tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Visit to a Fan Ch. 08

A Visit to a Fan Ch. 08


Shrimp scampi. Field greens salad. Beef tenderloin soup. Rack of lamb. And now ...

"My specialty. Black Velvet Cheesecake." She set the dark chocolate slice of cake in front of him, then drizzled a white chocolate sauce around it, then sprinkled a handful of chopped hazelnuts over it. "Enjoy."

The first bite was astonishing. The mixture of milk and bittersweet chocolate slid over his tongue, the white chocolate sauce winding around and joining perfectly. The roasted hazelnuts added a perfect scent as well as a crunch that married with the nuts sealed in the crust. It was perfectly named. "This is so good!" She smiled and went into the kitchen, returning with a cold shot glass of Bailey's Irish Cream. He took a sip, then a bite of cake and hummed in appreciation.

While he ate, he heard her busily putting things away in the kitchen and sighed happily. Obviously, she cared enough to fix the meal for him and it had been no small feat. He could go home with a smile on his face but he wanted to make love to her. To feel that care and concern wrapped around him. He arose and stood in the doorway, his empty plate and glass in hand, just watching her and was suddenly extremely jealous of her husband.

"Done?" She held out her hand for his plate and he moved forward, entranced by her and watched as she put the dish and the glass into the dishwasher, closed it and set it running. "How about a nightcap before you go?"

Before you go. The words fell like stones in the pit of his stomach and it took him a moment to compose himself and answer. "Sure."

She poured a DiSaronno amaretto for him and a Frangelico for herself, then took his hand, leading him into the den where a fire was burning in the fireplace. She sat back on the leather couch, propping a pillow up behind her and spreading her legs, patting the space between. He settled against her, his entire body relaxing at the touch of her hand sliding over his shoulders and chest.

"This is what I need." He reached up and caught her hand, pressing his lips into her palm. She cupped his chin gently, then moved her hand into his shirt, rubbing his chest and he sighed yet again, closing his eyes and sipping the liqueur. Everything was so perfect. Dinner, the fire, her touch. They sat silently for a long while, enjoying the atmosphere and each other's company and Gale wondered if he'd died and gone to heaven.

The sound of her glass meeting the table startled him and she gently pushed him forward, sliding out from behind him. He watched as she padded across the carpeted floor, clicked a few buttons on the stereo, then moved to a spot in front of the fireplace, gazing at him. The song began with a guitar solo, then Roberta Flack's mellifluous voice, singing 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', filled the room and Velvet held her arms out to him, asking him to join her.

He set his glass aside and walked over, a shiver moving through him when her arms looped around his waist and her head against his chest. He pulled her close, burying his face in her soft hair and they gently began to move, swaying to the music. She felt so good in his arms, her hands roaming over his back and moving down to his ass. She squeezed him gently and he gasped, involuntarily pressing his stiff cock into her. Embarrassed, he tried to pull away but she stopped him, keeping her hands on his waist, then moving them up to either side of his face, searching his eyes.

The touch of her lips affected him like a shock wave, sending tingles through his entire body and he tilted his head, pulling her close again and slid his tongue against her lips. When her mouth opened, she tasted like hazelnuts and he moaned as her tongue shyly searched his lips, then moved inside looking for his. He used every ounce of restraint he had left when their tongues met and slid along each other, twining and twisting until his head was spinning with need.

She broke the kiss just as the song was ending, her lips plumped and her eyes heavy with passion. "I think you'd better go now." He wanted to protest but decided to be thankful for what he had received this evening. His belly was full and his heart was about to burst with happiness. "I'll see you tomorrow." She whispered at the door, turning her face up for another kiss which turned into another deep French kiss.

Finally, she pulled back and gave him a soft smile, pressing a covered plate in his hands. He stumbled out, ignoring Chauncey's laughter. He knew he looked goofy, grinning like an idiot, but he couldn't help it.

"I take it that you had a good night, sir."

"Very good."

"Excellent." As the driver started to raise the partition, Gale spoke again.

"Do you mind if we make a detour on the way back?"

"Not at all, sir."

* * * * *

Wal-Mart was open 24 hours and he was glad to see that as they pulled up to one of the front entrances. He went right to a cashier to ask her a question, found what he wanted and was back in the car in less than fifteen minutes. He handed the CD to Chauncey and asked him to play track number one. A moment later, Roberta's voice filled the car and Gale sat back, a dreamy smile on his face.

"I love this song." Chauncey said with a grin.

"Yeah," Gale smiled back. "I do, too."

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