tagRomanceA Visit By Renee, At The Local Bar

A Visit By Renee, At The Local Bar


Renee's husband stopped over Saturday afternoon to invite me for a drink at Jets Bar and Grill. My first thought was to decline his offer, but I have already done that three times to him, so I accepted.

I kept thinking about that one day Renee stopped over and we cuddled on my bed after she read two stories I had written about her and I.

All I could think of was "I wish this was Renee and I, I wish this was Renee and I, I wish this was..."

Sitting at the bar and admiring all the cute young girls waiting tables or and hostesses wearing their tight tops propping up their titties, so that every guy in the joint could fantasize about sucking them off, was a treat for all of us.

Yeah, yeah you may be thinking, be immature about it, and ogle each little chick that shimmies around those tight areas in between tables.

Then they will go up to the bar, prop their tits on top of it, so that their cleavage is even more noticeable to us all. We all want or hope they would allow us to stick our tongues out and lick their cleavage.

That is the type of joint this bar appears to be. However, it isn't always like that with each young lady working there; it only seems like it. It's a prerequisite of working there though.

Nevertheless, Cory, Renee's husband, and I talked about almost everything under the sun.

Half of that, I could care less about, but he seems to believe we are bonding and a friendship is forming between us. No, I was not doing that, I was only being polite.

Between different conversations, he's the one crudely pointing out how he wants to do an 'open face steak sandwich' type fuck on any one of these chicks.

I suppose I'd agree with him, but I'm not openly, because I don't want to give him that impression that's the type of person I am.

I'm 41 and soon to be, 42 and every one of these young women could be my daughter. Damn, I thought, life's a bitch.

However, on the other hand, maybe they'd like to be eaten out. I was not telling Cory that because he'd become boisterous about it at that point, and embarrass me.

We were there for about 3 ½ hours and he was drunk. I had about four diet Pepsi's and I didn't need alcohol to get me horny, the ambiance alone could do that.

He went to the bathroom and I didn't see him the remainder of the afternoon. I wondered if he passed out. He didn't, he actually left and never told me. I think he became so drunk he just forgot about me and went home.

It was 4:15PM and I was getting ready to pay up the bar tab. Out of nowhere, a familiar voice speaks up from behind me and I crack a big smile.

Quickly turning around, Renee appears in front of my eyes wearing a beautiful light yellow, low cut top that show hints of her grand gulch between her breasts I love so well.

In addition, she had on a pair of new jeans that pasted themselves down along her petit looking derriere she carried. I would spend some time admiring it and she knows it. Maybe that's why she wore them.

My eyes perked up as did hers. "How are you stranger", she asks me.

My response, "Oh hell Renee, I feel great now that your here".

"So where is my husband, have you seen him at all?"

"Do you really care where he's at honey?" She loves it when I call her honey. It usually means playtime is available.

'Playtime' is always available when Renee calls on me.

"So Jim, have you written any new stories about me or us?"

I laughed heartily. She smiled and giggled. Then she ran her hand, stretched out flat, over the front of my chest, down to my stomach. "Whoa Nelly", I was thinking!

"Well Renee, I said, yes I actually have. Nice one's too. I didn't get too in depth with any details that might offend you, only enough to spark a man or woman's imagination and arouse them; for that matter, specifically you, because I'd love for you, or us to read them and see what happens."

"Well my babysitter is on duty for about 5 hours, if that means anything."

We both looked at one another and laughed. Then I held her hand and said, "gulp down that beer and we can go over to my house to read them, how's that sound?"

I never thought Renee was a big drinker, but apparently, I was wrong. She could drink me under the table probably, but I'd stay down underneath with her and just fool around once we were done gulping our beers down. Hell, wouldn't you do the same?

I paid and we quickly left the bar. She called her house and the babysitter answered. She said Cory was collapsed up in his bedroom. He was crude and suggestive towards her. She was not appreciative. He made a pass at her and she almost called the police on him.

Turns out, he grabbed at her in a sexual manner and probably didn't even know it. She went home to check on the situation and he was totally passed out on the floor next to his bed.

The babysitter was put out and she should be; she's only 18 and she had no desire to be messing around with a 38-year-old man. He was drunk and beside himself.

