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A Virgin No More


Bobby Williams had just graduated from high school and turned 18 years old two days later. That summer he applied for a job at the local store in the garden department. His job would involve caring for the plants and flowers as well as assisting customers with heavy items. Because there would be heavy lifting involved, Bobby was required to have a physical exam. He scheduled an appointment with the doctor who handled all of the company's physicals.

Bobby was somewhat shy and he was still naïve when it came to sex. He had had a few dates while in high school but they never involved any sexual activity. He was still a virgin and his only experience with sex was masturbation. What most people didn't know about Bobby was that he was blessed with a nice size cock, especially for his stature. Bobby was 5'7" tall, weighed 150 pounds and his body was virtually hairless and his skin was flawless. He had blonde hair with blue eyes and he was a very fit young man. His cock when hard measured just over eight inches long and five inches around. Bobby liked his cock. He liked playing with it and jerking off.

Bobby could cum in buckets. He often jerked off fantasizing about sex and he would shoot his cum into the air. Six or seven streams of cum would shoot out of his cock and land on his head, neck, chest, abs and pubes. Bobby would then rub his cum into his body and let it dry on his body. He could also cum four or five times a day as he had a seemingly endless supply of semen.

Bobby's appointment was with a young doctor named Jeff Vogel an internist and family physician. Dr. Vogel was new to the area and he had just started his practice. He was aggressive about getting business and he had offered many of the businesses in the area very low fees for his services. As a result he landed contracts to provide pre-employment physical examinations and annual physical checkups for several of the area businesses. Jeff was a good looking young man at 30 years of age. He stood at 6'2" and weighed 190 pounds. He was an avid tennis player and played three or four times a week. Jeff was in excellent shape and he took pride in his appearance. Jeff considered himself bisexual as he enjoyed sex with both male and female partners.

The day of Bobby's physical check-up, Jeff checked his schedule and noticed that Bobby was his last patient of the day. Dr. Vogel always preferred to do physicals at the end of the day just in case they ran over a little. That way he didn't keep his other patients waiting. Dr. Vogel entered the exam room and introduced himself to Bobby. The nurse Sandy had already taken Bobby's pulse and blood pressure.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Vogel but please call me Jeff."

"I'm Bobby Williams."

"Well Bobby it's nice to meet you. Let's go over some medical history and then we'll get started, okay."


Jeff Vogel went over Bobby's medical history and then he had Bobby provide a urine sample. Dr. Vogel's nurse came back in and drew blood from Bobby's arm. Bobby thought it was strange that Dr. Vogel had a male nurse. Bobby had assumed that all nurses were female.

Sandy then told Bobby to take off his clothes and put on a gown. "You slip your arms through in the front and it ties behind you. Go ahead and get ready and the doctor will be right back."

Sandy stepped out of the exam room and Bobby changed into the gown. He felt strange being naked and he was actually a little turned on. Bobby always got excited when he was naked and he always got an erection. Today was no exception as he felt his cock harden beneath the gown. Bobby was embarrassed that his cock was still hard when Dr. Vogel returned. Jeff Vogel spotted Bobby's erection as it pushed out the gown and he smiled.

"A horny little fucker and with a big cock to boot," Jeff thought to himself and decided to have some fun with Bobby.

Jeff checked all of Bobby's vital signs, breathing and reflexes. He touched Bobby lightly as he checked him out and Bobby was incredibly turned on. Bobby had never have anyone touch him so often and so tenderly before. Dr. Vogel checked Bobby's mouth, ears, eyes, and throat.

"Everything is looking good Bobby. Now I need to check you for a hernia and I need to check you testicles and prostate. Stand up please."

Bobby stood up in front of the exam table and his erect cock pushed the gown straight out. Bobby blushed and turned beet red at his predicament. Dr. Vogel acted as if it was perfectly normal for Bobby to have an erection. When he touched Bobby's genitals, Bobby thought that he would cum on the spot. Jeff felt the young man's testicles and took his time handling Bobby's sac. Bobby's sac tightened like a drum and he let out a soft moan.

"It's quite all right Bobby. It is very natural for a young man to get frequent erections."

Bobby had his eyes closed as Jeff handled him and he tried to think of other things in hoped that his erection would subside. Jeff, however intentionally kept Bobby aroused.

"Okay it's time to check your prostate," Jeff announced.

