tagLoving WivesA Visit To The Doctor Ch. 02

A Visit To The Doctor Ch. 02


While I was on holiday a few months ago, I had a small accident in the swimming pool. I bumped my hip against the steps when I was climbing out. There was a fairly large bruise beginning to develop just underneath the waistband of my swimming trunks when I got back to the hotel room. Susan, my wife, insisted that I needed to get the hotel doctor to check it out.

"It's only a bruise" I said glancing round at it in the mirror.

"You could have chipped your bone or bruised your kidney" Susan said looking concerned.

"Well, the doctor is not visiting the hotel today. I saw a notice on the board when I came up. Apparently, there is only the nurse on today" I replied.

"Oh, she's very good!" said Susan. Susan had visited the doctor in the previous week and was speaking from experience. "She will be able to tell if there is any more damage. I will go along with you if you like."

"I think I can manage a visit to the nurse on my own. I am not child you know" I said smiling at Susan.

"Oh, it's alright. I need to see her about my previous visit" she said.

About ten minutes later we were sitting outside the room that the doctor used for his visits. Suddenly the door opened and a tall blonde woman came out wearing a pristine nurse's uniform. She had a fantastic figure and smiled at me as she came out. Suddenly she noticed my wife. "Susan" she said recognising her, "No more problems I hope."

"No, it's my husband, I was wondering if you could check him out"

"I'd be delighted" the nurse said looking me up and down. "Come in" she said changing the sign on the door to read "Engaged".

We stepped into the room and the nurse seated herself next to a desk and motioned us to take two seats opposite her. As she sat down, she crossed her legs revealing her beautifully shaped thighs.

"My husband has bruised his back. I am sure that it is nothing but thought it was important to get it checked out" explained Susan.

"Yes, it is better to be safe than sorry" the nurse said smiling at me. "Whereabouts is the bruise?"

I turned round slightly on my seat and signalled the position of the bruise with my hand.

"Ah, I see. Well just pop behind that screen and take of your shirt and pants." Said the nurse. I went behind a folding screen standing in the corner of the room and started removing my clothes and neatly folding them onto the trolley, which was also behind the screen. I kicked off my socks as well. I stood there with only my boxer shorts on trying to listen to what Susan and the nurse were saying. I could not make it out but heard them giggling once or twice. Probably some female tittle-tattle, Susan is good at that I thought.

Suddenly the nurse spoke up. "Are you ready?" she asked. "Yes" I replied gingerly.

Susan and the nurse both came round the screen. "You don't mind if your wife is present while I examine you?" the nurse asked.

"Not at all. She's seen it all before" I joked.

The nurse turned me round and started running her hand professionally over the small of my back. "Ah, yes, I can see the bruise." She said. "Do you mind taking off your shorts so that I can have a better look?"

I slipped the shorts down and put them on the pile of clothes. The nurse immediately picked up the clothes and put them on the chair next to the trolley.

"Lie face down on the trolley please" she said.

I climbed up onto the trolley and lay down resting my head on my folded arms. The nurse again, started expertly feeling the bruised area on my back.

"It's just a surface bruise" the nurse eventually declared. "I could massage it if you like. It will increase the circulation and help it heal more quickly" she said.

I had never had a massage before and agreed readily. The nurse took a bottle from the shelf and poured some herbal scented oil into the palm of her hand and smoothed it into both palms before smoothly covering the affected area with warm oil. The feeling was painful at first but that sensation quickly wore off to be replaced by a delicious relaxing feeling. After a few minutes I was almost in dreamland when I felt the nurse start to gently knead my buttocks and let the tips of her fingernails gently scrape the inside of my thighs.

I looked round to see the nurse tending to my milky white backside contrasted against my nut brown skin. The nurse smiled up at me "This is to improve your lymph drainage" she informed me. It was doing more than that. I could feel my cock starting to stiffen beneath my body. I noticed that the nurse had pulled down the zipper a bit more on her uniform and the view of her ample cleavage was not helping any. As long as I did not have to stand up, I would be alright. Suddenly the nurse stopped her ministrations and asked me to sit up.

Oh no, I thought. "Can I not lie here for a while?" I asked.

"No" the nurse answered, "I need to look at your front".

Well I am sure nurses have seen this sort of thing before and my wife has certainly seen me with a hard-on before, I thought. I sat up and swung my legs round so that they were draped over the edge of the trolley. I seen Susan giggle behind her hand. I looked down and noticed my cock was standing out at a right angle from my body, my foreskin rolled back tightly exposing a throbbing purple head. The nurse glanced down, "Oh don't worry about that, it's a normal reaction" she smiled staring at my cock.

