tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Visit to New York

A Visit to New York


Jenny stirred as the captain announced the impending descent into JFK. Jenny had slept the entire seven and a half hours from Heathrow, the Nitrazepam tablets the Doctor had given her had worked a treat.

They were on their way to New York as Mark had got himself a job lined up and had been invited to an interview. Jenny was not usually a bad traveller but the excitement of possibly relocating to another part of the world had suddenly got on top of her, hence her need for sleeping pills.

The remainder of the journey to the hotel was fairly uneventful, Jenny regaining her consciousness and enjoying the new experience.

They'd arranged a couple of extra days in the city so they could enjoy some of the atmosphere and part of the package was a night in a club. Jenny was up for it, she loved dancing and loved looking her best. Tonight was no exception and she was dressed to thrill. Her short white skirt and flimsy top clinged to her curvaceous body, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her sexy boots added to her sexuality and, add to that her hair being perfect and her make up immaculate, she was ready to hit the town. Mark could hardly contain himself, his erection as obvious as the Statue of Liberty! Jenny noticed his predicament and smiled.

"Save it for later" she smirked, "Let's go dancing first". Mark was disappointed but he knew she would give him a good time later when they got back to the hotel.

"Oh, Mark?" she called. "Be a love and get my contraceptive pill for me, will you?" Mark delved into her bag and popped a pill from the bubble pack for her. Ready for action, they went in search of a cab. The concierge had told them to tip the bouncers on the way in, that way if there was any trouble, they'd be looked after.

Ten minutes later, they were in downtown New York at a basement club that came highly recommended. Jenny was looking stunning, a "Ten" in anyone's book and she was a turner. Everyone's head turned as she passed by, Mark feeling elated as they all glared at him in envy. She was his and his alone.

The club was in full swing and they hit the dance floor immediately. Jenny was a raver and could dance until everyone else dropped. Maybe it was the jet lag but she tired after about fifteen minutes.

"Be a dear and get me a drink will you?" Jenny implored. Mark sat her down and went off in search of the bar. As with British bars, they Yankee ones were no different and had 2 people serving and a queue six deep. It took mark an eternity to get served and by the time he got back, she'd gone. Thinking she'd gone for another dance, he didn't panic but as he scanned the dance floor, he saw her with her arms around two guys heading for the exit. He dropped the drinks and raced after them, having to fight his way through the revellers dancing, nearly getting into a fight a couple of times in his eagerness.

He ran up the stairs onto the sidewalk and bumped into one of the bouncers, a big black guy who gave Mark a mouthful of abuse.

"Have you seen my girlfriend?" he asked, breathlessly. The bouncers smiled at each other.

"I wouldn't worry about her, man" the bouncer responded. "She's plenty happy with what she's got for tonight. Why don't you get your butt back inside and find another piece of poon-tang for yourself?" Mark didn't like his attitude but as the bouncer was twice his size, he decided not to get into confrontation but to go in search of his woman. He ran down the road for a couple of blocks, panic beginning to take a greater hold on his emotions.

He stopped to get his breath back by an alley. He looked all around. No sign of her. Suddenly, behind him he heard a noise. Mark peered into the dark alley and heard rustling noises and voices. He crept into the alley, lurking in the shadows curious as to the origin of the sounds. Could he hear Jenny's voice?

He hid behind a pile of boxes and peered around. He saw the two guys from the club, a tall black guy with dreadlocks, a second shorter guy of Hispanic origin. Then he caught a glimpse of white skirt with a black hand covering her bum. Mark's pulse raced, his thoughts were to go in and kick forty shades of s**t out of them. He could handle himself and, running entirely on adrenalin, he felt he could easily take them. Why, then, was he rooted to the spot? It wasn't fear. The incredible bulge in his jeans gave the game away. Mark was aroused by the spectacle unravelling before his very eyes.

He inched closer in the shadows, listening. The black guy was holding Jenny up against him by clutching her arse cheeks tightly, the Hispanic guy was flattening some cardboard boxes so they could lay her down on them.

"Hey man, lay her down here" the shorter guy commanded.

"Give us a hand, Rico" the black guy said. Between them, they laid Jenny slowly down to the ground, her breathing shallow like she was comatose. The bastards have drugged her, Mark thought. Again, his emotions were split and he stood, mesmerised at the scene before him. Jenny was stirring slightly.

"Is that you Mark?" she asked.

"Yeah Jenny, it's me. Mark" Rico responded, his accent obviously different from her own boyfriend's. Jenny was so out of it, she didn't realise it was not Mark, nor that there were 2 guys pawing at her luscious body. Mark wondered if she had introduced herself as they knew her name.

"I know what you want" she giggled in her dozed state of mind, her hand reaching up to Rico's groin and removing his cock from his zip fly. He moved around so she could take his cock and she accommodated him comfortably in her mouth, her tongue licking the tip of the cock before she buried it deep into her mouth, her sucking noises audible throughout the entire alleyway.

"Oh yeah, baby. Mark loves this" Rico said, reaching across and grabbing a handful of tit. The black guy had been stroking her long delightful legs up to her crotch and he'd found her panties to be dampening.

