tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Visit From Mrs. Schmitt 2

A Visit From Mrs. Schmitt 2


Several months have gone by since Mrs. Schmitt had stopped by to cook for me and have wanton sex. I figured that it had been a one of a kind type of thing and I didn't really know how to deal with it. Anyway, a few weeks after her visit, I got involved with a young lady I met at school and for a while and sort of put the prior Mrs. Schmitt episode out of my mind. After all as a forty-something she is twenty years my senior.

Then out of the blue I get an email from Mrs. Schmitt in which she acts as if we still have nothing more in common than that her son and I had been childhood chums. In the email she indicates that she might be shopping in the area with a friend who I might find interesting. We exchanged a few more messages and then agreed that on one Saturday in April, I would meet her and her friend at the nearby shopping mall.

When the day arrived, I was feeling somewhat foolish about going and actually considered not showing up at all. I was dating someone but nothing serious. Anyway, I figured I could think of some way to escape if things turned out to be weird or something; it was definitely safer than meeting at the house.

I went to the mall food court at 1pm after getting a coffee to relax and kill time. Finally about 15 minutes after the planned meeting time, Mrs. Schmitt and her lady friend walk in. Her friend is not bad looking, dirty blond hair, in a sort of "big hair" style. It seems to suit her as does her jean jacket, heels and skirt ensemble. Mrs. Schmitt has on a dress, nice jewelry and is all done up. Kathy Templeton, Mrs. Schmitt's friend, is in her early to mid thirties, has a pretty smile, she is pleasantly plump with nice hips though not much of a bust line. Both ladies smell wonderfully of perfume. Now I wish I had put on cologne in addition to just throwing on jeans and a sweater.

After introductions and small talk, it is decided that I will accompany them for some clothes shopping. I have strong suspicions that this friend is also an exhibitionist as I already know Mrs. Schmitt is.

We go to the ladies dress department at Penney's. The dressing room is pretty busy so does not afford much opportunity for Mrs. Schmitt to show off. She does manage to walk through the middle of the changing booths in only bra and panties; I think the busyness prevented her from being bolder. From where I was outside, I could steal an occasional look into the common space between the individual changing booths. Kathy like Mrs. Schmitt walks through but has upped the ante by removing her bra; her pretense has been to try on blouses without having her bra show. I am happy for the show.

Due to the crowding, I don't think this arrangement really suited Mrs. Schmitt so we opted to go to the ladies shoe department.

"Why don't you sit across from us so that you can get a better view?" Mrs. Schmitt suggests. Her intent is very thinly veiled but Kathy acts as if this arrangement is not in any way unusual.

A salesman comes by to offer assistance. Mrs. Schmitt asks him to get her some pumps -three different styles and Ms. Templeton asks for two different pairs of heels. With each pair the ladies carelessly (intentionally) allows her skirt to bunch up and her legs to part. Neither has on stockings and it soon becomes apparent that they have carefully selected their silkier panties. Mrs. Schmitt's silk panties cling to the folds of her outer lips. Kathy's thong panties likewise produce a distinctive camel toe appearance when she moves her legs.

My mind is racing as I considered that these ladies had planned this show especially for me. I can't figure out how Mrs. Schmitt has come to be so friendly with this younger woman, but I am determined to try to find out.

At last the ladies decide to purchase some of the shoes they have tried and we decide to stop by a restaurant bar to get a drink. We drink a few beers and begin to converse.

"So how do you two know each other?" I ask.

"Met on vacation," Kathy replies.

"That's cool; I doubt many people who meet on vacation ever become friends. Where'd you go?"

"We met at a resort center," Mrs. Schmitt volunteers.

I still have no idea where or what they had done on this vacation but I decide to leave it alone. "So you live in the area, Kathy?" I ask.

"Not exactly, I live in Alabama, just happened to be on training for work and I decided to stay an extra night."

"That's nice."

We continue the small talk and by the end of the conversation I have discovered that Kathy has been divorced for five years. She is tired of the rat race and is becoming a "free spirit" to use her words. I am later to discover just how "free".

After a few drinks, we decide to settle the bill. As Ms. Templeton opens her purse I spy a very phallic vibrator, realistic down to balls and veins in her purse. I say, "Excuse me but is that what I think it is?"

"Even divorcees have needs," she blandly responds.

"Needs... What sort of needs?" I innocently ask.

"I think you know, Eva told me you are a very discreet, clean-cut young man who appreciates larger women" she huskily replies.

