tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Visit to the Changing Rooms

A Visit to the Changing Rooms


For the first time in my adult life, I leave the house without wearing a bra or knickers. It has taken a long time to pluck up the courage to do this, but now I now feel proud of my body and breasts. I have now decided I am no longer going to strap them down, or contain myself under layers nylon, at last I am going to set myself free and exhibit my body like I have always wanted to do.

As I walk across the drive to the car the light wind flutters around my exposed bottom and pussy giving me a tingle of anticipation in my stomach, and the ten minute drive to the shopping arcade passes in an instant as I think of the daring things I am going to do to expose myself.

Walking across the car park in my 3" high, open toe sandals makes my breasts bounce freely and my nipples feel pert under my short, thin strappy summer dress, my pussy has now already started feeling moist.

Entering the mall, a blast from the ultra cold air-conditioning hardens my nipples, sending a light shock through my body, I gasp and smile. The mall is nearly empty at this time in the morning, but I do get a few sideways glances (and a couple of open stares) as I make my way to the fancy lingerie shop at the far end. Instead of making me feel ashamed or wanting to cover up, this attention just makes me feel proud and even more aroused. I smile at one of the starers and push my shoulders back making my breasts and nipples stand out even further.

Walking into the shop, I pass by the old familiar supportive bras and the larger covering knickers that made up my old wardrobe. I head straight to the wall of risqué items, things I'd previously never dare to wear because they would show off too much of my body. I browse through crotch less panties, quarter cup bras, revealing corsets.

I select a few items, a thong of gossamer thin fabric with a butterfly motif embroidered high up on the front so as not to hide the wearers pussy lips, a white platform bra with the front cut away to expose the nipples, on its narrow centre panel the butterfly is also embroidered, a baby doll set of transparent fabric with ruffle shoulder straps. And finally a scarlet coloured corset with black suspender and shoulder straps, I get moist once again just thinking about what I'm doing, and head for the changing rooms, picking up a pair of shear black stockings on the way.

Inside the entrance to the changing rooms is a very attractive man waiting for his partner. The place is otherwise deserted. I see his eyes follow my tits as I walk past him to get to a room. I close the curtain and remove my dress, my boobs bouncing free, and I try on the first item.

It's the white bra, but it isn't much of a bra because it leaves my tits exposed. The fabric barely supports the bottom of them. My nipples are above the top edge of the material, fully exposed and very hard even in the heat of the changing room. Next I try on the matching thong, this leaves my bottom cheeks fully exposed, turning to face the mirror I can clearly see my trimmed pussy lips through the fabric.

I hear the curtain beside me slide closed and realize the girlfriend has gone into a room to try something on. A wicked thought enters my mind. I reach up and unhook the back of the bra. taking a deep breath I step out of the room. The man is still out there. He looks up. I have covered my nipples with my hands, but I am still very exposed. He is not looking at my face.

I pause for a few seconds to allow him time to examine my body "Excuse me, could you help me fasten this?" I turn my back to him and give him an innocent look over my shoulder. He slowly comes over and fumbles with the catch until he gets it fastened. I turn back to him, smile, "Thank you. I don't know what I would have done." Then I let my hands drop away from my exposed tits giving him a quick glimpse as I brush back past the curtain and retreat into the cubicle.

Back inside, I tremble with excitement as I remove the shelf bra and thong. At last I have now overcome that initial barrier and start to enjoy the sexual experience of exposure. I take a long moment to admire my naked body in the tri-angled mirrors.

My 38c tits stand firm, my nipples at full attention. My stomach glistens with the slightest sheen of sweat, and my tightly trimmed pubes look attractive sitting just above my visibly exited shaved pussy lips. My backside is round and proud, which I can never normally see from this angle. I bend over double and admire my anus and pussy as this effect causes the tops of my legs to tighten and separate.

Finally, I get back to the matter in hand. I try on the sheer white baby doll with matching thong. This does not leave my tits fully exposed, but the fabric is see-through and does not restrain them in any way. They sway freely and clearly visible underneath the wisp of fabric and lace. The hem of the baby doll ends just high enough to expose my pussy barely shrouded in the equally transparent thong. I am admiring this picture in the three mirrors, seeing how my bum cheeks peek from below the hem, when I hear the curtain next to me open again. I hear murmuring, then the man quite clearly, "I'll wait here for you." She must be going to pick out more items, and he is feeling hopeful about another peek. Who am I to deny him?

I slide the curtain back and stand before him. He catches his breath but does not look away.

"What do you think - would this be better in black? I can't decide."

"Umm, I don't know. Turn around and let me see how it looks."

