tagErotic CouplingsA Very Bad Day

A Very Bad Day


At first my mind couldn't understand why my arms didn't work. It tried to pull them to my face to wipe the strange sleep from my eyes, but inexplicably they wouldn't move. My legs wouldn't work either, but my mind was beyond sorting out why. Normally when I wake up it only takes a few seconds, but this time, it seemed to drag on for minutes, or was it hours?

My brain felt like it was packed with fuzz, and my mouth with cotton. Some seconds, or was it minutes, after my mind finally accepted that it was still attached to my body, it tried to move my arms to wipe the sleep from my eyes. I just couldn't understand why my arms didn't work.

I could tell light was streaming in a window, but I was having a hard time focusing. I blinked time after time before I finally was able to really focus. The room was sparse, in fact, the only piece of furniture I could recognize was the bed I was lying on. I pulled my arm to wipe the sleep from my eyes and realized it didn't move, which was an odd thing. It took me seconds, or was it minutes, to turn my head and see that it was stretched out with a rope tying it to a post of the bed. I tried my other arm and found the same thing, pulling without success to move either arm, or legs.

My brain struggled to understand, to try to piece together exactly what was going on. Slowly, ever so slowly, I started to remember, the cobwebs being nudged aside rational memories. It felt like hours, but maybe it was only minutes, before I started to put the puzzle together in my mind. My memories felt like a jigsaw puzzle that had been put in a box and shaken liberally. Piece by piece I picked up each tiny part, examined and turned it in my mind, and placed it where I thought it might fit into the picture, but I wasn't sure what the picture was supposed to look like.

I remembered the car stuck on the side of the road. I was always a good Samaritan, it came with the territory of being a fireman, but the two good looking women in very skimpy dresses didn't hurt either. I remembered pulling over behind them and working to put the spare tire on while doing my best to check out their legs. They seemed harmless enough. Both of them fairly well built, in their late twenties or early thirties. You couldn't ask for a couple women with better built bodies, big tits, round hips, firm asses, and oh yes... a distinct lack of underclothes of any kind.

I first noticed it on the blond. She bent over to climb up the short embankment out of the ditch and her pussy peaked out from under her very short skirt. The way her tits wiggled telegraphed "no bra" as did her hardening nipples after she caught me looking. She didn't seem upset, in fact, she grinned and seemed to try to give me a better look. The brunet with deep blue eyes that matched her friends, stood next to me while I worked on the jack, her big firm tits slightly visible as the sunlight filtered through the thin top of her white dress. The deep scoop neck allowed a lot of her cleavage to show, and when she moved just right, her areola and hardening nipple to peek out.

The last thing I remembered was putting the tire into the trunk. Now I was... hell, I didn't know where I was. I was laying on a bed, tied up...Shit... Naked!

Now my mind kicked into high gear. Yes, I remembered a lot about how they looked. They didn't seem upset with me, in fact they were sexually teasing me right up to when I put the tire in the trunk. I hadn't touched either of them, or made any rude comments. No, I was pretty sure all I did was look. Maybe they were mad because I didn't do anything?

I pulled on the ropes, rocking the bed with my jerking. Yep, they were tight.

I lay my head back and started to try to think through this situation.

"Hey sis, he's awake!" I heard an almost familiar female voice say. I looked toward where the voice was coming from and saw the blond woman from the car step into the room. She walked slowly into the room, wearing a towel wrapped around her body from her tits to her thighs. Her brunet friend came in after her, dressed in a long t-shirt.

"Well, so he is. Now we should find out how big of a fish we caught."

My mind struggled for what was happening as the blond crawled onto the bed on one side of me while the brunet crawled on the other.

"So, you can call me Maggie," the brunet said as she leaned over my legs and used her long nails to gently stroke up and down my thighs, her fingers tracing long slow figure eights from next to my inexplicably hardening dick down to my knee. She looked at me lustily with a pair of deep blue eyes that spoke volumes of her desire.

"And you can call me Angie," the blond said, crawling up higher and reaching down to gently kiss each of my nipples, licking and sucking each of them in turn. "Now what we want to know.." she said moving back to the first nipple and sucking on it. "Is what you're worth?"

"What?" I asked, my brain trying to wrap around what was happening.

"I want to know how much money its worth for you to be released?" she continued, moving her kisses up to my neck.

"You think I'm worth a lot of money?"

