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Then he bent down and put it into his mouth.

'No! Please!" I cried out loud. My body was one writhing, electric, helpless sexual entity. My beautiful hair tangled in my bare shoulders while I bounced and shimmied in that sexy outfit. My nipple, anus and penis were all being expertly exploited, and I knew I was going on sexual overload.

"Please stop," I moaned in my ecstacy.

But he had no intention of stopping.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" I cried. "I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!"

And I did. I never had felt anything close to the intensity of that moment. I screamed something, I don't know what. I strained against the dildo, his hand on my breast and his mouth on my penis. I rocked my slim, bare shoulders back and forth as he kept his mouth sliding up and down on my penis. He somehow captured every bit of my cum, although it felt like I had released buckets of it. It was so intense that I think I actually passed out for a few, brief moments.

When I finally opened my eyes, I was totally drained, limp and used. The dildo was uncomfortable, and I was glad when he removed it. He had a satisfied look on his face, but his mouth looked a little funny as he bent down to kiss me.

I soon found out why. He lay his weight on top of me, grasping me by my bare shoulders and kissing me, forcing my lips open with his. He had not swallowed, and my cum oozed from his mouth into mine. I thought it was disgusting and tried to move my mouth away, but he would have none of it. He grasped my shoulders tighter and thrust his cum-laden tongue into my mouth, finally making me swallow my own seed.

Suddenly, I hated him. Having cum, I lost all sexual desire. I felt degraded, and a little silly in that harem outfit with this huge, ugly old man smirking at me.

"Thanks," I said, sitting up. "I think I'd better be getting home now."

There was that smirk from him again.

"No," he said as he stood and began unbuttoning his shirt. "I don't think it's time for you to go yet. Remember, Robin, I told you that you will learn what it's like to be a woman and please your man ... even when you don't feel like it."

I didn't want to feel like a woman anymore. I just wanted to go home, but he pushed me back onto the bed with one powerful arm and took off his shirt, revealing a hairy, very flabby torso. Soon, his pants and underwear were off. He had a heavy bush of hair surrounding a thick, large cock. His left arm went around me, holding me tight while he moved in for a kiss.

I didn't want to kiss him. After I cum, I lose all sexual desire. Kissing this man seemed like the most disgusting thing in the world.

"Not as easy as you thought, being a woman, is it, pretty one?" he said condescendingly.

He lay on top of me and forced his lips onto mine. I hated it. I was repulsed, disgusted ... and helpless. He seemed to be having a wonderful time, not bothered in the least by my discomforture. I was still in the harem outfit, of course, and his hands and mouth were all over me. His naked body rocked on top of me. I was in agony. His wet lips on my neck made my flesh crawl.

But there was nothing I could do, so I lay back and surrendered. He kissed me, thrusting his tongue this way and that while his hands roamed over my unresponsive body. Then, his teeth bit into my very sore right nipple -- much too hard.

I looked up at him with surprise on my face.

"Don't just lay there, you cunt!" he said. "Suck my dick."

My eyes started to water, I don't really know why, but I felt like crying.

"I'm not a cunt," I insisted. "I don't want to ... to suck your dick."

His face appeared to soften. He gently took my left hand and sat me up on the bed. His lips softly caressed the back of my neck, and his huge, rough right hand did the same to my bare right shoulder. I didn't like it, but I relaxed.

That's when he slid his hand down to my right wrist and violently twisted my arm behind my back. He sunk his teeth into my neck, and I thought he might have drawn blood.

"You'll do what I say," he said evenly. "You are my woman, and you will do what you're told. Do you understand me, Robin?

For emphasis, he reached around my thin frame with his left arm and brutally pinched my left nipple.

I was helpless, hurting from my neck, my arm and now my nipple. I shook my head "yes."

"You're going to suck my cock, pretty one, aren't you?" he said.

I nodded, but he wasn't satisfied. He brought my arm up higher behind my back and squeezed my nipple harder.

"Tell me you're going to suck my cock, Robin."

There was nothing I could do.

"I ... I'm going to suck your cock," I gasped.

He released my arm and nipple, and lightly caressed my shoulder while his mouth gently sucked on my neck where he bit me. Then he lay back on the bed.

