tagLoving WivesA Very Changed Debbie

A Very Changed Debbie


Debbie and Steve were like so many other young married couples – madly in love and willing to do anything to satisfy each other’s needs. Their married life had been full of excitement and this had not diminished at all over the 4 years they had been married.

The one big problem with their marriage was the same lack of money, which seems to be the main source of trouble for all young married couples. He worked in a motor repair shop as a motor mechanic and she worked at the local supermarket as a checkout girl.

The car they had between them was rather a flash model for their circumstances and the repayments and the running costs for it kept a large portion of their money tied up instead of being available for spending on the things they would have liked to have. They were buying their home and had managed to furnish it with modest furniture from their modest savings before they were married and now they no reserve of money and lived from payday to payday!

The first real money problem arose when they were awoken, in the middle of the night, by a loud rushing of water. Investigating the source of the problem showed a burst pipe in the bathroom, which was quickly being flooded with water. Steve had the presence of mind to rush outside and find the main tap, which turned off the water into the house. This stopped the torrent of water but left them no water for washing, showering or flushing the toilet! Both were stark naked – they always slept this way and suddenly felt cool, even though it was a warm evening, due to the water in the bathroom.

Steve spent the rest of the night worrying about how they were to manage because they didn’t have enough money to call a plumber. Breakfast wasn’t a real problem because they were able to get water from an outside tap to make coffee and they had milk and bread to make toast and thus survived the first meal! They were able to clean their teeth and wash their hands and faces at the outside tap.

Steve told Debbie he would ask around at work to see if anyone could help with the repairs or have any suggestions.

Debbie felt terrible going to work without having a shower and using the toilet. She had been forced to take a pee in the back yard under the trees at the rear of the house and Steve had done the same. She was most concerned at not being able to wash her pussy as she was sure it would have some sort of smell about it seeing Steve had cum inside her twice before the pipe had burst. She decided she would wear two pairs of knickers to work as this might hide any smell, which might exist.

Debbie is a really good-looking girl with an excellent figure, happy smiling face and a personality many would die for. Her breasts were not over large but were firm and well shaped and she really didn’t need to wear a bra. She is 26 years old and a gorgeous redhead – not the red which is associated with brassy women and carrots – a lovely soft reddish color which was the same color all over her body. She had lovely downy forearms, which were covered lightly with this same reddish hair, and her pussy hair was the same color although fairly thick. She shaved her legs regularly and so had no hair there.

Steve was 29, a tall rugged sort of chap who loved sport and had kept his body in good shape through exercise and playing sports. He had a darkish complexion and when their bodies were against each other they marveled at the contrast in skin coloring. Debbie had quite pale, almost whitish skin, which she had preserved without blemish by not venturing out into the sun very much. She knew the value of keeping her good looks.

When Debbie arrived at work, she immediately went to the toilet and did her business and then washed herself, as best she could, in the sink provided. It was hard washing her pussy at the sink but she made the task easier by removing her knickers completely in the toilet and then washed herself at the sink. She felt a lot better after that.

When they met at home after each had finished work, Steve had a really troubled look on his face. He had asked all of his work mates for their advice in getting the plumbing job done and none, except one of the older guys, had any suggestions. This older guy, Tom, said he would make a phonecall and it might be possible to have the job done and then pay for it bit by bit, but he wasn’t too sure. This was bad news for Steve and it made Debbie feel really bad – having no money had just been a difficult problem, which they managed to get by on before, but this was really serious.

Tom came around after their evening meal and said he had good news and bad news! He had a wicked grin on his face when they asked him to just tell them what was possible. Tom had a plumber mate who had experience with people who couldn’t pay for expensive jobs and had a solution but he, Tom, was sure it wouldn’t be a satisfactory solution to their problem. Both Debbie and Steve asked why it wouldn’t work for them!

Tom looked serious and then said. “Brad will do the job and you can pay him off over 12 months, but as a sign of good faith, he would want to fuck you, Debbie, when the job is first completed and on the first of each month until the debt is paid in full”!

