tagLoving WivesA Very Merry Christmas

A Very Merry Christmas

byLord Master Scribe©

There is no doubt about it; Christmas is probably the worst time of the year for anyone who does not believe the hype and crap of the holiday sales season. I cannot believe that I am suppose to fall all over myself just to make sure that what friends I do have get something which they may not want for a holiday that most just consider to be an extra day off. I have to spend all my extra time trying to figure out what to get for whom and when it is all over I still won't be sure that what I picked out was right. I was struggling with this dilemma as I walked through the local Wal-Mart trying to select gifts for my friends and co-workers. I had all ready bought the boss a new candleholder because she has this thing for candles. I was now trying to figure out what to get for Emily, the new secretary I has just hired a couple of weeks ago. Everyone else was either getting fruit baskets or those silly meat and cheese things that I hated so much when I got them. I finally just gave up and went home, still short one gift.

"Kim I'm home," I shouted as I walked into the house carrying three oversized bags.

"Well did you get everything that you needed" she called out from the kitchen as I unloaded the stuff on the living room couch.

"Everyone but Emily, I just cannot figure out what to get for her"

"Well, what do you know about her," came the question, flying out of the kitchen right into my overtaxed mind.


"What do you mean nothing? You have to know something about her, she works for you for Pete sake."

I struggled trying to remember what I had learned about Emily since she went to work. "Well, she is single, about 30. Lives alone. She has no relatives close by and she is a damn good secretary."

"What does she like to wear, or what does she keep on her desk maybe that will help" Kim asked as he came from the kitchen.

"Well, she dresses in a professional manner and as far as I can remember the only thing on her desk is a vase of flowers that she puts out every Monday." I am answering as I turn around to face Kim, (where at this point I am already in mental overload and my brain just wants to go on vacation.)

I pause as I look at her. Almost two years together and she still makes my heart skip a beat. Covered in flour from doing her Christmas baking, she still looks as beautiful as the day I married her. She walks over to me, her head turned up to me for a kiss. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her long and deep, concluding with three little pecks, something I have done since the first time I kissed her. She giggles, (and I still don't understand that) and smiles. So how is the Mrs. today I ask? She giggles again and kisses me hard and quick, "Busy, I have all those cookies to finish for the shelter and then the cakes and pies for Christmas day. You know how your Dad is about holiday sweets."

"Yes dear I do and you know how I am about you anytime during the year" as I pulled her closer my nose buried in her hair and my lips playing along her neck. "Anything in the oven right now" I ask?

"No, not right now, why do you ask, or do I need to ask why?"

I untie her apron and allow it to fall to the floor as I kiss her neck, knowing what that does to her. Slowly I unbutton her flannel shirt (the one she stole from my side of the closet) and cup her breasts with my hands. She leans back into me a sigh escaping from her lips. I continue to kiss and nuzzle her neck as I play with her nipples, brushing them back and forth with my thumbs. I feel then growing harder in my hand as I turn her around so I can look down into her eyes. I lean over and kiss her, softly at first but with a growing passion. I can feel her hand slide under my shirt, stroking my chest playing with my nipples as we kiss. Our tongues playing back and froth, each trying to capture the other. I slipped my hand into her jeans and slowly pushed a finger into her.

She was already hot and wet, makes me wonder if she was thinking about stuffing something other than stockings. She moaned into my mouth her hips hunching forward as I massaged her clit. I broke our kiss and unbuttoned her jeans sliding them down around her ankles. Pushing her black panties aside I plunged my tongue deep inside of her waiting love canal. She arch, pulling my head tight against her, " Oh God Robert, yesssssss" she moaned. I continued to lick and suck on her lips and clit, my finger deep inside of her as she climaxed, only then did I pull back. Bending her over the back of the overstuffed chair in the living room I part her legs, unzip my trousers letting them fall and push my throbbing hard-on into her. She squealed with pleasure as I started to stroke in and out of her, my hands holding her hips, as I plunged into her, over and over. Kim started to push back against me matching my strokes. Her breath became ragged as she climbed to another climax. Faster and faster I thrust into her. Reaching around I started to rub her clit. As soon as I touched her clit she screamed and started to cum.

