tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Very Happy Ending

A Very Happy Ending


I enjoy getting massaged, and I am always on the lookout for new masseuses. I have a regular go-to masseuse, but I keep an eye out on sites like Craig's List and Back Page for new talent in the area. My go-to provider does an excellent job and is attractive and personable. The only issue I have against using her all the time is that, while she doesn't use draping and doesn't get upset if I get an erection (in fact I think she sometimes encourages it), she absolutely will not supply a 'release'. So I occasionally go elsewhere.

I've tried the Asian rub-n-tug parlors, but I've found that more often than not the massage is below par. Strike one. And more often than not there is a language barrier. I'm not the most talkative recipient, but I like to be understood if I do speak up. Strike two. And, still more often than not, the masseuses are not as advertised. I'm not necessarily looking for a cover girl, but there is a sense of switch and bait when an ad shows young attractive women and I get a much older, well weathered woman. Strike three.

Sure, sometimes a parlor might not have all three strikes, so, depending on my mood, there are a couple of parlors I'll visit. But for the most part I have developed very little interest in going to these places. I prefer to use independent masseuses. This story is about one woman that I recently visited.

Ann's ad on Craig's List was simple. "Masseuse, 26, working from home, offering full body massage; reply or text for additional information." The ad also stated 'No F.S.". Mentioning that 'full service' wasn't on the menu had me wondering what services were available.

I replied to the ad with a couple of questions about rate and availability. I was happy to see that I quickly received a response. And I was even happier to see that she had attached a picture of herself and a full explanation of what she was offering.

The picture was mainly of her face. She was sitting down and apparently naked, or at least topless, but had a blanket draped over her so that nothing except for a lot of cleavage was showing. She was not model material, but had a pleasant face with what looked like an honest natural smile.

Her description of her services was brutally honest and straight forward. Draping was optional. She could be topless upon request. There were prices for different length massages ranging from ½ hour to 2 hours, and an additional charge for a 'release'.

She met most of my criteria. Based on the emails we exchanged she had a good grasp on the English language and, if she was the girl in the picture, which I had no reason to doubt, she was attractive. As far as how good the massage was, that was to be determined. She charged a bit more than I was willing to go for, but after a couple of emails back and forth we agreed on an hour massage with release. We set up a date and time.

Ann lived in an apartment in an upscale community. She greeted me at the door and was, as I had expected because of the tone of our emails, friendly and outgoing. Ann told me that she shared the apartment and her roommate was out and wasn't expected back anytime soon. "And what if she does come back?" I asked, guessing that the roommate was female. Ann replied "She knows to call me first." It was good to know that the roommate was a 'she'; I certainly wouldn't have minded if another girl walked in on us, but I wasn't too keen on lying there naked with another guy in the room.

Ann told me we'd start face down and then left the room while I undressed. When she returned I propped myself up and took a look at her. She had changed into a pair of black yoga pants and a matching black tank top. She looked good; lean and tall with very nice sized breasts under the shirt. She was obviously not wearing a bra. I asked her if she could be topless for the massage. She answered sure, and without any hesitation turned her back to me and took off the tank top.

As she was facing away from me I noticed how nicely her ass was defined by the form fitting pants. Then she turned and showed herself. She was stunning! Her breasts were very large; there was just a little bit of sagging, but they looked firm. Her skin was unblemished, smooth and very pale. I came right out and told her that she looked gorgeous. She seemed taken aback, then blushed, smiled, and thanked me. I put my head back down into the donut and Ann began the massage.

Her massage was good. She did a much better job than most of the tug-n-rub places I've been, and almost as good as my regular masseuse. Ann did one thing that my go-to doesn't do and it's something I really enjoy, especially when I know that a happy ending is in store. As she moved down to work on my to my lower back and ass, she reached around and ran her hand over my member. And then, as she worked on my legs she reached between them and gave my balls a little squeeze. And another nice touch was when she moved to the head of the table to work some more on my back. As she leaned over her breasts pressed against my back. These little touches got me erect quickly and kept me erect until it was time to turn over.

The flip over released my erection and it sprang straight up, pointing to the ceiling. I was as hard as I've been in ages. Ann, who I'd guess has seen more than her share of erect cocks, made me feel special. She gave it a long look and smiled. Then she gave it a few quick stokes with her oily hands and said "Mmm, that's very nice. It looks like somebody is enjoying the massage."