"Oh we know it. Trying to pretend you're not would be... counter productive?" she cooed, moving her kisses to my nose and then my lips, ever so gently brushing her lips over mine, her hot breath breathing into me. "We can be very persuasive!"

"But I'm really not worth any money. Who do you think I am?"

"I know your John Dexly. You can't fool me. You own every strip club within fifty miles. Now, all you have to do is tell us how much you're willing to pay to get us to let you go."

"I'm really not this John guy." I said quietly.

"Ohhhhh John John John." Angie cooed. "You can't fool me. I've seen you at the clubs, standing in the booth, watching us dance? You never came down though. You always stood up there and watched, like we weren't good enough for you. Like you were afraid you might catch something from us."

"Really, I'm not this John guy. If I'd have seen you stripping I'd have been more than willing to be with you."

"Ohhhhhh John John... You can say fuck. Hell you probably own half the hookers around town, and you're shy about saying fuck?" Angie said with a giggle. "My my. This is going to be more fun that I thought. What do you think sis?"

"I think we're going to have a very good time." Maggie said in a sultry voice, her fingers starting to trace across my rock hard dick.

"Now John. If you're a good boy, this could be very enjoyable." Angie whispered, her lips almost brushing mine, her minty sweet breath strong in my nostrils. "If you hurt either of us, in any way... Well, let's just say that in your current position it would be a very very painful mistake."

"I think I understand." I whispered back.

"Good." She cooed. "Now, Let's see if we can jog your memory." She whispered before gently pressing her soft lips against mine. Her kisses started soft, but grew more and more insistent, her tongue pressing into my mouth, searching for mine, exploring, enjoying.

She pulled away slowly, her lips leaving mine gently, blue eyes smoldering with sexual desire. She stood up on the bed over me, straddling me, looking down at me as she slowly unwrapped the towel. She pulled it off, holding it by one corner and then letting it drop to the bed next to her, leaving her completely naked.

Her body was perfect. Her breasts stood out large and proud, her areola dark brown and puckered, each nipple standing hard in the center. Her stomach was firm and taught, flowing smoothly into her rounded hips. Her mound and pussy were shaved smooth, her tender lips sticking out of her meaty outer lips, small drips of her juices glistening in anticipation.

She lowered herself down, her pussy moving toward my lips, as she crouched down and spread her knees. "Come on John. Lick my pussy. I know how much you love to taste a good pussy. How about mine? I've watched you and wanted you to eat me for so long. Make me cum and maybe I'll think about letting you go!" She said as she held the rough wood headboard and rubbed her wet lips against my lips.

I reached out with my tongue, licking and stroking her wet lips. If this would get me out of here it was a small price to pay. I pressed my tongue deep into her pussy and drew her moisture out and up her slit. I found her hard little clit with my tongue and licked across it with my tongue flat. Time and again I stroked her, each time my tongue crossed her hard nub she moaned softly.

"Yes, that's it." Angie cooed "So nice. God I knew you would be good at this. Ohhhhh. That's it. Make me cum!"

I sucked her hard clit into my mouth, flicking it with the tip of my tongue time and again. Her whole body trembled as I worked her clit, driving her higher and higher up her climactic slope. Her orgasm crashed over her like a wave, her whole body jerking and trembling as her pussy gushed her sweet juices over my chin. She ground her pussy into my face as I continued to suck and assault her clit with my tongue. "OH FUCK YES!" she screamed as her whole body suddenly stiffened above me, her muscles no longer able to coordinate even to grid against me.

She rolled her hips back until she was sitting on my chest, her pussy leaking her juices on my chest while she held the headboard, her chest and large tits heaving as she gasped for breath. "Holy shit. You really can suck a pussy!" she gasped.

"So does that mean you're going to let me go?"

"Oh John John John... How can I let you go now that I know how well you can make me cum? OH you're worth so much more than just money now! No, I think we need to explore just what else you can do."

"Shit." I swore under my breath as she moved off my chest and lay on the bed next to me. "Look, for the hundredth time, I'm not this John guy!"

"Ohhhh You can't fool us John. We both know who you are!" Maggie said from where she was laying next to my legs, still stroking my hard cock with her long nails, each stroke making it jump and twitch.

