tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Virtual Temptress Ch. 04

A Virtual Temptress Ch. 04


Dan felt spent and empty, but was oddly comfortable and unworried. Gentle warmth flowed through him as a pink fog settled in at the edges of his vision.

Passive Ability: Mark of the Succubus

-Energy +

-Semen production ++

-Orgasm addiction

-Orgasm lock

-Succubi magic vulnerability +++

Dan read the message twice, but his mind couldn't focus long enough to process everything. Abilities weren't supposed to have negative effects. And what did "semen production" mean, exactly? He looked up at the woman sitting next to him, brow furrowed, and struggled to voice a question.

"Poor boy. It's so difficult to think, isn't it?" she asked, looking at him in concern. Dan nodded slowly. "Shh, it's alright darling, I'll take care of that for you. The mark helps you serve me better, Daniel, that's all you need to know. You just rest as long as you like before you return to your own world, then come and find me when you're ready."

As she left Dan's vision, exhaustion overwhelmed him. He saw the automatic log-out counter begin as his eyes closed. He woke briefly upon exiting the VR construct, then fell asleep still wearing the helmet.


Dan woke up to his second alarm. Irritated, dehydrated, head pounding, he rolled off the bed, set his headset on the nightstand, and silenced his phone. 8:45, no time to eat or shower before class. Ugh.

He dozed through Calc and daydreamed through American History. It was so irritating that she'd gotten him again, and so thoroughly. What had that mark even been? It was bullshit, he mused, that she'd been in town at all, much less able to hit him with some kind of permanent debuff. He'd write an e-mail to the devs. Maybe tomorrow, after he'd gotten some homework done.

His text tone went off as he got back to his apartment. Jimmy was asking to hang out tonight. Dan sent back "Sorry, homework," before making himself a sandwich. He didn't have the time or energy, and Jimmy would probably want to play Saga anyway.

Maybe she was a player? There were rumors of secret, unique classes, though no one on the forums had ever posted proof. But she'd talked about having trouble entering towns, and she hadn't been flagged as a player either. The alternative was equally unlikely, and much more concerning. The AI for Saga Online was incredible, cutting-edge even, but there was no indication it extended this far. Lifelike as the NPCs were, Dan had never heard of one acting anything like this.

Glitch? Virus? Rogue developer, secretly inserting a sex demon into the game, unnoticed by anyone else? Everything seemed ridiculous, far-fetched. She did seem to follow the game's rules, if in an odd, rule-breaking sort of way. There was a pattern to how her powers worked, some kind of limitation. She seemed to be avoiding interaction with other players, from what she'd said. Maybe she was afraid of being discovered? Would someone else be able to resist her, or was she being over cautious? What was her plan, anyway? Boss-type monsters in Saga Online were able to execute fairly complex, long-term plans, like recruiting a group of bandits and raiding farms for supplies. Presumably she had something in mind beyond messing with his head.

He wanted to log back in and do some in-game research, maybe check the Floating Library for advanced texts on demons that other players hadn't bothered looking up. But he really didn't have time, not to do a good job of it and still complete his homework for the next couple of days. He'd probably need to go over the slides for today's classes online, given how little attention he'd paid in class. Plus, he was right in her clutches if he logged back in - what good would it do him? You were limited to one character in Saga Online, for safety purposes: switching into a third body type could cause migraines, hallucinations and other mental issues, apparently. And the accounts were too expensive for him to buy a second one.

What if he submitted a stuck character report? Dan sat down at his computer and pulled up the help screen for Saga Online. It would probably take a day for them to handle it, but glitched or stuck characters could be teleported back to the nearest waypoint. It would solve Blaize's most immediate problem, at least. Dan submitted the request, feeling mildly satisfied.

Should he file the bug report, while he was here? It would take more time to write, certainly. And he'd have to find a way to describe what had happened, while avoiding a lot of... details. Images of Lexi undoing her top fluttered into his mind, and Dan lost his train of thought. What had he been doing? He needed to get his homework done, he could jerk off later. He tried to wave the thought away, but it was persistent. He couldn't help but recall her looking up at him, sliding his cock between her breasts.