Now that I was face up I could watch Ann's half naked body go to work. She moved to the foot of the table, pushed my legs together and climbed up, straddling me with my member tucked underneath her. Leaning forward, Ann started massaging my chest. Her breasts were front and center. I put my hands on her knees and slowly moved them up to her waist. She caught my eye and perhaps sensing my indecisiveness, gave me a smile and a slight nod. She said "You can touch me if you want. Actually I'd be a little offended if you didn't want to."

Having been given a green light I slid my hands up to her breasts and gently cradled them. Her skin felt as soft as it looked. Her breasts were full and heavy in my hands; smooth and white, they were capped with pink areolae around the size of half dollars and pale red nipples.

She leaned further across me to massage my shoulders. With her nipples almost in my face I raised my head up a bit and directed one breast toward my mouth. Ann paused to watch me as I gave her nipple a lick. She let out a little sigh, so I repeated the lick on her other nipple, this time popping it into my mouth. I gently bit down and she let out a longer louder moan.

"Do you like that?" I asked.

"Yes I sure do, but this isn't supposed to be about me."

She hopped off of me and moved around to the foot of the table, out of my reach.

Ann started massaging my leg, working her way up to my dick, which was once again pointing skyward. I thought that her hands would continue up and start my happy ending, but I was wrong. As her hands reached my balls, one hand lingered under them but the other avoided my erection by sweeping around it. She repeated this move a couple of time then performed the same series of moves on my other leg.

By now my member was practically screaming for some more attention; each time she swept past it would twitch. Ann could sense my need. She wrapped one hand around the base of my shaft and held the other under my balls. She announced that the massage portion of the session was over. It took me a second or two to register what she meant.

"And?" I asked.

She just smiled, using both of her hands to gently spread my legs further apart. She put one hand back around my shaft. I raised up off the table onto my elbows so I could watch her. Ann leaned close to my dick as if inspecting it. Then she looked up at me and, without breaking eye contact, lowered her mouth onto it.

This was not the happy ending I was expecting but I wasn't about to complain.

Ann kept her mouth just around the tip, my little helmet. Her tongue swirled around it, hitting the sensitive underside. She applied some suction and pulled her mouth off, making a popping sound. Finally breaking eye contact she held my cock back and slowly licked the along the underside from my balls up to the tip. She took me in her mouth again but this time didn't stop with just the helmet. She took me fully in, down to the base.

I have a slightly larger than average package, based on what I've seen in locker rooms. Some of my women 'friends' have had issues with my size, orally, but Ann had no problems.

She bobbed up and down on me a couple of strokes, from all the way in to almost all the way out. Then she took her mouth off and moved up even closer to me. Holding my rod in one hand, she took one breast in the other and rubbed her nipple against the tip. She switched breasts and did the same move, then used both her hands to wrap her breasts around my erection. I started to buck, trying to push my member into her tit tunnel, but she told me to stop. Instead, she took control and slid her breasts up and down on me. Bending over, she managed to give my helmet a little lick each time it broke through her cleavage.

I moaned "If you keep that up I'm going to come."

Her reply was "That's kind of the plan."

Sensing that I was close, Ann released her tit hold on me and put her mouth back on me. As before, she kept one hand on my balls, massaging them gently, and used the other on my shaft, pumping it up and down in sync with her mouth. The combination of her hands and mouth was wonderful. She was hitting all the right spots.

I started to come. She stopped bobbing but kept her mouth on me and continued to use her hands. It felt like my streams were pretty powerful; it was hard to tell. I do know that Ann didn't let up until I was obviously fully spend and only then did she swallow my deposit.

I've had numerous blow jobs in my life. Some were especially memorable, like the first time. Who doesn't remember that? Mine was in a darkened basement. The party had reached the stage where couples paired off to do whatever horny teenagers do. My partner, who I didn't really know that well, initiated it. After some heavy petting she took me by surprise by reaching down and unzipping me. I didn't protest.

I can also recall the first time I received oral in the great outdoors. We were in a heavily wooded section of a public park. I don't think we were seen, but we weren't far off of popular walking path. The possibility that someone could have stumbled upon us was exciting. I returned the favor the following week, in the same location.

Other memorable bouts of oral include the one I received while driving the interstate across Florida, another sitting on the edge of a hot tub, which was one of the rare times where there were two 'providers', and the one in front of other people. That was also my first attempt at same room sex and is a story well worth a future sharing.

But this particular very happy ending from Ann was one of the very best I've ever had.

And the massage wasn't half bad either!

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