Debbie cried out “No way!” and Steve simply hung his head and muttered some rather rude words about unprincipled bastards!

Tom, who was about 55 wasn’t finished yet either – his next words really stung Steve and Debbie. Steve had never had a very close relationship with Tom at their work and the two kept quite apart from each other. Tom said, “My fee, for arranging for the work to be done, is to fuck Debbie also, but only once”!

This was the end – Steve ordered Tom out of the house immediately. Tom’s parting words were – “think it over – you may not have any other choice!”

Steve and Debbie knew they wouldn’t be able to get another bank loan and anyway wouldn’t be able to make the extra loan repayments anyway.

They spent a very worried night, unable to sleep, both claiming there was no way they would give in to this sort of rotten plan.

By morning, Steve was at his wits end and ended up saying, as nicely as possible, to Debbie – “Just how would you feel about it if we had to do this terrible thing?”

Debbie could hardly believe her husband’s words and didn’t reply at all. She was shocked. They ate their breakfast in silence and left for their respective work without another word. Debbie just couldn’t believe Steve would even consider asking her to do this terrible thing. Didn’t he really love her! Did he think she was just a slut to be used to pay a bill?

Both thought about it all day and when they returned from work the first thing Steve asked was “Will you do it, for us?” Debbie burst into tears and called him some terrible names. He tried to comfort her and hug her but she pushed him away – really disgusted at what she had been asked.

There was little sleep for them that night and definitely no sex! Next morning, the third day without a shower and no running water inside the house, Debbie finally stuck her hands on her hips and said to Steve. “Well, if that is what you think of me, and that is what it is going to take for this job to be done, then I guess I will have to go along with it – but don’t expect me to enjoy it or to love you as much after this!”

Steve was really low and hated to think of what was to happen, but really thought this was the only way they could possibly get the job done. He said he would talk to Tom and see what could be done.

When they returned home that evening, Debbie had been crying and Steve felt the same way, but he tried to be brave about it and said “Brad will be here in about an hour – I am really sorry, honey”

Brad knocked on the door and announced he had come to do the job, but wouldn’t do any work until he had an agreement in writing stating all the conditions, which had been arranged with Tom. This really shook Steve and Debbie, but by now they had resigned themselves to what was to happen. Brad produced an agreement written out in detail and asked them to read it thoroughly. Whilst they were reading and discussing the agreement, he ventured into the bathroom where he inspected the damage.

Debbie cried more and more as she read what was written on the paper – it didn’t seem so bad until she read it. Reluctantly they agreed to the conditions and Brad asked them to sign two copies of the paper. This they did, sealing their fate over a silly burst water pipe. Unfortunately the job was much larger than either Steve or Debbie had thought and even to do a patch-up job involved much replacement of pipes and the whole hot water system.

Brad commenced work early next morning and, by the second afternoon, had the job completed and everything was cleared up so the bathroom and the rest of the house looked like it did before the problem.

Debbie started to shake as she realized her part of the agreement was now due to be paid. Brad invited her to have a shower (perhaps he could smell her body odor) and said he would have a shower too – she could join him in the shower. His next request wasn’t written on the contract, but shocked Steve and Debbie when he said he wanted Steve to watch him fuck Debbie! Steve just didn’t think he could do that.

Debbie and Brad had their shower, she remained stiff and distant throughout the shower but really soaped herself to make sure she was really clear of any of the smells of the previous days.

When they had dried themselves, Brad took Debbie by the hand and led her, naked, from the bathroom to the bedroom. He wasn’t an ugly man but naturally didn’t appeal to Debbie at all although she was interested to look over his body whilst they were in the shower, comparing it with Steve’s body. Brad was much hairier than Steve was and his cock was a couple of inches longer and a bit thicker than Steve’s but she really didn’t look forward to what was to come next.

Steve was told to sit on a chair, naked, in the corner of the bedroom whilst Brad took Debbie over to the double bed.

