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A Very Lucky Man


I have used italics occasionally here to highlight personal thoughts. The story contains several graphic sex scenes and descriptions and includes male and female oral, anal and lesbianism. Anyone offended by these should not read it. For those of you who do read it, I would love your comments and if you actually enjoyed it enough to vote, that would be nice too.

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My name is Harley. I am fifty-nine years old and live in a small country town in south central Australia. The climate here is hot and dry. I moved here a year or so ago, leaving the city for a less complicate life-style after my wife of twenty years revealed that she was screwing a guy much younger and more wealthy than me. In the beginning our marriage was great, full on sex every which way, lots of laughs, wining, dining and travel. We didn't produce children together, I don't really know why. I think our passion was more lust than love and eventually that just dried up. When she left me I really think I saw it coming as we only bedded each other out of habit by then and not very often. More recently she seemed to become a much more vibrant woman, new clothes, perfumes and hairstyles and it did cross my mind that she was seeing a new man. I bear her no grudge. I always knew I wasn't the best catch at the age we met.

I now live alone with not much money and not many acquaintances and frankly don't seem to miss either. My sex life here to date has been barren, as so far I have not met any available companions in or out of my age group and certainly no one interested in bedding me. I have become very adept in my masturbation techniques and my imagination has become my best companion. Little did I know how this was about to change.

In my time here I have come to casually know my neighbors, Jaqui and Michelle.

They are a young lesbian couple who keep pretty much to themselves but they do wave and acknowledge me if we see each other. This story is about how, in meeting them, my old age sexual liberation began.

I have always been intrigued by the presence of my lesbian neighbors and frequently fantasize about what they might be doing behind those closed doors and drawn drapes. Often they seem to remain inside for days on end. I always know they are there, by their vehicle parked at the rear of their cottage or the sounds of music from their windows. At night, lights are on often but that's all you see...not that I've been looking but I have wondered.

Yesterday started as a hot summer morning. I was out of doors hanging my laundry to dry where I have a full side view of their property. Jaqui was in the back yard and she waved to me.

" Hello," she called as I started hanging my clothes. She came closer and started chatting about the weather and how hot it was. "That's about all you need in this weather isn't it," she said, as I lifted a pair of my under shorts to hang.

It took me a second to understand and I replied, "Oh yeah, often not even them."

"I know what you mean," she said and looked straight into my eyes giving me a mischievous grin.

We had never been introduced so I said, "I'm Harley."

"Jaqui," she replied.

"I know."

She grinned again saying, "People do talk don't they?"

"I wouldn't worry about it Jaqui, your life is your life."

" Thanks," she said, continuing, "would you like to join us when you finish?"

She must have noticed my questioning look and said, "For a cold beer?"

Intrigued, and never one to refuse a free beer, I replied, "That would be great. You mean now?"

"Yes now," she said, "in fact leave the laundry, it won't go away."

I was only wearing jeans to the waist with no shirt and expressed the need to be more presentable. "I'll go get something on and be right over."

She grinned again and said, "That's not necessary, keep cool," and pausing, " for as long as you can...just leap the fence and come and meet Mish."

Not to be deterred, I straddled the fence with one leg and she held out her hand to help steady me as I swung the other leg over. Her hand was small and white, delicate to touch and soft like silk. I felt a stirring in my groin at the first female touch for a long time and quickly tried to dismiss it as perverse.

Jaqui was a slight woman, about twenty-five I guessed, with under-developed breasts, which appeared to be bra-less under her cotton shirt. She was wearing shorts and was bare-footed and her slender legs were unshaven, showing a soft blonde down which to me was strangely attractive. Her blonde hair was cut short, like a man's and as she walked, almost bounced, slightly ahead of me, I couldn't help admiring her pretty neck and the thin lines of her waist and very small but well rounded buttocks. A soft breeze rewarded me with the delicate perfume from her body and watching her, I thought how beautiful this was to see. It had been some time since I had had the chance to admire a female body from so close and although I knew she chose to love with her own kind, it couldn't stop filling me with salacious thoughts of what this body would do for me.

Jaqui ushered me through their back door into a sunroom area, fully equipped with a bar surrounded by soft sofas and chairs.

