tagIncest/TabooA Very Close Family Pt. 01

A Very Close Family Pt. 01


This is entirely a work of fiction. All characters are fake and are 18 years old, or older.



1st December

Dear diary,

My sister's been playing games with me for some time now. I see the taunting twinkle in her eye as she strolls past me, her short skirt pulled up just enough to show the swaying curves of her round ass and her blouse unbuttoned so far that the cleavage of her plump tits shows. She's messing with me, trying to get her own twin brother all hot and bothered over her. And it's working; that forbidden fruit that is her gorgeous young body is turning me on like crazy every time it ambles by seductively. I know it's wrong - this is my own twin sister whose butt I'm staring at, my own flesh and blood whose tits I've been yearning to feel - but I can't help it; we're simply attracted to what we're attracted to.

Today, she took it a step further, though. I was taking a piss when the bathroom door opened and in walked Lauren, wrapped in just a towel. She stopped and stood still as a stone as I looked back in terror, my cock in my hand. She stared and I was too shocked to even act. My eyes were drawn to the top half of her naked tits, which swelled out at the top of her towel.

"Sorry brother dear," she said at last with a smile. "I didn't know you were in here."

I stammered some reply and she smirked, turning to leave. Then she turned back around and gestured at my dick, which was still lying limp in my palm, and said: "not bad, bro." Then, with a smirk, she left, flicking up her towel as she exited. Till this moment, as I sit and write this, I can still see that split-second of ass: the creamy skin, the smooth curves, the glimpse of a pink pussy...

I'll write more as and when more happens. For now, I need to relieve myself of today's massive sexual tension. I know you, at least, can't judge me, dear diary. I'll try not to get your pages sticky, eh.

4th December

Dear Diary,

The flirting, the suggestive looks, the skimpy outfits... they persist, and I can't take it any longer. I want her so badly. There you go; I said it. I want to take my twin sister, Lauren. I want to lay my hands on that godly body. I want to make love to her...

But I can't. I can't risk going for it only to find that she's just being a tease. That'd surely spell the end of our sibling relationship. Today I walked into the laundry room to find Lauren in lingerie. I hid around the corner to observe for a second as she adjusted her bra, watching her hands working their way around her plump tits, and pulling on her thong so that I could just about glimpse her pussy lips peeking around the edges of the silk. I had to run back to my room and jerk off immediately, or I felt I'd explode. I barely entered my room before whipping out my cock, which had gotten fully erect just watching my sister. Shutting the door, I started tugging on my hard cock with powerful strokes, furiously trying to let out the sexual energy of the day. Within moments, I was shooting ropes of cum into a tissue, collapsing as a massive orgasm rocked my body.

It is with a mixture of shame and arousal that I write today. More to come, I am sure.

5th December

Dear Diary,

Today the most incredible thing happened! I got home early from football practice to find Lauren already home. As always, she was dressed like a slut, with micro-shorts and a crop top that showed her toned midsection and lots of cleavage. She was in the kitchen fixing herself a snack, and was just walking out into the hall when I came in. She smiled brilliantly and I gave a faint smile as my eyes were drawn to those magnificent breasts.

"I've had a long day," she said. "I'm going to go take some special time alone. I hope I don't get interrupted..." she left the sentence hanging like this and strolled off up the stairs. I watched her ass the whole way up, then shook my head and went into the kitchen. I made myself a plate and ate, then went to my room about ten minutes later.

Only I didn't get to my room. Walking past her door, which sat ajar, I realised what she meant by "special alone time". I could hear the soft, low moans of pleasure emanating from the room, and in an instant I was kneeling down and watching through the crack in the door. My own sister - my own blood relative, my twin with whom I had shared a womb - was lying back on her bed, her fingers working away slowly at her pussy. Her shorts were down at her ankles, and her pussy showed clearly. It was delicious-looking, all pink and wet, with narrow pouting lips topped with the faintest whisp of blond hair, and her slender little fingers were rubbing in drawn-out circular motions that aroused soft moans from her.

Before I even knew it, my cock was out and I was furiously masturbating as I watched my sister rubbing her little wet cunt. Racked with guilt, I kept pumping my dick, which was harder than it had ever been. But then, in a fit of ecstasy, I knocked the leg of the landing table, toppling the base that sat on top of it. I turned, panicking, trying to yank up my trousers and run for it, but I was suddenly acutely aware of Lauren looming over me. I turned to face her slowly, and saw that she had totally kicked off her shorts, and was standing there in her panties, which were sopping wet from her masturbation. I stared at her wet crotch for ages, it seemed, and my cock grew hard all over again.

"Ahem," Lauren said, "my eyes are up here."

Tearing my eyes away from her moist panties, through which I could glimpse the outline of her pussy lips, I looked up to see her grinning. She gestured at my rock-hard cock, which was still hanging out.

"Looks like you've been busy," she quipped. "And," she continued, licking her lips as she oogled my organ, "it seems as if you liked what you saw."