Damn, he was doing it again! He pulled up his Calc syllabus and started into his homework, but found it difficult to concentrate. Before he was halfway done, Dan realized that he was fondling himself through his jeans. He went to the sink and splashed water on his face, which brought him back to reality and allowed him to finish the assignment. Still, recurring thoughts of the night before kept coming unbidden to mind.

How was this even happening? Sure, she'd done some sort of magic to his character. In the game. That was weird, and certainly not normal, but it wasn't real, right? Alright, yes, Lexi was really, really hot, and the things she'd done to him... they were worth thinking about, sure. Dan hadn't had a girlfriend in two years, so maybe that was why he kept obsessing over this. Still, it wasn't like she was an actual person - just an (admittedly very attractive) piece of code.

The history reading was a struggle, but at least that was nothing new. Dan took some half-hearted notes as he went through, retaining very little, trying unsuccessfully to avoid thinking about how arousing it had been to touch himself while she'd told him what to do. And the pleasure of being drained... it was indescribable. Knowing what she was taking from him somehow made it sexier, more arousing to think about. Even when she stopped, he'd wanted to give her more.

Without realizing it, Dan had somehow unzipped his jeans, and was caressing himself through his boxers. He stumbled into his bedroom, shoved a bag of unfolded laundry off the bed, and settled himself onto his pillow. His head was filled with visions of the succubus' breasts swaying as she walked, skirt barely covering her plump ass. The way she looked at him, spoke to him, knowing he'd fight back and knowing he'd lose. He squirted baby oil onto his hand and began moving eagerly along his shaft as he imagined her lips around his cock, coaxing him to cum over and over.

Dan found himself slowing down, edging meticulously, unsure why but knowing it was what he needed to do. He teased the head with thumb and forefinger, then stopped a while before continuing. Half an hour later his cock throbbed and trembled as he brought himself to the edge, this time stroking at an even pace as he brought himself over the brink. His body trembled, precum dribbling from the tip, hips pushing into the air... then nothing. Dan gripped himself harder, stroked faster, building himself back up to the orgasm he was so close to, but again with no result. After three more tries he lay on his bed sweaty and exhausted, his hard cock red and aching. Nothing seemed to work.

Had it been something he'd ate? That didn't really make sense. He wasn't on any medication, and the only thing he'd eaten all day was a turkey sandwich. In the back of his mind, Dan wondered if it might be related to what had happened the other night, but he tried not to think about it. He was just too worked up, or something. He cleaned himself off, pulled up his boxers, and started playing an action movie on his computer. He couldn't quite zip up his jeans, though, which made his problem more obvious despite the attempt to distract himself.

It took another hour for his erection to subside, and then only partially. Frustrated and unable to focus on anything else, Dan decided to go to sleep early. He was probably just over-tired. Or something. It took another hour for him to fall asleep, hands under his pillow to avoid touching himself absentmindedly.

Dan woke to dawn spilling through his blinds as he ground his body against the bed. He was painfully erect, grunting incoherently as his sleep-addled brain attempted to get itself together. Dan pulled his pillow beneath himself and began humping against it, desperate for release but unable to find it. Grunts turned to whimpers as he masturbated, desperately and to no effect besides a small wet spot on his boxers and his swollen ache in his balls. Eventually he rolled onto his back and flung the pillow across the room, knocking over his trash can and spilling crumpled papers onto the floor.

"It's not fair," Dan muttered. "It doesn't even make sense, that's not how this works, it's just a game." He stood up and walked over to the bathroom, stripping off his clothes as he went, and flipped on the shower. Dan felt the temperature with his hand, then winced and shuddered as he stepped into the icy water. It helped, at least a little. By the time he was done Dan was back to half-mast, and able to think about something besides how badly he wanted to masturbate.

