tagBDSMA Virgin Bride for the Master

A Virgin Bride for the Master


The year was 1877. It was my eighteenth birthday and my wedding day. I am the fourth child out of a family of five girls. I can't say that my mother, a widow of five years, was sad to have me married off. She tried her best to be what she could for us after father died. But she had never really had a hand in raising us. My parents were wealthy aristocrats. We saw mother for fleeting moments throughout the day, between her shopping excursions, visits with other ladies and evening balls and so forth. Father had always made time every morning to have breakfast with us and kiss us goodnight in the evening. This meant a lot to me. I knew how hard father worked.

After father died, his man of affairs, Mr. Avery, advised mother to stop spending, but she continued to live as she had all along. Two years ago, while walking past father's office, I heard mother crying. As I spied through the keyhole, I saw mother sitting across from Mr. Avery.

"I told you that you would not be able to live as you had. I warned you that this would happen, Mrs. Arkwright. Your husband left very little cash. Most of his money was tied up in stocks, which as you know, did not do well. But his largest investment was in your estate and the assets within. If you sell.."

"Stop. I will not sell my belongings. It has taken me a lifetime to accumulate them. I'm not about to auction off my life's work to the highest bidder."

"If you do not do something soon, your creditors may force your hand in that matter."

I was stunned. We were in dire straights. It was shortly thereafter that mother arranged for my eldest sister, Margaret, to marry. Her husband was young, handsome and one of the more wealthy men of the ton. And Margaret was happy.

The next season, it was Alice that was wed. Her husband was a dreadfully old man. Alice cried and begged mother to find someone more suitable to her age, after all, she had just turned eighteen and her husband was almost seventy. I wept for Alice. She did as she was told. Whenever I see her, she does her best to look as though she is happy. But I'm afraid that even her pregnancy has not lifted her spirits.

Sarah married that year as well. Her husband was more suitable. He was twenty nine and had already made an excellent name for himself in the financial world. He was tall and thin, rather willowy and his pock marked face left a bit to be desired, but Sarah was happy enough to not share Alice's fate.

This year it is my turn. Mother has strategically placed each one of her attractive young daughters with wealthy husbands. She cares not about their age or appearance. She has auctioned off each of us to the highest bidder. Although, I do believe that I am the luckiest one. I inherited my mother's good looks and my father's charm. My beauty is uncommon and as for my body, well, I have ample curves in all the right places. My maid has told time and again that the man who wins my hand in marriage will never let me leave the bedroom. I don't pay much attention, since I really don't know much of what husband and wives do in their secret chambers.

Until tonight that is. Mother came in to talk to be briefly about how a man and a woman "couple" as she put it. She told me that after I was in my husband's chamber, he would want me to remove my clothing. He would want to fondle me in the places I considered to be private and that I should let him. She told me that I should allow my husband to do whatever he wishes to do with my body and that I should always obey him in every matter.

The ceremony seemed to take forever. It was held in mother's garden and was terribly warm. My husband, Marshall Devon, looked dashing. Every woman sneered at me during the ceremony. They were all so envious of me. My husband is wonderfully handsome. He is thirty three years old which makes him neither too young nor too old. He is tall and carries his large, muscular frame with such confidence and poise. Men want to be him and women swoon at the sight of him. We have not had much of a courtship, but he has visited me on several occasions; always bringing me exotic flowers and chocolates.

After the ceremony, we stayed long enough for him to greet those that had attended the ceremony. He ushered me around with his hand placed at the small of my back. It was such a romantic and gentle gesture. He smelled so fresh and just being near him makes my heart flutter. Every once in a while I would sneak a look at his handsome face. When he caught me, he smiled tenderly down on my blushing face.

During the carriage ride home, Marshall slid a little closer to me. Our bodies almost touched, which was closer than I had ever been to any other man. My heart made little flips during the entire ride.

When we arrived at his house, he ordered the maid he had acquired for me to draw a bath in my chamber. The bath was wonderful. The water smelled of rose petals and orange blossoms. When I stood up, the skin on my supple body reflected the flickering light that danced in the hearth. The door clicked open and in walked my husband. Being caught off guard, I pulled my hands over my breasts to cover myself. He dismissed my maid who lowered her eyes immediately and curtsied quickly as she scurried out of the room.

"Put your hands down." He ordered in a low soothing voice. My mother's words echoed in my head. I did as he ordered.

"Step out of the bath." My toes dripped onto the rich oak floors.

"Come forward. Stop right there." At this point I began to nervously shake a little.