My mouth goes dry as I'm not sure where this is heading, "Well, I certainly appreciate Mrs. Schmitt saying that," I carefully respond.

"Eva says that you REALLY appreciated her. Do you think you could appreciate a slightly less voluptuous woman?"

"You and Mrs. Schmitt are both very attractive women, I certainly can appreciate that," I safely respond. I am so nervous I am barely holding myself together; I decide to temporarily retreat. "If you'll please excuse me, I need to use the rest room," I state as I quickly exit the cashier area.

Ms. Templeton and Mrs. Schmitt look at each other conspiratorially as I exit and speak to each other in hushed whispers. I suspect they are interested in taking their teasing a little further.

Once in the lavatory, I stand before the sink and splash water on my face, check my hair and try to clear my head and decide what to do next. After using the urinal, I continue my pondering while washing my hands and staring into the mirror. These women are horny – I just hope I can handle this. I decide that I will invite them back to the house and let them decide what will happen next. I am not sure if they are playing with me or if they really want action; I figure I can try getting them back to the house – otherwise I am going to seriously need to jack off.

I return to the ladies who by that time have stepped into the mall corridor. Before I can suggest anything, Mrs. Schmitt says, "You know Brad, I think Kathy would like to show you a movie she brought along that she thinks you will enjoy."

"Fortunately for all of us, my roommate is out of town at a wedding," I volunteer.

Thus it is decided that we will go back to my house. They will follow me in Mrs. Schmitt's car. Mrs. Schmitt is distinctly pleased that we will not be interrupted.

I go through the mandatory house tour and as we get to the kitchen, Kathy asks, "Do you have any beer?"

I answer that I do have some cold Budweiser in the fridge.

She accepts a beer and then we go out to the living room.

"So what sort of movie did you bring?"

"Well it is sort of a personal one I took on vacation a while back."

"Ok, that would be great."

"Do you mind if I use your bath first?"

"No not at all," I quickly respond.

Kathy comes out of the bathroom and then Mrs. Schmitt follows suit. I didn't realize until later that the bathroom stop was their contrived excuse for removing their panties.

When we get out to the living room, Kathy pulls a video out of her purse. It has a hand-written title on it that reads "Hedonism II – 2003". She starts up the video which is apparently a home movie. When the movie starts rolling, there are scenes through a car windshield and then of walking up to a building with signs nearby that read: "Beware – clothing optional beyond this point."

"This is where Eva and I met," Kathy offered. "Since she and Nick separated, she has been trying new things."

I couldn't believe it. I knew the marriage had never been great so that wasn't too surprising but apparently Mrs. Schmitt was trying new sexually oriented things in very new ways! It was wild to think about Mrs. Schmitt indulging her obvious exhibitionist streak at a nudist resort.

As the footage progressed, the scene changed to a pool area. People of all types were lying out in the nude or standing around in the pool. No one seemed the least bit concerned about being taped.

As the scene rolled on and the camera panned around, Mrs. Schmitt suggested, "Could you adjust the tracking and fast forward a bit?"

The suggestion seemed unnecessary but I realized that she was probably just playing with me, knowing that I would need to get down on the floor in order to adjust the tracking.

"Okay," I answered.

I got down on the floor to feign adjusting the already clear tracking. Then I glanced over my shoulder to inquire, "Is that better?"

Both ladies had parted their legs enough to not look like they were doing so with blatant intent but enough that I could see that neither had on any panties under their skirts.

Kathy responded, "That seems better; maybe you could adjust the color a bit, it seems too yellow to me."

I was sure this was just another ploy. From my quick glimpse up her skirt, it appeared that Kathy liked to shave everything off. Her slit was bald. Mrs. Schmitt had closely cropped hair on her pussy, short enough not to obscure any of her slit either. Yet still I wasn't sure that they had any more in mind than just teasing the living shit out of me.

After tinkering a while longer, I looked back up at them again. Mrs. Schmitt has hiked her skirt up further and has her right hand on her inner thigh; it looked to me like she wants to touch her moistening honey pot but is still trying to act like nothing is going on. Kathy has stayed in roughly the same state that she was in before.

"Can you advance the movie, sweetie?" Mrs. Schmitt inquires.

"Sure, just say when," I answer.

Mrs. Schmitt stops me at a totally different scene. It appears that they are in a billiard room and there are two nude men and two nude women playing eight ball. One of the women is Mrs. Schmitt! I can't believe it! Her large globes hang down as she lines up a shot. The guy behind her seems to be sizing up her rump and possibly observing her moist quim.

"Mrs. Schmitt?!" I blurt out, "Is that you?"