Brad tried his best to arouse Debbie – he kissed her (she hated this) and felt to breasts, particularly her nipples which began to stand out proudly despite how she felt. Debbie had beautiful nipples – they were at least half an inch in length and were quite tubular in shape like a couple of part cigarettes stuck on her breasts.

Brad sucked her nipples deep into his mouth and bit them gently causing Debbie to respond with a sigh despite herself and she felt a warmth between her legs, which she had only felt when Steve first began to feel her up before they were married. How could she feel like that when she didn’t want this to happen to her at all? Steve watched this from his corner – he had an erection, which was as good as he had had for a long time.

Debbie started to feel the tingle in her pussy beginning to spread all over her abdomen and upper legs and when Brad placed his hand on her bush and rubbed his finger along her slit, she suddenly realized just how wet and turned on she was. Brad moved her legs apart on the bed – she was lying on her back and Brad kept one hand on her breast and nipple whilst his other hand explored her pussy and clit. She was in another world by this and couldn’t possibly understand why she felt like this. Brad licked down her body to her navel where he lingered moving his tongue around in her until he moved further down to her bush. He jumped from the top of her bush to her inner thighs and began to lick and kiss her legs. Debbie was so turned on she spread her legs wider to make sure he had plenty of access to her parts. Once Brad began to lick her clit, and then to suck it, and gently nibble on it, Debbie suddenly realized she was about to have an orgasm! She didn’t know how to stop it! She looked over at Steve and realized he seemed to be enjoying the scene as he was jerking his prick, up and down, like she had never seen him do before. She had seen him masturbate before when she was having her periods, but usually she sucked him off, letting him cum in her mouth at these times, but only at these times! She wasn’t excited at having Steve cum in her mouth, but felt she needed to do something special for him when he couldn’t fuck her during the periods.

With a last look at Steve, Debbie realized there would be no protest or rescue from Steve and so she resigned herself to what would happen next.

Brad had a really huge erection and now climbed up and sat carefully on Debbie’s chest and held his long cock out for Debbie to suck. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and he gently eased the huge member into her mouth. Debbie hadn’t really realized just how large it was until she tried to get it into her mouth. At best, she could only get about half in her mouth and even with that she gagged several times and began to cough. Brad, despite is rough appearance and nasty requests, was a considerate lover and pulled his cock out of her mouth and slid back so he could kiss her mouth and insert his tongue instead. Debbie, despite herself, was really turned on and she grasped his cock in her hand and held it close to her cunt. Brad took this as a signal and raised himself up so his cock was hanging just above her opening, guided by her hand, until she gently pulled him down until it was touching her aroused lips. Using her hand as a guide, she rubbed his cock along her slit from the bottom to the top pausing to rub her clit with the tool in her hand.

With one last look at Steve, still pounding his meat for all he was worth, and receiving no response at all, she gave Brad’s cock a squeeze and pulled it down into the lips of her cunt. She almost came when it slowly invaded her cunt and with only the head inside she felt she was in heaven. Brad gently eased more and more of his prick into her cunt until it was almost all the way in – his black pubic hairs touching her red pubic hairs. He paused there and kissed her lips. She kissed him back and placed her arms around his neck and then, because her legs were so far apart, it seemed the right thing to do to wrap them around his bum and pull him into her fully. He touched the bottom of her cunt and she jumped when she felt him press her parts previously not reached. He then began a slow pull out and reentry back and forth in her cunt as she felt her orgasms coming one after another.

He fucked her for several minutes until she felt him begin to breathe differently and realized he was about to cum in her cunt! She hung on for dear life and came with him, feeling the pressure change as he shot load of semen deep into her hole. She came and came repeatedly, ashamed at herself, but thoroughly enjoying herself at the same time.

Brad remained hard for some time and continued to gently work his cock back and forth into her cunt giving her the most wonderful sensations over and over again.