She rolled to her knees and slowly crawled over and up my body, her long gray t-shirt brushing my body. "I'd ask you to undress me, but you're hands seem to be a bit... tied up?" she said with a slight grin. She lifted herself up until she was sitting astraddle my stomach, her bare legs resting against my sides. She slowly pulled the hem of her shirt up, inch by inch revealing more and more bare skin. Her pussy lips came into view first, wet and spread as if she had been stroking them while her friend been riding my face. She exposed her tiny heart shaped tuft of hair on her mound, a tiny playboy bunny standing stark white on her well body just inches to the side of her mound. She continued to pull the shirt up her perfectly shaped body, not thin, but certainly not heavy. The shirt pulled slowly up and over her two large tits, each one sprouting a hard nipple in the middle of a slightly elongated areola just slightly darker than her well tanned skin.

"So does my body look as good up close as it does from way up in the booth?" she asked quietly as she tossed the shirt aside. She slowly lowered her right tit to my face, gently brushing my lips with my nipple. "Suck my tit. I've wanted you to come down for so long and suck my tits. Have you watched me cup them and squeeze them toward you each time I dance for you? You never come and touch them or lick then or suck them. Don't you like them?"

"They're gorgeous tits. If my hands weren't tied up I'd love to suck and play with them." I said quietly.

"Oh, you'd like me to untie you're hands, wouldn't you. Oh, not quite yet. First you suck them. Make me feel wanted and desired. Use that talented mouth to turn me on." She cooed a she reached for the headboard and then lowered her hanging breasts to my mouth. One after the other I sucked and licked her nipples as she moved first one and then the other of her breasts to my mouth. I suctioned first on and then the other of her nipples deep in my mouth, rolling and flicking them as I did.

"Ohhhhh very nice. You do that so well. He does sis. He sucks tit very well. I bet if he could use his hands he'd be even better."

"I can see." Angie cooed as she lay next to me. "Maybe I should let him suck mine while you're busy a bit lower."

"Excellent idea sis." Maggie said quietly, lifting her tits from my face and slowly crawling backwards down my body, spreading her knees wide to drag her wet pussy along my stomach. I felt her back into my hard dick, taking several small wiggles and presses before she was able to line my dick up with her wet pussy without using her hands.

"Ohhhh so fat and hard." She moaned as she pressed herself slowly down my dick, lifting herself up until she was kneeling upright over my hips, my dick fully buried inside her wet tunnel.

She slowly rode up and down my shaft, clearly enjoying herself while Angie moved to her hands and knees, leaning over me and pressing one of her hard nipples to my mouth. "That's it. Suck my tit. Doesn't it feel as good as it looks? You should have come sucked them long ago. Every night we've wanted you to come down from the booth and make love to us, stick your big hard dick into us and drive us wild with your tongue. But you never had eyes for us, only those thin flat chested girls. I was beginning to think you didn't like tits." She cooed as I sucked and flicked her nipple while Maggie rode my hard dick, moaning loudly as she drove both of us toward the pinnacle of climax.

"OH god sis I'm going to cum!" Maggie moaned after some time of her hot wet tunnel driving slowly up and down my dick. I couldn't see her, but could feel every move she made as she used my chest as a handle to balance her slowly stroking body.

"Go girl. Cum around him!" Angie cooed as she switched which tit I was sucking on.

"OH fuck!" Maggie cried, suddenly bouncing on my dick like she was riding a bucking horse. Her body pounded into my hips, her wet pussy making splashing noises, punctuated with the slap of her ass against my legs. "OHHH FUCK!" she screamed as she pushed me over the edge, my dick squirting the first shot of hot cum deep into her pussy. She slammed down on my dick, bouncing the whole bed as her body shook and her pussy pulsated and squeezed my gushing dick. My body jerked uncontrollably as shot after shot of cum lanced up into her wet tunnel, driving her own orgasm higher.

It seemed like minutes, or longer, before my body finally relaxed, Maggie grinding her pussy against my body while she trembled. Angie moved from my face and I could see Maggie sitting on me, sweat running down and dripping from her large tits, her chest heaving as she worked to catch her breath.

"Damn, sis. You came like a ton of bricks." Angie kidded Maggie.

"Ohhhh fuck yes. That was a realllllly good fuck!"

"I may have to take a turn then." Angie said sliding a hand down my body and stroking the hair around where my dick was still sticking up into Maggie.

"Gonna have to get him hard again then. I think I used him up." Maggie said, sliding off my shrinking dick, our combined cum leaking from her pussy as she rolled over to lay next to me.

