tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Van Full Of Guys

A Van Full Of Guys


My wife writes these stories for me so I thought I would share them with the world. She is the sexiest woman with long legs and dark hair. She is mixed black and white with big sexy lips. She is a 36C with long black hair down the middle of her back. When she completes one of these she will let me read it in bed while she gives me a blow-job. Some of these are fictional others are true. I have a hard time getting which is which out of her. Anyways they make for good reading, enjoy.

Dear Diary,

Today my car broke down. It was really bad because it was so hot and muggy out. The road I was stranded on was a pretty deserted road so I got a little scared thinking it would be a very long time before anyone would discover me.

Two hours went by and I had fallen asleep before a van full of guys had discovered me. I woke up to a rather handsome looking man knocking at my car window.

"Are you okay lady? Do you need some help?"

I looked at him then looked behind me at the van. It had two guys in it, one in the passenger seat and one peering out from the back of the van. They had smiles on their faces....but I didn't think it was because they were just smiley type guys.

"No thanks." I said. I pulled my dead cell phone out of the glove box and showed it to the man at my window. "I already called for help." I hoped that lie worked.

The man looked a little disappointed. He backed slightly away from the car, then said "Well....I think I'll have to do something about that." With that he lunged his full weight against the car breaking my window!

I screamed! "Please! Please stop!"

He looked in my eyes and said, "You want this just like we do." He opened the door then dragged me kicking and screaming from the car into the van.

The man pushed me head first into the van, then with a full lunge push my ass in then climbed in behind me and slammed the door. The van was dark. It had no windows in the back.

I looked around nervously. I lied there with the guys smiling down on me. "Please don't kill me!" I said.

The men all laughed. One of the guys looked down at me and said, "Oh....were not going to kill you, we have something better in store for you." He reached down and grabbed on to my breasts. "I think you have something good in store for us too."

I stared at him a minute then with one motion I started my escape attempt. I rolled over on my stomach and got up on my hands and knees. I crawled as fast as I could toward the door to the van. I got to the handle and swung open the door. I felt two hands grab my shoulders and pull me back into the van. The doors closed with a slam!

"Hey!! What are you trying to do?" one of the guys said, "Your not done with your job here yet." He smiled. "My name is Jeff, what's yours?"


Jeff smiled. "Pretty name Suzan." He turned to the men sitting around him. "This is Ricky, and Mark, Guys, meet Suzan." Jeff then reached under my mini dress and hooked a finger around my underwear. With one pull he yanked my underwear off. He then sat up on the makeshift bed in the back of the van. "Now that we know each other, Lets get better aquatinted."

Jeff then pulled his shorts down.....his cock was right in my face. "Open your pretty mouth Suzan."

I gasped! "No! I don't know you!"

Jeff laughed "Oh! But you will Suzan. You will know us all after we are done with you!" Jeff then grabbed me by my hair and pulled me forward forcing my face into his lap. "Now suck it bitch!"

I opened my mouth and wrapped it around Jeff's cock. I began to relax a little. "There you go baby.....suck daddy's cock. Good girl."

I could hear the guys breathing become harder in the van, then I felt some hands come around my hips and gently pull my ass into the air. The hands lifted my skirt to expose my naked ass.

I heard Ricky say, "Would you get a look at that pretty, tight ass?" His hands gently rubbed my ass then he swatted it.

"Aghh!" I moaned.

I heard Ricky chuckle. "Yeah the bitch likes being hurt. Wait till you feel my big cock inside you....you will definitely know what hurt can be." Ricky's talk was really starting to get me hot. I started sucking harder on Jeff's cock, slurping and teasing.

Jeff chuckled "I think she's warming up guys." Jeff smiled down at me. "Yeah baby....suck harder!" He pushed my head down all the way then would pull it up. I sucked frantically. "God damn she sucks cock like a pro!"

At this time I hadn't realized that Ricky was preparing himself to give me a good hard fuck. He pulled down his pants and grabbed on to his hard cock then grabbed me with one hand on my hip to hold me still while he rammed his cock into my now very wet pussy. I was on all fours with my legs spread as wide as they would go. Ricky was giving me just about the best pounding from behind I'd ever felt! "Oh yeah...her pussy feels great!" Ricky gasped.

I kept on sucking Jeff's cock. Jeff looked over at Mark and said, "You gonna get some man? She's real hot and raring to go!"

Mark smiled and nodded. "Move out of the way." Mark said then pushed Ricky off of me. Mark was rougher than the others. He seemed to know what he wanted. He lied down on the make shift bed on his back and pulled me over to him. "Get on top bitch."

I willingly climbed over the top of him and sat down on his fat throbbing cock. I moved my slick wet pussy up and down his shaft while he lied there with his eyes closed. God I was fucking him so good. He grabbed my hips and forced me to move faster. I moved faster and faster bouncing up and down on his cock while the others watched.

