tagGroup SexA Very Special Club

A Very Special Club


We met at a different house every time the club met. We might meet only once a month with all the members, but some members would meet in smaller groups more often if they cared too. We were young and old, male and female, beautiful and average, gay and straight, and we all loved masturbating.

It had all began slowly, of course. I was the instigator. I loved jerking off. Much more than fucking, which I had experienced several times. But I had always returned to jacking it for my real pleasure.

I wasn't married and had found that rubbing one off in front of a girl while she or I played with her pussy was quite often more acceptable, especially on the first date. If she wanted to move on to screwing the relationship ended then. But if she loved masturbating as much as I we would remain masturbation buddies.

In this way I gathered a group of friends who had similar tastes. Some liked to jerk off to magazines, some to the internet porn sites, some in front of others watching, some all by themselves with their thoughts.

I had started with the girls I met who loved playing with themselves, and, inevitably some of them had friends, either male or female, who loved rubbing their cocks or pussies as much as I.

After several years we had formed an informal club of like-minded jerk offs and started having group sessions, just like club meetings, but there were no officers, and no rules, except no meant no, always. If that rule was broken, that person was shunned and never brought up again, let alone allowed into the meetings.

There was no rule against touching each other. In fact, that was a very popular form of masturbation, when someone would jerk off another's cock, or someone would tickle and finger-fuck a pussy. You could touch anyone in any way, except, no fucking with cocks or toys, and no blow-jobs. Simple, but a hell of a lot of fun if you were into it.

One evening in early May almost everyone showed up at my house. We always gathered after dinner and each person brought their favorite kind of drink. So there was always plenty of alcohol to start the lubrication marathon.

First, we all made our favorite drink, then we sat around chatting, some hugging and kissing happened, major making out seldom occurred. We were more interested in the masturbation sessions.

This evening was quite typical. People arrived singly, in pairs, or in groups. Some may have started the fun earlier at other places. All okay, of course.

After a large enough group had gathered, and everyone had finished their desired libation, we got down to the business at hand, to coin a phrase. Everyone took off their clothes.

We had gay men, mostly with hard bodies, lesbians, mostly with very fine bodies, straight guys, staring at all the titties and cunts around them, and bi-sexuals trying to decide who to focus on tonight. We even had a a couple of trannies, with tits and dicks. Very welcome, of course. All were welcome.

Slowly the room made its own rhythm out of what was present. In one corner, a young man was diddling a little lady of college age. His fingers were going into and out of her shaven pussy. At the same time, she was jacking him off.

All this time I was sitting back in my own easy chair, slowly playing with my cock, just observing. He started to cum first, and shot his cum up into the air and it landed on her tits. But he kept diddling her pussy and she came all over his hand. He licked it clean. Then licked her tits clean.

On my couch two lesbians were mutually diddling each other. One was was blond and thin, with tiny little tits. The other was a full dyke type. Short hair and stout but cute body. She had kept all the pussy hair on her cunt. Totally natural. The blonde had a little landing strip on her cunt.

They were mutually finger fucking each other. I could see plenty of pussy juice running down both of their thighs. And each was sucking a tit of the other. One tit on the blonde was totally engulfed. The tit of the little dyke was huge, so just the nipple was being sucked.

On another couch two trannies were jerking each other off, while they kissed and adored each other. They both started shooting cum in the air at virtually the same time. The cum landed on their bodies. They licked it off, not caring whose cum they ate.

Over by the fireplace one little lady about twenty-five had knelt down on the rug and there were five men surrounding her. They all had hard-ons. She was, of course, free to do as she pleased in this place, and it was looking as if she wanted to take part in a bukkake.

The men, all straight I'm sure, were jerking their various sized cocks very happily. I think there was a contest going on. The first to cum had bragging rights, I'm sure. So they were jacking off as hard and as fast as they could. And the redhead on her knees was waiting patiently, fingers in her pussy, making herself cum faster than these dildoes.

Finally the one with the smallest dick won. He started cumming on her face. That set off a chain reaction, and all the others followed quickly, one by one, to shoot cum on her face and on her tits. And all the while she was making herself cum with her fingers up her cunt. Soon, her face and tits were covered with cum.

