tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Visit to a Fan Ch. 09

A Visit to a Fan Ch. 09


Life was unbelievably wonderful.

His meeting with director Victor Nunez went wonderfully. If he read the man right, he had just landed a lead in his next project. But Gale knew the reason that everything was so wonderful. It started when he returned to the hotel last night and opened the plate that she'd given him. A second slice of Black Velvet Cheesecake with White Chocolate Sauce lay inside, along with a handwritten note that had been taped to the plastic wrap.


I've always had a crush on you, hence the reason for the stories. But last night ... last night was so very special. I hope you're the man that I think you are and I hope that you'll treat my heart as if it was yours ... because it is.

Please join me tonight for an evening of pleasure. Chauncey will pick you up at nine. Bring your bags because you will not be returning to the hotel.

Your wish is my command.


That same note, now folded and re-folded several times lay in his shirt pocket, close for easy access and read several times during the day. He showered, took a nap and dressed casually, just as he had the day before: jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes. She wanted him to be himself: totally comfortable and at ease. He packed his bags early, had a light dinner of fajitas and paced the room, smoking like a fiend until his cell phone rang.

"Mr. Harold?"

"Yes, Chauncey?"

"I'm downstairs. Whenever you're ready."

"I'll be right down."

Gale checked out while Chauncey took the bags out to the car and he did his best to contain himself on the hour-long drive. The driver gave him a small bouquet of lilacs and he thanked Chauncey with a hundred-dollar bill.

"She said to tell you that these were her favorite flowers but I didn't think we'd have enough time to pick some up so ... "

"Thanks again, Chauncey."

The young man smiled, checking his clipboard. "Your flight leaves at two so we have to be on the road by ten. I'll be here at nine-thirty."

Gale nodded and got out of the car, the bouquet in his hands. Velvet answered the door at the first ring, wearing a robe and fluffy slippers, her hair hanging in curly tendrils around her face. She smiled and opened the door, welcoming him into her home. "Hi." He bent to give her a kiss and she placed two fingers against his lips. "Hold on a minute." He watched as she grabbed a plastic bag and dashed out to the departing car, handing it in to Chauncey. A few words and the limousine slowly drove off.

"I thought you were going to leave me for a minute."

His heart nearly pounded a hole in his chest when she strode up to him, her dark eyes fathomless in the low light. She pulled his head down, opening her mouth to his and softly moaning as he added a sense of urgency to their kiss. "Not a chance." He pressed the flowers in her hands, grinning as she raised them to her face. "Thank you for these."

"My pleasure."

"No." She extracted a sprig and dragged it along his jaw line. "Ours most definitely." A streak of white heat flew through his body and he was surprised to find himself speechless. She tucked the sprig into his shirt pocket and set the flowers in a short vase. "Have you eaten?"

"I had an early dinner."

"Would you like me to fix you something to eat?" He thought for a moment. "I have some homemade chicken pot pie ready. All I have to do is stick a piece in the microwave."

His mouth watered and he held out his arm. "Twist my arm."

She laughed and took his arm, dragging him into the kitchen. The pot pie was sitting on the counter in a deep French white Corelle casserole dish and she took a flat bowl out of the cabinet, cut a slice out of the pie and spooned it into the bowl, dipping back into the dish for gravy. She slid the bowl into the microwave, set it and turned to him while it hummed into life.

"Now, I think I owe you a kiss."

Her mouth opened under his and Gale clasped her to him, the breath leaving his lungs when he realized that she was nearly naked under the robe. She laced her fingers through his hair and he shivered at the feeling. The microwave beeped and she slowly pulled away, leaning back in to give him several small kisses in parting.

"Eat." She opened the door and placed the bowl with a spoon on the counter in front of him. "You're going to need your strength."

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