tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Very Modern Family Ch. 03

A Very Modern Family Ch. 03


Haley laid back on the couch in the Dunphy living room, idly reading a celebrity magazine. She was wearing a light blue shirt, a dark blue denim skirt, and as usual, no panties. Her mother had promised to teach her how to seduce Gloria, her grandfathers gorgeous Latina trophy wife and it was all she could think about.

Her pussy was moistening and she really wanted to slide her fingers down and start pleasuring herself, but her dad, Phil was sitting on the other couch opposite her and she didn't want him to see. "Yes, hi score!" Phil said as he tapped away at his iPad distractedly.

Just then, Claire walked into the room. She was wearing a pair of black high heel pumps, and on her long slender legs she had on some black stockings which went up to her thighs but stopped just before her skirt, showing off a hint of her flawless creamy skin. A skin tight red dress covered her body, and hugged her perky breasts. Her nipples were very visible poking through. She walked past Haley and Phil, swaying her hips sexily.

Haley lowered her magazine and stared. Claire looked absolutely stunning and Haley just wanted to tear her clothes off and suck on those nipples.

Claire murmured softly "Oh, I can't find the tv remote. Where did we put it...?". She bent over and looked in one of the cupboards, her tight red dress showing off her round a ass. Haley's jaw dropped and she almost started masturbating right there before she remembered Phil.

"Found it", Claire said. As she walked to the couch Phil was sitting on, she glanced at Haley and licked her lips. "Ohh..." Haley moaned softly as thought about how those lips would feel against her body.

Claire laid back on the couch and put her head on Phil's lap. She stretched her legs and crossed them, letting one of her heels dangle off. The leg show was driving Haley crazy as she openly stared, mouth open. She had to have Claire, right now.

"Err, Dad? I've got a really bad headache. Could you get me some migraine pills from the pharmacy?"

"Oh, really Haley? You know the only pharmacy open at this time is a 15 minute drive away!"

"Please Dad!"

"Ok, I'll go." Phil said as he put down his iPad. He would do anything for his kids, but it really got in the way of his Temple Run high scores some times. He gave Claire a kiss and left, noticing that Claire was looking particularly hot tonight.

"So we're alone now," Claire smirked. "What shall we do?"

"Mom, I need you to lick my pussy. Oh god I want it so bad!"

"Lets see what I can do. After all, I still have to teach you about seduction." Claire stood up and walked toward Haley, looking deep into her eyes.

"A very important part about seduction is..." Claire whispered, then paused as she bent over and kissed Haley's calves. "You have to always..." Claire softly kissed her way up Haley's slim legs. "Always..." Claire reached Haley's pussy and started licking softly around it. Haley braced for the incredible pleasure she was about to receive.

"Always leave them wanting more." Claire said with a wicked smile and stood up. "Oh mom, no. Please lick my pussy, I'd do anything!"

"Anything... hmm. Lets see. First, you're going to do it for me." Claire stood and hiked up her skirt, revealing a pair of crotchless panties. Haley loved the view it gave of Claire's gorgeous clit. "Take off your clothes." Haley didn't hesitate for a second, pulling off her top and dropping her skirt, revealing her teen body.

"Now come over here and tongue fuck me" Claire whispered. Haley got on her hands and knees and crawled towards Claire. She placed her face in Claire's crotch and ran her tongue over Claire's pussy. "Ohh..." Claire moaned as she lost control, absorbed in the bliss she was feeling as Haley ran her young tongue in and out of Claire. Haley was as natural as a pussy licker as she was a cock sucker and Claire couldn't be more proud as Haley skillfully licked and licked.

"Haley... oh... yes!! Just like that..." Claire continued to moan loudly. Haley pulled her head back and smiled up at Claire, and started using her finger to penetrate Claire. Haley's finger also felt great and being able to look down at Haley's angelic young face which had been moistened by Claire's own pussy. "Oh... Haley... you're so good at this. Finish me off."

Haley smiled, taking a bit of control back "Will you lick my pussy?"

"No, but I'll do one better. If you listen to my lessons, I can show you how to make Gloria lick your pussy."

"That'll work!" Haley responded gleefully and started licking passionately licking the gorgeous blonde woman in front of her.