Ricky said, "Damn she's hot! I can't take this!" With that he stood half way up and walked around and faced me. "You want to suck my cock baby?"

I nodded. "Uh huh?"

Ricky smiled. "Say please."

I said "Please Ricky? Let me suck your hard cock." Ricky grinned then offered his cock into my hot wet mouth.

I slid my pussy up and down on Marks cock while I sucked up all of Ricky's cock. I was insatiable.

I heard Jeff's voice, "Hum she seems pretty coordinated. Let's see how coordinated she can be."

Jeff then climbed up behind me while I still was fucking Mark and sucking Rick. I was so into what I was doing I didn't realize what Jeff was doing behind me. All of a sudden I felt Jeff's hands grab my hips and his hard cock begin to penetrate my asshole.

I pulled my mouth from Ricky's cock and said, "God Jeff no!"

Jeff said "Shh baby....let it happen." He pushed himself in deeper.

"Jeff.....it hurts!"

Ricky then grabbed my head and stuffed his cock back into my mouth. "Who told you to stop bitch? He's all the way up in your asshole now....so it shouldn't hurt that much."

I realized Rick was right. Jeff was fucking my ass. I resumed sucking Ricky's cock.

I thought about my position I was in and got more excited. Here I was straddled over Marks fat cock, sucking Ricky's cock and Jeff fucking my asshole. Mark then lifted up and made it better. He pulled down the top of my dress exposing my tits. He then lifted up and began sucking my hard nipples.

"Oh yeah! Ooooo!" I panted.

"There you go baby." Jeff said, "I told you this would be fun."

Jeff still had his cock in my ass and he was pumping me hard. He reached both arms around me then pulled me away from the other two guys. We ended up in a sitting position, me sitting on Jeff's lap. Jeff pulled his cock out of my ass then reached and grabbed the back of my knees forcing my legs open as wide as they will go!

Ricky then knelt in front of me and shoved his huge cock back into my pussy. My pussy was burning hot and throbbing! Ricky was giving me a serious pounding at this time.

"Does it hurt baby? Didn't I tell you I'd hurt your sweet pussy?"

I moaned in ecstasy. Ricky fucked me hard for about 5 minutes not showing me an ounce of mercy! He rammed his huge cock up inside my pussy until I swore I was bleeding! Jeff then lied me down on the bed with my legs hanging off the edge.

"My turn." he said with a smile.

My pussy was sore but I wanted more. "Fuck me Jeff! Fuck my brains out!"

Jeff knelt in front of me, placed my legs over his shoulders then slid his cock into me. "Oh yeah baby.....Your pussy is real hot and wet now." Jeff began fucking me harder than Ricky did. His hips pounding between my legs was getting so loud it sounded as if someone was clapping their hands together.

Mark climbed up over me and began titty fucking my hot sweaty breasts.

Rick came over to the side of me and turned my head to the side where he was so I could suck on his cock that he willingly offered. I felt my cum rising within. My clit was hard and sensitive to every stroke of Jeff's cock. I arched my back and moaned and panted harder and harder.

Mark chuckled "She's gonna cum guys. Fuck her harder!" Ricky grabbed my head and began pumping his hips in and out of my mouth moving faster and faster. Mark held my tits tight as he began to fuck them harder as well. Jeff began fucking me at an ungodly pace and fingering my asshole at the same time.

My cum came hard and fast! I opened my mouth releasing Ricky's cock and screamed in ecstasy!! "Yes Yes Ugh fuck me!!!!" Just as I said those word Ricky released his hot cum into my mouth and across my face.

Mark scooted up and shoved his cock into my mouth...still straddling me. "Now make me cum."

I sucked Marks cock as hard as I could while Jeff was still pounding on my now throbbing sore pussy. Jeff began to speed up even faster now. I saw that vein in his forehead telling me that his cum was not too far to go. Mark moved his hips faster as well.

Ricky, already satisfied held my head still while Mark fucked my mouth. "Eat it up baby! Eat it up!" Just then Jeff rammed his cock as far as it would go up in me! He moaned with a delight. I felt his cock release his cum inside me.

I moaned too. Mark then released into my mouth...he slid his cock as far as he could get it into my throat and forced his cum down my throat.

One by one the guys got up off of me. I laid there in a lump. I was so exhausted but satisfied. The guys slowly got dressed as I lied on the bed. I fell asleep.

When I awoke it was almost daylight. Jeff was looking down at me. He picked me up in his arms and carried me out of the van.

They had towed my car to a gas station and had mechanics already working on it. Jeff sat me in a chair in the waiting room. "We have to go now...You'll be fine here." He then smiled and winked at me and bent over to whisper something in my ear. "It was nice to meet you Suzan."

I smiled at him. "It was nice meeting you too."

With that, Jeff waved and made his way back to the van. I waved to Mark and Ricky. They drove away.

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