Cocky little bastard. I smile to myself and slowly turn. I bend over slightly, giving him an excellent view of my backside. When I turn back to face him, I bend down slightly again, letting him see the fullness of my tits as they move. He tells me the white is perfect. His voice is calm and even but the obvious bulge in his pants betrays him. He stares openly at my tits. I thank him for his help and go back into my room. As I am closing the curtain, however, I realize that I can see him reflected in the mirrors. I leave the curtain open a couple of inches. He can watch me now. I stretch, raising my hands over my head so my breasts lift. I am not making eye contact with his reflection, but I can see he is watching. I run my hands down over my tits, then I cup them, lifting them slightly as my thumbs circle my nipples. I take off the baby doll, then I bend deeply sliding the thong down my legs to show him my moist slit. I stretch again, arms overhead, arching my back so my nipples touch the mirror. The cold shocks me, but not as much as the image of my tits seems to shock him. He adjusts his bulge, his hand lingering a bit too long.

I reach for the blood red corset. Like the bra I tried on earlier, the corset leaves my breasts exposed. It takes me quite a while to fasten all the hooks and adjust the laces going up each side. I wiggle enticingly as I adjust the corset so my tits just hang over the top of it. I look back into the mirror, and receive such a shock that I actually jump a little, coursing my boobs to jiggle beautifully.

Standing in the hall, staring at me, the man is not alone. The girl has returned. I experience a moment of shame and fear. It was not my intention to cause trouble between the young couple. The look on her face, however, is far from anger. As I watch, she steps in front of the man. She grinds her backside against him as she grabs his hand and places it on her breast. Incredibly relieved and excruciatingly turned on by this display, I decide to try on the pair of shear black stockings to complete my ensemble. I take my time pulling them up each leg and attach each of the four clips. I bend at the waist to smooth the nylon up each leg, displaying my now dripping snatch to the couple. In the mirrors, I can clearly see my tits hang forward as I bend. Keeping this posture, I fit my foot into one of my sandals, I return to a standing posture with a flip of my hair and a thrust of my breasts. I repeat the process with my other foot, and can see in the mirror that the man's hands are now under his girlfriend's clothes. One hand is cupping her breast under her 't' shirt, while the other has raised her skirt and is deep inside her knickers. They are grinding against each other. Both are staring at my image in the mirror.

Suddenly there are voices heading our way. The couple hears them too. Without any thinking, they have jumped inside my dressing room and closed the curtain, pressing me against the mirror. We hear a conversation in the hallway, then the mundane exchange between a sales lady and a customer. Is that the correct size? "Does everything fit?

I am still facing away from the couple, watching them in the mirrors. The room is tiny. She barely steps towards me before reaching around me and squeezes my breasts. I can't believe she is so brazen. She flicks my nipples and feels the weight of my tits in her hands. The girl breaks the silence by asking me to sit on the bench. I sit, facing her for the first time. She bends over, grabbing my tits and starts mauling them and rubbing her thumbs over my nipples, she looks over her shoulder at her boyfriend and that is all the instruction he needs. He has already undone his pants and is stroking his impressive cock as he watches us. Sliding her knickers down her legs as he steps toward us, he pushes his dick into her in one swift movement.

As his thrusts gain force, she moves her hands to the wall behind me. Now her nipples are brushing mine. She is watching us in the mirror. Watching her tits rub against my tits with each thrust. I can still hear the sales lady in the hall, but mostly I just hear the girl panting. Suddenly she is trying to stifle a scream; she shoves her face against my breasts to muffle the sound. Her orgasm is sudden and sharp, and she is writhing with the agony and ecstasy of it. Her boyfriend is close, too. "Suck on her nipples." He growls.

It is not a whisper, nor is it a request. He pulls her head by the hair and guides her mouth toward my breast. She brings her hands down from the wall, caressing my breasts as she tries to suck as much as she can into her mouth. I fear she will choke on my tits as she sucks each one farther and farther in, teasing the nipple with her tongue. Her face is slamming against me as her boyfriend fucks her. Finally he ejaculates with a loud series of groans. She continues to suck on my tits for a moment, then turns and kneels in front of him to lick the cum and pussy juice off his cock.

My tits and nipples feel very tender, but look amazingly erect from all the attention she has given them.

"Are you buying whatever merchandise you have in there!" the saleslady calls from outside the curtain. - "I'll only be another minute." I reply as I try to compose myself.

As the couple make themselves decent and start to leave, the girl turns to me. "You didn't get to cum."

"Don't worry about it. I've got a lot more shopping to do today."

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