tagGroup SexA Very Special Massage

A Very Special Massage


"Hello, this is room 224, I'd like to make an appointment for an in-room massage."

"Of course ma'am. Ms. Anderson already has a note in to have everything set up for you. I just have a couple of questions. What time would you like?"

"7 would be good."

"Ok, and would you like one masseuse or two?"

Jeannie paused, unsure, then answered, "two".

"Very well. Thank you!"

Jeannie hung up the phone, feeling downright decadent! Her friend Jennifer had been managing this hotel off the strip in Vegas for the last couple of years, and Jeannie finally made some time for a vacation to come and visit her. The perks of an upgraded room and great service were just a bonus. Jennifer had told her she would set her up with "the total treatment" while she was out, and a double massage definitely fit the bill. How luxurious!

She had an hour until her appointment, so she walked into the cavernous bathroom, and started the water to fill the bath, pouring in some lilac bath beads. She refilled her glass of wine, and undressed. By then the bath was full enough, so she slipped into the warm scented water – ah heaven! As she lay back, resting her head, her body couldn't be much more relaxed. The warm water, along with the effects of the wine in her stomach were working their magic.

Ten minutes before her massage appointment, she pulled herself out of the tub, dried off, and wrapped herself in a fluffy, cozy robe, and stepped into her slippers. She poured a little more wine, although she was already feeling a little fuzzy, and stretched out on the comfortable couch to wait.

She almost started falling asleep, when she heard a soft knock on the door.

"Come in", she said, assuming it would be the two massage therapists.

Jeannie looked over to the door, and was surprised to see two tall men enter, one carrying a large bag, and the other with a portable massage table in his hands. She hadn't even thought of asking for females, not like it should matter. She had been worked on by a male masseuse before. But not quite that looked like that. They were both gorgeous, tall, one blond, one dark-haired. They also both had on tight t-shirts, and their bulging arm muscles made her stomach start to do flips. Wow, this was going to be interesting.

"Set up out here ok?" said the blond man.

"Sure," Jeannie said, unable to get anything else out.

The blond opened up the table and set that up. The dark-haired man set the bag on a nearby table, and opened it up, taking out a sheet and some bottles of oil. Then he walked over to the light switch on the wall, and dimmed the lights to a pale glow.

"All set," said the blond, after he placed the sheet over the massage bed. "We'll wait in the other room while you get comfortable. Please start out lying on your stomach." They stepped into the attached bedroom, and after a few seconds, Jeannie stood up and slipped out of her robe and slippers, and sat on the table. She turned to lie on her stomach, pulling the sheet over her and closing her eyes.


"Yes," Jeannie managed to squeak, and she heard the men come back in the room, quietly murmuring to each other. She sensed the men on either side of the table.

"Okay, just relax and concentrate on your breathing. Let us do the rest," the man on the right side of her said. She felt the sheet being pulled gently off her back, folded down over her hips. The rush of air on her skin caused a rash of goose bumps to pop up across her back and arms.

Two sets of warmed, oiled hands started rubbing her around her shoulder blades, and up around her upper arms and neck. The amount of skin two sets of hands could cover felt amazing, and pretty soon she couldn't even tell where each man was caressing her, it was just a blur of touching, covering her from neck to her lower back. Oh yeah, a double-massage was the right way to go!

Between the physical sensations, and the wine that had settled in her stomach, her entire body felt warm and tingly. She started to drift off, completely comfortable and weightless. At some point Jeannie felt the sheet being pushed further down her legs, and then it was gone, off the table, exposing her full naked body to the air. Those magic hands continued to work their way down, slowly, over each butt cheek, pausing there to drag finger-tips up and down, and in circles. Jeannie couldn't hold back an unconscious moan. The strong hands continued down each leg, simultaneously, squeezing and rubbing the back of the upper thighs, down to the spot just above the calf, the back of the knees, causing a tickling sensation in her stomach, and over the calf muscles to her feet.

The hands lifted momentarily, and then returned to her feet. A set of oiled hands were deeply massaging each foot, from each toe to the arch and heel. Each man started pressing on a spot somewhere around the middle of the foot, pushing hard to that location, and instantly Jeannie felt her pussy spasm, and a deep warmth start to spread out from there. The pressure continued, and it took all her willpower not to start thrusting against the table. What was happening? Oh my god, she thought, she must be so much more deprived than she thought to get so turned on from a massage.

The hands trailed back up her legs, fingers whispering over the surface. She felt hands on both thighs, gently moving her legs apart. Oh no! What if she was leaving a wet spot on the sheet under her – how embarrassing. No sooner had that thought crossed her mind, and the hands returned to her upper thighs, starting to rub the inside of her thighs, and she could feel their fingers trail over her pussy lips from the back.

