tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Very Clever Boyfriend

A Very Clever Boyfriend


The alarm clock goes off. Robert looks at the red numbers with his eyes still half shut. "6 o' clock, time for work," he says. He starts up out of bed and for the shower. He finishes getting ready and heads out of the door.

After 3 hours of grueling servitude at his job at the pizzaria, he suddenly is hit with a painstaking thought. "My God. It's my 5 year anniversery with Lauren! I should stop and get her something." But then he just thought of something else. Though they have been together for 5 years, Lauren has never let him get any of her good stuff. Thought after thought flooded Rob's poor mind. "I'm gonna make tonight the night. I am going to fuck her, whether she likes it or not."

When work is done for Rob, he heads home. He decides to call Lauren and then head over. But first, he heads over to his sister's house. He had to house sit for her while she was away. He let's himself in, he heard her flight was delayed so she was still away. He knew that her and her husband have been trying to conceive a child for some time now. He snuck into her bathroom and found her bottle of fertility pills. "These will do nicely. These will teach that bitch not to frustrate me ever again."

He headed out for the local Drug store. He picked up some of Lauren's favorites... assorted chocolates. On the way to Lauren's he opened up the box and carefully snuck a pill into each chocolate. He had it all planned out for his scheme. Finally he was on his way to Lauren's house. He phoned her on the celphone to let her know he was on his way.

He arrived at her house and with one final chuckle he got out of his car. He approached the front door with his box of chocolates. He arrived at the door and knocked. The door swung open and he was greeted with the most gorgeous creature on the Earth... Lauren. I mean she stood 5 foot 7, she weighed in at a minimal 101 lbs, her ass was perfect, and had the face that rattled the foundations of all that is beautiful, and the best part... her tits. Whooo, my god were they great. Perfectly round, 38DDs. My god, they were the point of focus with many people.

"Hey baby," she said as she grabbed hold of him and hugged him hard. "Hey, gorgeous! Miss me?" he asked. "Did I ever," she replied. Well, anyway they went to the kitchen. Lauren had prepared a great dinner. They sat down and started eating the gourmet level dishes.

After they were done, Rob was the first to speak. "Ready for dessert? I brought your favorite." He said holding up the box of chocolates. "OH YES! I love those, can I have them now?" She said with a juvenile spark on her face. "Sure, but I want to hand feed you them, I think that would be more romantic."
"And sexy," she retorted playfully.

So they went into her living room and sat on the couch. He opened up the box of chocolates. "Now close your eyes and open your mouth and ready yourself for some chocolate bliss. Most of these have nuts in them so be prepared for something hard in them." "OK," she responds, "just give em to me, I can't wait." "Neither can I," he said under his breath. He picked up the first chocolate and with a grin he placed it onto her hungry tongue. "They're delicious, Rob, even better because you are feeding them to me." Rob gave a chuckle of thanks to her.

After half the box of chocolates was completely eaten, they just lay there on the couch cuddled in each other's arms watching a movie. Just a little after an hour after eating the chocolates, Lauren started fidgeting around. "Are you ok, want another pillow, Lauren?" Asked Rob. "No I am ok, just... agitated. He then looked down at her chest and saw that her nipples were standing at full attention. He then looked right into her eyes, she gazed at him right back. He leaned down and put his lips to hers.

He gently started laying her back, but she was pushing to remain upright on the couch, she did not want to have sex before marriage. Rob kept pushing her backward until she broke the kiss and said, "Rob, we shouldn't do this. I know you want to but I can't, not until I'm married." Rob was beginning to become filled with lust and frustration. "Oh, c'mon babe, it will be great for the both of us." He pushed her down on her back and started to climb on top of her and press her down with his weight. "No Rob, we can't." She tried to struggle loose from underneath of him but he forced her down more.

Just then he pressed his lips to hers again and began to grope her breasts through her shirt. He was protesting but when she tried opening up her mouth, he slid his tongue into it. With one hand, Rob reached down and undid her pants. She screamed into his mouth in protest. He grabbed his belt and took it off. He brought it up and bound Lauren's hands above her head to the radiator. He carefully got up off of her and she started kicking as soon as she could. He grabbed her legs and pinned them one under each of his arms. He then reached down and carefully removed her pants from her body while still holding her legs under his arms. He looked down and with one fluid yank, ripped her panties from her body. She was completely nude from the waist down now. That still wasn't good enough. He wanted the tits to be jiggling when fucked her. So he leaned over her and tore her shirt right off of her, splitting it right down the middle. He then got a glimpse of the golden apples of paradise. All he had to do was unclasp the bra. So he reached down and grabbed the front of the straining bra and unclasped it. Surprisingly, her breasts stayed where they were, they did not droop in any way.

There she was, completely nude. All Rob needed to do was remove his own pants and he could enter the homeland. So he reached down and undid his pants buckle and kicked them off. Now he was in his boxers. "Rob, I know you want to, but try to restrain yourself. Please, we can't have sex now. Please stop now, Rob, I'll forgive you." Rob just ignored her as he slid down his boxers. There he was standing 11 inches erect. He grabbed a leg, one in each hand and opened them wide. "Oh god, please. Robert no. Please stop now, don't put it in me." Rob just smiled. "You know you want this, I know I do. This is gonna be heaven."

Just then he pointed his dick right at her moist area. He aimed it up real good and lowered it into her slowly. "NO! ROBERT! STOP!" He already had 5 inches in her, no stopping now. He pushed the rest in real hard and he felt her hymen rip in two. "AHHHHHHH!!!! OH MY GOD!!! NO!!! IT HURTS GET IT OUT!!!! AHHHHH!!!!"

"C'mon, Lauren, it can't hurt that much."

"It does, Rob, please take it out!"

"Uh, lemme think about it... NO!"

Rob started to piston his dick in and out of Lauren's soft pussy. In and out, in and out, it felt like heaven to Rob. So tight, so sensitive, oh this was going to push him over the edge in no time. He was riding it out. Lauren was almost in orgasm.

"Oh oh Oh, OH NO!!!!!" she screamed as she orgasmed.

"Hey Lauren. I'm about to cum baby."

"No Rob, pull out before you do, I don't want to take the risk of maybe getting pregnant."

"Maybe? I'll let you in on a little secret. You know those chocolates I fed you, OH YEAH, I put fertility drugs in each of them. SO it's not a matter of maybe it's a matter of how many children will be in there when I get done."

"Rob, you didn't! Please No, PULL OUT! I don't want a baby, and it's against my religion to get
an abortion!"

"Oh well, looks like you're, OH GOD, screwed"

Just then she felt him tense up and she knew it was happening. "OH GOD, ROB, PULL OUT!"

"Oh baby, you're gonna have my babies, awl yeah!"
He grunted one more time and thrust deep into her depths. His dick tensed and sent millions of his sperm deep into her fertile womb, spurt after spurt after spurt. "NO!!!! ROB YOU BASTARD!" Lauren cried.

"Oh yeah, babe. You're gonna look so good with a bellyful of baby. I'll be there every step of the way to watch you grow. I hope you are as thrilled as I am to be a parent."

"I can't be pregnant, no. This can't be happening."

It's been 8 months since that incident. Lauren is currently pregnant with quadruplets due to the abundance of fertility drugs she took. Lauren did not see it fit to leave her babies without a father so she didn't press charges against Rob. The are currently living together waiting for the big day. Lauren doesn't know but he has some wedding night fun in store for her involving some more of those fertility drugs. So, only time can tell.

Any feedback would be great guys, this is my second story, and I am not sure how I am hanging in this biz. So thanks in advance for any positive feedback.

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