tagMatureA Very Bad Girl Comes Again

A Very Bad Girl Comes Again

byBig Gunz©

Cassie Stevens was disgusted with herself. She hated what she had become.

First she had cheated on her husband. Then she was blackmailed into cheating a second time – by her son Mark's best friend no less. But worst of all, deep down she knew that she was beginning to enjoy the affair with her new young lover. She was truly starting to take great pleasure in being completely submissive to young Gary, in being his whore. His slut. His completely.

She soon found herself constantly fantasizing about the next time he would demand sex from her, continually remembering how good it felt when he demeaned her and fucked her like a total whore. Cassie would even imagine being used by her adulterous lover every time she made love to her husband – a practice that lead to some amazing sex between her and Jack, the unfortunate cuckold who had absolutely no idea that the reason for him having the best intercourse of his life was his wife's sinful desires for another man.

But despite her intense and lustful thoughts of Gary, she knew they were wrong, and she hated herself for having them. She was ashamed to admit to herself that the depraved events that had occurred between them had unleashed some kind of inner slut within her. Cassie loved her husband, but the feelings that her affair with her son's friend brought out of her exhilarated her in a way she never thought possible – and certainly in a way she had never experienced with Jack.

It had been several weeks since their last rendezvous and she found herself in an almost desperate state to be taken once again by her young lover. Fortunately for her, one afternoon her desperation would finally be replaced by some other familiar, if not wicked feelings.

Cassie was in almost total shock when she opened the door and saw Gary standing there. He had not called or emailed her to tell her he was coming - a dangerous proposition, if her husband had happened to be home from work for some reason that day. Still, despite her surprise and concern over the unannounced visit from her sexual blackmailer, she could not help but feel the sense of excitement race through her body as he took it upon himself to show himself into her house.

"Gary, what... what are you doing here?" she stammered as he shut the door behind him. "You can't just... what if Jack was here?"

"It's two o'clock in the afternoon on a Wednesday," he replied smugly. "Jack ain't here."

Nervously, Cassie followed him into the living room as he sauntered over to the couch, making himself right at home.

"You should've called," she said, standing in front of him as he made himself comfortable. "You should've told me you wanted to meet."

"Well, I'm here now." Gary arrogantly answered as his eyes darted up and down, checking her out.

She actually found herself a bit disappointed that she had not been able to prepare her appearance in anticipation of his visit. Not that she looked bad, but she knew that that inner slut of hers would have felt a lot more sexy and dirty if she were wearing something a bit more provocative and revealing when her lover had arrived.

Cassie was wearing a somewhat standard outfit for an average day around the house. She had on a pair of fairly snug denim blue jeans that fit her forty-year-old body just right in all the right places and a tight white cotton tank top, rather low-cut and showing off her bra-less bosom quite adequately. Her gorgeous head of loose blonde curls fell to her shoulders and her long wavy bangs were swept to the side in an easy, casual style.

"Have you missed me Cassie?" he asked with a sly smile on his face.

She felt the pang of guilt hit her as the answer screamed out in her mind 'Good God yes' – so she still tried to meander a bit of self control and self respect before immediately submitting to his sexual whims.

"What do you want this time Gary?" she asked quietly, unable to look him in the eye.

"Cassie," he replied sternly. "You didn't answer my question. Did you miss me?"

She bit her lip and took a deep breath, then turned to look at her tormentor and lover.

"Yes." She answered meekly.

"That's a good girl," he replied. "Doesn't it feel good to be honest? With both me and yourself?"

She did not say anything in response, just nodded her head timidly in agreement. It terrified her to be honest around him, the truth usually revolved around her deep-seeded slutty desires to be treated like a whore by him.

"Come here Cassie," he beckoned. "Come sit with me." He motioned for her to join him. Obediently she did as he told her, sitting to his right on the couch.

He reached out and placed his hands gently on either side of her face. Slowly he pulled her towards him and tenderly pressed his lips against hers. The warm, deliberate lip-lock was unlike he had ever kissed her before, almost loving. He pulled away slowly and smiled, almost genuinely.

"I want you to be honest with me today Cassie. Honest with yourself." He whispered to her. "Can you do that for me?" he asked.

Again, her only response was a bashful nod of concurrence.

"Good, good." He replied softly. "Now let's get comfortable. Today is all about pleasuring you."

She could hardly believe what she was hearing. Pleasuring her? The soft, tender kiss? She had no idea where he was going with this new attitude.

Gary lay down on the couch and positioned her on top of him, lying with her back to his front. His nose was buried in her golden locks and she could feel his hard manhood underneath her ass. His arms wrapped around her and his hands made their way to her chest. Just like the tenderness of his earlier kiss, his fingers gently grazed over her cotton covered breasts, rubbing softly over her stiffening nipples. She moaned in appreciation.

"Does that feel good Cassie?" he whispered through the bed of curls that blanketed his face.

"Yes," she breathed softly.

"Undo your jeans Cassie." He ordered.