"Hmmmmm cum!" Angie cooed as she moved her body down over mine on all fours so her pussy was pushing against my face and hers was hovering over my dick. "Now why don't you my pussy all warmed up while I work on your dick." She said over her shoulder before her mouth closed around my dick.

I couldn't help but groan as her tongue wrapped around my head and stroked the sensitive spot below. I leaned my head up and licked up her slit toward her puckered little rosebud. Stroke after stroke I licked her lips and pressed my tongue into her pussy like a little dick, trying to drive it into her tunnel. Maggie soon joined her sister, the two of them licking and sucking my dick, slowly bringing it back to attention.

"I think he's ready." I heard Maggie say to her sister.

"Me too." She replied, pulling her wet pussy from my face and crawling down my legs. I looked down and watched as Maggie stroked my dick gently and aimed it at Angie's, wet pussy, guiding her back until she was sitting fully on my long hard dick. "Ohhhh god you were right. He hits all the right spots. I always knew he's be a good fuck!" she half moaned as she slowly stroked up and down my shaft.

Maggie slid up my body, dragging her tits along my side and chest until her face was over mine, and lowered her soft lips to mine. "Kiss me." She whispered as her sister rode my dick slowly up and down, apparently in no hurry. Maggie lowered her lips to mine, gently kissing and sucking my lips in a sensual dance of teasing and sucking.

"OH god sis. I can't believe he's going to make me cum already. Oh what a fantastic cock! I always knew John would be a fantastic fuck, but this is even better than my fantasies!" She said breathlessly as she held my legs and drove her wet pussy up and down my shaft.

Maggie pulled her face from mine and lay her head on my shoulder, gently kissing my face.

"Why don't you turn around sis, I bet he'd love to see you cum, I know I love to watch it!"

"Ohhhh good idea, but I'm so close!" She said as she pulled off my dick and crawled around to face me. She guided my dick back to her pussy and slid back down onto me, grinding her clit into the base of my dick. "OHHH FUCK! YES! YES!" she cried as she ground into my body, working her clit against the curly hairs of mine that were pressing against her bald pussy. She rocked her head forward, her long blond hair hanging down by her face, reaching nearly to her nipples as she leaned farther forward, drops of perspiration dripping from her chin and tits in the hot humid room. "OHHHHHHHH!" she groaned as her whole body began to shudder. I watched her body shake and tremble as she panted for breath, her pussy gushing her juices out around my dick until they were running down between my legs, creating a wet spot under both of us.

She practically fell forward, her hard nipples poking into my chest while her chest heaved, gasping for air. "Holy fuck that felt good." She said between pants.

"I know, wasn't it?" Maggie said, as she stroked her sisters hair. "I think we better deliver the ransom note now though."

"You're right." Angie agreed as she pulled off my still hard dick, climbing off the bed. "Do you suppose we should make him more comfortable? He does look a bit... stretched?"

"I suppose we could," Maggie agreed as she moved to were the ropes were tied to the headboard. They loosened the ropes, and gave me enough slack to move, but not enough to reach my hands together. Then loosened the leg ropes as well. "Don't go away now?" she said as they walked out the door, still naked.

Now that I was alone I had a chance to look at my surroundings. The bed seemed to be fairly strong, and I was unable to pull the ropes loose, but they were at least soft ropes. The room appeared to be a single room building, like an old shed or similar, with one window and one door. The rough, partially rotted floor and walls testified to its age. I could see trees and undergrowth out the still open door, indicating that I was deep in a woods someplace. I had no idea what time it was, or how long I was out, but the sun seemed to be sinking as the shadows in the shack grew longer.

I heard a vehicle, wheels crunching in gravel, followed by footsteps. Only one pair, so I was unsure who was coming back. The footsteps were tentative, as if they weren't sure where they were or what they were expecting to see.

"HEY, IN HERE! HELP!" I shouted, hoping that it would be someone who could help get me out of here.

I heard the footsteps come closer, crunching in the grass and leaves as whoever it was came closer to the cabin.

"Hello? Mike?" the voice called.

"TINA? TINA is that you?" I called, recognizing the voice of the secretary from the fire department. I had no idea how she found me, and didn't even really stop to think how she would have know I was missing, but I didn't care, as long as she came and untied me. I'd worry about her seeing me naked later.

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