"Are you afraid of me?"

"No. Yes. I'm not sure."

"Pull your hair back behind you, I want to see your breasts."

While I hesitated, my face burned. But I soon did what he commanded. He sat back on a chair behind him and unbuttoned his shirt. "Open your legs."

"What?" I asked in a hushed tone.

"Do not talk unless I ask you to. Now open your legs, I wish to see your cunt."

I had never heard the word cunt before, but I knew what he meant. I stepped out to the sides so that my legs were very wide. I could feel the water from my sopping wet hair run down my backside and drip onto the floor from between my legs.

"Open yourself to me."

I looked at him quizzically. I didn't know what he meant. "Place your fingers against your cunt lips and spread them open so that I can your cunt."

I was beginning to understand. I placed my tiny fingers against myself and spread myself open for him. It was beyond humiliating.

"Slide your finger inside yourself." As I did this my face burned hotly and I began to breath heavily out of nervousness.

"Clam yourself. Walk over to me. Now place your finger in my mouth, I wish to taste you."

I could not believe what he asking, but I did as my husband commanded me. "You're very sweet. Turn around, bend over and grab your ankles."

"I silently prayed for the strength to not swoon. I turned and bent all the way over, graspiong my ankles with shaking hands. He placed his hands on my buttocks and spread them wide. I felt something warm and soft trail over the skin on my lower back. It moved down the crevice of my backside to the private place between my cheeks. I yelped as his tongue swirled there and stood up quickly. Before I could finish my gasp of breath his hands were around my waist holding me hard against him. He gripped my wrist and pulled me over to the bed. He pushed me forward onto my belly and spread my legs with his hands. The next thing I felt was the hot sting of his palm against my backside. He spanked me rather harshly several times. It stung so much that I felt a hot tear run down my face. "Do you know what you are being punished for?"

"No." I replied honestly.

"You do nothing, you say nothing, unless I, your master order it. Do you understand?"


"Yes, what?"

"What?" Another hard spanking, this time a little lower where it stung what he referred to as my cunt.

"You will call me master when we are in private chambers. Now, do you understand?"

"Yes, master."

"Good girl." He pulled me up and I stood there with my back to him. I didn't dare move at the risk of another spanking. My bottom stung sorely. He slid a silken piece of cloth over my eyes. My heart pounded wildly in chest. Then he led me over to a chest. He sat me down and fastened my ankles to the legs. He laid me back and tied my wrists as well. Then he pulled my knees wide and tied them to my wrists holding them open. I was gagged as well. The next thing I felt was cold steal against my nipples. Searing pain shot through me as my nipples were clamped hard. I whimpered out a little sound of pain and tried my best to remain silent. I felt him dragging a similar cold piece of steal down my flat belly to the place between my legs. His fingers spread me wide and the clamp came down hard on the sensitive bud that had been hidden. I could not control myself this time and cried out. "I told you to be quiet. If you cannot be quiet I will find something else to shove into your mouth. He pulled the blindfold off of my eyes. He pulled his pants down angrily and out sprung an enormous appendage. "This is my cock. Have you ever seen one of these?"

"I cried and shook my head as to communicate that I hadn't."

He pulled the gag from my mouth. "Open your mouth very wide." I did and he shoved his cock deep into my throat. I gagged and sometimes could not breathe as he forced it in and out of my mouth. He grabbed either side of head and leveraged himself so as to have more control over my mouth. He spurted warm liquid into my mouth and told me to swallow it. I did. He stood up and dressed himself. "You will stay here until I come back for you." With that he walked over to the dresser and picked up a small rounded rod. He came back over to me and held it up for me to see while he rubbed it with cream. He then trailed it over my cunt down to the small opening of my backside and slowly and agonizingly pushed it inside me. He replaced the blindfold and walked out of the room, locking the door behind him.

I laid there for what seemed like hours. After a while, my body adjusted to the rod in bottom. But the clamps on my nipples and my swollen little bud pinched profusely whenever I tried to move. Finally my husband returned. I heard him walk into the room but I also heard a small female gasp. "Be quiet." He commanded with an irrevocable air of confidence. "Take off your clothes." I could hear linens rustling and falling silently onto the floor. My husband once again removed the blindfold from my eyes. There stood my maid, Chelsea, naked and almost in tears. "Come here." He commanded her. She walked over to him. Chelsea was about my age. She was pretty and we had very similar body types. But she was scared, so scared I could see her trembling. "You are my wife's maid and you will service us however I see fit. Now stand over face." Chelsea looked horrified. My husband reached around and slapped her hard on her backside as well. He grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her over. He pushed her legs open and positioned her cunt directly over my mouth. "Squat servant." He commanded. Chelsea did as he said. Her soft lips pushed against my mouth. "Take her into your mouth wife." I did. I could hear Chelsea whimpering. "Suck on her clit, the firm little pearl between her legs. Suck it as if your were a babe at a mother's teat." I did what he demanded. After a few moments Chelsea's whimpering subsided and was replaced with soft moans. Her hips began to slide to and fro over my mouth. "Stick your tongue into her cunt." I did everything he told me to do, just as mother said.

