tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Very Modern Family Ch. 04

A Very Modern Family Ch. 04


Phil sighed as he opened the door to his house. He had an afternoon of house showings planned, but the prospective buyers that he was going to take around cancelled on him at the last minute.

"Claire?" he called out from the living room. "Hmm... I think I hear something upstairs."

Phil walked up the stairs towards the noise, which was coming from his bedroom.

"Claire?" he said as he opened the door.

Phil's jaw dropped when he walked into the room and saw what was happening. Claire, his beautiful blonde wife, was on her hands and knees on the bed. She wasn't wearing a thing, and her flawless creamy skin was on full display. In front of her, mirroring her position, was Gloria. Gloria was wearing a pair of tan stockings and nothing else. Her voluptuous breasts were hanging down, nipples as hard as nice. Despite their size, there wasn't a hint of sag. Phil had never seen more perfect breasts. He could suck on Claire's soft round tits for hours, but even they didn't compare to Gloria's.

Gloria and Claire were locked in a passionate kiss, lovingly exploring each others tongues with their eyes closed.

But what stunned Phil the most was that behind Claire, pounding her enthusiastically from behind, was his daughters boyfriend, Dylan. Dylan was the first to notice Phil, and gave Phil a friendly wave.

"Hey Mr. Dunphy!" Dylan said with an innocent smile.

"Claire!" Phil shouted, shocked. "What are you doing?!"

Claire opened her eyes and pulled away from Gloria, before turning to Dylan and murmuring "Don't stop fucking me Dylan...". Dylan happily did as she asked and continued slamming his cock in Claire, doggy style.

Claire looked at Phil, barely able to concentrate through the feeling of Dylan's huge cock filling her tight pussy. "Honey.... you can be mad about this. Or...oh yeah, Dylan... you can take that hard cock of yours, and... oh, that's good... stick it into Gloria. I know you've wanted to for a long, long time." Claire said, in between Dylan's thrusts.

Phil thought for a second. "I get nothing if I get angry and leave." He looked at Gloria. She smiled, her full red lips looking very inviting, before angling her ass towards Phil, exposing her dripping pussy. "Come on Pheeel!"

Phil didn't hesitate any longer. He'd wanted to fuck Gloria since the moment he met her, and he was not going to throw this opportunity away. He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his cock. "Yay Phil!" Gloria squealed. "Good choice, Honey. I wouldn't be able to resist Gloria either!"

Phil climbed up on the bed behind Gloria and placed his cock at the entrance of Gloria's pussy. Unlike Claire, Gloria maintained a bit of hair around her. He massaged his cock against the dripping entrance to her vagina. Gloria moaned as his cock teased her sensitive vagina. This was so much better than sucking Jay off until he went to bed! "Oh...oh...oh" Claire continued to moan softly as Dylan went further and further in.

Claire propped herself up on one hand and grabbed one of Gloria's breasts before continuing their makeout session. Claire's tongue ran across Gloria's red lips as they explored each others mouths. The sight of these 2 gorgeous women was making Phil's cock throb, so he slammed his cock into Gloria's pussy. "Ohhhhhhh! Philllllllllll!" Gloria yelled as she broke off her kiss with Claire. "Am I better than Jay?" Phil asked, feeling good. "Soooo much better. Oh keep doing that!"

Phil pulled out slightly before slamming back in. He and Dylan matched tempo, and it was almost a see saw motion as he slammed Gloria while Dylan pulled slightly out of Claire, then Dylan forced his cock in further while Phil held back.



"Dylan, yessssss!"

"Keep fucking me!"

"Just like that!"

"I've never been fucked this hard!!! OH GOD!"


Claire had been fucked by Phil last night, and this morning before she went to school, Haley came by Claire's room and pleasured Claire's pussy with her talented teen tongue, but Claire was a nymphomaniac and could fuck all day and night if she could. She was glad that Phil was here. Two cocks meant more cum, and if there was one thing Claire loved, besides pussy, of course, it was sucking down cum.

Claire and Gloria were both reaching breaking point. Every stroke from the guys brought more pleasure, and sensation of each others tongues in their mouths was also quite incredible. It wasn't long before they orgasmed, but they were both trying to hold off for as long as possible. Gloria, not being used to this much pleasure, went first.


Her pussy contracted and her body quaked as she continued kissing Claire. The sounds of Gloria's moans drove Claire over the edge too and her body also erupted. "Yesssssssss!" she moaned.

The girls dropped on to the bed, exhausted. Gloria turned around, giving the guys a good view of her big tits and dripping pussy. Claire pulled herself forward and laid her head next to Gloria, while fondling her tits.

"Now the question is", Claire said with a satisfied smile, "where do you boys want to shoot your loads?"

"Gloria's tits!" Phil and Dylan said in unison.

"Mmm.... good answer!" Claire said. The only thing that could make Gloria's breasts more beautiful was if they were covered in gooey cum.