"Yes, that's me. Do I look like a good pool player, Bradley?"

"You look like you definitely are ready to get something in the hole," I respond.

Mrs. Schmitt gives me a knowing look. "Oh, well, maybe I did, I'll never tell," was her quasi-confession.

"Why don't we advance again to another section?" Kathy suggests.

"Okay, more hot footage of Mrs. Schmitt?" I ask.

"Something like that. Why don't you come up here and sit between us? Don't you have a remote?" Kathy responds.

I pick up the remote and walk over to the couch. I sit between the two women and advance the video through blurred images of more pool playing and then an outdoor scene. At last the footage appears to be in a bar and it is night. Kathy asks me to back up and play at normal speed. Shortly thereafter a scene comes up where Mrs. Schmitt has her arm around Kathy and both are clearly topless and probably naked.

A man's voice comes on; apparently it is the cameraman. He asks, "So ladies, I see that you have become friends. Are you enjoying your stay?"

"Oh yes," Kathy replies.

"And you?"

"Oh, I wasn't sure I would like this place but everyone is so friendly," Mrs. Schmitt replies.

There is more small talk about the beach and the food and other marketing type questions. Then it gets interesting, "So did you get an all-over tan today?"

The ladies on the tape giggle and Kathy says, "Pretty much, would you like to see?"

"Most definitely," comes the reply.

Kathy stands for the camera and shows that there were no bikini lines from her top to her knees, her bald vulva is a nice shade of tan.

At this point, the real Kathy puts her hand on my crotch and squeezes my balls, "So do you like my tan?"

"Yes, definitely," I respond.

The video continues.

"How did your tanning go, Miss? I think you are a newcomer here; what is your name?"

"Eva," Mrs. Schmitt responds on the tape.

"Do show us," the man cajoles.

On film Mrs. Schmitt stands up and shows a pinkish burn on the never before tanned regions on her breasts and the flesh which would normally be under her bikini bottoms.

"Well, you'll just have to come back to even that out, won't you?"

"I guess so."

As this was showing, Mrs. Schmitt hooks her left leg over my right; her dress is now hiked up enough that I can see her slickening snatch from where I sit.

Kathy continues to work my crotch. My hard-on is at full mast beneath my jeans and dying to be released.

Kathy says, "Eva, I think Brad likes your tan, based on the size of this lump in his pants. What do you think?"

Mrs. Schmitt looks down at my crotch and responds, "My Bradley, you seem to be enjoying the footage as much as I am. Here feel for yourself." At this she moves my hand to her sopping cunt.

"You sure seem to be wet, Mrs. Schmitt."

"I bet I'm wetter," Ms. Templeton interjects as she moves my left hand over to her sloppy, slick quim. "Now who do you think is wetter, Bradley?"

"I can't really tell."

The video continues, but none of us really cares. The next scenes are outdoor shots of more nude people on another day at a barbeque and then at a volleyball game. By this time I am thrusting my hips against Kathy's hand to better enjoy her fondling of my dick.

"Maybe you should do a visual inspection to see which of us is wetter, but first you need to lose those pants, Brad," Kathy continues.

"I'm good with that," I respond.

I stand and remove my pants and then lower my underwear. Kathy and Mrs. Schmitt lick their lips and spread their legs. Each woman moves her hands to her pussy and begins to spread open her pinkness for my observation.

"Come take a close look at my cunt," Kathy orders.

I get down between her splayed legs and put my face inches from her aromatic pussy.

"Now stick in a finger and take a taste," Kathy says.

I eagerly comply with her order.

"Now stick your tongue into me."

I do this too with great eagerness. I bury my face getting her juices all over my lips and cheeks. Meanwhile Mrs. Schmitt rises from the couch and comes behind me. She reaches between my legs and then fondles my hanging balls and works her hand up and down on my throbbing cock. I have to close my legs to slow her or I will shoot a load right then.

"Oh, baby, I'm cumming... oooooooooo," Kathy moans.

She holds my head firmly against her for a minute and then lets go.

Mrs. Schmitt, having removed all of her clothes, then gets back on the couch and splays herself. She says, "Now Bradley, you need to check me, to see if I'm wetter."

"Can I check with my dick?" I plead.

"Well, maybe after you make me cum."

I wasn't about to argue. Kathy lies back and opens her top to massage her tits. Kathy watches intently as I get down between Mrs. Schmitt's legs. Mrs. Schmitt is so sopping wet that her juices are slickening the tops of her thighs and a rivulet of juice is leaking down to her asshole. I plunge not one but two and then three fingers into her anxious pussy. I lick her sweetness off of my fingers and then I say to her, "You better cum quick so that I can load your pussy with hot spunk."