My first reaction was the aroma in the room. I could smell sex, not like in a brothel but lighter, sweeter and much more feminine. This perfume took me back some forty years. Back to when, as a nineteen year old I lost my virginity to my first love, Sandra, then sixteen years old. I remembered the smell of virgin love. Our encounter was the first time for her as well and the passion between us was a memory that will stay with me forever. It lasted about a year when she announced to me that her father did not want her to see me again and they were moving interstate. I have never seen her again. These memories and the musky aroma in the room were arousing my senses again, and again, I felt I had to dismiss it, to stop letting my over-worked imagination get the better of me.

Inside the sunroom Jaqui was bending to a bar fridge, appearing to openly take her time while the shape of her superb butt was clearly visible to me through her tight silky shorts. My eyes were fixed on the small exposure of her white flesh above the top of her shorts and the hint of the crack between her buttocks. I wasn't sure how long I could suppress my reactions to all of this as this time I felt a definite hardness developing in my jeans and quickly accepted her offer for a seat so that my growing erection could be disguised. She emerged from the fridge with three cold beer cans, placing them on the bar and expertly popping their tops.

Handing me a beer, she said, "I'll find Michelle, she will love to meet you," and going to a door at the rear of the room, opened it slightly and called, "Mish, come and join us, he's here, I mean, we've got a visitor."

As Jaqui seated herself gently onto the edge of a sofa opposite me, sipping her beer, she said, "Does this make you feel good?"

"I can't tell you how good," I replied and she quickly said,

"Why don't you try? I would love to hear." She was smiling impishly.

As she was talking, the rear door opened and her partner Michelle came into the room.

"Hi Mish," said Jaqui, "this is Harley, our neighbor, he was about to tell me how good he's feeling."

"Oh. Really!' said Michelle. "Hello Harley, I'd love to hear this."

Her voice was smooth and slightly deep and she purred with sexiness and invitation.

"Hello Michelle," I replied, and evading my true thoughts as I heard her, said, "Yes, great beer and the company's pretty nice too. Thanks for having me over."

"Call me Mish," she said. "All my friends do and I'm sure we'll be friends won't we? You are welcome Harley, and the pleasure will be, um, is, all ours."

Michelle's entrance to the room was a new event for me to absorb into my swimming brain. Not just for what she had just said, which was curious, but also, to see this stunning woman as she came through the door, almost popped me right there. When I had seen her on earlier occasions outside, she had always been dressed in baggy casuals with her hair concealed in some form...just an average country town girl really. To see her here now, that image was shattered forever. It was as if I was looking at a catwalk model emerging from her dressing room ready to show the world her latest sexy lingerie.

She had obviously just showered and was wearing a silky white bathrobe tied loosely at the waist as it hung to just above her knees. She was taller than Jaqui with longer and shapelier legs glistening from a recent hair removal. Her feet were bare. Her long dark hair was slightly damp and rested gently on her shoulders. Her cheeks were full and glowing slightly from the warmth of the shower and her deep brown eyes sparkled when she smiled her greeting to me. A smile not to be forgotten: perfectly rounded lips edged by baby dimples, displaying glistening white teeth that you just wanted to touch with your tongue.

Clearly Michelle was the feminine half of this relationship and my guess was that she was a few years older than Jaqui, maybe late twenties or even thirty. Her breasts, although not huge, filled the wrap of her bathrobe superbly, clearly supported by a lacy bra, which was just visible in the display of her ample cleavage. Her waist was slim where the robe was tied which accentuated the full roundness of her hips, her flat stomach and her womanhood below and I couldn't help wondering if she was wearing anything under that robe.

It really only took me a few seconds for me to absorb this vision of Michelle but it seemed like an eternity and I was suddenly aware that I was staring. Feeling slightly embarrassed, I tried to remember the conversation to return to it, stumbling out, "My pleasure too, I'm sure."

"Oh you can be sure Harley, we promise you," she replied, gliding across the room to collect her beer. Continuing on, she proceeded to draw the curtains, those curtains, to close off the windows and, as it seemed to me, the outside world.