He told Bobby to turn and face the exam table. Bobby did as he was told and then he watched as Jeff put on a rubber glove and squirted some lubricant on his finger. Jeff then told bobby to lean forward over the table and to relax. Bobby felt a slippery finger probe his anus and then enter his asshole. Bobby gasped at the penetration. Bobby really didn't need a prostate exam but Jeff just couldn't resist fingering the young man's tight shapely ass. Jeff wormed his finger around in Bobby's ass and Bobby's cock became harder than ever.

Jeff eventually removed his finger from Bobby's asshole but Bobby still felt the sensation from the intrusion. Bobby then almost fainted when Jeff took hold of Bobby's cock. Bobby realized then that the doctor had moved his glove and he stroked Bobby with his bare hand.

"I think that you could use some help with this," Jeff said as he slowly stroked Bobby's throbbing cock.

Jeff then untied Bobby's gown and let it fall to the floor in front of him. Bobby was standing naked over the exam table as Jeff stroked Bobby's cock. Bobby had never felt so hard in his life and he thought that at any minute he would shoot cum all over the exam room. Jeff sensed that Bobby was close and he put his finger back in Bobby's asshole except this time he didn't bother with a glove. Bobby flinched and then tensed as the finger explored his anus and rectum again.

"Oh, I'm going to cum!" Bobby screamed and then cum flew out of his cock.

Jeff watched as Bobby's cum flew out and landed on the exam table. The first three spurts must have traveled three to four feet. The next two streams landed midway on the table and then two more gobs landed on the edge of the exam table. Jeff loved the feeling of cum traveling through Bobby's cock as the shaft throbbed and pulsed in Jeff's hand. Jeff looked at the exam table and the paper sheet covering the table was drenched with semen.

Bobby stood there as Jeff still held on to the teen's impressive cock. Bobby remained hard and Jeff smiled as he thought about the recuperative powers of teenagers. Jeff decided that Bobby had enough for one day and Jeff would bring Bobby back for a follow-up visit.

"Bobby you can get cleaned up and dressed now. I'll give you an appointment card for your next visit," Jeff told him.

"I messed up your table," Bobby replied in a whisper.

"That's okay, that's why there is a paper sheet on it. Sandy will clean it up," Jeff told him.

Bobby used the bathroom to wipe off his cock and to wipe the lubricant off his ass. Bobby still had the sensation of the anal penetration in his ass. He dressed and then left the exam room. Sandy unlocked the office door and let Bobby out. Bobby headed home very confused about the incident in the doctor's office. He knew it was wrong to let someone stroke his cock and finger his ass but he had to admit it was kind of exciting.

Sandy cleaned up the exam room after bobby left and he was still in the room when Jeff returned. "My God that kid shot a gallon of cum on the table!" Sandy exclaimed.

"I know, you should have seen it. I didn't think he was going to ever stop cumming. I think we have a potential convert," Jeff said.

"Oh yummy, I like them young like that," Sandy replied licking his lips.

"Yeah, well right now I need some attention. That scene was really a turn-on," Jeff stated.

"Do you want me to take off my clothes?" Sandy asked.

"No, just suck me for now and then we'll go to my house," Jeff replied.

Sandy dropped to his knees in front of Jeff and unfastened Jeff's pants. Sandy pushed Jeff's pants along with the underwear down to Jeff's knees. Jeff was rock hard and Sandy lovingly grasped the 8" cock. Sandy then took the cock in his mouth and proceeded to suck Jeff off.

Sandy was a very good cocksucker and in no time he had Jeff ready to blow his load. Jeff tried to prolong his orgasm as long as he could. Sandy knelt on the floor and drew Jeff in toward him. Sandy caressed the back of Jeff's legs and cheeks of Jeff's ass as his warm, wet, wonderful mouth sucked on Jeff's cock. Sandy massaged the head of Jeff's cock against the roof of his mouth. He circled Jeff's cock with his tongue and Jeff felt the light scraping of Sandy's teeth. Jeff's knew he was going to shoot soon.

Sandy took Jeff's cock out of his mouth and looked up at him as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged Jeff's bloated balls. Sandy loved to suck Jeff's cock and he loved to tease him as well. Sandy then put the cock back in his mouth to wet it and then took it out again and blew on it as his fingers continually massaged Jeff's balls. Sandy tickled the cock head with his tongue and teased Jeff's pee slit. Sandy teased Jeff relentlessly. Sandy seemed to know when Jeff was getting close, and he would do things to make Jeff last longer, torturing him in the process.