Renee apologized several times over to the babysitter. However, from what I understood, the babysitter was dressed up as if she could have been working at Jets herself.

Her tits were packaged nicely in her top and showed off lots of cleavage. Renee knew it, but didn't say a word since she was dressed similar to the babysitter herself.

Therefore, Renee and I were in a dilemma and we were trying to figure out how we could spend some 'quality' time together.

The phone rang and her kids were invited to a sleep over. Ding, that was her solution and things worked out well. She rushed them over and then came to my house within a half hour.

We laughed about that, but then began feeling bad about the babysitter too.

"So, do I get to read those stories now", she asked me quickly after fretting about her babysitter.

I was on it,opened up the guest portal for her, and eventually a little more for her. Renee sat quietly reading them, but I could tell my writing was starting to turn her on in a big way.

She moved about in the chair, left, then right. She started turning around to look at me in unusual ways more and more often.

What I had written or described, she wanted me to do with her or to her. Renee wanted me to undress her similar to how I wrote in my stories.

Renee became more aroused and didn't want to finish the story. I could tell she wanted to read them, but she also wanted to stop and make love to me like I wrote in my stories.

My writing and not necessarily me turned Renee on immensely.

"My Lord Jim, how do you do it?"

"How do I come up with the ideas", I responded.

"Yes Jim, how do you come up with the ideas? I don't know how to say this, but the way you write is passionate and it makes me feel special inside. It makes me feel actually more then special and I don't know how to explain it."

"Well Renee, do you feel hot all over, do you Renee? Does your whole body ache excitedly? Do you feel the same way as the mood of this story? Can I ask you something very personal?"

"Yes, I do feel that way and yes, ask me anything Jim."

I paused, looked at her, began feeling more and more passionate about grabbing her and pulling her towards me, and kissing her for starters.

I felt like removing her clothes, and without her okay at that. I didn't care, but on the other hand, I did care. I cared about her feelings.

I wanted to be intimate, seriously intimate with Renee. I wanted to more then hold her hands, I wanted to more then kiss her on her lips, I wanted to undress her, and make love with Renee.

Additionally, I wanted her to undress me,cuddle, play, touch, and pet me too.

I wanted to slip her top off, un-tuck it from her pasted on jeans, and slowly lift it up and over her head.

I wanted her to kiss my stomach. I wanted her to say "Yes Jim, please kiss my breasts and make me feel ultra special. Please Jim, touch my nipples with your tongue, and make me feel extremely desirable."

I wanted her to say those things openly and immediately. I began burning with desire. Even my little nipples began bursting with arousal from that thought that we could get naked together in my house.

"I will be right back Renee, don't move, okay."

Renee on the other hand was thinking, "Should I be here feeling what I feel. Oh my god, I am wet. I can't let him know, but I want him to feel me and I want to have him inside me, either touching me or licking me. That would be pure splendor".

Her body was going crazy; her heartbeat was rapid. Renee wanted to undress, feel free of any inhibitions, and knowing she was there in my house with me only made her feel more insatiable.

I had turned off almost all the lights in the house and left on a couple dim lights. Meanwhile, Cory was passed out on the floor in his house and there was no need for disturbance there.

Additionally, Renee lost all control of any cognizant rationalization and thought making love to me was perfect as perfect was going to get.

As I walked back to the study, Renee stood up and was about to begin disrobing. Before she could do that, I arrived in the doorway and didn't realize Renee was lusted for my physical companionship.

"Oh my god Jim, honey, let's get naked and make love or something sweetheart; let's just get intimate with one another."

I was floored by this because I was not really expecting it, although I hoped we could be intimate. It was my fantasy, like once before, to become intimate out of nowhere.

"I want to remove my clothes and I want you to touch me, feel me, and make me feel as special as those stories you write, make me feel."

"Oh God Renee, I write them because I want to actually do that with you. I want to make love to you in anyway you want me to. My body crawls with desire to be right next to you, naked or not naked Renee and kiss, touch and please you enormously!"

Renee pulled off her top at lightening speed. She left her plain white bra on, but I didn't care. I knew what was inside of the bra. I'd seen them before a few months ago and I adored them as I always have.

