tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Vampiric Kind of Love

A Vampiric Kind of Love


This is the moment she's been waiting for. She's a huntress and she's hunting her prey. This beauty, her long back hair cascading down her back and almost in front of her eyes as she kneels down, watching him from a distance. She has spotted her mate in the distance, doing the same.

She can barely resist the temptation of going over to him and having her way with him... "Patience", she tells herself.

He's always been her mate. They've been through so many lifetimes together. Vampires, they are. She's been one for lifetimes, and he's only been one for a few. She turned him when her father tried to kill him.

~Past, 1200s~

He was her slave, her lover, her human. Her father didn't like vampires romping with humans. Who could blame him? But, she got pregnant. A miracle, mostly. But, it does happen.

Her father was furious, set out to kill him, but she got to him first.

"My father is going to kill you."

"I know and i'd do it gladly."

"I know, but you have to understand..he is malicious and he doesn't and won't pity you."

"I'm human, I don't expect him to pity me. I'm your slave and to him, that's all I'll ever be. I broke the rules when I fell in love with you, Hope. Even more when we had sex and I got you pregnant."

"Would you let me turn you?"


She smiles wickedly, knowing what she'll do. She's not that far along, so why can't she make love with her man anyway?

She grabs his hands and leads him into her black, cold bedroom. Red satin is everywhere, but he's been here so many times. This time is different though, this time he will become like her. He will become a vampire, he's scared, but he would do anything for her, anything to be with her, just anything.



"I love you."

"I love you, too."

She slowly strips him, kissing and licking every inch that she uncovers. His shirt off, she flicks her tongue across his right nipple then sucks on it before moving to his left doing the same thing. His breath catches, he loves that so much.

She moves down his chest to his stomach, rolling her tongue around his bellybutton. He braces himself against the pillars of her bed, almost pulling the canopy down. She chuckles, but she keeps moving down, to his buckle, undoing and pulling his dusty, dirty jeans and boxers off.

He's all man. Hairy and so strong. She knows his heart has picked up speed. He's nervous and horny all at the same time. She's wrecking havvoc on him. She grabs his hard cock. He's thick and long. She strokes him and looks up at him, watching his expression which screams lust.

She licks her lips before shoving the head of his cock in her mouth, as far as it'll go before pulling him out and doing it again eventually she deep throats him. He growls and shifts against the pillars. She sucks him fast and hard before pulling him out and licks him from base to head. Again and again she does this.

He can't stand up anymore, his knees are weak, so she stands up and allows him to sit on her bed before going back to the cock that she loves. Sucking and licking, loving and wanting more. She tries her best to not fuck him, just yet. She wants this to be a memorable experience for him. Everything will change.

Harder and faster, she sucks. Using her right hand, she plays with his balls, gently massaging them which she gets approval when he moans. Harder, harder, faster, faster. He's so close to cumming, she pushes on. Soon, he lets loose and cums in her mouth. She swallows it all.

Moving away from him as she stands up. She looks at him. His eyes are glazed over in that post orgasmic bliss. Now, it's her turn, she moves over to the bed, crawling on it. Moving to the middle before laying down. She spreads her legs out, reaching down with her right hand to stroke her clit. Her eyes are closed, but she can feel him shift on the bed, moving in between her legs.

She feels his hot breath on her pussy then she feels his tongue attack her. He inserts four fingers into her, but she knows he's going to fist her. She cannot wait, she loves that! She lifts her hips when he does. Moving in and out her, she can't stand it. He's got her spot and cums all over his hand and wrist, drenching him.

She pulls his hand out of her, pulling him up to her, she kisses him so deeply, so passionately before flipping them over so she's on top of him. Straddling his hips, she rubs against his straining cock, that got hard again when he fisted her. She lifts up and slowly, inch by agonizing inch slides him balls deep inside her. She growls and he groans.

She sits up and rides him, hard, so very hard before leaning down. Kissing him again. She whispers in his ear, "are you sure this is what you want? This is your last chance to change your mind." He whispers back, "Don't stop, this is exactly what I want." She looks at him and sees that he means it, wants this, wants to be with her and their child forever.

She moves to his neck, kissing him before she bites down. He winches, but he grabs her hips tight..not stopping her. She bites down on his jugular even harder, drawing blood. She licks it up. But, she never stops moving on him. Giving the pleasure with the pain.

She sits up and watches as her human lover dies. His spirit leaving him. He's screaming in agony, but she holds him down with her hands on his shoulders. Soon, it's over, he's dead. She mourns this loss, her human lover is gone. The next few minutes seem like hours when he comes back. Gasping for air, he returns back to life, just not the life he has known.

"Welcome to the vampiric world, my love. You're mine now. Forever."

He's angry and confused. She has stolen his life from him. Granted, it was with his permission. But, the anger is valid. She moves to get off him, but he holds her fast and tight, digging his nails into her hips.

She can see the change in him, he is becoming hungry. His still hard cock is buried in her pussy, but this is not the hunger. His hunger for blood is raging inside him. He's not sure what to do and if he should flip her over and drink from her like she did him?! He figures what the hell and flips her over onto her back.

She squeals in happiness before turning her head so he can feed. Knowing this is what he wants, what he so desperately needs. He looks at her, confused before leaning down, biting her neck hard, drawing blood and drinking it.

She moans as she wraps her arms and legs around him, pinning him to her. She lets him drink her blood, but pushes his head away when he gets to be too much.

"Enough for now, my love."

"I want more."

"More you'll get, but first I want you to fuck me."

And, fuck her he does. Animalistic, savagely he fucks her. Hard, fast, and deep. He doesn't stop. He has a newfound energy, nothing holds him back anymore. It would be horribly painful if she were a mere mortal. He plows into her harder, so fucking hard. His strength has tripled and he is using this as he slides his hands under her, picking her up, continuing to fuck her.

She's screaming in pure pleasure, wanting more, needing more, needing him. She digs her nails into his skin until she feels blood run between her fingers. He does the same to her. She's in pure ecstasy! She's cumming now, hard and soon he follows her, filling her with his seed.

Exhausted by the intensity of it all, they collapse onto the bed. He's laying on his back and she's laying on her side beside him. She growls happily and he grunts his approval. After they rest for a bit, he gets up, walking to the dresser, he grabs two cigarettes and lights them both, he walks back over to the bed and hands her one.

Taking a long drag, at the same time, they both exhale. Happy, completed. In a few months, their child will be born and they'll truly be a family. But, her father will never be happy with this union and she doesn't care. She's got her man, the one who has her heart, the one who fathered her baby, they are married now.

~Present, 2000s~

She watches him. She has taught him well. She moves her attention back to her prey, going in for the kill, she pounces him. Ripping his throat out, drinking his blood. Their daughter, an adult, right behind her mother. Killing her own prey.

Their little clan is happy. She's pregnant again. This time, she knows it's a boy. Giving her mate, her love, her companion the heir he wants. They are still in love. Their lovemaking just as intense as it was then.

~The End~

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