tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Very Public Dare

A Very Public Dare


Before I went to University I was really shy but the friends I made there were a really lively and rowdy crowd. We often went out drinking and I found myself doing things I would never dream of whilst at school. One game we often played at our house was ‘Dare.’ It started pretty tamely, we would take it in turns to pick dares out of a hat, they were along the lines of shouting things out in the street, or maybe flashing out of the window. Each time we played the dares would become more and more outrageous. One evening we each wrote a dare on a piece of paper to put in the hat. It was always difficult to decide how bad to make the dare, after all there was always a chance of getting your own. That evening though we had all been drinking quite a bit and I felt the atmosphere in the room, I could see everyone else was really going for it by the grins on their faces. On my piece of paper I wrote that the person had to follow the instructions of the group and do exactly what the group said for the whole of the next day. This was worse than any dares I had ever seen in the game before but I thought the chance that I would get it was small enough to risk it, and it would be so much fun to control another person for an entire day!

Matt was the first to pick out his dare; he had to strip for us. Marie had to give someone oral sex, she picked her boyfriend, Dave. Things were really getting hot now; all the blokes were hard and had there hands in their pants, playing with themselves. Sal had to spend the rest of the night naked and Jesse had to go to the off license for more alcohol wearing only her coat.

It came to my turn. I felt sick. There were only 3 pieces of paper left and I didn’t want mine. I downed a shot of vodka before picking out the piece of paper.

I opened the piece of paper. It was my piece of paper. The next day I was going to have to do whatever they told me to.

I woke the next morning to a knock on the door. It was Matt; he didn’t say anything, just handed me a small bag and waved goodbye. He had a huge grin on his face.

I opened the bag. Inside was a note and some very skimpy items of clothing. The note told me to wear the clothes with my black knee high boots and that they would send me instructions by phone as and when needed. My first instruction was to go to my lecture as normal. It was a warm day, which was lucky; I wasn’t allowed to wear my coat...

Inside the bag was a tiny denim skirt. It was so short it didn’t cover all of my ass, my cheeks were visible below the hem. At the front it hung really low on my hips. I was going to be torn between pulling it down to cover my ass, or up to cover my pussy.

The top I was given was a tiny black cropped cardigan. I pulled it on over my 32E breast and laughed at the fabric, which hardly covered anything! It was so high that below the bottom of the flimsy fabric a large portion of my breasts was visible, my nipples only just hidden. The neck had been adjusted into a very low v-neck revealing the smooth curves of my breasts. It was held together by only one button.

I pulled on my knee-high boots, grabbed my phone and left the house.

As I walked I had to concentrate so that the top kept me covered as much as possible. I struggled to hold the skirt in place but judging by the looks I got, more than one person got a good look at either my ass or my pussy!

As soon as I got to the lecture I sat in the corner by the door so I didn’t have to walk in front of everyone. As soon as I sat I heard my phone bleep and read the message:

‘Walk across the front of the lecture hall, up the isle and leave by the back door. Do not touch your clothes.’

I was beginning to feel really nervous but I stood anyway and began to walk in front of the 150 or so people waiting for the maths lecture. As I walked I felt my chest bouncing up and down, heaving to be released from the top. As I turned the corner to walk up the isle between the rows of seats I walked past Marie, she was grinning at the sight of me. I sneaked her a small smile to let her know I was OK with that was happening so far. I wasn’t happy but I could handle it. Out of nowhere her hand shot out and pulled on the fabric of my tiny top. I saw the button pop off and the fabric sprang to my sides, revealing my huge breast to the whole of the room. I desperately wanted to cover myself, but knew that it was my own fault, I had written the dare, I had no choice but to go along with it.

I continued to climb the steps. People were all looking at me now; some open mouthed, some shouting and whistling. My ass was clearly on show for all those that were now behind me. I saw Matt and Dave on either side of the isle ahead of me. Matt reached from one side and grabbed my ass, whilst Dave squeezed a tit. Before I knew what was happening people had taken my lack of reaction to Matt and Dave touching me as the all clear. From all directions people were touching my ass, my pussy, I even felt someone lick my nipple. By the time I reached the door my skirt was bunched up way above my hips and my cardigan had been removed! I was trembling as I opened the door. Part of me had never felt so violated, but at the same time I was unbelievably exhilarated. When I saw Sal on the other side of the door waiting for me with a large coat I was almost disappointed to have to cover up!

Sal gave me the next note and another bag of clothes. I was instructed to go to the toilets and change.

My next outfit was less revealing. I was given a red bra with a black vest top that had a low neckline, revealing a large proportion of red lace. This time I was given a red thong and the outfit was finished with a short black leather skirt. My boots stayed on.