"Blow me," he said.

His fat penis had gone soft under his massive belly. His body seemed to be a mass of fat flesh and graying hair. Delaying the inevitable as much as possible, I stood up and adjusted my disheveled outfit. I put the top evenly below the tips of my white shoulders and placed the transparent pants on my slim hips. I put my hands through my long, blond hair, smoothing it out and putting half down my back and half cascading down my front.

"Gorgeous," the man said, his hands comfortably behind his head, revealing his hairy armpits. "You should have been a girl."

I was so tired of hearing that after all these years, particularly now when acting like a woman wasn't so pleasant, to say the least. I bent over him and rubbed my small hands over his massive, hairy stomach. I had never touched another man's penis. I leaned over and kissed the head, which had already begun to show signs of life. I moved my knees between his legs, and my hands still on his stomach, I prostrated myself in front of his hairy crotch.

"Suck me, baby," he said. "Suck me good."

I took my right hand and grasped his fat penis. I could hear his breathing and I could feel his pulse in my hand. I closed my eyes and took him into my mouth. I had never tasted anything like that. I began to suck him up and down.

"Yeah, baby," he moaned. "Suck that dick."

So I did. I opened my eyes, but couldn't see his face because of his fat belly. His penis started to grow in my mouth. I couldn't believe how big and fat it was in my small mouth. He was breathing so hard, it was all I could hear.

"Take it all, cunt," he ordered between breaths.

There was no way I could. I had his wet penis deep toward my throat when he grabbed my hair and forced my head down. I gagged and coughed but he kept pumping my head up and down. The thought revolted me, but I was hoping he would cum and put me out of my misery. There was no indication, though, that he was ready to do so.

Despite my revulsion, I found myself getting into a kind of rhythm. I was sucking an ancient cock, feeling its big veins on my tongue and trying to get it to cum. I noticed how sexy my bare shoulders looked as I was doing what I was doing, and I subconsciously hunched them into my body like a woman would. I began to slowly shimmy them back and forth and found myself rubbing my bare midrift up and down his hairy legs.

My goodness, I was getting turned on again, sucking on an old man's penis!

I began to really get into it. His hand pulling my hair up and down, my body writhing on top of him while I made appreciative moans in the back of my throat. My tongue tasted something sweet and sour at the same time. I figured it must be pre-cum. I was ready to make him shoot his load.

But he pulled my head up by the hair. My mouth at the top of a trail of saliva, I looked at him. We were both breathing hard. He pulled me up and kissed me on the mouth. I guess I was turned on again because I didn't mind. He then turned me around like I weighed nothing at all and placed me tenderly on the bed.

My little chest was going up and down, accenting the pit of my tiny waist as I lay back, my shoulders on my soft blond hair, my bare midriff moving slightly from side-to-side. He looked down at me, his massive chest and belly heaving. His penis looked so wide, I couldn't believe I had gotten it into my mouth.

"You are so fucking beautiful," he said.

"I feel beautiful," I told him. "What happens now?"

He actually laughed.

"What happens now," he said, "is that I fuck you."

I shook my head "no," but he reached for the lubricant and squeezed some on his fingers. He took my legs and placed them on his muscular shoulders while I kept shaking my head "no." He reached between the slit in my pants and stuck two fingers into my tight anus. It hurt ... more than the dildo had. I bucked and writhed, but he was insistent. Finally, he took his fingers out and squeezed more lubricant onto his enormous cock.

He reached down and grabbed my butt cheeks and positioned his cock at my opening. I couldn't move. I sobbed and begged him not to hurt me.

"Shut up," he said, and thrust that big cock into me. I literally saw stars. I was too overcome to scream as his hands manipulated my body as he impaled me. he must have seen the terror in my eyes because he smiled to himself, thrust hard into me and planted his lips on mine.

His mouth had such a strong hold on mine that I couldn't breathe. I thought I would pass out, but he finally released my mouth and attacked my neck with his mouth and teeth, all the while pumping into me over and over. I finally was able to catch my breath and cry out, and that only seemed to encourage him. He had a wild look in his eyes. He released my butt cheeks and ran his gnarled hands up and down my slim sides while his mouth attacked my neck. My bare, fragile-looking shoulders moved from side-to-side in total surrender to his wanton desires.

