tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Visit to a Fan Ch. 10

A Visit to a Fan Ch. 10


Gale used the spoon to slice through the crispy puff pastry crust of the pot pie, his mouth watering at the rich scent of chicken that wafted into his nostrils. He lifted the large spoon and blew on a steaming mound of hand-stripped roasted chicken, wavy-cut carrots, Blue Lake green beans, sweet green peas and white corn, then shoveled the whole mass into his mouth, chewing and swallowing in bliss. He hadn't noticed that she was gone until the bowl was empty and an ice-cold beer was butted against his forearm.

"Want more?"

"Maybe later. I don't want to fall asleep."

Velvet wrapped her arms around his neck with a smile. "Hmm." She raised a finger and he felt her fingertip tracing the line of his mouth. "Afraid that you'll miss something?"

His mind reeled back to the story and he remembered the romantic tone and the love that he'd felt. "Yeah," He whispered, sucking the tip of her finger into his mouth. "And I don't want to miss a thing."

She responded with a tiny gasp and he pounced on her mouth, shoving his tongue deeply into her soft mouth and was gratified by the whimper that came from her. He loved her honest response, the way her body pressed against his and her tongue stabbed back. There were no phony emotions in her touch and he shivered with that knowledge. She pulled away, flicked the kitchen light off and took his hand, leading him into her bedroom.

He watched as she headed for the stereo, made a selection and slowly walked back to where he stood, the romantic strains of 'My Funny Valentine' filling the room. She looped her arms around his next and pulled his mouth down to hers, involving him in a deep kiss as they swayed slightly to the music. Gale felt as if he was floating, dreaming that he was with this beautiful woman who loved him but her teeth nibbling on his bottom lip brought him back to reality.

He let his hands drift downward, his mouth sliding along her neck while her perfume intoxicated him. He found the tie to her robe and eased it open, letting his hands roam inside and smiled at the shiver that ran through her at his touch. He took a small step back and pushed the silk robe from her shoulders, taking in the contours of her body. Her shoulders were soft and her breasts hung heavily, the nipples hard and tenting the lace.

She shivered again as he cupped them, enjoying their weight and softness, then slid his hands underneath, gently rolling her nipples. "Gale." Her soft whisper made him return to her mouth, kissing her while slowly backing her toward the bed. He lifted the edge of her camisole, pulling it over her head and revealing her lovely breasts, flat stomach and a scar that began under her belly button and disappeared under the elastic rim of her panties.

Gale laid her back on the snow-white comforter, pausing to admire the beautiful contrast of her chocolate brown skin against it before lowering himself on top of her, taking her mouth again before moving down to taste her nipples. She half-groaned, half-whimpered, an electrifying sound that made his cock harden even more and he slid back up to kiss her again before moving back down.

"No, Gale." She pulled his head up, planting kisses across the bridge of his chin. "This is for you."

Her words made his stomach twist into knots and he let her guide him onto his back, gazing into her dark eyes. She straddled him, crawling up the length of his body like a black panther and he was breathless with the thought that he was her prey. She bent down low enough that her lips just grazed his and remained that way while her hands worked on the buttons of his shirt.

"Do you know what a dream this is?" She whispered as her warm palms caressed his trembling abdomen and he closed his eyes, letting her words seep into his weary soul. "To have wanted you for so long ... " She sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, letting her tongue move over it for a moment. "And now, to have you right where I want you ... " She slid down, using her lips and tongue to create a wet trail along the side of his neck, pausing to nibble on his Adam's apple and make him laugh.

"Velvet ... "

"Right where I want you ... like a juicy lollipop ... " He gasped when she bit the flesh just above his pubic hairline, her hands unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. She sat up to yank the jeans off and he suddenly felt embarrassed when he glanced down and saw the huge wet spot on the front of his boxer briefs. She smiled, moving back down and hovering over his straining cock. "A lollipop waiting to be licked."

She licked the spot first, then used her teeth to grasp it, tugging his shorts down. He lifted up, nearly holding his breath at her passion and watched as she rubbed his cock against her cheeks, then her mouth. Gale shuddered at the heat of her breath as she avoided licking his cock and instead concentrated on the sensitive skin at the base and his balls. A ball of fire seemed to build in his groin, the flames fanned by her hot tongue. Then slowly, very slowly, she licked his prick from the base to the top and down the other side.

"Oh, yeah." He hissed, watching her tongue his dribbling slit and draw a long string of sticky cum from the head. She licked her lips, causing the string to hang from her bottom lip for a moment, then licked again, taking it into her mouth. A tingle of pleasure went straight through him at that sight and she looked up at him, her hot, wet mouth poised above his pole.

"Time to see how many licks it takes to get to the center."

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