. As he picked up the pace, he felt her contract around him, as her climax shook through her. He'd waited so long for her, he tried to hold back longer, but as she contracted around him, the pleasure was too intense. His orgasm rushed over him as rope after rope of his hot seed shot into her. He collapsed against her, wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close as his breathing and heartbeat slowly returned to normal.

He gazed into her eyes and cupped her cheek with his hands. "Kelly... I" He fought to maintain control of his emotions. "I love you. I've loved you for as long as I can remember."

"Oh, Brian... I love you too. I was always just too scared to do anything about it."

He laughed a little, as he whispered against her lips. "Well, this is definitely a Valentine's Day to remember."

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