Still enjoying her lover's hands caressing her excited tits, she did as she was told without hesitation. She quickly unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down, exposing her damp lace panties.

"Now tell me what you'd like right now." He said.

"I want your fingers in my pussy." She answered truthfully, the honesty game coming quite naturally to her in her current state of arousal.

"I'm not going to do that right now Cassie." He replied, much to her dismay. "I want you to put your fingers in your cunt. I want you to masturbate for me."

She immediately felt a surge of energy between her legs. Never before had she pleasured herself in front of anyone – not even her husband. Being told to do so made her want to do even more wanton things with this young stud. Dutifully she slid her right hand down and under the waistline of her panties. She let out a soft moan as she inserted her index finger into her moist snatch.

"Feels good doesn't it Cassie?" he asked her as he gradually began to squeeze her tits a little more.

"Uh-huh," she exhaled as she dipped her finger in and out of her pussy.

"Tell me Cassie, do you masturbate a lot?" he questioned as he slowly started gyrating his hips underneath her, pressing his hardening cock against her ass.

"Yes," she replied, as she slipped a second finger into her cunt and began matching Gary's hip rotations with her own.

"And tell me, what do you think about while you pleasure yourself?" he whispered.

She knew this was what he had in mind when he said he wanted her to be 'honest'. He wanted her to talk to him like a sex crazed whore. She knew he got off on it, and she had to admit that she kind of did too.

"I think about fucking you baby." She cooed. "I imagine your big cock pounding me like the little slut I am."

"That's good Cassie." He told her as his fingers began to lightly pinch her ever-hardening nipples. "Tell me how you imagine me fucking you."

"Like a cheap whore." She moaned as she increased the pace of her fingers pumping into her cunt. "Making me ride you while you smack my ass and tell me what a dirty slut I am."

"Is that what you are Cassie, a cheap whore? A dirty slut?" he asked her, his stiff cock pressing against her gyrating ass even harder.

"Yes," she moaned as she slid her fingers out of her wet fuck-hole and began stroking her clit. "I'm a whore. I'm a slut."

"Really?" he replied. "Then tell me what other slutty things a cheap whore like you thinks about while she's getting off."

"I think about sucking your big cock until you come all over my tits." She answered quickly, not sure what other dirty details he had in mind.

She gasped in shock as she suddenly felt the sharp pain of Gary pinching her nipples extremely hard.

"C'mon slut, you can do better than that." He demanded. "Surely a whore like you fantasizes about a lot of dirty things while she finger fucks herself."

"I, umm..." she was not sure what he was after her to say at this point, but she knew his increased aggression was turning her on even more. She slipped two of her fingers back inside her twat and began sliding them in and out again.

"What about your husband?" he questioned. "Do you think about him?"

Cassie felt another pang of guilt with the mention of Jack. The guilt was even heavier when she realized that she virtually never thought about making love to her husband when she masturbated.

"I think about fucking my husband sometimes." She lied, not wanting to humiliate the man she loved any further than she already was with her adulterous ways.

"Just sometimes?" Gary countered as his hands slid under her tank top and squeezed at her bare breasts.

"I, umm..." again she was at a loss for words, unsure of what he was after with this dirty game of wordplay.

"Tell me Cassie," he whispered through her curls, "do you ever imagine your husband with another woman?"

She could not believe the question. But what she could not believe even more was how the pace of her fingers increased as soon as she heard it. Flashes of Jack in bed with another woman immediately entered her mind and it turned her on unbelievably. She knew full well that she had imagined such things before.

"Well Cassie?" he pressed. "Tell me, do you ever masturbate and think of your husband fucking some other whore?"

"God yes!" she blurted out, her hand pumping her pussy furiously.

"Tell me Cassie, what little slut do you imagine him fucking?" he asked as he pinched her now rock hard nipples.

She was amazed at how much Gary's new line of dirty discussion was getting her off. That inner slut of hers was coming out in full force.

"His slutty little secretary." She groaned in ecstasy.

"Tell me how you picture him fucking her." He ordered.

"Oh God," she moaned, sliding a third finger into her dripping cunt. "Fucking her in his office. On his desk. In his chair. Cumming all over her big tits."

Cassie came as she cried out the words, her body shaking to the thought of Jack making love to his young, big breasted assistant in his office. She could not believe how intense her orgasm was as she imagined Jack with another woman.

As she slowly came down from her release, Gary slid his right hand down to join hers on top of her wet pussy. Immediately he began to guide her fingers back in and out of her fuck-hole.

"You're a very bad girl Cassie," he whispered. "Would you like to watch him fuck that slut?"

"Yes," she answered, barely able to contain her arousal. "God yes."

His right hand continued to assist her in stroking her snatch as his left hand remained focused on rubbing her tits. She could feel how hard their naughty conversation was making him as she gyrated her ass against his groin.

"That's a good slut," he told her. "Do you think he'd like you to watch?"

Her pussy pulsed with excitement at the mere thought of watching her husband having sex with his secretary. She increased the speed of her finger-fucking.