"Yes...yesssss....YESSS!" as Claire came. Haley stood up and pressed her naked body against Claire. Claire grabbed Haley's head and lustfully kissed her.

"Tomorrow, we're going to go see, and fuck, Gloria. I want you horny as hell, so no pussy licking tonight." Claire nibbled on Haley's ear. "Though I promise it will be worth it... Your Dad will be back soon, so we should get dressed and clean up."

Later that night

In her own bed, Haley was naked, she liked the feel of her silk sheets on her body. She was also furiously masturbating to the though of Claire and Gloria. She'd already cum twice, but Claire had driven her absolutely wild and it seemed no amount of masturbation could cure it. She imagined Claire's gorgeous face and Gloria's amazing tits and rubbed even harder. She didn't care if Alex heard her soft moaning.

In Claire's room, she was riding Phil's cock. Phil wasn't as big as Dylan, but Claire wasn't the kind of girl to turn down a hard cock when available. She was also fantasizing about Gloria as she slid up and down Phil's cock. Those amazing tits were just begging to be sucked on. She'd organised a visit to Gloria's place tomorrow. Her dad, Jay, would be taking Manny out for a "guys day out" and so she told Gloria that Haley wanted to spend some time there. Gloria agreed, though she didn't yet have an idea of the day she'd be in for.

The next day

Claire and Haley arrived at Gloria and Jay's house and rung the doorbell. Claire and Haley were both wearing overcoats. Gloria answered the door with a smile. "Hi Claire, Hi Haley!" she said in a thick Colombian accent. "So nice to see you both! Come in.". She was wearing a bikini as well, and her huge breasts seem barely contained by her bikini top. Claire and Haley both had to stop themselves from staring.

"I was just sunbathing outside. Would you like to join me?"

"I will! I love sunbathing!" Haley said excitedly. Claire said "I can' today. But I've just got to pick something up from upstairs, I'll let myself out. You two go ahead."

"Ok. We'll see you later Claire. This way, Haley" Gloria said and led Haley out the back door.

At the back of Gloria's house was a huge pool and a couple of chairs for sunbathing. Gloria lay back in her chair. Haley dropped her overcoat, revealing her body. She was wearing the tiniest of bikinis, barely covering any of her body. Gloria strangely found herself watching the teenager. Gloria has had several lesbian experiences in the past, and occasionally lusts over Claire, but she hadn't realized what a fantastic body Haley had until now.

Haley borrowed a move from her mother and bent down in front of Gloria to pick up the sunblock. She lingered, pretending to read the label on the bottle. Gloria couldn't help herself from taking a long view of Haley's perky ass. Haley picked up the bottle and turned to Gloria and smiled. Gloria, looking flustered, turned away so that Haley wouldn't realize she was looking at her ass. "I love the feel of lotion on my skin, don't you Gloria?" Haley said as she lay back on the chair.

"Oh yes... its very nice."

Haley started by rubbing the lotion on her legs, slowly, lifting up one leg at a time and massaging the oil in. "The feel of it on your soft skin.... mmm." Haley said in a throaty voice. Gloria enjoyed the view she was getting of Haley's legs, but felt more and more nervous. "What if Haley notices that I'm ogling her body?" Gloria thought. She didn't realize that it was exactly what Haley wanted.

Haley continued up her body, rubbing the lotion onto the stomach, arms, and neck. "Gloria, would you do me a favor?"

"Of course!"

"Could you rub some lotion on my back? I can't reach..."

"Umm, ok Haley" Gloria said. She was both excited about touching Haley's body but a little nervous as well. She thought it was funny that she was feeling this way, thinking this must be how the many men she had seduced in the past would have felt.

Haley turned around and lay on her stomach and Gloria poured some lotion on her hands. Haley then untied her bikini top and let the strings fall, so her back was totally bare. Gloria bent over next to Haley and started to rub in the lotion. Haley's skin was flawless and soft, and Gloria enjoyed massaging the lotion into it.

"That feels great, Gloria... Oh... you really know how to do this," Haley said, continuing her seductive tones. The words were true, but half for Gloria's benefit. Haley wanted to turn her on more before pouncing.

