A Very Sexy Night In


After the incredible performance she had just put on, it seemed difficult to believe that it was Kirsty's turn again. However unabated, she took her turn and drew a challenge card.

"Now this should be fun," she said with a wide grin on her face. "Shave the pubic hair of a player of your choice completely bald." There was a tense silence around the room. "Hmmm well as much as I'd like to clean up Jack's balls, I think something has got to be done about Flo's bush, how could you let it get so out of hand!? " Although not enormous, Flo certainly had a relatively large amount of brown fur covering her snatch.

"I'm not having much sex these days. So what's the point of keeping it trimmed?" Replied Flo, clearly annoyed at Kirsty's playful attitude.

"Well at least we know you're a natural brunette," grinned Kirsty. "Lauren is it ok if we use you bedroom for this? I got an interesting idea about how I want to do this" she said picking up the pair of handcuffs that had been used on Steve earlier. "Oh and Jack, go and get your shaving kit." Before even waiting for an answer she took Flo's hand and marched her towards the staircase.

By the time the rest of the group had joined them in the bedroom, Kirsty was already rummaging through Lauren and Jack's possessions.

"Why didn't you guys ever tell me you were this kinky?" She said holding up extra pairs of handcuffs and a blindfold she had found. "Like I said it's always the quite ones you least suspect!"

Jack soon wondered into the bedroom clutching a bowl of warm water and his shaving kit.

"Right get up on here" Kirsty said to Flo patting the small double bead as she pushed the duvet aside. "Actually let's put this underneath you" she added grabbing a white towel from the side. "We don't want to get the bed sheets wet. I'm sure Jack and Lauren will have plenty of time to do that later!"

Quickly Flo had scooted up into the middle of the bed with the towel placed beneath her butt.

"Right this is where the fun really begins!" Exclaimed Kirsty picking a set of the furry pink handcuffs she had found and snapping one end around Flo's wrist. She then proceeded to raise both of Flo's wrists towards the head of the bed. Once there she entwined the cuffs around one of the bars there before securing Flo's free wrist. However she did not stop adding to her captive's predicament there. Quickly she grabbed another pair of handcuffs and fastened one end to a corner post at the bottom of the bed, before attaching the other end to Flo's ankle. Once she had done the same to Flo's other leg, Kirsty had a well and truly secured to the bed. "Oh and one final touch," she quickly added before fastening the blindfold around Flo's head.

With her prisoner now secure, Kirsty finally set to work. She began by gently trimming Flo's pubes with a pair of small scissors, in an attempt to make sure her hair was as short as possible for an easy shave. Once she was satisfied with the length of her hair, Kirsty took a washcloth, soaked it in warm water and began to gently massage Flo's pussy. This caused the tied brunette to let out a small moan as it passed unexpectedly over her mound. After drying Flo's pussy with a fresh towel, Kirsty began the shaving process in earnest. She sprayed a large dollop of shaving foam into her palm before beginning to massage it firmly into Flo's bush. Once satisfied, she took Jack's razor, and after carefully attaching a fresh blade began working away at her friends bush. She started by the removing the hair on top of Flo's pubic bone, gradually working down towards her sex. With deep concentration, she would shave off a tiny amount of hair before washing off the razor in the bowl of warm water. Being deprived of her sight certainly heightened the anticipation within Flo. Her body could be seen to tense up every time she felt the warm metal glide across her skin. Eventually, Kirsty had completely removed all the hair from above Flo's pussy, so she turned her attention to her remaining bush around her pussy lips.

The rest of the group watched on in awe at the scenes unfolding in front of them. Jack had taken up a seat perched on the edge of the bed with Lauren sat on his lap, certain she could feel his erection pushing against her ass. He sat in disbelief at how easily Kirsty had managed to tie down another girl to his bed, knowing he would replay this scene hundreds of times in his mind in the days to come. Meanwhile he was sure he could see Steve casually fingering Anna in the corner of the room.

"Make sure you stay very still now," Kirsty muttered sexily in Flo's ear. "We wouldn't want any accidents now would we?" Very carefully she began to shave away the hair from Flo's outer lips. As she brought her razor closer and closer to her friend's sex, she began to stretch out the skin of her outer lips by putting a finger inside her pussy, making sure she didn't miss any stray hairs. Eventually she was satisfied with her work, and began to wipe any excess foam off of Flo's pussy before applying some moisturiser to sooth the area.