She lays back and closes her eyes as I frantically work away at her. While I am doing this Kathy frees one had from her own nipples to tweak mine.

I pause from pumping my tongue in and out of Mrs. Schmitt and look at Kathy and say, "Maybe Kathy would rather I spill my load into her."

"That would be nice," she responds.

Mrs. Schmitt just moans, "Oh Bradley, eat my cunt. I want to cum in your face."

I continue to eat away until Mrs. Schmitt begins to writhe and buck against my face.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH," she shrieks.

Then she lies back. I get up on Kathy and quickly slide my swollen cock into her. It slides in so smoothly that I am in utter ecstasy. With a half dozen thrusts, I am shooting and shooting and shooting. My hot cum is exploding out of me. For the last two bursts I pull out and shoot my sticky fluid on her pretty pussy lips. I rub my semen around on her inner lips with the tip of my cock as my hard-on deflates.

After this I am nearly ready to pass out; I lie back on the couch and relax.

We decide to stop the video and tidy up. As my cock shrinks back to its pre-coital size we sit there and began to chat.

"So you met Kathy at a nude resort?" I ask Mrs. Schmitt.

"Yeah, sure did – you saw for yourself."

"So have you been back?"

Mrs. Schmitt replies, "Not yet, but after watching that video I'm definitely going to be saving my money to go again soon."

"Make sure you tape it if you do," I add.

"Absolutely!" Kathy says. "I go every month or two."

"So do you always get laid at these places?"

"Sometimes, but usually any hook-ups are done in private. You don't see people fucking out in public – actually you get kicked out for that type of thing. But I have had some pretty good times back in my room."

After we talk like this for a while longer, Mrs. Schmitt suggests, "Why don't we show Bradley the other tape now. I think he's ready for it now and I want some of that cock that you hogged for yourself."

Kathy responds, "Well ok – but only so long as he keeps his mouth shut about it."

"Mums the word!" I reply. I find her concern queer since no one I know has any idea who Mrs. Schmitt is and certainly has less of a clue who Kathy is – plus I just came all over her.

Kathy brings out another tape. Apparently this contains some of the private room action that she had alluded to. As the tape rolls, my suspicions are confirmed. The tape is not choreographed but that just gives it a rawness that makes it more erotic. A guy is filming as Kathy licks away at Mrs. Schmitt's cunt. Another guy is behind Kathy, pumping his cock in and out of her juicy slit. The camera guy comes around behind and gets a close-up of Kathy's pink hole after it is stretched by the guy's hard-on. As this scene continues, I rapidly find my cock growing again. Mrs. Schmitt reaches over and rubs it.

"You like this Bradley?" Kathy asks.


"Let's see if we can't get Mr. Happy hard again for Eva."

At this Kathy takes her clothes completely off gets down between my legs and begins sucking away at my cock as she rubs her tits on me and squeezes my balls. As I feel her expert tongue, I continue to watch with lurid amazement as Mrs. Schmitt reaches orgasm on film.

"You better stop, or you'll cheat Mrs. Schmitt out of her cock." I mutter.

"I won't allow that." Mrs. Schmitt insisted. "Come fuck me from behind over the couch; that really gets me going."

Mrs. Schmitt leans over the couch and spreads her ass. I have a perfect view of her asshole and cunt as well as the video of the guy ready to spew on Kathy's back. I slide my painfully hard member into her wet cunt and begin pumping away. I am amazed that I am able to keep going but I guess the first explosion has taken the edge off and I am able to savor a longer ride.

"Oh baby, you're wearing me out," Mrs. Schmitt calls out.

Kathy has taken her vibrator out of her purse and it is humming and sliding in and out of her with ease. Without removing her sex toy, Kathy moves around behind me and begins massaging my balls as I pump away. At about this time, apparently the cameraman on the tape has seen enough and wants to join in. A new cock enters the video action with the footage taken from directly above it. On tape Kathy masterfully licks the shaft of the mystery cock. She sucks on the cock head and kneads his balls as she stares directly into the camera. As the stranger begins to moan, I do likewise, and I have an incredibly intense orgasm inside of Mrs. Schmitt's sloppy cunt. After I unload, Mrs. Schmitt continues rubbing her clit and Kathy keeps sliding her electronic cock in and out of her drenched cunny. Eventually we all sort of collapse on the couch in a stupor.

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