She looked over at her pathetic husband and saw that he had shot his load all over his hand, his leg and the rest on the carpet in front of him! She felt nothing but hatred for him having allowed this man to violate her body. She secretly felt wonderful having just been fucked by a stranger! This was the first time she had been fucked by anyone other than Steve, as he was her first boyfriend and then her husband.

Brad withdrew gently, kissed he gently on the lips and whispered a quiet thank you to Debbie. At this point, Debbie felt something for Brad – perhaps because he was her second man or perhaps because he had been so gentle. Steve had always been a lover who enjoyed being in command and was at times quite rough with her.

Brad had another shower and Debbie, on a whim, decided to join him in the shower – much to the disgust of Steve! They felt each other’s bodies and enjoyed some wonderful feeling between them. Secretly, Debbie couldn’t wait until the first of the next month for the next installment.

After Brad had left, Steve tried to hold Debbie in his arms, but she pushed him away telling him she was not interested in him at the moment and quite likely she wouldn’t be interested in him in the future. This really rocked Steve!

In bed that night, Debbie felt really good and recalled how pleasantly she had been fucked by Brad, and when Steve attempted to touch her, she rolled away and told him to get lost.

Next morning was Sunday morning and neither had to go to work. Debbie got up early saying she was going to have a shower in case Tom came around for his fee this morning. Steve tried his best to get Debbie to stay in bed but she refused. Steve also begged her not to fuck Tom, as he was sure the news would get around his work and his other workers would hear about it all.

Debbie simply said “Steve, if you are such a low sort of husband that you will let your wife get fucked by one stranger just to settle and account which you are not earning enough money for, then I have no objections to being fucked by a second stranger – so there!”

Steve couldn’t believe the change in Debbie. After she had showered he ventured into the shower himself and then announced he was going out for the morning! Debbie felt better at hearing this, as she didn’t want her slutty husband watching her get fucked a second time.

She wondered how she should dress for Tom and decided, if Steve thinks I am a slut, then I had better dress accordingly. With that, she pulled her best see-through blouse from her wardrobe and without putting on a bra, she shrugged herself into the blouse leaving the top 5 buttons undone. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw a slut – the tops of her breasts were clearly visible through the gap where the buttons had been left undone, and her nipples were also clearly visible though the sheer material.

She only had the blouse on and when looking at her self in the mirror wondered if she should greet Tom dressed like that – no knickers and nothing below her hips. She admired herself in the mirror and then put on a pair of her better shoes with reasonable heels, which greatly improved her legs. She decided she would have to put on a skirt and looked for the shortest mini-skirt she could find. Her choice was really short and barely covered the cheeks of her arse, but she didn’t care and felt good dressed like that for the very first time!

About an hour later the doorbell rang and there was Tom with a grin all over his face. He greeted her cheerfully and asked how the plumbing job had gone. To his surprise, Debbie was quite amiable towards him and welcomed him into her home telling him the shower was now perfect and to his amazement thanked him for making the arrangements to have it completed.

His eyes had just adapted to the light and he realized he was looking at Debbie’s tits and in particular her nipples.

She asked him if he would like to have a shower. This surprised him as he expected to have to battle for his payment. He accepted her offer and was really surprised when she removed her blouse and then her skirt and joined him in the shower. He had been watching her undress for the shower and really had a hardon by the time she entered the shower. They soaped each other and felt every part of each other. Debbie was really surprised to find how long Tom’s cock was – it was just like Brad’s cock only a little thicker. She played with it in the shower and Tom felt her pussy inserting a couple of fingers into her cunt. Debbie really enjoyed this and found she was just a turned on by Tom as she had been by Brad.

Debbie and Tom dried themselves with the towels provided and then Debbie took his stiff cock in her hand and led him to the bedroom. Tom was really amazed!

Debbie sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Tom towards her and took his stiff cock straight into her mouth. She was surprised she was able to get as much into her mouth at the one time, but guessed she was too tense when she tried that with Brad.

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