"Now doesn't that look better?" Kirsty said looking satisfied with her work. "I bet you wish you could see it!" She added gently patting her now smooth snatch.

"It feels so much more sensitive when you touch it," groaned Flo, fidgeting against her bonds.

"Hmmm well I think since you were such a good girl and kept so still you deserve a little reward," teased Kirsty as she continued to rub her pussy. She then bent down and gave Flo's pussy a deep loving kiss. After a few more teasing blows, she finally ploughed her tongue deeply into her friend's pussy, taking in her full scent for the first time. As Kirsty continued to lap merrily at her dripping cunt, Flo was soon gyrating forcefully against her bonds desperate to receive more pleasure.

Jack continued to be mesmerised by what was taking place in front of him as Lauren quietly got off his lap and knelt between his knees. When she finally took his throbbing cock in her mouth for the first time that night, a huge wave of relief swept through Jack's body. As she attentively sucked on his member, Jack assumed that the board game had been long forgotten and that he could now enjoy a night of amazing sex with his girlfriend.

Meanwhile Flo's moans were becoming louder and louder and as she arched her back it was clear her climax was approaching. Kirsty's head was still placed between her legs hungrily devouring her pussy.Around a minute later, it became clear that Flo had cum as her moans quietened and her breathing became to soften.

"Well looks like you enjoyed that!" Smiled Kirsty wiping Flo's juices away from her mouth with the towel she had been using earlier. "Perhaps you should become my captive more often!"

"I've never cum that hard before, ever," gasped Flo who still seemed to be struggling for air as Kirsty finally released the handcuffs.

"Why is everyone looking at me now?" Kirsty queried as she finished releasing Flo. "Let's get back downstairs we've got a game to finish!"

As everyone filed back downstairs Jack didn't think he'd ever been more frustrated. He was absolutely bursting to cum but would now have to wait even longer before he got his fix.

Once everyone was settled back down in the lounge it was agreed on that it was Steve's turn to go.

"Spend five minutes in another room with two players of your choice. Anything goes." Steve read hurriedly from the card. "Well Anna I'd certainly like to spend some more time with you," he said smiling at the petite brunette he had been getting closer to earlier. "And Flo, how would you feel about joining us?"

"Fine," she replied. "But first let's get these clothes off you. You're the only guy here whose dick I haven't seen yet!" With that she got up and with Anna's help, worked off Steve's jeans followed by his boxers to reveal his already hard, seven inch cock.

As Steve led the two girls back upstairs, Jack could not believe how many different people were getting to enjoy themselves in his own bedroom before he was.

"Come on babe don't look too disappointed," said Lauren as she cuddled up to him on the sofa. "Your turn will come soon enough."

"I know," Jack replied. "I just don't think I've ever been this desperate to cum."

"How much did you know about this game before we started?" Lauren queried. "I don't think anyone expected the night to go like this when we started."

"I knew that it could get pretty spicy towards the end," he replied. "But I never thought things would get this far. I assumed everyone duck out well before this point."

"Well I have to admit I was pretty shocked when things first started heating up. But it has been incredibly exciting." At this point she gave her boyfriend a long, hot kiss.

"I know," Jack replied. "I can't believe how much of an animal Kirsty is. Without her taking control things would never have come this far."

"Well, so long as I get to fuck you later I'm happy!" Lauren grinned.

Meanwhile on the sofa opposite Jack and Lauren Mark and Kirsty were busy remaking acquaintances. They were both making out heavily and whilst Kirsty was gently stroking his huge cock, Mark had both his hands planted firmly on her firm tits.

"That must have been five minutes by now," Jack declared. "I'll go upstairs and let them know." As he walked up the stairs and onto the landing, the sound of sex filled Jack's ears. Approaching the bedroom he could see that it was slightly ajar, and what he saw made his jaw drop.

Steve was lying on the bed on his back in the middle of an incredible ménage a trois. At one end Anna had impaled herself on his cock. She had one hand frantically rubbing her clit as she exuberantly bounced up and down at her own pace. At the same time Flo was kneeled over Steve's face. Her moans could be heard the loudest as Steve had his neck craned upwards and was furiously eating her freshly shaved box. As Jack continued to stare in amazement, he saw both girl's lean forward and their lips meet in a frenetic, electrified kiss.