My husband unlatched the clip on my cunt. "Now you, servant, lean forward and take her clit into your mouth." As I sucked, pulled and plunged my tongue into Chelsea's cunt, she took me into her mouth. The feeling was frightening at first. But then I thought about how Chelsea seemed to like it after a few moments. I too soon began to feel a strange satisfaction from the warm softness of her mouth. I felt a foreign feeling of pleasure that I had never felt before and yet a terrible emptiness between my legs. My husband, who had been kneading and pulling at his cock while he watched the two us, positioned himself between my legs. I could feel the hard velvet skin of his rod pushing against my maidenhead. "Now wife, I am going to shove my cock into your cunt. I can see that your pussy is dripping wanton fluids. You are a slut, a whore, just as I suspected. I will fuck your little whore cunt and you will take it no matter how much it hurts. Do you understand?" I tired to answer but the soft wet folds of flesh the covered my mouth muffled my answer. I felt him push hard against me. I knew then that it was going to be very painful. He pushed harder and I felt myself tear. He held my hips and with one quick thrust, pushed so deeply into me I thought he had torn through into my stomach. I screamed into Chelsea's cunt. "Shut up you fucking whore and take your husband's cock." He was not gentle at all. He thrust his cock deep inside me again and again. Over and over he was pushing my body back and forth so hard that my breast bounced up and down. All the while, the rod that was firmly embedded in my backside was being thrusted upon as well. But Chelsea's sucking also became harder and the feeling of pleasure began to outweigh the pain. The pain in my cunt began to subside and the feeling of being filled with his cock became pleasurable. The pleasure continued to mount. I could feel something was about to happen. I wanted it to happen, I needed it to happen. I was writhing and wiggling my hips into my husband's cock, trying to take more of it. He reached down and pushed and pulled at the rod lodged in my ass. My mouth suckled at Chelsea's cunt. Until all at once something exploded inside. It was a feeling so fantastical I do not have the words to describe such pleasure and bliss. I felt a quivering in the flesh of Chelsea's cunt and a small gush fluid entered my mouth. Then, while my husband forcefully pounded into my swollen pulsating pussy, he too released a stream fluid into me. He pumped it into me relentlessly as if he wished it seated deep inside me. His legs gave way to the weight of his large frame and he knelt on the floor while he rested his head on thigh. Chelsea pulled herself off of me and sat silently slumped on the floor as well. I waited to be released, but he did not move. He looked at Chelsea. "Get dressed and get out." She did as he said.

"You wife, are a little slut. You will stay here and wait for my cock. You will receive my come several times a day over the next several weeks until you become accustom to the size of it. Upon my return, I am going to stick my cock in your ass and we shall see how much like that!" He slapped the swollen flesh between my legs which me yelp again.

I lay there again for what seemed like hours once more. This time he retuned with his male servant. He released me from my bindings and made me sit on his cock. At first he bounced me up and down, his cock in my swollen throbbing pussy. But then he did shove his immense cock into my very tiny asshole. The pain was unreal. I begged him to stop, but he paid no mind to my pleadings. His man knelt before me and thrust his cock into my pussy. The two cocks inside me spread me impossibly wide. His man thrust into me while pinching and pulling at my tender nipples that were still held in their vices. I cried and sobbed, but wave after wave of ecstasy took me again and again. They continued the assault me into the early morning hours. After which, he tied me to the bed and told Chelsea to clean and feed me. Chelsea was so kind. She wiped the blood tinged seamen from my cunt. Then she hand fed my dinner as I was unable to feed myself due to my bindings. I slept although I do not know how long, for he keeps the curtains drawn so that I have no sense of time. My husband and his man have both come into my room. It seemed they both enjoy placing their cocks in my mouth and then emptying themselves there.

I am tied to the bed and the clip on my clitoris has been refastened which means that he will come again for me soon.

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