"I hope you don't mind me in my robe Harley," she said as she seated herself on the sofa close to Jaqui. "It's such a hot day and I really don't like a lot of clothes anyway. I hope you are comfortable with me this way."

As she sat opposite me she crossed her leg over her knee elegantly and the robe parted slightly revealing her perfect thigh well above her knee line. Jaqui moved slightly in her seat and placing her hand on Michelle's upper knee said, "And it'll get a lot hotter yet, just you wait."

Noting Jaqui's cheekiness, I tried to keep up with the conversation. "You look very nice Michelle, sorry, Mish," I said squirming slightly in my seat, trying to keep my eyes away from her naked thigh.

I was suddenly aware of how hot I was beginning to feel. With the curtains drawn, the room was darker and although not oppressive, I was conscious of beads of sweat showing on my bare arms. I was also very conscious of my naked torso and how ancient it must appear to these two young women.

"Are you too hot Harley?" said Jaqui, noticing how I was sweating. "I was just thinking about our conversation about your shorts at the clothesline. You are welcome to strip down if it will make you more comfortable."

Again showing that cheeky grin, first to me, then to Michelle she said, "He was telling me Mish that he likes to go without them, what do you think"?

Michelle melted me with that smile and said in her purring voice, "Wonderful idea Harley, if you go first maybe we can join you."

The stirring in my loins was now back and unstoppable. I wasn't sure where this was really going. Were these just innocent comments from two very modern young women or did they have something in mind that they wanted to take further? Whilst my re-developed lust preferred the latter I was still not convinced that I could get that lucky and so decided to try to defuse what I was feeling and said, "Girls, ladies, I'm an old boy now and you are both so young. I don't think you want my body on display here and besides, I understand that you aren't into men so it's probably best that I leave you to yourselves and thank you for a nice visit."

"Oh. Harley," said Michelle. Her voice was begging. "Don't go, please. We have wanted you to visit for a long time now and have almost planned this day. We want to talk to you. You clearly know about us, that we are lesbos I mean, and we want to know what you think about that and what you feel. Your age is not an issue; in fact we prefer it that way! You have experience in things that we don't and we want to learn from you. Can we talk to you? Can we ask you some questions about yourself that we know will help us with issues that we have? Will you help us Harley? Please say yes! And we think your body is gorgeous so there! You must stay!"

As she spoke, Michelle was looking at me earnestly, leaning forward as if in plea and pressing her breasts against Jaqui's hand on her knee. The pressure forced her breasts upwards allowing her robe to part slightly and fully exposing her perfect cleavage to the bottom of her bra-line. My eyes were transfixed on these gentle mounds when Jaqui joined in," If we ask you some questions Harley, and tell you what we want to know from you, and if at any time you don't want to proceed, you can call it quits with no hard feelings. Will you agree to that?"

Jaqui had drawn my eyes away from Michelle's breasts and held me in fixed gaze. For the first time I notice her deep blue eyes, almost staring through me and at this time, pleading the message of her words. She stared me down. I was totally confused but most intrigued by all of this.

"Okay," I agreed, "What would you like to know?"

Michelle was first to speak,

"Are you married Harley?"


"Do you have children?"

"No. Well I don't think so, not sure really."

"You're not sure?" Jaqui asked.

"No. It was a long time ago, with my first love, not with my wife. I suspected she was pregnant but we were forced apart by her father and I have never seen her again."

"Do you still have sex Harley?" It was Jaqui again.


"Not really anymore," I said, shifting in my seat.

. "So do you masturbate Harley?" It was Michelle this time.

"I do," I grinned. "Sometimes. Hey! Where is this going?"

"Be patient Harley," said Jaqui, smiling that cheeky grin, " We are nearly there now, and this will be fun for you, for all of us if you want."

Michelle moved slightly, uncrossing her legs but leaving her robe at the side where it had fallen earlier. Her legs were now slightly parted in an inviting way and naked to that darkness at the top of her thighs. Jaqui's hand stayed on Michelle's leg but moved slightly to her inner thigh, just above her knee. Both of them were smiling, not just at me but each other and their eyes were shining as they met.

I couldn't help thinking, we are nearly where?

Michelle said,

"Do you use the internet Harley? For porn?"