"Hey, Rico?" he whispered loudly, "Her cunt is dripping man. I think she wants some black meat!" he smiled. Mark watched as the black guy unzipped her skirt and pulled it down over her hips, stopping briefly to pull on the elasticated waist band of her panties. Seconds later, the lower half of Jenny was naked and her pussy was covered in a pair of black hands.

"Finger me deeper, Mark" Jenny murmured with Rico's cock still in her mouth.

"She wants it deeper, Leroy" Rico said, grinning. Mark noticed that he was really enjoying the show, his own girlfriend the porno entertainment. He unzipped himself and exposed his own erection to the cool New York air. He wasn't the only one. Leroy had also unzipped himself and even in the poor light of the alleyway, it was evident that this black guy had a monster of a cock.

"You think she's clean?" Leroy asked. Rico pulled a foil packet from his pocket.

"You want one of these in case?" he said.

"Nah. I'll take a chance" he laughed. "I'll bet a hot chic like this gets fucked all the time but she's a classy chic. She won't take chances........until now!" his laughter was almost maniacal.

Without another word, Leroy plunged himself deep into Jenny's soaking wet pussy with a force that might have given her concussion. Jenny's body was so relaxed, she barely squeaked, taking Leroy's monster dick with ease.

"Fuck, she's hot man" the black guy said. "Get them fucking jugs out". Rico pulled at her top and, finding some resistance, reached for his switchblade in his back pocket, cutting the material to shreds leaving her ample, bra covered bosom exposed. He slit through her under-wired up-lifting bra, exposing her well proportioned breasts to the two guys who were violating her most private spaces.

"Fuck me Mark" Jenny uttered through her intermittent sucking and Leroy pounded her pussy with continued vigour.

"You like this baby?" Leroy uttered. Jenny muttered an incomprehensible sound that sounded like she was.

"You want my black seed in your cunt?" he whispered. "I'm gonna leave you my black fucking seed, you bitch" he said, reaching up and pinching her nipples. At this, she screeched a bit but little noise came out with 8 inches of Hispanic dick in her mouth.

"Suck me dry, slut" Rico spat, his attitude turning nasty. They began fucking Jenny's holes with greater force and she squirmed in what seemed like repulsion. A police car went screaming along the main road drowning out the sound temporarily, the red flashing strobes lighting up the alley for a brief moment and all was clear, like you might find when lightning flashes. Only this time, it was eerie, the red light adding to the scene like some cheap low budget porno flick.

Only once the police car had passed was the sound in the alley audible again and it wasn't what Mark expected.

"Fuck me deeper!" Jenny wailed. "Deeper. Fuck me. Please, fuck me!" she yelled.

"Slut white bitch" Leroy said "I'm cumming in your slut white cunt". With that, he pulled a face like he was in pain and you could almost hear the millions of sperm being pumped in to Mark's girlfriend, deep into her dark moist pussy.

"Hold tight, Jenny, here I come" Rico said as he reached his crescendo, and spurted his load deep into her throat. Jenny lapped at the white sticky fluid as it passed her tonsils, swallowing every last drop like a baby sucks a bottle.

"Horny bitch" Rico said, pulling his dick from her jaws. Leroy was doing up his jeans by now.

"I've emptied her purse" Leroy said, waving her plastic cards about. So that's how they knew her name, Mark realised to himself.

"Let's split" Rico said and they virtually ran down the alley past the boxes where Mark was hiding. Just then, the alleyway was in virtual daylight as the police car came hurtling down the alley, it's headlights on full beam and strip lights flashing. The sudden activity made Mark overbalance and bump his head on the wall. He was dazed but not KO'd. Then he looked up and saw a revolver pointing at his head.

"You're under arrest, buddy" the voice said. It was then that Mark passed out.

Mark regained consciousness in a police cell. Thoughts flooded back into his mind. The NYPD were trying to do Mark for rape and held him until the forensics came back. The evidence supported Mark's story of what had happened. Jenny had been a willing partner to the alleged rape, she'd asked to be fucked, begged to be fucked. And no, they hadn't drugged her. But someone had.

"So can you tell me how a sleeping pill came to be in her blood stream?" the detective asked. Mark shook his head. She'd had one at Heathrow but none since. They went to the hotel room and, in their search they found that two sleeping pills had been taken. Mark denied this. How could it be? She'd only had one at the airport in London.

"Are you planning a family?" the detective asked Mark. He shook his head.

"No. Why?"

"We know that Jenny finished her period a week ago and we found a pack of contraceptive pills untouched in her baggage"

"Oh s**t" Mark stutterd at the very thought. He'd given her the wrong tablet in the hotel. It was his fault she was drowsy, he'd given her the Nitrazepam instead of the microgynon. Not only had she been fucked by strangers, but they'd had unprotected sex with her and could potentially have impregnated her.

But during all this, Jenny had genuinely thought she was having sex with Mark.

And Mark had enjoyed her having sex with someone other than him. His evil mind began to wonder if he could engineer this event again. There'd be plenty of time on the return flight to formulate a plan.

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