"Oh my God, I am cummming"

I could feel her juices run along my cock as her muscles tightened against me. I could not hold out any more as I felt my own climax approaching. I grabbed on to her hips and shove myself deep into her as I shot stream after stream of cum deep into her. I could feel my knees shaking from the intensity of my climax as I slumped over her, holding her, kissing her neck.

After a few minutes we were able to move again and Kim, being Kim just grunted to get off her back she could not breath. I gathered myself together and was pulling my pants back on as she stood up, look me in the eye and said, "Well I hope you are happy now, Mr. I have to get some, Now I have to go and get cleaned up all over again,"

I looked at her and said," Well you are welcomed." At this point we both burst out laughing and headed off to clean up.

It was a few hours later during dinner that I had the chance to talk to Kim about Emily. I still did not know what to do about a gift for her. "Well why don't you invite her to the house for Christmas dinner. She can come and eat with us, stay awhile and maybe we can break out the Scrabble or some other game. At least she will not be alone on Christmas, and company is always a good gift."

I agreed with her and made a note to myself to invite Emily to the house for Christmas. The rest of the weekend went without anything overly exciting. When Monday morning rolled around I was ready to get started on the Peterson project. It seems that this wonderful man named Peterson had a dream of opening a new shopping center but he had ran into some legal problems with a tenant of the old apartment complex that stood right in the middle of the property that he had bought. It seems that the older couple that lived there did not want to move. They had refused to answer the phone or the door when he attempted to call or talk to them. We had sent a couple of our people over to discuss the matter and they just refused to answer the door.

Finally we had no recourse but to go to the police and have them serve a court order to vacate. When the police arrived they could hear the television in the background but the old folks just would not come to the door. Now the police being the way they are, are just plain curious about everything, so they decided to go to the fire escape and take a look inside. Well we finally found out why the old couple never came to the door. It seems that they had both died from the cold and no one knew anything about it. Well it was just a matter of a few days and the building was torn down and I was able to get started on the construction of the new mall. I, being one of the senior architects for the firm, was in charge of overseeing the construction of Peterson Plaza. I arrived at the office and gathered my notes and files to take to the site. Emily was standing by her desk arranging a fresh vase of flowers.

"Emily would you step into my office for a second."

"Yes sir, Mr. Masters"

As she walked into the office I took a good long look at her. Taking in her features. It had not dawned on me before but this woman looks a lot like Sandra Bullock. About the same size and hair color as I remember from that movie she made about a beauty pageant of some type.

"Emily, I know that you have no family here in town. Are you planning on going back home for Christmas?"

"Well Mr. Masters, I really am not sure, I more than likely will just stay here in the city for the holiday"

"In that case I want to invite you to our house for Christmas. Kim told me that if you are not going home then you are to be out guest Christmas day."

"Thank you sir, but I don't know if I should or not. I don't want to put you or your wife out or anything. I mean you have your family to celebrate with and…."

"Stop right there. You are formally invited to our house for Christmas. You are not putting us out or anything and as for family Kim's children will not be down until after Christmas day. So consider yourself part of the family for Christmas at least." I have never seen a change come over a person like I saw come over Emily when I told her that. A smile broke out across her face that could have lit up most of the city. She just nodded her head and turned to go back to her desk pausing for just a second to look back at me.

The rest of the week went pretty smooth the job site was running well as we came up on the final day before Christmas. The company had planned to have their Christmas party on the 23 and give everyone off the 24 through the 27 since Christmas was falling on the weekend. It was almost 5 when Kim called and told me that she could not make it to the company party, she had gotten a call from a girlfriend that was pregnant. She had started to go into labor and Kim was on her way over to pick her up and take her to the hospital. I just said ok, that I loved her and hung up the phone. I had really wanted Kim to meet Emily before Christmas. I also wanted to see her as well. She had promised to wear that cute little Christmas outfit that we had bought for her.

