tagIncest/TabooA Very Good Morning

A Very Good Morning


Robert wakes up to the sound of morning birds outside his window and a hard cock, throbbing beneath the covers. He looks over to his daughter Meagan, whom he had one the most wonderful nights with on her eighteenth birthday. With her mother out of town he was finally able to have her and spend the entire night with her. So far there was nothing better than waking up to his naked daughter.

He rolls over pressing his hard cock between her ass cheeks causing Meagan to stir a little and stretch. He moves his cock down with his hand to slide over her still wet pussy a few time to build the anticipation. They fell asleep in the early morning hours and her juices mixed with his cum were still all over her. The thought of sliding back into her juicy pussy makes his cock throb even harder.

Robert's hands slide down his daughter's waist to her hips and finally her ass. He spreads apart her ass cheeks enough so he can see her bald and soaked pussy. Taking no more time to pause and enjoy the view he places his thick cock to her lips and drives it forward, forcing his cock in as deep as Meagan can take it. A soft moan escapes her lips as she says, "Oooh Daddy!"

Robert reaches around to grab a breast. He squeezes it as he starts pounding her pussy hard. His hips move as fast as they can, driving his cock in and out of her clinching pussy. It doesn't take long before he feels the familiar feeling boiling inside him. With one final thrust he feels his release. Spurt after spurt shoots up into his little girl as his body trembles in pleasure.

"Mmm, that's it Daddy," she moans. "Fill me up with your cum! Make a baby for me!"

As soon as his orgasm is over he stops not sure if he heard correctly. "You want my baby?" he asks.

Meagan slides off his cock and rolls over to face him. "Of course I do," she says. "I've wanted to fuck you for so long and I want to give my Daddy son."

A smile forms on his face. He kisses her deeply before breaking away. "What about your mother? She would have a fit if she knew."

"Mom thinks knows I'm not on birth control, but she thinks I'm not having sex," she explains. "I'll just tell her I've slept with a few boys, but I don't know whose it is."

"She'll want you to find out," Robert warns her.

It is Meagan's turn to smile. "That's why you and Mom adopt him."

"What if it's a girl?" he asks with a sly smile.

Meagan bites her lip and says, "I guess we'll just have to keep trying then."

Robert grins and kisses her again. Then abruptly he turns her onto her stomach, guiding her to her hands and knees. As soon as she is in position, he drives in his cock into his daughter's pink depths. Meagan moans from the sudden intrusion and shudders. With his hands, Robert grabs her hips, pulling her toward his cock as he pushes forward with his pelvis. He pulls out just long enough to slip a finger into her slippery wet pussy for an instant. As his cock slips back into position her takes his finger and begins tickling her asshole. Meagan visibly trembles as he teases her and when he pushes his fingertip in her ass while continuing filling her pussy with his engorged cock, she has an orgasm.

Robert's finger slides deeper as he probes her ass and once he is all the way in he begins to push a second in as well.

"Oh please don't stop daddy!" she pleads.

Once he has built up a good rhythm finger fucking her little, tight ass he pulls out of her pussy. "Meagan, I'm going to fuck your little ass with my thick cock. What do you think of that?" he asks grinning.

"It's so big Daddy, but I'm ready for it."

Robert rolls her onto her back and presses his wet, slick cockhead to his daughter's asshole and starts pushing against her. Her ass is so tight, he isn't sure at that moment if it will even fit. He pushes harder against her and the head of his cock batters its way inside her. Meagan moans loudly from a combination of pain and desire as his cock drills deeper.

He takes it slow by first sliding back and forth, gaining a little more ground each time. Slowly her tight channel opens up and stretches to the invasion. Then abruptly he pulls his cock from her ass and pushes it back into her pussy and begins to fuck her hard. His unexpected assault makes her cry out as he sinks deep into her wet pussy. It almost seems she is tighter than before.

Robert pumps his little girl's pussy for a minute or two then withdraws causing her to moan in disappointment. Before she can even finish, he is again working his way into her ass with her pussy juices as added lubrication. With no problem this time, he sinks into her completely.

He grabs her legs, pushing them all the way to her chest, squeezing her large, ample breast between her knees. He pumps his hips back and forth as she swallows then releases his cock repeatedly. They do this until he realizes he is getting close to another orgasm, so he pulls his cock out of her. This time he waits a moment before again sliding deep into her sweet pussy. They build up a good pace before one more time he withdraws. He pushes her legs down harder this time and drives his cock in deep in her ass.

This time he pounds his daughter as fast as he is able to, sinking all the way in so that his balls are slapping her ass. She makes little grunts as he bottoms out in her. Knowing he is close to cumming and her wanting his baby, he increases his speed until it nearly overwhelms him.

He pulls his cock out and slides it deep into her ripe pussy and with a loud grunt his cock spews deep up into her guts. It is so intense and he collapses on top of her, gasping for air. Meagan strokes her fingers through his hair. "Good thing we have the whole weekend to ourselves," she coos.

"We got our whole lives before us," he says with a smile.

"You promise Daddy?"

"You can count of it," he says reassuringly.

"What about Mom?"

"She never has to know."

"Good." She pulls his head up and kisses him hard. "Let's get some breakfast, and then you can show me how it's done in the shower."

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