She called out to a friend. He must have been gay, because he grabbed a fellow traveler and they went over and began to lick her clean.

The ones who had shot their cum on her were tired and relaxed on the other chairs available, enjoying the view of their cum being eaten by a couple of guys and the little lady as they cleaned her up. Soon enough they were all ready for more jerk-off action, including the gays and the little lady. The evening was young.

All this time I was in my own easy chair, jerking myself slowly so as to take in all the action and enjoy it.

Finally I focused in on an older couple. He was about sixty and she was around forty-four. Both had a little gray going on in their hair, both on top and on the carpet, so to speak. He had a nice, hard-on going on, about six inches, and she was old school, with gray pussy pubes, curly as hell, but thinning out. He had about three fingers up her cunt, and she was jerking him as if they had no tomorrow.

I went over to watch. That was totally allowed. Anyone could watch any action going on, as long as they were masturbating at the time. I was.

I could see that she had been cumming for a long time. There was pussy juice covering her thighs. Very sexy looking too. I liked the older pussy. But he hadn't been so lucky yet. She obviously cared a lot for him. She kept jerking and jacking and rubbing his cock.

Finally, he kissed her, and began to shoot his old man cum into the air. Although it had taken a while it was copious. Most of it landed on her still perky old titties, and her well used pussy and tummy. I couldn't help enjoying the moment by shooting my wad on her tits, also. This was my first cum of the night and it was a happy one.

I settled down in my easy chair and took in the scene. Two more lesbians were finger-fucking each other and sucking tits. This time it was a blonde and a major, long-haired brunette. It wouldn't be long until they came.

In another corner two young eighteen year-old gays were exploring each others bodies, finally homing in on the cocks and jerking each other off. Over by the oriel was a straight couple, obviously familiar to each other, probably married, but this scene brought the old sexual vibes back and she was jacking as hard as she could and he had rammed a whole fist into her cunt. They were masturbating big time.

When they both started screaming as they came it made it all worthwhile.

I had only cum once tonight. It was a slow night for me. But I looked into the kitchen nook and saw something interesting going on. A young tranny had knelt down and was jacking himself/herself off. Slowly a group of men gathered around. I knew everyone there so I knew some were straight and some were gay. But all were going to bukkake this young tranny. His/her eyes were open, No was an option. But he/she seemed to relish the attention.

There jacking off began. And this time the contest was to see who could cum on the tranny before he/she came. There must have been seven or eight cocks jerking off. Some were old, some were young, and I was one of them. I did love to rub one out.

The tranny had started first so he/she might beat us all, but we were determined to be win. I especially had a stake in this race. This was my home, and I wanted to show why we were gathered here and not somewhere else. So I jerked until it felt like I was going to bleed cum. Alas, the tranny beat us all. He/she shot up amongst us. But that didn't stop the jacking off. That was why we were there.

First a gay guy shot his wad on the tranny, the a straight guy followed, and I was third. Everyone then began shooting cum on the tranny who had a mouth wide open to take it in. I never saw so much cum in one mouth before. It was entrancing. And the tranny swallowed it all like a brave little soldier.

We had a little ritual at these gatherings. The latest additions, whatever age they might be, had to jerk off in front of everyone. Of course, we were all naked and and as sexy as it gets so it wasn't that much of a hardship.

And some of us would help by doing sexy things for them. Tonight it was an eighteen year old girl and a sixty-four year old man. Age wasn't a factor in our gatherings. The young girl started playing with her titties and pussy, the old codger started jerking his wrinkled dick.

We all tried to help them by jerking our cocks (if we had them), diddling our pussies (if we had them), and squeezing our breasts (if we had them). Obviously, some of us had more to offer! And the newbies had to come before the "meeting" ended for the night.

They had never failed the group in all the years we had met. The little girl even squirted for us. And the old guy shot his old sperm right on the girl's pussy. A lucky coincidence, much appreciated by all.

Come by and see us some time. All jack offs are welcome.

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