It was like a nasty Mrs. Claus suit. There was a red corset, red fishnet stockings. The dress was red, cut deep in the neck and short at the hem. Fur lined and trimmed in white fur. It also had a cute little Santa hat to go with it. I was looking forward to seeing the people I work with stare at her as she moved around the room to mingle. Kimberly was a woman who could turn the heads of men and women. It is not that she was a knock out or anything like that, she was just one of those rare women who possessed that certain something that radiated outwards, catching everyone's eyes and attention. Anyway the party was starting and soon everyone was about three sheets to the wind. We received a real nice bonus and that just helped everyone to party a little harder. Personally I had just about all I could handle, drink wise, so a wandered back to my office and shut the door. I was planning on working a little bit before I left for the evening but I started to think about Kim in that sexy little Santa suit and I just forgot about work. I unzipped my pants and started to stroke myself to relieve some of the excitement that I had created I my mind. I did not hear the door open, nor was I aware of anyone in the room. I was just sitting there stroking my cock, eyes closed enjoying my fantasy. I was thinking about a warm set of lips closing around my hardness when that is just what I felt. My eyes flew open and there, kneeling on the carpet in front of me was Emily. Her warm mouth filled with my hard cock, her eyes opened looking straight up at me.

"What the hell" I yelled, " What are you doing?" (Stupid question but hey).

She paused and pulled her mouth away.

"I am just doing something I have wanted to do for some time now." With that she slid me back in her mouth, taking all of me deep in her throat. What is a guy supposed to do. I just laid back and let the warm feeling build up until I was unable to handle any more. I could feel her mouth sliding up and down my length. She used her tongue to explore the little hold at the end as she stroked me up and down. Finally I could not take anymore and I grabbed the back of her head, calling out" I am cumming." Humping her mouth I pushed in as deep as I could had flooded her throat with my heavy cream. She swallowed every drop and then slid me out of her mouth licking me clean. I looked down at her as she sat smiling and saw that her dress was around her waist and that her panties were wet from where she had been fingering herself. I reached down and pulled her up, turning her so that she sat on the desk. " What is good for the goose is good for the gander" as I pulled her panties off and buried my face between her thighs, thrusting two fingers into her hot wet box I started to lick and suck her like there was no tomorrow. With in just a few minutes I was rewarded with a flood of her juices as she had a shuttering climax. By this time I was hard again so I stood up and grasping her ankles I spread her legs wide and shoved my cock into her. Still trying to catch her breath from her climax all she could do was moan as she grabbed my arms and pushed back against my invading cock.

I started to rock back and forth slowly fucking her pulling her back into the climax she had just finished. I had no sooner started to pump in to her than Emily cried out as she climaxed again. This only fueled my desire and I started to thrust in and out of her like a wild man, an animal. Slamming into her only made her scream out louder as she climaxed over and over. My own climax was building. As soon as I felt my own cum starting to erupt I pull out and started to jerk myself off, I wanted to spray my thick hot cream all over Emily's face. Emily must have known what I wanted because she just raised her face up towards me, closing her eyes and licking her lips she waited. The wait was not that long, looking down at her, her mouth opened her eyes closed was more than I could take and I shot wad after wad of hot sticky cream in her mouth and on her face. Emily slowly opened her eyes and started to clean my cum off her face, wiping it with a finger and then licking her finger clean.

"That was the greatest fuck I have ever had Robert"

I was still trying to pull on my pants, swaying back and forth. I looked over at her and smiled, "Not to bad at all, and a Merry Christmas to you too." I watched as she dressed and it was obvious that Emily had had one to many. "Just how are you planning on getting home?" I asked.

"Well I thought that I would take the subway, same as always"

I looked up at the clock and realized that it was already past 9 p.m. " No I do not think so, not tonight. You have had just a little too much to drink. I am not sure that it would be a good idea for you to take the subway or even a cab for that matter. What say I take you home instead?"