Meaning, Claire was watching the whole show. She hadn't let herself out, but had instead climbed up to the first floor bedroom window and was watching Haley seduce Gloria. She had slipped off her own panties, which were soaked through and was masturbating slowly watching them. Haley was doing an incredible job. Claire could barely keep herself from going out and jumping on Haley, and tearing off her bikini bottoms with her teeth. But she contended herself with playing with her pussy and watching.

Outside, Gloria was still rubbing the lotion in. "A little bit to the side, Gloria." Gloria rubbed the side of Haleys chest, her hands brushed against the side of Haley's bare breast. "Mm," Haley softly moaned as Gloria touched it, and Gloria felt her own pussy moisten at the touch of the teen.

"Ok... I think I'm covered now."

Gloria was slightly relieved, but also a bit disappointed that she wouldn't be touching Haley anymore. "Now its your turn!" Haley said perkily. "Come on, its important to have enough sunblock. Come on, on your stomach."

Gloria agreed, and followed Haley's instructions. Haley stood up without putting her bikini top back on and Gloria almost fell over. "Haley! Your top!"

"Oh, its ok. Its just us girls here, right? I want an even tan" Haley smiled.

Gloria's pussy moistened at the sight. Haley walked over. She didn't just bend over Gloria to apply the lotion, but brought her leg over and straddled Gloria. "This is more comfortable!"

Gloria didn't argue, enjoying the feeling of Haley's slim legs pressed against her. Haley started rubbing Gloria's back and took the liberty of untying Gloria's top. "Haley!" Gloria exclaimed.

"Oh, don't worry Gloria. I need to cover your whole back."

Gloria was both very turned on and very nervous. She closed her eyes while Haley massaged her back. "You have gorgeous skin Gloria."

"Thank you Haley"

"And gorgeous lips.... and breasts..."

"Haley.... What are you saying...?"

Haley lowered herself to Gloria's neck and kissed her.

"Haley, no..." Gloria said softly.

Haley ignored her and continued planting soft kissed on Gloria's neck and back. "Don't you want this? I saw you watching me."

"Haley... what if your mom found out?"

"Let me worry about that" Haley whispered.

Haley sat up and got Gloria to turn around. For the first time, Haley got a look at Gloria's huge breasts and she lost her breath. "Wow..."

Haley bent down and kissed Gloria's lips. Gloria wrapped her hands around Haley while Haley felt Gloria's breasts with her right hand. She slipped her tongue into Gloria's mouth and they forcefully kissed each other. Gloria pulled her wet bikini bottoms down and then slid of Haley's down as well. She grinded her wet pussy against Haley's. "Ohhh..." they moaned in unison.

Haley pulled back and adjusted her position to better rub herself against Gloria.

Claire, watching from the house, could not imagine a more incredible sight than her slim daughter and her incredibly busty mother scissoring in the bright summer sunlight.

Haley and Gloria continued to rub their pussies together, getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

"Oh... oh... OH... OHHH OHHH OHH!" they screamed as they finally came together. Haley, sweating and exhausted dropped onto Gloria's chest and sucked on her breasts.

"Oh Haley... You're amazing."

"You are, Gloria."

"What are you doing?!" Claire said, having just entered.

Shocked, Gloria and Haley stood up. Gloria tried to cover herself up but her breasts were too large and they kept spilling out of her hands. Behind her, Hakey was naked and naughtily winked at her mom.

"Its not what it looks like!" Gloria said, defensively.

"It looks like you were having sex with my teenage daughter."

"Well... yes, but..."

"When really, you should be having sex with both of us."

Gloria turned and saw Haley's smiling face and realized that she'd been pranked. "You and Haley...?"

"Amongst others" Claire said with a smirk. "In fact... if you're as much a fan of teen pussy as you are of hard cock, I've got someone for you to meet. My amazing daughter has agreed to share her boyfriend with us, and I think you're going to like it."

Gloria liked the sound of that. She took some initiative, stepped forward to Claire and kissed her. Claire enjoyed the feel of Gloria's tongue, but not as much as the feel of Gloria's soft breasts pressing against her. Haley came up and joined in the kiss as they tongues intertwined 3 ways.

"Welcome to the family, Gloria." Claire said with a smile, and for the first time with Gloria, meant it.


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