tagNon-EroticA Valentines Promise

A Valentines Promise


He had spent all day getting everything ready for the night ahead. There were candles everywhere, on the mantle, in the fireplace, on the window sills, and even on the floor. A small table was set in the middle of the room covered in a pale pink table cloth and covered with deep red rose petals. Next to the table was a bucket of chilled champagne to go with the dinner that he had prepared. There were also several vases full of roses of all colors on the other tables around the room. As the time got closer to when she was going to be there he put the finishing touches on the dinner he had cooked. It was going to start out with a small salad as an appetizer. The main course was going to be a beautifully cooked salmon and some garlic pasta. And for dessert he has made chocolate covered strawberries.

He had just sat the salads on the table when the door bell rang. Slowly he walked over to the door and let in his date for the evening. She is dressed in a short black dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. He let her in and closed the door behind her then leaned in to give her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Then taking her hand he lead her into the room that he had prepared. She drew in a breath of surprise and smiled. When she turned and looked at him he could see the love in her eyes.

He walked over to the table and pulled her chair out for her to sit down, and then went around and sat down in his chair. Reaching over he removed the champagne from the bucket and poured them both a glass before placing the bottle back in the bucket. Then they both started to eat their salads in silence knowing that no words need to be spoken.

When they finished with the salads he got up and removed their plates into the kitchen and brought out the main course. Know that salmon was one of her favorite dishes, he also knew that there would be no complaints about his choice. He placed her dish before her and then set his down before taking his seat. He refilled both of their champagne glasses before he started to eat his meal. He finished his meal before she was done so he sat watching her eat her salmon and garlic pasta. When she was done he once again got up and removed their plates. He brought the plates of chocolate covered strawberries out of the kitchen and placed them on the table. She chuckles softly when she see what he had made for dessert. He knew that the strawberries would be the highlight of the evening.

After refilling their glasses with the last from the champagne bottle he once again takes his seat across from her. He watches as she slowly lifts on of the strawberries to her mouth and takes a bite and moans from the pleasure of the food. He is very glad that she likes the strawberries. He continues to watch as she finishes that strawberry and starts on the second one before he lifts his first strawberry to his mouth and took a bite. The taste explode in his mouth and he has a hard time keeping from moaning just like she did. Slowly they finish their meal. When every last strawberry has been ate he gets up and collects the plates and takes them back into the kitchen and returns with a card. He hands it to her and sits back down as he watches her open it with trembling hands. He does not know what the card says or even if she will like it. But it was what he had promised to deliver today to her.

As he watches she slowly pulls the card out and reads the front and gets a big smile on her face. Then she opens the card and he see a peace of folded paper fall out onto her lap. She continues to read the inside of the card. When that is done she sets that on the table and picks up the paper that fell into her lap. Unfolding it she starts to read and the tears start running down her face even though she is smiling. He knows that the letter is something that is making her sad and happy all at the same time. When she finishes reading the letter she refolds it and puts it back in the card and put them both back in the envelope. Then she looks up at him and smiles. For the first time that night he can see that this was the right thing to do even though he had had a lot of misgivings for weeks about it. Slowly he push back his chair and come around the table and help her out of her chair. He walked her to the door and place a kiss on her cheek before opening the door to let her out into the night.

Closing the door behind her he has to smile knowing that this Valentines Day will be one he will always remember. He had promised my best friend that he would make sure that his wife had a Valentines Day to remember, too. He had given me the card to give him two days before he died with the instructions that he could only give it to her today and only after feeding her one of his wonderful meals. So that is what he did, made his best friends last wish come true.

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