"I - I did, sis, but..." I said, trailing off. "I gotta go. I can't do this. This is wrong." And I left, my dick hanging out in shame, ducking into my room as Lauren watched on, disappointed and soaking wet. Then I sat and wrote while the memory is fresh in my brain, and that's where I am now. I'm so confused, so aroused, so lustful, so ashamed... Wait. A knock. I must go.

Same day, later

Dear Diary,

When I left you, there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened, and was shocked by what I saw. It was Lauren. Naked. Standing there, waiting for me. I've got to stop and describe that scene, for it is still emblazoned in my brain. Her body is fucking incredible!! She's tall and slender, I know, but I didn't know how toned and tanned her body is. She looks like a fucking Victoria's Secret model or something, with a tight abdomen, toned arms and long, defined legs. And her tits! Two perfect grapefruit-sized tits, perfectly round and perky, with sweet little pink nipples. Moving down over her smooth midsection, my eyes rest on that pussy, which smiles at me beneath its little blonde whisp. I look up to her face, the most perfect, sweet, symmetrical face, with those big almond eyes and red smiling lips that part to show two brilliant rows of teeth. Her thick blonde mane is swept down her slender neck and tumbles over her left shoulder, where it caresses the curve of her sumptuous left breast. Her right arm is raised as she leans seductively against the door frame, showing her smooth armpit, and her hips are tilted just enough to show off her tight, peachy ass. Oh, my god... just staring at my sister as she stood there, her fantastic body exhibited, my cock grew in my pants, bulging out.

"Uh, Lauren, what - what are you doing here?" I stammered.

"I want this," she said in what was barely a whisper, a seductively low breathing whisper that aroused in me some deep, hungering fervour. "And I sure as hell can tell you want this too."

"Yes," I said. "I do want you. I want your body like I've never wanted anything before in my life. You're the most beautiful girl I've seen in my life and I want to take you in every way possible. But I can't."

"Why not?" she demanded. "Because we're siblings? Twins? Does the fact that we have the same DNA negate everything I feel for you? Can the fact that we shared our mum's uterus make this so wrong when it feels so right?"

"I don't know," I sighed, sitting on the edge of my bed. "It's so wrong... so, so wrong..."

She sat next to me and put an arm around my shoulder. Then, reaching for my crotch, she started unzipping my jeans.

"Lauren," I warned.

"You say it's wrong," she whispered. "Let me show you how right it is." And she kissed me, deep, passionately, with all the hunger of many lustful weeks of longing. And I kissed back, taking in the thrill of making out with my beautiful twin, while she worked her hand into my underwear and started rubbing my hardening cock. Moving from her mouth, I kissed her neck before moving down, planting soft kisses on her throat, her collarbone, the front of her shoulder and finally her nipple. Sucking on her nipples for a while, while fondling her nice big tits, I made her purr in pleasure.

"Strip, brother dear," Lauren said. "Let me see that body of yours." Fearful of losing a moment's contact with Lauren's gorgeous body, I hastily tore away my T-shirt and yanked off my jeans. My dick was hanging from the slit in my boxers, from when Lauren had been fondling it, and I yanked away the boxers to allow it free range.

Lauren was pleasantly surprised by my nude body, squealing in glee as she threw herself back on the bed. I pounced onto her and kissed her while I started rubbing her pussy, which was trickling anticipative juices down her legs. She moaned in my mouth as I slipped a finger into her pussy, and grabbed onto my cock, rubbing it as I gently fingered her wet cunt. I asked her if she wanted to see her brother eat her juicy cunt like a peach, and she squealed in excitement, practically thrusting her groin into my face. I tucked in, licking in long tongue-strokes and lapping up her warm juices, which tasted delicious. I parted her lips with my tongue and burrowed into the warmth of her vagina, bunching up my tongue to slide in and savour the depths of her cunt.

"Bro, I want your dick in my mouth!!" The most beautiful words I've ever heard. I eagerly complied, turning around and mounting her so that I could eat her pussy while she sucked my cock. Soon, she was cumming, gushing a little fountain of warm juices into my mouth as I started to thrust downwards, fucking her mouth as I kept licking. Munching on her pussy, I was driven crazy by the taste of a warm cunt, by the feeling of soft lips around my girth, and by the soft moans that escaped from my sister's mouth. I felt orgasm arriving, emanating from my balls and gushing up into my body. Lauren cried out as she came a second time, just seconds before I felt the cum rushing up my shaft. Hastily, I pulled out from her mouth and stood over her, letting my cum spurt out in hot, thick lashings all over her face and tits.

For a long time, I just stood there, my cock growing soft in my hand as my twin sister lay on the bed, gazing up at me as my cum ran down her face and amassed in pools on her boobs. Our eyes met, and we smiled gently at each other. Then, as she stood up and embraced me, we locked in a deep and passionate kiss that conveyed everything we wanted to say. There was no need for words.

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Please continue

How about some serious fucking?
Making love and satisfying each other.
What a beautiful sight.

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Liked it - Keep on writing

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AWESOME Brother/ Sister story

I hope you continue the story.
They need to fuck

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Holy shit! This was fucking hot! I'm actually breathing heavy after reading this. Fantastic writing. I just hope she slowly inserts a well lubed finger up his ass.

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