"That's time!" Jack yelled as he knocked loudly on the door before moving back downstairs.

A few minutes later the three of them had re-joined the rest of the group downstairs, all of them looking extremely dishevelled.

Next to go was Lauren. She finally joined the rest of the group naked as she forced to remove both her bra and panties as part of her forfeit, finally revealing her enormous breasts to the group, as well as neat triangular patch of pubic hair above her pussy.

It was Jack's turn next. After rolling the dice he moved his counter around the board to the square marked 'sauna', which was currently owned by Kirsty.

"Hmm doesn't look like you've got enough cash left to pay me," she said pointing out the meagre amount of paper monopoly style money Jack had left.

"Well what do the rules say about players running out money?" Asked Anna.

"Let's have a look," Kirsty said picking up the rule sheet. "Well if a player has no clothes left to sell to raise the money, they have to take a 'bankrupt challenge' card and are out the game."

"Well looks like I'm out then," Jack declared.

The group now turned their attention to a so far ignored much smaller black stack of cards marked 'bankruptcy' in bold red lettering. Jack drew one from the top of the pile and read.

"You are now bankrupt. To make up your debt to your fellow player you will become their sex slave for one day of their choosing."

The colour slowly drained from Jack's face as read from the card. Jack had always been more submissive in nature in the bedroom, but whilst he and Lauren had fooled around on occasion he was sure that being dominated by Kirsty would fulfil his deepest fantasies.

"Ooh now that should be fun," grinned Kirsty. "I hope you like being tied up!" Jack's cock did nothing to hide his arousal.

It was Kirsty's turn next, and after drawing a 'truth' card she had to describe her ultimate sexual fantasy.

"Well right now," she began looking round the room thoughtfully. "I think it's fair to say right now nothing would turn me on more than everyone fucking right now in this room together. Well apart from giving Jack a good spanking that is!" Her last comment brought a laugh and helped to ease the undeniable tension within the room.

After Kirsty's admission it was now Flo's turn. With a nonchalant attitude she moved her counter around the board before drawing a card.

"Demonstrate your favourite sexual position with a player of your choice," she read. "Well Mark," she said drunkenly. "I've been dying to find out what that cock feels like for a while now."

Following her lead, Mark excitedly got up and began to follow Flo's directions.

"Now," she began. "I've always absolutely loved being taken from behind. I don't really know why but it just gives me such a thrill and feels so naughty." From here Flo walked Mark over towards the sofa where Steve was sitting. "My favourite way to do it has always been over the arm of a sofa," she added. "There always seems to be some extra spice about doing outside of the bedroom." At this point she bent over the arm of the sofa to demonstrate exactly what she meant.

Needing no further hints, Mark slowly closed in behind her before beginning to sink the head of his cock into her dripping pussy.

"Oh my god that cock's amazing. It fills me up so well," groaned Flo as Mark continued to ease his dick into her. Once he was fully inside her for the first time, Mark took hold of Flo's hips and began to slowly thrust in and out of her.

"The other thing I love, is when the guy starts grabbing my tits from behind me, I just feel like I'm being used then," added Flo in a slightly dazed fashion due to the pounding she was receiving. Mark immediately took the hint though and started to languidly fondle and massage her breasts, before tightly squeezing her nipples causing Flo to moan suddenly.

Soon Mark was moving in out of her snatch with decent momentum, and Flo was groaning regularly as she arched her back and attempted to hold herself over the back of the sofa. Jack looked around to see the rest of the group also incredibly turned on. Next to him Lauren could clearly be seen rubbing her soaked pussy lips whilst Anna was also playing with her petite tits.

"The other thing," Flo added as Mark continued to pound her pussy. "I've always wanted to try," she had to stop again to let out a long rasping moan, "is to take another dick in my mouth at the same time."

Without any hesitation, Steve immediately leapt to his feet. Taking his already rock hard cock in his hand, he knelt on the sofa so that his groin was roughly at Flo's eye level. From there he began to feed his dick into her waiting mouth. Flo began to eagerly suck on his member, taking as much she could down her throat. This caused a number of soft moans from Steve.