I didn't need enticing. My penis went from being a penis to being a cock. Yes, from a penis to a cock. The difference being, once aroused, my manliness kicks in and I was in full bloom. I'm sure she was in her own way too; well I knew that to be true.

I wore a new designer T-shirt. I was very proud of this purchase, so I carefully removed it and laid it aside.

Renee, since she stood up first, she seemed nervous. I think the story she read and the conversation that was going on, back and forth between the two of us, heightened our immense desire for real intimacy.

I lead her upstairs and Renee was pushing me to get upstairs to my room sooner then I was leading her.

I kept looking around at her and her long eyes stared up at me. I couldn't get into my room soon enough. We practically ran down the hallway and dove onto my bed.

Without any hesitation, our bodies converged and we began kissing like mad. Her lips and my lips tormented our souls. Our fervent explosive kissing was teasing us and our loins hungered for explosion.

We wanted everything to happen at once. We wanted instant gratification, but I enjoyed the feeling of her soft lips puling and intertwining with lips and mouth. Her tongue began suggesting more as well.

Oh, I couldn't seem to swallow her lips up enough. Her lips were pulling like a magnet. As well, our hands and arms pulled at the other and I could feel a 'oneness' between us.

We were tightly wrapped around each other. I didn't care that she still had her bra on. I was kissing her and she was kissing me as passionately!

Renee was more then lovely in bed; she was extremely awesome. Renee knew how to be remarkable in bed. Her hands were everywhere and she absolutely turned me on with her intimate body language.

I heard the sound of air coming briskly from our nostrils. As we kissed and kissed, our lips wouldn't unlock, thus heavy streams of enthusiastic wind, passionately resonated from each of us.

My cock, as it was, needed tending to and at that point, I would have done it myself. No way, not unless Renee was that kind of person who got into that, would I do it. If she wanted to hold my cock or feel and stroke it, I'd openly oblige her.

Finally after kissing for a long and fanatical period of time, Renee came up for air. I was relieved that she did and we weren't sure what one another wanted.

"Oh god Renee, I love your lips. They are so soft and I could kiss your lips for hours."

With that said, she smiled and we started kissing again and she didn't even say a word. That's when I tried removing her bra and she pulled back. We stopped kissing.

She held my hand and she put it against one of her cups and let me feel the supple nature of her. I moved my hand over the cup of her bra, but I slid off one strap and then did the same to the other strap.

She understood my intention. I think, this time, Renee understood we were somehow going to have full-blown, almost, catastrophic sex with one another. I'm not sure she was ready for me to tackle her.

I'm not sure I was aware that I would enter her either, all I knew was I wanted to feel her everywhere and I wanted to make her happy.

Quietly I asked her and humbly, "Are you happy right now?"

"I am, I really am, and I feel at peace with you next to me", she answered back.

I smiled and reached around and undid her bra. I looked at her breasts and they were so breathtaking to me because this was Renee and we deeply enjoyed one another's company.

Especially since we were half naked and in my bed. There couldn't be anything more romantic then that to me.

"This is very romantic to me Renee. I almost want to say I love you, but I know I don't in the technical sense, but I care so much for you and like you very, very much."

"I care for you too Jim and making love with you is true splendor as far as I'm concerned."

Lying next to Renee and with no shirt on, she looked at my chest and hesitated about something at first. Eventually, she seemed to get up the nerve, she leaned into me, and she kissed my chest. I wanted to do that to her boobs.

Then I thought she was going to kiss them again, but her lips went against my chest and she sucked it. Wow, talk about exciting, I got hornier then hell!

"Jesus Renee, I am, and hesitated to say it knowing Renee, I am hornier then hell!"

She responded by saying, "Do you want to feel my, umm...pussy and what it feels like right now? Take off my jeans, honey, slide your hand down in there and touch me. It's okay, I want you to do that. I want to feel you down there."

Looking at her as I removed her jeans, she wore a cute pair of light red colored panties. I wanted to ogle them for a few years. She giggled when she realized how I responded to what she was wearing.

She assisted me and took my hand down inside of her panties.