She was slipping her shoes back on nodding in agreement.

We left the party, riding down in the elevator she turned to me and kissed me softly on the lips. " Thank you so much for tonight, it really meant a lot to me."

I kissed her back just as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. We walked out to the parking lot and as soon as the fresh air hit her Emily started to sway and stagger. I guess she had been drinking shots. I grabbed her by the waist to steady her as we came up on my car. I eased her into the front passenger seat and buckled her in. Climbing into the driver's side I started the car, turning I asked her where she live and was greeted with a soft snore. I looked over and saw that she had passed out. Mulling the different things that I could do was starting to give me a headache so I decided just to take her back to my house and let her sleep in the guest room. I was still thinking about the night's events as I drove through town careful not to attract the attention of the local police. I did not want to have to explain why I had a passed out girl in my car, nor why I had the odor of booze on my breath.

I pulled into the drive and parked behind my wife's car. "I guess everything came out ok with the baby," I chuckled to myself. I opened the passenger door, "Emily, Emily" I shook her shoulder trying to wake her up. All I got in return was a mummer of something. So I reached in and hoisted her up on my shoulder in a fireman's carry and headed towards the door. Just as I reached it the door popped opened and there was Kim, looking all excited and when she saw my 'package' puzzlement joined that excited look.

"Just what do you have there sir?" she asked.

"Well to tell the truth I guess you could say that I brought home my Christmas present." I shifted the weight on my shoulders. "Now if you do not mind, how about some help getting Emily to the guest room, and then to bed?"

It only took a minute to get her into bed, undressed and tucked in. We went to our room, cutting off lights and I listened to the story of how the baby came early and that it was a boy and something else that I just kind of zoned out on. When Kim was finished she asked me about what I meant by bringing my Christmas present home and I sat down on the bed and told her all about what had happened between Emily and myself.

Now most wives would get all upset and pissed off if their husbands came home with a woman they had just had sex with, but not Kim. The only words out of her mouth was "Well I hope that you saved some of that for me"" right before she jumped on top of me. Needless to say my story had gotten her all worked up and excited and she wanted me to do something about it. Never have I told a woman no and this would not be a first for me. I started to pull her clothes off as she was undressing me. Our lips met and I felt a kiss so passionate that it reminded me of our first night together. Her tongue was exploring my mouth, licking and trying to suck the tongue out of my head. Her arms wrapped around me, pulling me close. I felt the heat of her body and when I pushed my hand between her legs it could also feel the wetness. I kissed and nibbled her neck for a few minutes until she pushed me down to her breasts where I licked and sucked her hard nipples.

Sliding down even farther I plunged my tongue deep into her wetness and was rewarded with a squeal of pleasure and a gush of her juices as she hit her first climax. I wrapped my arms around her holding her down as I lashed her with my tongue and worked my fingers into her. Fingering her hot wet box faster and faster I felt her tighten up again as her climax started. I felt her muscles tighten trying to milk my fingers. She cried out again and again, "ohhhhhhhh goooodddd I am cumminggggggggggg." Her legs wrapped about my head holding me in place as she flooded me with the rush of her juices. I licked and lapped it up as fast as I could but it was more than I could handle. After her climax was over she had me lay on my back as she knelt over me, her pussy just inched away from my rock hard cock. She slowly lowered herself down on my moaning as all 8 inches slide effortlessly inside of her. She started to rock back and forth and then she made the must unusual request, " Tell me about it Robert, tell me what you did and how it felt. Leave out nothing I want to hear it all, how did she taste, how did she feel. Is she better than I at fulfilling your needs am?" I told her again about everything that we had done and how it felt and what had transpired as she rode my hard on. I could feel my balls tighten up and I knew I was almost there. I grabbed her hips and raising her up just a little I started to slam my cock into her.

"Oh yes, fuck me Robert, make me cum again and again."

I kept this up as she continued to taunt me with her words.

"Oh do me, fuck me harder. Am I anything like Emily, am I as good, as tight? Can you make me cum like she did?"

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