Gloria climbed down off the bed and onto her knees. Dylan and Phil both stood in front of her. Claire also climbed down, and knelt behind Gloria. Claire moved her arms around Gloria's chest to cup and lift her breasts, presenting a bigger target. Her face was side by side with Gloria. One absolutely stunning, long legged blonde, and one incredibly busty gorgeous Latina.

Gloria took Phil's cock in her right hand and Dylan's in her left. She began stroking with both hands, with a big smile on her face.

Dylan and Phil were also close to cumming. They were doing their best to resist, and enjoy the feel of the talented Latina's hands rubbing up and down their cocks, but Gloria increased the speed and her soft hands felt almost as good as her pussy had. Claire looked angelic as she massaged Gloria's breasts, waiting for the guys to shoot their load, while Gloria looked like a wicked seductress, with her olive skin and bright red lips.

Gloria aimed the cocks as her tits, but Phil came so hard it went off target and the first spurt hit her face. "Oh, yeah, Gloria!! Take that cum!" Phil yelled. Phil had months of fantasizing about Gloria built up and the massive load he shot reflected that. Dylan went off soon after. He usually had a big load, and today was no different. Spurt and spurt fired out from their cocks and the gooey white cum landed on Gloria's breasts, with a little landing on her and Claire's face and hair.

Claire inspected Gloria. The busty Latina breasts were completely soaked in cum. Her forehad had a thick spurt of cum dribbling down it, and she stuck her tongue out to taste some of the cum that had landed on her lips.

"Thank you, gentlemen. Now its time for our reward, again!" Claire said happily as she turned Gloria around and started sucking on her cum filled tits. "Mmmm.....mmmmm...." she moaned with ecstacy as she swallowed mouthfuls of cum. After one or two, she filled her mouth and went to french kiss Gloria. Gloria loved the taste of the two guy's cum, and it was even better delivered by Claire's lips. A little cum dribbled out the side of their mouths as they continued to make out. Phil and Dylan stood back and enjoyed the sight of the ladies cum filled kisses.

Gloria pressed her breasts against Claire's and rubbed them around, taking in the feel of Claire's erect nipples and helping spread the cum to her chest. She then pushed Claire to the ground and climbed on top to get a better angle to suck on her tits. "Oh Gloria!" Claire moaned as Gloria nibbled and sucked on her nipples. Claire looked up in ecstasy at Phil as Gloria concentrated on pleasuring her, and winked at her husband. Phil couldn't believe his luck. He owed the two buyers that cancelled on him a round of drinks!

When Claire's chest was clear of cum, she turned Gloria onto her back and gave her the same treatment, sucking on her nipples while grinding their moist pussies together. "Oh Claire... I love your soft lips!" Gloria moaned. Finally, all the cum was gone. Claire licked the last remnants off her fingers sensually and looked up at Phil and Dylan. "Mm.... still a little left on their cocks. What do you think, Gloria? Shall I clean up my husband while you do Dylan?"

"I like the sound of that!"

Gloria moved up to Dylan and slipped his cock into her mouth, while Claire did the same for Phil. Phil looked down at the usual sight of his amazing wife bobbing her head up and down his shaft, sucking and kissing it while letting out soft moans. "This is the life!" he thought.

Just at the girls finished cleaning their assigned cocks, Dylan exclaimed "Oh, I've got to go! Its almost lunchtime at Haley's school, and if I don't get her my cock to suck on, she goes off to the teachers lounge and sucks off all the teachers."

Claire thought "So that's why her grades have improved recently!" Claire was much the same at Haley's age. There were a lot of As that were owed to Claire's exceptional blowjob skills. And a few As due to her talented pussy licking as well. The thought of Haley on her hands and knees sucking off a few cocks got Claire dripping wet again.

Phil thought "Haley gives blowjobs? Oh no, my little angel! But at least she's still a virgin... right?"

Dylan said earnestly "Mr. Dunphy, I want you to know. If anything ever happens to you, it would be my honor to make sure your daughter and wife's sexual needs are completely satisfied."

Bemused, Phil responded "Err... thanks Dylan. I think."

Just then Phil's phone buzzed. "Oh shoot! I've got to go too. My house showing is back on."

The girls lovingly gave goodbye kisses to Phil and Dylan's cocks, and waved goodbye.

Gloria and Claire climbed back on the bed and hugged.

"Thank you so much Claire, for sharing your husband, your lover, and your daughter with me!"

"Oh Gloria... you've shared three wonderful things with me too!"

Claire bent her head down and kissed Gloria's left breast. "One!" She then kissed Gloria's right breast and smiled "Two! And of course..." Claire placed her head in between Gloria's things and kissed Gloria's wet, delicious pussy. "Three!"

"Mm... and we've got the whole afternoon ahead of us to keep sharing them."

"I think we're going to have a lot of fun from now on!"

And they certainly did!


Authors note : I think I've explored this setting as much as I can, so this chapter is likely the last one for now. I may be writing some different series though! Thanks for reading.

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