"Yes..." she moaned.

"C'mon slut!" Gary sternly growled into her ear. "I want to hear how much of a whore you really are!" He pinched down hard on her nipple to accentuate his request. "Tell me what filthy shit you're really thinking about while you masturbate that dirty cunt! Tell me what a slut like you really would do!"

"Oh God!" she cried out at his words, her hips now bucking back and forth in rhythm with her finger thrusts into her cunt. "I'm such a slut... such a dirty slut."

"Cassie!" he roared, his left hand leaving her heaving bosom and grabbing hold of her messy blonde curls for emphasis. "Tell me what you really want slut!"

About to lose herself in total submission, Cassie yearned for another orgasm and knew that continuing down this path could very well lead her to a point of no return with this malicious young man. Her body already willing, it did not take but mere seconds for her conscious to follow suit and completely give in to becoming a complete and total submissive slut for him.

"I want to watch him fuck that slutty secretary!" she screamed. "I want to watch him fuck her and then fuck her with him!" She almost came as she said the words.

"That's it baby! Gimme some more slut!" Gary encouraged as he pulled back on her hair.

"I want him to watch me fuck her!" she screeched. "I want him to fuck me while I eat her pussy!"

"Oh yes Cassie, that's what we like." He sneered. "I knew you were a bigger whore than you were letting on. Is that what you think about when you stroke that dirty pussy Cassie? You like to think about fucking women?"

"Sometimes..." she cooed, knowing how much that thought would turn him on. "I like to think about fucking lots of different people."

"You are a bad girl Cassie." His cock was getting harder with each dirty word she spoke. "You wanna to fuck lots of people, don't you slut?"

"Oh yes baby," she moaned. "I love to fuck. I love being a whore."

"Yeah? You wanna fuck lots of guys don't you? You wanna be used like a cheap slut?" His questions were becoming rushed and winded as both their breathing continued to speed up with the intensity of their conversation.

"Yes... yes..." she squealed. "Like a cheap slut."

"Would you like to be fucked by two men at once?" he asked.

With that question she shoved another finger into her already tightly stuffed soggy pussy and pumped as fast as she could, sensing her imminent explosion.

"Yes..." she whispered.

Suddenly, Gary's hand grasped her active little fingers and slowed their pace, nearly pulling them completely out of her aching snatch.

"Not until you tell me slut." He demanded.

Desperate to cum, she moaned in sexual frustration and ground her ass into his crotch as hard as she could.

"I want to fuck two guys at once." She groaned. "I want to be used like the dirty slut I am by two dicks at the same time. One in my dirty pussy and one in my mouth." She knew she would cum almost instantly as soon as he allowed her to stick her fingers back deep into her wanting cunt.

"Is that what you want Cassie?" he grunted beneath her. "Is that what gets you off when you rub that pussy? Being filled up by two cocks?"

"Yes! Please Gary, please..." she pleaded.

He slowly guided her fingers over her swollen pussy lips, but did not let her insert any of her digits back inside herself, teasing her.

"Tell me slut, who do you imagine fucking you like that?" he asked.

"You! You baby!" she cried out in anguish.

"Who else slut?" he demanded. "Who else would a slut like you fantasize about double teaming you?"

"Gary please..." she begged, wanting to cum as bad as she had ever wanting anything in her entire life.

"I think I know who you'd like to fuck you while you suck my cock." He told her. "Do you know who Cassie? Do you want to tell me?"

"Oh Gary please," she pleaded. "Tell me! Make me cum!"

"I think you'd like Mark to fuck you while you sucked me off." With that he finally pushed her fingers back inside her pussy.

Cassie moaned loudly as her fingers began to dunk furiously in and out of her cunt. To her own revulsion, she could not help but imagine the exact scenario the Gary had just told her. She immediately began to picture herself giving him a blow job while her own son fucked her hot snatch. Regardless of how much the dreadfully taboo thought sickened her, she knew it was probably the single sexiest thing she had ever imagined.

"Is that what you'd like slut?" Gary demanded, knowing she was about to explode. "Tell me slut!"

"Yes!" she screamed as loud as she could. "I want to suck your cock while Mark fucks me!" she could not believe she actually said the words, but it felt intoxicating – she wanted more as her climax rapidly approached. "I want to feel my son's cock in my slutty pussy! I want him to fuck mommy!"

With that she exploded. Her pussy gushed like a fire hydrant as her body convulsed atop Gary in almost violent waves of release. She almost howled as her orgasm washed over her for what seemed like an eternity. Finally her fatigued body shuddered to a stop and she exhaled deeply, leaning back onto Gary in exhaustion.

Cassie squeezed her eyes tightly shut and tried to comprehend what had just happened. If it was not bad enough that she had already seen herself become an adulteress, then a nearly completely submissive slut to this young man, but now she was regressing into some kind of incest craving sexual deviant. Even worse, she did not even seem to be fighting it anymore whatsoever...

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