"I do feel myself, but I really, never masturbate, she said. I want to, but I never feel right about it. I always feel dirty."

"Renee, do you know how many millions of people masturbate? I mean normal, everyday people you would never expect to play with themselves do it all the time. Hell, I bet your sister does it. I bet you, if you asked her, she might say she does."

Then I felt around her bush. I tried invading her slit, but I didn't feel right after she told me she didn't like masturbating. I felt as if I was entering by force, entering a sacred ground.

I didn't go in.

"What's wrong", she asked.

"I'm not quite sure, honey, I'm not. Well maybe I do know, but I can't tell you."

Renee looked at me with a sad look and she seemed disappointed that I stopped and only laid there. She was confused and wanted me to touch around her opening and even finger her there.

"Jim, I want you! Yes Jim, I want you to feel me there. I don't do that, because, I guess I never feel right doing it to myself. I just haven't really done it. I never have felt right about penetrating myself."

"Ohhhh, ohh my god; I did something once that was totally crazy and I don't know why I did it, I just did. I purchased something and used it only once, because, and I paused before telling her, I bought a vibrator at the beginning of the year."

"You did what? No way, not you, I can't believe you would be that type of person who would actually go out and buy one of those things. That blows my mind", she replied.

Here I was, confronted by a woman, who I admired deeply and I had a profound attraction to. I thought she was slightly upset. I thought she was even grossed out. She never ever masturbated, because almost all her life, she was in a situation where she was liked and found attractive enough that she didn't need to have use for one. She could find good, meaningful sex from variety of men, including her husband.

But come to find out, it had been eight months, since they had sex together. She wasn't attracted to him anymore and she and I fell into one another. We shared this common bond of mutual needs.

"That question I was going to ask you, I suppose it's changed now and I'm going to ask you since you wanted me to ask you it."

"What's that, Jim, what?"

"I see you as a very attractive, beautiful and sexy woman. I don't know, and I don't want to know, what your sex life is like, I do not Renee; do you think you are attractive?"

At that point, I held her one hand and I stroked her hair several times, gently.

She looked at me and then she looked away. For a few seconds I thought I'd lost her and making love to her was finished.

Lying naked with one another, I looked at her face, her hair, her eyes, her body, and back at her face. God, I thought, "She is beautiful!"

She faced me again, but not with a happy look. "Jim, sometimes I think I am and other times, I don't think so."

I looked at Renee and wondered then what I should do. I didn't know what I should do. Should I just say, "Yes Renee you are very beautiful", kiss her, and hug her or what should I do?

I wasn't sure. One thing I did know was that she questioned her beauty.

I hugged her instinctively, kissed her on her head, and said humbly and quietly, "You are so beautiful and so modest about your beauty, it amazes me. I love you for that honey, I do."

She looked up at me, smiled, said thank you a few times, and asked me if I would kiss her and make her happy.

"I always want you to be happy, whatever that will be", I responded.

That said, she and I hugged for a while. She let up on the hug and asked me if I would get out the vibrator. She seemed scared to use it, but very curious at the same time.

My dick was hard. It was funny looking as I sat up and went across my bedroom to the closet and I pulled out a shoebox.

The batteries were dead, but I kept extra's in my drawer. I fumbled around, finding them amongst the socks and boxers, as they fell out. Renee laughed as this went on.

All the while, my dick stood erect. She giggled at the nature of its position.

"What's funny", I asked.

"I'm amused that I am turning you on", Renee said.

"Renee, I always get turned on by your presence, not necessarily horny, but at least I get turned on."

Obviously, we both were completely naked. I handled the vibrator like a pro. Like someone who used it daily. I turned it on and the hum that came from it didn't frighten her, but it made her weary.

"I want you to try this yourself. I don't feel right doing this on you, although I would love to turn you on in this respect."

"Then turn me on, Jim and I'll let you know when and where to go, okay?"

So I slid the vibrating machine along her stomach, which she liked, but I slowly moved it down her thighs and then her towards her inner thighs.

Her legs split apart allowing me to enter closer to her hole.

"Put it against it, will you honey?" She looked at me and I looked at her. She smiled and then closed her eyes. Renee laid back on the bed and let me slide it back and forth across her slit.

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