tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Very Modern Family Ch. 02

A Very Modern Family Ch. 02


This story is a continuation from chapter 1. You won't miss out on much storyline, but you might enjoy reading that first :)

"Lesson two", Claire said with a smile, "has some pre-requisites."

"Number one - a hard cock." Claire looked over at Dylan, who was laying back with his dick standing to attention. He'd just seen been given a team blowjob by his sexy young girlfriend Haley and her equally stunning blonde mother Claire, before Claire tongue fucked Haley to a screaming orgasm. "I think we're covered on that front!" Haley responded with a smirk.

"Next, a hot girl or two who just needs to be satisfied." Claire pulled in Haley for a sensual kiss. "I think we're covered there too." Claire said as she broke off the kiss.

"Now, lets begin...". Claire climbed on top of Dylan slowly, straddling him while leaning forward with her breasts just close enough for Dylan to lick. She was still wearing her high heels, and they accentuated the curves of her long legs. The blonde goddess positioned Dylan's cock at her pussy and slowly lowered herself. "Oh yesssss!" she moaned "Haley, you are SO lucky to have this cock." Haley smiled... she thought so too. Content to learn for now, she started rubbing her moist pussy.

"Mmm.... you've got to ride the cock to..ohhhhh.... get it really deep!" Claire said in between moans. She rocked up and down Dylan's cock, feeling it penetrate her completely. Dylan could barely keep from cumming, but he knew he had to, he wanted this to go on forever. Claire's pussy was like her body : as tight as a twenty year olds. "Keep riding... oh yeah... keep going and eventually... OH YES..... you'll.... OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Claire screamed as she orgasmed. She hadn't been fucked that hard for a long time and after licking Haley's pussy and sucking Dylan's cock, she just wanted to enjoy the waves of pleasure going through her.

"Ohhh..." she said as she slid off Dylan. Haley wasted no time and put her mouth around Dylan's still stiff cock, savoring the taste of Claires pussy. "Yum... you taste amazing Mom!". Claire responded "You'll get a chance to try the real thing soon. But first... would you like to try Dylan?" Haley nodded enthusiastically, her mouth still wrapped around the cock.

Haley mounted Dylan, the same way her mother did, and slowly inserted his cock into her. "Ohh.... we've tried this before, but its never gone in the full way. Hes too big for me!". Claire moved around behind Haley and held her breasts from behind. "Don't worry honey... I'm here to help this time" and she kissed the back of Haley's neck.

"Go up and down slowly." Haley followed the instructions, sliding up and down Dylan's dick. Dylan closed his eyes to concentrate. Haley was even tighter than her mother and the feel of her pussy massaging his cock was almost too much. Claire ran her hands all over Haley's body and she kissed her neck. Haley was in heaven. She couldn't believe anything could be better than Claire licking her pussy but this just might be. Every motion brought Dylan's cock further, which felt better and better until it was actually in completely! Every kiss from Claire was electric. "Lean back, adjust the angle." Haley leant back into Claire, putting her slim across so that her feet were on either side of Dylan's head.

"Now go faster..." Claire said softly, continually kissing Haley and massaging her breasts. Haley gyrated up and down. "Yes.....Yes.... YESSSSSS.... OH GOD YESSSSS!" Haley screamed as she finally orgasmed. She slid off, exhausted. "I'll never forget that" Haley said, as she traded kisses with Dylan and Claire. "Its not over yet honey... Dylan will have one last present to give us. Dylan, are you ready to give us our facials?" Dylan nodded with a smile. He was about ready to blow!

"I love facials! But how will Dylan give us one?" Haley said, confused. Claire laughed "This is a better kind of facial. Come on... down on your knees." She and Haley got to her knees. Dylan stood up in front of them, his cock pointed at their faces. "Now, we suck it like before..." Claire instructed as she and Haley went to work pleasuring Dylan's cock with their hands and mouths. "Until...."

"I'm pretty close, Mrs. Dunphy!" Dylan said. Claire took her mouth off Dylan's cock and kept jerking it. "Oh!" Dylan said as he started to cum. Claire generously pointed the cock straight at Haley's face for the first blast. A thick stream of white cum shot at Haley and spread over her nose and lips. Claire pointed the second blast at her own face which hit her forehead and dribbled down. Claire kept the cock aimed at their faces as she turned and passionately kissed Haley, with spurts of Dylan's cum hitting them while their tongues intertwined.

Haley thought "SO much better than a normal facial!". Claire and Haley sensuously licked all remnants of cum of each others face, while exploring each other's bodies with their hands. After they were spotless, they gave the same treatment to Dylan's cock.

"Best day ever." Haley said, and Dylan and Claire could not agree more. Later, after Dylan had left, Claire and Haley laid back in Haley's bed, naked and exhausted, with Claire idly touching Haley's breasts. "Is there a third lesson?" Haley asked, hopefully. "Oh yes, "Claire responded with a smile. "Its called seduction. Any particular targets you'd like to try? Perhaps a boy at school?"

Haley though for a minute, before the perfect idea popped up in her head. She smiled broadly and looked at her mother.

"How about Gloria?"

Claire pussy moistened at the thought. This was going to be gooooood.


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