I was getting fucked, and I was starting to like it. His cock was sliding up and down in me easier, and my legs tried to wrap themselves around his fat torso. His hands moved rapidly up and down my sides. His face came up and looked at me in my obvious ecstacy and surrender. I reached up and tenderly took his head in both my hands, bringing his lips to mine. I gently nibbled on his lower lip with both of mine. As he slowly moved away, my teeth lingered on his lip. He was fucking me more violently now. My blue eyes stared seductively into his brown ones. I could tell he was getting close as he banged me up and down.

I shimmied my bare shoulders, and whispered, "Do me. I want you."

That did it. He shouted my name, grabbed my bare, soft shoulders and sunk his teeth into my neck. This time, I was sure he drew blood, but I was so turned on that I didn't care. He plunged deeply into me, and although I couldn't actually feel his cum, I knew that he was shooting his load into my virgin body. He kept pumping and pumping and I was keeping up with him as best I could.

Finally, he collapsed on top of me, breathing like an ancient locomotive and sucking at where he had pierced my neck.

He fell asleep where he lay on me, and his cock softened and plopped out of me. I lay there under him, my left arm resting around his neck. I hadn't cum again, but I had a strange satisfaction that I had pleased my man.

He woke up with a snort after about 15 minutes and kissed me tenderly on my lips. His arms drew me into him tightly, as if he knew he had had perhaps the last great sexual experience of his life. I kissed him passionately and told him I really should be going. He didn't say anything, but allowed me to get up.

I stood up, and he looked at me, Again disheveled, with a small trickle of blood coming from my neck. I went into the small bathroom, wriggled out of the harem outfit, urinated, washed my neck and stopped the bleeding with some toilet paper before dressing in the clothes I came in with. I smoothed my hair, with half on either side of my shoulders. Looking at myself in the mirror, I looked good, if a little tired. His rough beard had made my neck and cheeks a little red. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 2:40 a.m.

When I came out, he was still naked. He rose to meet me. In his hands was a pink teddy that he must have taken off the lingeree rack while I was changing.

"Stay the night with me," he said. "I'd like to see you in this."

"Some other time," I said. I tried to hand him the harem outfit, but he raised a hand and told me to keep it. "Here," he said, handing me the plastic bag with the dildo and lubricant. I thought that was sweet, and moved to him to give him a kiss goodbye on his stubbled cheek.

He ran his hands lightly up and down my bare arms. He brought my lips to his, and I submitted to him for one last time. His rough lips somehow seemed old and tired. I moved my arms around his neck and he ran his hands up and down my bare sides while we kissed tenderly.

I finally broke the kiss and said, "I've gotta go."

He held my bare, slim waist with both hands going completely around it.

"My cum is inside your body," he said quietly before kissing me again.

"I know," I whispered. "I've gotta go."

"I don't turn you on anymore?" he asked, kissing me again.

"No," I lied. "I have to leave."

I gave him a farewell kiss, allowing my lips to linger on his for a few moments and turned away from him. I looked around for my raincoat, and saw it near the entrance. "You'll unlock the door for me?" I asked.

I looked back at him over my right shoulder. I saw an ugly, fat, old man who was already in his 40s when I was still a baby. But this ugly, fat old man had just taken my virginity, and there was something about him in his nakedness that made me feel pretty, vulnerable and feminine.

"You wanted to find out what it's like to feel like a woman," he said simply. "I could tell that's what you wanted. Well, now you know."

I realized he was right. I had experienced trepidation, desire, fear, lust, indifference, humiliation, submission, pain and fulfillment with this man. My neck had been made to bleed. My head hurt from him pulling my hair. My nipples were raw and would be sore for a week, and my anus had been violated so violently that I didn't know if it would ever feel normal again. Oh, and my lips were chapped and tender from his countless kisses.

And there he was, his big, hairy belly sticking out, and asking me to return to his embrace.

As I looked over at him, I found my right shoulder raising up to touch my chin as my right hand went to my bare waist. He smiled, knowing that I was flirting with him again.

"Oh well," I said as I turned, reached up and rested my arms around his neck. "Let's see how I'd look in that teddy."

The end.

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