My phone beeped and I was given my next instructions. I was to continue as if in a normal day until lunch.

I did just that. I went to my lectures as normal. I got a lot of grateful stares and even pulled my top down really low so that my bra was completely on show.

Lunch came around quickly and I received a message saying I should go and meet the group on the hill outside the university building. When I arrived they were all waiting. They signaled for me to sit down. I did. I looked around, the place was busy, lots of people were sitting on the grass in the sun, and because we were on top of the small hill, everyone could see us. I was about to ask what I should do when I felt hand behind me lift my top. Someone’s hands found my tits under my bra and started to massage them, pinching my nipples then squeezing and pulling on by breasts hard. I moaned and leaned back, realising it was into the arms of Marie. Before I knew what was happening Dave had removed my boots, skirt and thong. He began to unbuckle his belt. Marie removed my bra. I felt completely liberated. I was completely naked in public, and everyone else was dressed! Dave put his hands on my hips and turned my over so that my ass was facing him, I had been wet all day, there was no need for foreplay, he pulled hiss cock out and rammed it into my pussy from behind. I gasped and began to let out a moan of pleasure, but before I could Matt had his cock in my mouth. As I was sucking and licking his cock with all my energy, his hand reached under and played with my tits. All three of us were rocking back and forth and Dave’s movement got quicker and quicker, he was coming and I wasn’t far behind. As his pace quickened I sucked harder on Matt’s cock, I began to tremble as my orgasm washed over me, before I knew it both men had withdrawn from me, I was turned over onto my back and they both started coming one me, in my face, spurting onto my breasts. I lay back in bliss. Someone covered me in a blanket and they all stayed around me as I began to doze in the afternoon sun.

I was given some real clothes for the rest of the day. I had to go to the bathroom to wash the cum off my face, but I looked surprisingly normal.

When I got home there were further instructions waiting for me. I was to put on the clothes in the next bag and go to the Union bar and pull someone. I looked in the bag. This time I had a cropped white shirt that tied at the front and some denim shorts. Although the shorts were short and there was a push-up bra under the top giving me a huge cleavage that was exposed by the very low neck of the shirt, the outfit was virtually a ski-suit compared to the morning’s outfits! I was almost disappointed, and the task sounded boring too.

I arrived at the bar and looked around. There was something odd about it, I realised that everyone else in the bar was female - it was the Lesbian Society night! I suddenly realised what I had to do; I had to find a woman to snog... I had never thought about doing this before, but in the spirit of the day I almost looked forward to it. I pulled my shorts down lower on my hips and undid an extra button on my cropped shirt, pulling it apart so that you could clearly see my white lace bra. I walked towards the bar and felt eyes on me. I went to the quiet end of the bar towards a stunning woman with long blonde hair; a mini skirt and a tight pink cropped jumper on. As I leaned over the bar to get the barman’s attention I pushed my breasts up further using the bar-top as leverage, they were virtually popping out of my top. I saw the woman staring at me and turned to smile at her, she blushed and smiled back. Before I even managed to get my drink she leaned over towards me,

‘Do you wanna get out of here?’ She could barely take her eyes off my breasts to see me nod in response.

As soon as we were outside she pushed me up against the wall. No one was around to see us, I was almost disappointed. As her tongue forced its way into my mouth I felt a thrill I had never felt before. I woman’s skin on me, a woman’s tongue in my mouth, a woman’s hands taking off my top and bra, sucking my nipples, kissing my neck. I fumbled with her jumper, pulling it over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, even though her breasts were as big as mine were. I kissed her hard, squeezing our naked chests together, it was my turn to suck her breasts, bite them, lick them. Our hands found each others asses. She undid my shorts and sat me on a nearby wall, I hooked my legs over her shoulders and her tongue began to explore my pussy. She flicked it over my clit lightly, tasting me; she began to focus more and more on my clit. It wasn't long before I was reaching orgasm as her tongue darted back and forth over me. I ran my hands through her hair, pushing her face further into me. I moaned with delight. As I began to orgasm I began to moan louder and louder, only stifled by her kiss.

It was my turn to go down on her. I pushed her skirt high and began to lick her pussy, lapping up her juices. I pushed my tongue inside her, darting in and out whilst playing with her clit at the same time. As she orgasmed she screamed loudly, I looked around, suddenly remembering we were in a public place. I suddenly wondered where all my friends were. By now my eyes had adjusted to the dark and I could see them on the other side of the road, mouths open, obviously enjoying the show. The day was over, but the fun had only just begun...

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