As the three of them continued to fuck, Jack once again felt a firm hand around the base of his cock. He looked across to see Lauren stroking him up and down, and the couple exchanged a long loving kiss, their tongues entwining in a dance that would go on for several minutes. Finally their embrace ended, and Lauren got on top of where her boyfriend was sitting on the other sofa, straddling him with a leg on either side of his thighs. Slowly she rose and allowed Jack to get his aching cock in position, before at last she finally plunged down on top of it.

As his girlfriend started to grind her pussy down on his cock, a wave of bliss shot through Jack's veins like nothing he had ever experienced. The pent up tension and desire of the night's activities was finally being released.

As this was going on, Jack looked down to the floor to see that the excitement of the evening had also got the better of Kirsty and Anna, who were lying on the floor in a 69 position desperately lapping at each other's pussy's. It seemed like the game had finally ended, and now all that was left was to enjoy each other's bodies for the rest of the night.

Meanwhile back on the other sofa, the three of them had joined together in finding a nice rhythm. Mark was hurriedly thrusting his cock in and out of Flo's pussy whilst at the same time Steve was plunging his own cock into her gaping mouth, feeling the back of a throat with each pump. Flo's moans could barely be heard as she was forced to gag on Steve's prick.

Eventually Steve couldn't take it anymore and was forced to pull out Flo's mouth.

"Don't stop now, get that thing inside me," cried Kirsty taking her mouth away from Anna's pussy for a brief moment. Needing no further instruction Steve moved around behind the blonde and knelt behind her, before beginning to push his cock deep into her box. Kirsty quickly began to shriek with pleasure, as Anna continued to lick away at her clit from underneath her, as well as occasionally finding the underside of Steve's cock.

Back on the other sofa, Jack was happily sucking on Lauren's huge tits as she continued to bounce up and down on his cock. They only time they stopped was to exchange a deep, sexy kiss that left them both struggling for breath.

"How about we switch things up a little," Lauren whispered saucily in Jack's ear. "I want you take me like Flo's getting fucked right now. Absolutely ravage me!" She gave her boyfriend a sly wink before getting off his lap and kneeling on the floor facing the sofa. "Now get behind me and screw me!"

Jack needed absolutely no more motivation and within seconds was kneeling down behind Lauren pounding her from behind.

With her jaw and neck starting to ache from eating Kirsty, Anna quickly saw an opportunity to become the centre of attention herself. Carefully crawling from underneath Kirsty and Steve, she got up and sat herself on the sofa right in front of Lauren's face. Without needing any instruction Lauren began to slurp away at Anna's pussy, running her tongue firmly along her snatch and causing Anna's head to fall back as pleasure encapsulated her.

On the other side of the room, Mark was continuing to plunder Flo's pussy. The thin layer of sweat on his brow was a testament of the fucking he was dishing out, as his balls repeatedly slapped into her ass. Flo however, despite her deep moans of approval, was not fully satisfied with the attention she was receiving.

"Steve!" She yelled at her friend across the room. "Get over here and put that dick in my ass! Mark get off me a second."

Quickly she repositioned Mark sitting on the sofa before sitting on top of him and putting his cock in her pussy once more. Steve then moved in behind her and, slowly but surely eased his cock into her tight asshole. As carefully as he could, he then began to slowly move his cock in and out of her ass. As he and Mark began to gradually build a rhythm, Flo began to howl with ecstasy.

Still fucking Lauren, Jack looked over his shoulder and his jaw dropped at the sight of Flo taking two cocks. Meanwhile he could also see Kirsty, who for once was on her own, lying on the floor with two of her fingers deeply entrenched in her pussy, clearly incredibly turned on at what she was seeing.

As he continued to plunge his cock into his girlfriend, Jack could suddenly feel his orgasm building within him. Not wanting to cum inside of Lauren without wearing a condom, he flipped his girlfriend over and offered his dick to her mouth. The voluptuous brunette needed no invitation, and eagerly began to gobble his cock down her throat.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum," Jack yelled as he quickly grabbed his cock out of Lauren's mouth and unleashed his load onto her face. As he recovered, Jack looked down to see Lauren's lips and lower face covered with more cum than he could ever remember. However just as she was looking for a way to quickly clean herself off, Anna crawled up behind Lauren and kissed her boldly on the lips. From there she began to gracefully lick around her friend's mouth and cheeks, scooping up any excess seed as she went. Once she was content that she had done a thorough job of cleaning Lauren's face, she swallowed the load she had gathered up before giving her friend another deep kiss.

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