Sandy looked up at Jeff and smiled as he stroked the slick cock. Sandy then took Jeff's cock all the way into his warm wet mouth. He swirled his tongue around the length of the shaft, nibbled on the cock head and sucked Jeff hard. Sandy reached under Jeff's balls and rubbed the hardness between his balls and anus. Jeff felt his cock thicken and he knew he was going to cum. There was no stopping Jeff from cumming this time.

Sandy grabbed Jeff's ass cheeks with both hands as Jeff exploded in Sandy's mouth. Jeff fired round after round of cum into Sandy's mouth and Sandy sucked and swallowed as fast as he could. Rope after rope of semen shot into Sandy's mouth as Jeff seemed to have an enormous supply. Finally the barrage subsided and the remaining cum just oozed into Sandy's mouth. Sandy sucked on the thick firm cock until he had drained every drop from Jeff's dick.

Sandy wished that Jeff would just take him at that moment. Sandy visualized being pressed down on the exam table with his pants around his knees as Jeff drilled Sandy's asshole. But Sandy had to be patient and he knew that once they were at Jeff's house, Jeff would fuck him senseless. Jeff pulled up his pants and then the two of them closed up and left the office.


When they reached Jeff's house, they wasted no time in stripping off their clothes and getting in bed. Sandy was built very similar to Bobby as they were about the same height and weight. Sandy's ass was deliciously round and very fuckable. Sandy's cock was more in the normal range between 6 and 7 inches and it was not as thick as either Jeff's or Bobby's cocks. Jeff lubricated Sandy's ass thoroughly in preparation for anal sex. Sandy loved the feeling of Jeff's fingers as Jeff worked them in and out of Sandy's asshole. Then Jeff knelt behind Sandy and he began to caress his nurse's beautiful ass. Sandy's body was delicate, hairless and flawless. Jeff couldn't believe how much Sandy looked like a girl from behind with his shapely curvy ass in the air and then he remembered that Bobby looked the same way. As he sawed his fingers in and out of Sandy's anus Jeff was getting turned on by the thought of burying his cock in the shapely ass. He moved closer to Sandy and lined up the head of his cock with Sandy's anal opening and began to ease it into to him.

Jeff spat on his hand and rubbed his saliva all over his cock which made it very slick when combined with the lotion. Jeff's cock head cleared Sandy's sphincter and it slid right in without resistance. Sandy's ass chute was warm and tight as Jeff went deep into him. If Sandy ever felt any pain he never let on that he did. Jeff was all the way in Sandy's ass and he started a slow fucking motion. Jeff continued to pump Sandy's ass with deep, long, deliberate thrusts as he caressed the smooth round ass.

Sandy asked Jeff to fuck him harder and quicker. So Jeff picked up the pace and he started pounding Sandy's ass faster and faster. Jeff's balls started bouncing off of his Sandy's balls and Sandy was moaning with each thrust of cock. Jeff could feel his climax building and he knew that any moment he would shoot his seed in Sandy's ass. Jeff tried to make it last as long as possible but once Sandy started to contract his anal muscles Jeff lost it.

Jeff fired a barrage of cum in his nurse's ass filling it to overflowing. As he continued to fuck Sandy, Jeff's cum backed up in Sandy's rectum and began to ooze out flowing over their balls. Sandy used his talented anal muscles to milk Jeff's cock and drain it of all his seed. Jeff didn't think that his cock would ever be soft again as he remained hard in Sandy's tight sheath. Sandy's milking action weakened him and Jeff collapsed on top of Sandy's body.

Sandy flattened out on the bed with Jeff on top and Jeff's cock still in his Sandy's ass. Jeff rolled off of him and his hard cock slipped from Sandy's ass. Sandy rolled to his back and spread his legs lifting his knees to his chest.

"Fuck me again," he begged.

Jeff moved between Sandy's legs much like he would fuck a woman and lined up his still erect cock with his nurse's asshole. Sandy was also as hard as a rock and his beautiful cock pointed toward his head. Jeff pressed slightly forward and his cock moved into Sandy's hot ass again. Sandy's ass actually pulled Jeff inside and the cock went all the way into Sandy's ass as Jeff's balls rested on Sandy's ass.

"God, that feels so good, love me, fuck me," Sandy cried out.

Sandy's ass lifted off the bed and Jeff's cock was fully embedded in it. Jeff pulled back a little and pushed forward. Sandy groaned as Jeff began to slowly fuck him, each time taking a longer stroke. Jeff's cock head would come out to the edge of Sandy's asshole before he pushed it back in. Their fucking was making a sucking sound. Each time Jeff's balls slammed against his nurse's ass, his body and Sandy's ass made a wet slapping sound.