She was so wet, they had to feel it. Jeannie, although highly aroused, was still in a deep state of relaxation, eyes remaining closed. The fingers became bolder, and slickened by her juices, were now fully rubbing the inside surface of the lips, and slipping inside her. Jeannie couldn't hold back a moan, stifled by the sheeted surface beneath her face. He hips started thrusting against the pressure. Then the hands pulled away, but immediately the two men, on either side, starting turning Jeannie to her back.

They started rubbing her shoulders, working downward to her breasts. Hands were caressing around each breast, cupping each mound, with a thumb on the nipples, circling and flicking each to a hard point. Then she felt mouths on her nipples, sucking, nibbling, and her breath caught in her throat.

As she felt her nipples being licked and sucked to almost painful points, she felt hands move between her thighs, still dripping wet with her juices. One hand concentrated on her clit, rubbing the throbbing flesh, and the other hand pushed three fingers inside. Her body was being attacked with overwhelming sensations, from her breasts to her soaking wet pussy.

Her head rolled back and forth, she was in complete ecstasy, every cell on fire with desire. Hips thrust up against the hands on her pussy, unable to control herself, and she felt her climax start to rise. He hips were pushed up and frozen and wave after wave swept over her, and she cried out in complete abandon, eyes opening as she gasped in pleasure.

The man at the bottom half of the table, the blond man, pulled his fingers out, covered in her juices, stepped to the bottom of the table, grabbing Jeannie's legs, and pulling her down until her legs hung over the edge. Jeannie didn't resist, her body still shaking. He reached down to unzip his jeans, and pulled out his hard aching cock. He reached up to grab her legs again, and in one swift movement, before Jeannie even knew what was happening, pulled her body against his, pushing his cock all the way inside her. The dark-haired man stood to the side of the table, one hand reaching out to caress a breast, while his other hand pushed the top of his running pants down to bring out his own cock, stroking the shaft.

The blond was fucking Jeannie hard and quick, his hands moving up to firmly hold her hips, and Jeannie automatically wrapped her legs around his ass, pulling her hips up, causing him to sink even deeper inside. She felt so full, and her clit was still swollen and aching.

The other man pulled one of Jeannie's hands over to his rigid cock, pushing her hand up and down, and when he let go of her, she continued jerking him off. His pre-cum dripped on her hand, making his cock slick under her hand. She was lost in all the feelings assaulting her, and when she felt another climax starting, the muscles inside her pussy tightened. The blond felt her pussy wrap around his cock, and spasm in orgasm. His cock froze inside her as he squirted his own juices deep inside her cunt.

He caught his breath, pulling out, his cock coated in both of their juices. As soon as he pulled out, and started moving to other side of the table, the dark-haired man pushed Jeannie's hand off his penis, and moved down to the bottom of the table, looking at her soaking wet pussy, red from the fucking she had just taken. He looked up at Jeannie, as if giving her a chance to stop him, but Jeannie was looking at the cock in his hand, even bigger than the other man's, at least 9 inches long and thick, with veins pulsing. She could feel he was well hung when she had his cock in her hand, but now looking at it, she realized she was about to be fucked by a bigger cock than she ever had before. He didn't hesitate then, but held on to her legs, pulling her fully up and off the table. She had to wrap her feet around his neck for support, and as she did, he easily slid inside her silky wet pussy. From that angle, with his larger cock, he sank so deep inside, it hurt a little, but the pleasure was overwhelming, and she started to pant and moan as he continued to thrust in and out, hard and slow.

The blond, who had already fucked her, just watched his partner while softly squeezing her breasts and nipples. Then he leaned over and kissed her. Jeannie just opened her mouth at the pressure and let his tongue inside her mouth, just as she felt herself start to come again, her body aroused to such a high level, the orgasm started and then just pounded through her. The man inside her felt her starting to clench around him, and began thrusting harder and faster until she completely was over the edge, and he let himself go, filling her with his seed.

As he softened inside her, her legs untangled from around him, and he pulled out, while the other man reached over to pick Jeannie up. She dropped her head on his shoulder, arms around his neck. She was completely spent, and could never have walked on her unsteady legs. He carried her into the bedroom, the other man moving ahead quickly to pull the cover down so she could be gently placed in the soft sheets, with the covers pulled up over her to the chest.

Each man leaned over and kissed her softly on her forehead, and the blond man said, "Jennifer arranged everything, so I hope we lived up to her expectations. And yours." Although Jeannie was already half asleep, her body needing to recover, she smiled. Jennifer knew exactly what she needed, but would never pursue herself. She owed her friend a big thank you.

"Oh yeah," she yawned, stretching her arms above her head. "But I may need one more time to make sure, so see you both back here tomorrow night?"

The two men glanced at each other smiling. "See you then," the dark-haired man said. "Get some rest, we'll let ourselves out."

Jeannie hardly heard them leave, but as she fell into a deep satisfied sleep, she was already looking forward to the next night. Getting a massage would never be the same again.

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