It could be worse, Dan thought to himself. At least he didn't live with a roommate.

He managed to get through a bowl of cereal without thinking about her, but it all came back as he was pulling his sweatpants. The way her breasts had pressed against her outfit, her bracelets tinkling as she'd brushed her hair from her face...

A run would clear his mind, Dan decided. He could make a doctor's appointment when he got back. Though how that conversation would go, he couldn't really imagine. But the run turned to a jog, and then to a walk. He was too distracted for anything else, and kept tripping over his feet thinking about the taste of her body and the smell of her hair.

A pair of girls his age smiled at Dan as they jogged toward him. He waved awkwardly, forcing a smile. One of them glanced downward as they passed and smirked at him. She murmured something, and both women giggled. Dan felt his face flush, realizing that his cock was straining against his pants. He went home by the quickest route.

Back at the apartment he roused his computer from sleep mode and checked his mail. The help team had responded, at least, and his character had been moved to Greenway Square. Should he log in? No, he had class in a little over an hour, there wasn't time to do anything. And he'd done his morning routine out of order, so he needed to clean himself up as well as calm himself down.

But an hour later, things were no better. Dan kept fantasizing about her, he just couldn't help it. Soon he was back on his bed, cock in hand, thinking about the way Lexi's breasts had moved as she'd walked towards him. He could almost hear her voice, urging him to touch himself, to stroke for her.

He didn't remember putting on his VR gear, but he must have at some point. His body phased in, standing on the emerald grass of Greenway Square. Dan realized he was wearing nothing except for his pants, and hastily re-equipped his shirt, boots, and mage's robes.

The pink haze from before was still there, and Dan realized to his horror that he was still hard. If possible, it was worse than it had been in the real world. He strode furtively into an alley and pulled up his waistband, revealing his swollen cock. Damn it, when would this end?

Would a remove curse spell help, he wondered? He headed down High Street, alternately scanning his map and the signs, eventually spotting a brightly painted sign that read, "The Enchanter's Emporium." Dan pushed his way inside, ducked under a stuffed albatross, and looked around. There was an elderly woman standing behind a desk, eyeing him speculatively.

"What do you require?" she croaked.

"Uh." Dan paused. "I need a curse removed." The woman continued to stare. "It's from a monster. A, uh. A demon. Put it on me." Another pause. "Could you, you know, remove it?"

The woman shook her head. "Demonic curses are beyond my specialty," she said. "You'd have to find a scroll for that kind of work, and they're rare. Haelstrom's Seventh Unbinding would do the trick, probably. But good luck finding one, as I said." She pursed her lips. "How did it happen? You don't seem seasoned enough to be fighting Vexing Demons, I hope you don't mind me saying."

Dan froze. "Well. It's complicated, I guess." The old woman squinted at him, opening her mouth to speak. Dan fled out the door, knocking over the albatross in a clatter of dusty feathers. He stood outside, collecting himself while he looked around, and noticed the sign for the Crooked Kettle.

Dan was halfway across the street before he realized where he was going, and even then he found himself unable to stop. He pulled open the door and scanned the crowd, which was light since it was still morning. She wasn't there. Dan slowly exhaled the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. Stupid, to think she'd be there.

Wait, he didn't want to run into her - that was just what he was trying to avoid. What had his plan been? He'd been planning to do research in some archive or library. Why couldn't he remember? Dan realized that the patrons were staring at him as he stood in the doorway. He closed the door and walked back into the street.

His thoughts were muddy, slipping away from him each time he tried to organize them. The throbbing of his cock was a constant distraction, and his balls felt tense and heavy. It occurred to Dan that he needed someone to help him with that. If he asked, maybe she would let him cum for her. He felt himself trembling with excitement, arousal overshadowing rationality. But where was she? It was important that Dan find her. He needed her to touch him, to tell him what to do.