Jeff was so fucking hot that he crammed his cock fully into Sandy. Sandy held Jeff's cock and massaged it with his anal muscles; Jeff knew he was not going to last very long even though he had already cum. Sandy humped up against Jeff fucking him back as Jeff fucked him. Their room smelled of sex and sweat. Jeff reached down to stroke Sandy's cock but Sandy grabbed his wrist.

"No, I want to cum just from you fucking me," he said and pushed the hand away, "Just keep fucking me."

Jeff took slow long strokes in and out of his nurse's ass as Sandy pushed up into him more and more. Soon Sandy took control and just fucked Jeff's cock. Jeff let Sandy fuck him with his ass muscles. Jeff's actions became more erratic and his thrusts shorter and more powerful. Sandy was grunting as Jeff's cock slid in and out of his hot ass. Soon Jeff's cock was barely staying in Sandy's ass. Then Sandy slowed down and let the cock just press against his prostate. Sandy announced that he was cumming. Jeff felt Sandy's cum shoot between their bodies covering their chests and abs and then oozing out around their pubes. That set Jeff off and he began to pound his cock in and out of Sandy's hole. Jeff slammed his cock into his nurse's loose wet hole and he felt his balls tighten again. Jeff pressed deep into him and his seed filled his nurse's ass.

"Yes cum in my ass again. Oh I feel it, I feel your hot juice," Sandy groaned.

Jeff pulled, pushed and cum spurted into Sandy making his hole wetter and warmer as Jeff's cock easily slid in. Jeff continued fucking him until his legs were weak and he stopped cumming. Jeff's cock slipped from Sandy's ass as they cuddled and Sandy stroked Jeff's exhausted body.

"I love fucking you. I love your ass," Jeff whispered into his ear.

"Jeff, can I stay overnight this time?" Sandy begged.

"Sandy, you know the rules. I don't let anyone stay over. You know the neighbors," Jeff told him.

"I know but I just wanted to be with you and have you wake up with me in the morning," Sandy said in an obvious tone of disappointment.

"I'll tell you what, this Friday we will go to your place and I will stay overnight with you then," Jeff offered.

Sandy just nodded in agreement but he was still disappointed that he couldn't stay at Jeff's that night. Several minutes passed and then they took a shower together. In the shower Jeff jerked Sandy's cock until Sandy came and sprayed cum on the shower wall. Jeff liked watching Sandy cum and he liked the feel of cum traveling through the shaft of Sandy's cock. After the shower Sandy dressed and left. Jeff kicked back and turned on the TV and as he watched TV he thought about Bobby. Jeff then began to plan for Bobby's next visit to the office.

In a different part of town, Bobby was in bed with his shorts down around his knees. He was masturbating as he thought about that afternoon. He was still confused as to why he got so excited with a finger in his ass. Bobby had enjoyed being jerked off by Jeff and he hoped that on his return visit it would happen again. As Bobby jerked on his cock he had the urge to put something in his ass. He got some Vaseline from the bathroom and then he fingered his asshole as he masturbated. Bobby closed his eyes and fantasized about being finger fucked and jerked off by the doctor. Then he felt the familiar tingle in his loins just before he came. Bobby jerked his cock faster and then he let loose. Cum flew out of his cock and shot past his head hitting the headboard, then cum landed on his chest and abs before finally gathering on his pubes.

Bobby stroked his cock slowly as he recovered from a very intense orgasm. He rubbed his semen into his body spreading it around and then let it dry on him. The room smelled of sex as did Bobby's hand. He then realized that he still had his finger in his ass so he pulled it out. He lay in bed thinking about what he had learned that day and he knew that from now on he would jerk off with a finger in his asshole. Bobby had a difficult time shaking the memory of the doctor visit and he masturbated one more time that night before finally falling asleep.


A few days later Bobby was contacted for his follow-up visit to Dr. Vogel's office. He was scheduled to be the last appointment of the day so that there would be no interruptions. Sandy came into the waiting room and told Bobby to follow him to the exam room. Bobby noticed that Sandy locked the front door before escorting him to the exam room.

"Take off all your clothes and put on the gown if you Like," Sandy instructed Bobby and then left the room.

Bobby stripped off all his clothes and he thought about what Sandy said. Bobby decided to put the gown on although he hoped that it wouldn't stay on for long. He slipped his arms through the front of the gown but he opted not to tie it behind him. Bobby sat on the exam table waiting for Dr. Vogel and he got an erection just from thinking about what might happen that day. Dr. Jeff Vogel entered the examination room and smiled at Bobby.

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