tagLetters & TranscriptsA Very Good Morning...

A Very Good Morning...


The following is an email I sent to my on-line lover.

Mmmmmm A very good morning.....

Tell me about how hard your cock is as you sit at the computer reading my words? How your cock jumps just by seeing my name on the screen. Hoping for my words, anticipating, but a little apprehensive because you know what I can do to you. The buttons I can press, how I can turn your fantasies into mine and serve them back to you darker and hotter and more erotic than you could ever imagine. How I can inflame you, tantalize you to the very edge, over and over, driving you slowly insane with lust. You know I can manipulate you with the promise of my lips, tongue and my fingers. I know how you burn for me, simmering at first, then raging and intense. How my words can make you explode in need, wake you up in a sweat, begging and crying for more. You know what I can do to your cock, how I can tease it and taunt it and then torment it.

I know how badly you want to touch it, but that wouldn't be any fun for me...now would it baby?

Is it thick and throbbing and straining in your pants? Are you shifting in the chair to attempting to get a little relief? Is it uncomfortable and making you squirm? Becoming harder and harder as you read? Is there a dark spot beginning to appear, embarrassing and telltale of my power over you, over MY cock?

Or are you just wearing boxers and it's peeking out of the waistband, drops of precum beginning to form. You feel it hot and hard against your stomach, straining against the cotton. Is your whole body beginning to vibrate, your day falling away until all that is left is me and your poor twitching cock? The intense longing, the desire and the need, is all you know right now.

Tell me baby...are you reading my email nude? Are you horny and trembling? Is your cock swollen and thick? The ridge defined, just waiting for a hand or tongue to relieve some of the pressure that's building up. The ache is all you can think of. Are your balls beginning to ache too? Are they becoming heavy and tight, the skin smooth and so sensitive. Just waiting for my tongue or a finger or the brush of my hair. Mmmmmm just one stroke would feel so heavenly, so satisfying, so soothing for your poor tormented cock.

But your being a good boy and not touching it at all right?

How many strokes do you think you would need to cum? Ten? Ten nice, long, hard, deep strokes, from your balls to the tip. Nice and slow, the precum beginning to run freely now. Slippery and wet, it feels so sensitive, so incredibly hard. You're so close now. It would feel so blissful, bring such needed relief. Think of it baby, I'll whisper to you...





You head thrown back in ecstacy, your eyes shut, your hand jerking your swollen member. My voice bringing you closer and closer to heaven. Ten strokes would be unbelievable, huh baby?

Awwww poor baby, you know I won't let you touch it now.

Mmmmmm, I wonder how it would feel if you were sitting there in silk panties. Feeling the fabric whisper along the length of you, soooo tortured and teased, but it would feel soooo good wouldn't it baby? The silk sliding and gliding, exquisitely against you. A gentle, erotic and sensual caress Mmmmmm... I'll bet in the panties you could cum in five strokes. Ahhhhh...five glorious, silky, fast, thrusts in the panties. Oh God, you can hardly think about the friction of the silk against your hard, eager member. Your cock is twitching uncontrollably now, crying with precum, your throbbing need building and building, faster, faster, faster. The pressure that's building is becoming almost intolerable. Are your legs beginning to shake? You're ready to scream with the tension. I can hear you groaning under your breath. I know your beginning to whimper for me, begging me to let you touch it.

Shhhhh baby, you'll have to wait, I'm having too much fun now.

How many strokes do you think it would take you to cum in my cunt? My pussy squeezing you, contracting around you. My lips opening to you, my hot juices running down my leg, syrupy, sweet and delicious. Your cock, unrelenting, plunging into me, fierce and hard. Your passion and hunger and lust for me coursing through you like electricity. How many strokes would it take you to cum if you were be able to shoot spurt after spurt after spurt of white hot cum against my tight, hot, silky, flesh. If you could feel me cumming all over your throbbing shaft, shuddering my release against you, with you. If you could cum together with me, screaming our release, lost in each other, in our bodies, like one animal, frenzied fucking, hard, deep, fast.

How many strokes would it take you baby?

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