He wandered through street after street, unable to remember the turns they had taken. He was close, he knew, but each door looked unfamiliar. At last he stumbled across a red door leading to a two-story townhouse, and felt himself drawn to it. He knocked twice, shaking with anticipation. After a minute he knocked again. No answer. He leaned his arm and forehead against the door, breath growing ragged. What if she wasn't there? Dan had to find her, but where could he go next? A moment later the door unlatched. Dan fell in a heap on the floor, sluggishly attempting to reorient himself as it closed behind him.

Lexi was wearing black panties and thin black crop top that hung delicately off her breasts, offering a stunning view from below. She smiled beatifically down at him, a vision of poise and grace.

Dan's breathing and heart-rate slowed. He could hear his blood pounding in his ears. He met her eyes, smiling vacantly. "I, um," he stammered, struggling to marshal his thoughts and failing. "I, would you..." His gaze fell to her chest, mouth hanging open as he lay on the ground and stared.

Lexi ran her hands down her breasts, enjoying the moment as Dan struggled to find his voice. "What was that, Daniel?"

Dan blinked rapidly. "I need to cum for you," he breathed. "Please, would you let me cum for you?"

She brought her foot between his legs, pressing down gently on his erection. "No, I don't think so," she said. Pleasure rippled through Daniel as she teased slowly through his clothing. "You ran way, and tried to remove my mark. I don't think you deserve me, Daniel." She pulled her foot back, watching with amusement as Dan humped the air desperately.

Lexi turned and walked further into the house, hips swaying enchantingly as she moved. Dan struggled to his knees, tripping over his robes. He crawled after her, barely noticing the rich furnishings around him. The walls were adorned with a tasteful array of paintings and the occasional sculpture, and the floor was covered with Persian rugs of complementing colors. The curtains were drawn, and the room was lit by a pair of polished brass oil lamps made to resemble dragons. The succubus sat primly on patterned white couch, crossing her legs and looking down at the man crouched in front of her.

"Why don't you touch yourself for me, Daniel. Show me how much you need it." Dan pulled his pants down and hiked his robe up, eagerly seizing his cock. He began to stroke slowly, eyes never wavering from the woman in front of him.

Lexi watched him for a moment, then walked over to sit at a writing desk. Dan continued with deliberate motions, watching as she pulled out pen and ink and began to write. "A little faster," she said, not looking up from her work. Dan picked up his pace, struggling to contain himself. "Faster," she said again, and Dan moaned with pent-up pleasure as his hand worked up and down his shaft.

"Stop," she said, re-dipping her pen. Dan dropped his hand, body shaking with need as he stared at her in undisguised longing. Lexi wrote another line, cleaned her pen, then tucked the paper into an envelope and sealed it with wax.

"Such an obedient pet," she said, turning to him. "And you've saved up so much cum for me, haven't you Daniel?" He nodded quickly. "Perhaps you could earn your reward. Would you like that?" Another nod. "Good boy. If you do everything I tell you, I'll touch that slutty cock of yours, and drain it just like you asked." Dan whined with excitement. "Wait by the door," she said. "I'll be down when I'm dressed, and we can begin."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/30/19


I would like the idea of this AI demoness having weaknesses and needing his help to avoid monster hunters or programmers trying to remove her from the game moreso than her turning him into a babbling messmore...

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by QuietElegance02/25/19

It's been a lot of fun writing this, so I'm glad you guys are enjoying it! The story's been coming together pretty smoothly, and I'm excited to see what everyone thinks of the next chapter.

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by Anonymous02/20/19

Keep it up!

I'm on the other end of the spectrum from one of the other commentators. I really love the succubus dom aspect, and find that it is part of the fantasy of succubus stories in general. They are temptressesmore...

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by GigglingGoblin02/18/19

This is some really quality femdom/malesub! You do a great job of setting up these interactions. I'm really interested to find out the source of all this. It seems like the natural thing to do—if hemore...

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by Anonymous02/18/19

You have talent. I like the world building but I'm not into the succubus domination. If it moves to a point that they're equal or something I might come back but I'm done.

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