Taken aback again but no longer uncomfortable with their questions, I replied, "I have," I replied, trying to appear forthright. "But not much now. It's really what you see is what you don't get if you get my drift. I found it was increasing the frustration rather than easing it."

"Oh poor Harley," she said so earnestly, " It must be hard for you."

It is hard for me, I thought, and getting harder by the minute, saying, "I do my best."

"We're sure you do Harley," Jaqui replied, "But if you let us we can do better for you. You DO know we are lesbians Harley? What do you think about that?"

I was again shifting in my seat. "Well I do have to say that I have always found it fascinating, you know, two girls together. I have often wondered what it is that you do. The thought of two women together does excite me a bit." Relaxing somewhat now, I continued, "I have seen some of it on the net and yeah, it did get me going!"

Michelle led the next part of this extraordinary conversation and came straight to the point.

"Harley, would you like to watch us, Jaqui and me?"

Thinking that I at last comprehended all of this, I resolved to give in to my lust and said, "You mean that you will do it here now and have me watch you?"

" We will Harley, but there's a role here for you too, you have to give us something in return!"

" And what might that be," I interrupted, now imagining that these were a couple of lesbian hookers wanting money from guys who get off watching them.

"Well, Harley," she said, "This is the hard bit for us, so lets talk it through and get it finished, or started really."

"Alright," I agreed, "tell me."

As Michelle paused, selecting her words, Jaqui put her free hand to Michelle's shoulder and then to her hair, stroking her gently. Her right hand was still on her thigh, also moving slightly, higher and deeper, closer to the top.

"Tell him Mish." she said, " Tell him now. He'll let us, I know he will."

She became slightly agitated, rubbing Michelle's back vigorously. Michelle's robe fell open to the tie at her waist; her breasts now clear for me to see except for her brief lacy bra, her firm nipples clearly visible, as they pushed out through the delicate fabric. The white flesh of her tummy now showing below gave me a new vision of her exquisite body.

Michelle took Jaqui's hand and both of them standing up, moved to kneel next to me, one either side. Both of them put a hand on my knee and looking directly into my eyes, Michelle said, "We have been on the net too Harley, not looking at women but at men. We have seen men masturbating with their hands, close-ups of penises squirting, men ejaculating over women's faces and their breasts, pictures and videos of men and women fucking. But do you know Harley, Jaqui and I have been together since our mid-teens and neither of us have ever seen a cock in the flesh, never touched one, licked or kissed one or had one inside of us! Really, we are both virgins but we have fixed that for each other with our dildos. Jaqui is a bit unsure about this but both of us now want to experience what we have missed. To be honest, it's really me that started this, as I have come to know that I am not totally gay and think I do want some sex with men. Jaqui is being such a darling, encouraging me, and supporting me. Will YOU be our first man-sex partner Harley? Please? We want to experience everything that you know, and everything that you do and we will be beautiful for you Harley!"

My brain was swimming! I could feel the blood pounding throughout my body, in my head and my heart and in my erection, now bulging under my jeans. Michelle moved her hand from my knee sliding it slowly upwards along my thigh, looking directly into my eyes. She reached my bulge and touched it with her fingertips, circling and stroking me. I could feel my cock growing harder, into her hand. I was in heaven. The reality had hit me. These young girls wanted to fuck me, here, and now, and better still they wanted me to see them fucking each other.

There was no decision for me to make. I couldn't stop any of this, even if I wanted to.

"Oh God!" I blurted.

Michelle's hand completely enclosed my bulge, holding it firmly and squeezing and rubbing me at the same time. I could feel sweat forming around my balls and my tip starting to ooze.

Jaqui's eyes were wide and happy!

"He's saying yes Mish!" she squealed, and put her hand on top of Michelle's who was now rubbing her second hand underneath my thighs, touching my balls, making me move forward in my seat, wanting more.

Michelle raised herself, still on her knees and started to undo my belt buckle. The tie on her robe had become undone while she was kneeling and was now completely open. I could see the complete display of her breasts, now heaving, and my vision to the floor revealed no knickers and a glimpse of her perfect dark muff at the top of her legs. My cock was throbbing.

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