tagLoving WivesA Visit From Her Bull

A Visit From Her Bull


Today is the day. I have been cleaning all day. Ma'am has been soaking in the tub humming to Herself. W/we shopped for a new outfit last week and I have it laid out for Her on the bed. I want everything to be clean and inviting for Her Bull tonight. I don't know where She met him or any details really. All I know is She wants the house to be spotless. She wants to be bathed, dressed, perfumed, lotioned and ready for Him. The bedroom has several candles spread out, the silk sheets are on and the play list on the Ipod ready. It will be a very romantic night for Them. I have lubricant on the night stand and ribbed condoms in a glass bowl if They want. I am so excited!

When He pulls up in His corvette, its always a sports car with Bulls, i rush to the door. I answer the door bowing deeply. He laughs and walks in like owns the place. For tonight he does. He owns Ma'am, me, everything. His wish is law and He knows it. He is the Bull and we lowly things for Him to fuck. I show him to the bedroom. From the bar i fix Him His favorite drink. Ma'am has told me in advance what He likes. As i hand Him His drink He slaps me hard with His open hand.

"What are you doing dressed sissy boy?" he demands "I want you naked and ready to serve when I am here. you understand?".

I nod from the floor and undress. Ma'am is laying on the bed in Her new teddy watching the whole thing. She loves a man in charge so I'm sure this is turning Her on. He looks over at Her as She giggles. He knows He did the right thing by slapping me. They both enjoyed my humiliation. I kneel next to my clothes with my head down and a large hand print on my cheek. He walks over to the bed and kisses Ma'am hard. He has Her by the hair pulling Her up to his waiting mouth. His other hand is tweaking Her nipple. She lets out a long low moan.

"Slut come over here and get me ready to fuck your wife. She needs a big hard dick. Unlike that little stub of a dick you have." He taunts.

I crawl over to him . With my head still bowed i start to unfasten His pants. He stops me telling me to do it with my teeth. Since He has a snap at the waist i get his pants open easily. Next i grab the zipper with my teeth and pulled down. He wasn't wearing any underwear so i pulled outward and down. I then pull down His pants and hold them with my chin as He stepped out of them. I look up and see His huge cock dangling half way down His leg. It was still soft and He was more than twice my size.

"Suck it and get me hard you puny, limp dicked, cocksucker. Your Mistress deserves a long hard cock and i intend to give it to Her." He berates me.

I move to take Him in my mouth but as i get close He twitches and it hit me in the eye. They both get a laugh out of that. I smile and try again. He moves His dick all around as i chase it with my open mouth. He taunts me and They both laugh as i chase His man meat. When He stops i lock on to the head. His dick fills my mouth. He is half way to my throat and all i have in is a little more than the head. He grabs my hair in His fingers and pumps His stiffening dick into my mouth. As it gets harder it goes deeper. I am gagging but He ignores it. Each thrust goes deeper pushing down my throat. I close my eyes and relax. I feel something pushing on my nose and realize it is His pelvis. His dick is all the way down my throat. I swallow around his stiff rod which seemed to please Him as i hear Him moan.

Ma'am is watching this with interest. She is fingering Her freshly shaved pussy and twisting Her nipple.

Sir pulls His dick out of my now sore throat and moves onto the bed. I hurry over to guide His hot sausage into Her wet and waiting cunt. He fucks Her in every position i could imagine. His staying power is amazing. She cums at least a dozen times before He fills Her cunt with His jism. There is so much of it. He pulls out with a POP and lays beside Her.

"Boy come up here and clean my cock" He demands.

I jump up on the bed and start licking the cum off his balls first. I lick up the shaft making sure to get every drop. I move His dick back and forth to make sure i got it all. Then i lifted His balls and see a drop working its way towards his asshole. Hesitantly i stick my tongue out and lick his asshole. He likes this as he moans and started getting hard again. I move over to Ma'am and lick all the cum from Her sweet cunt. As i lick Her to another orgasm i feel something pushing against my asshole. It couldn't be the Bull as He would never fit in my tiny ass. I feel a smack on my ass cheek. Then a backhand on the other side. Back and forth he slaps.

"Relax little slut. you Are going to get ass fucked. How painful it is depends on if you relax or not." he laughs.

"Sir Your polish sausage of a dick cant possibly fit in my ass" i beg.

"Tonight you will do anything i want. That includes shutting up and letting me fuck you. Now finish eating your wife's pussy and i will get back to fucking you." he bellows.

With that he pushes the head in deep spreading my sphincter. I have to bite down on my lower lip to keep from screaming. Tears are running down my cheeks. He pumps His massive dick into me filling my ass as he had filled my throat earlier. He works in and out while my wife cuddled my head. After what seems like forever He fills my ass with His second load of the night. I collapse. He laughs. He smacks my tender ass again.

"Get back here and clean up this mess " He demands.

I crawl on the bed to Him and kiss His spent dick.

"I said clean it up not kiss it" He says as He slaps my face and grabs my hair forcing His dick in my mouth.

His dick smelled like ass. No surprise as it had just been in my ass just seconds before. I suck the cum off gagging at the thought this time instead of His size. He laughs so hard i have trouble keeping it in my mouth. I clean it good including his balls. Ma'am is fingering my ass and squeezing my balls. I am about to cum when He tells me that is enough. He orders me to get out and fix them some food. He is going to fuck my wife some more and wants some energy food after wards.

I am not allowed to enter the room after that. I leave the tray at the door and am sent to get water and juice twice more this night. He fucks Her all night long. When He leaves in the morning i kiss His feet and thank Him for pleasing Ma'am so much. He laughs and kicks me. He laughs all the way to his car. I go in to check on Ma'am. I find Her passed out with a smile on Her face. I cover Her up and clean the room quietly. I hope Her Bull comes back soon.

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Was ok

Just getting into the story and it's done
Can you write longer ones ??

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