"Well, I was wondering if you would like to take a look at my husband's penis, nurse?" Susan said.

"What's wrong with it?" I heard myself saying.

"Oh, nothing at all, I think that you have a beautiful penis" the nurse said. "It is just that I was telling your wife that we are taking part in a survey being conducted by the government in this country on the charateristics of male sexual organs. I asked if she thought you would mind taking part. You don't mind do you?"

"Go on, it will be fun" said Susan smiling.

"It doesn't hurt does it?" I asked.

"No" laughed the nurse picking up a clipboard "not at all."

"Oh, alright then" I answered.

The nurse immediatley produced a tape measure and began measuring the length of my cock. "Six and a half inches" she said. "That's in the average range" she noted. "Now, how do you feel about the length of your penis?"

"I wish it was longer I suppose" I said "but all men do, don't they?" I added.

"Usually" the nurse answered. "How do you normally refer to your penis, what do you call it?" asked the nurse "penis sounds so clinical".

"Well, er… cock" I answered shyly.

"Oh, okay then" the nurse said slipping the tape meaure around my girth. "Circumference, seven and a half inches, now that is above average. That's interesting. Women prefer a nice fat cock as opposed to a long one, did you know that?" the nurse said.

The sound of the nurse saying the word, cock was a tremendous turn-on.

"Oh, really, what do you have to do now?" I asked.

"Well, I have to measure your ejaculate and make various observations on it. Taste, smell, that sort of thing" she said nonchalantly. "Then I have to measure the dimensions of your cock in its flacid state and note the duration of your recovery period".

"You want me to cum?" I asked.

"Oh yes, it is essential" the nurse said snapping on some tight latex gloves. She kneeled down in front of me cupping my balls in one hand and slowly wanking me with the other hand.

"Does that feel nice darling?" Susan asked.

"Oh, yes its wonderful" I replied.

"Do you want me to suck you?" the nurse asked.

"That would be fantastic" I said.

She started lubricating me with her lips and then plunged my cock in her mouth while she massaged the underside and balls with her hands.

"I want you to cm in my mouth" she said between sucking strokes, "I have to taste you as part of the test".

"Okay" I answered.

She started to increase the speed now and I could feel myself going past the point of no return. Suddenly I felt her insert a gloved finger into my arsehole and I exploded into her mouth. After I had finished, she stood up smiling, as she wiped a drop of cum from her cheek.

"Mmmm, it tastes slightly reminiscent of coffee" she announced. "Does he always taste like that?" she asked Susan.

"Like what?" Susan smiled. It seemed to be a signal to the nurse who walked over to where Susan sat and kissed her full on the mouth. When she had broke away, Susan said "Yes that's the normal taste" as she licked her lips.

The nurse quickly measured my limp cock and scribbled down the measurements on her clipboard.

"Right, recovery period" she announced, "I am going to time how long it takes you to get hard again" she said glancing at her nurse's watch hanging down from the sexy uniform.

She sat down next to Susan. "Play with your cock and make it hard" she ordered. Susan and the nurse both watched as I fumbled with my cock. "I do like watching a man play with himself, don't you?" the nurse said to Susan.

"He's not very hard yet, though is he?" she added.

"Perhaps this would help" said Susan lifting her skirt up to reveal that she was not wearing any panties. She opened her legs and started rubbing her clit.

"Yes, that might help accelerate the process" said the nurse "do you mind if I join in?" she asked and before waiting for an answer she stood up, unzipped her uniform and let it drop to the floor. She stood before me in only a pair of lace topped, hold-up stockings and high heeled shoes. Like Susan, she had dispensed with the need for knickers and her magnificent tits were clearly bra-less. She sat next to Susan in a similar pose fingering her juicy wet cunt. I started pumping my stiffening cock for all it was worth.

"Oh, I am sorry dear, you appear to have been left out. Should I help you out?" the nurse said glancing at Susan.

"Oh, yes please" replied Susan sliding her legs open even more and pulling her blouse open. The nurse got down on all fours and started eating Susan out.

She stuck her arse up in the air and looked round at me. "Are you going to stand there wanking that thing all day or do you want to put it to some good use?" she said wiggling her bottom.

"But the measurements" I said.

"Look, the only measurements I care about are the measurements of that fat cock inside me" she said.

I walked over to her holding my cock and glided it in to her, she was so wet. Susan was able to reach down and squeeze my balls as I rode her. I heard her start her orgasm under the nurse's expert care and felt waves of muscular spasms like nothing I had felt with Susan start to grip my cock indicating the nurse was having an orgasm. The tremendous sensations caused me to shoot my load. Susan could see from my facial expression that I was cumming.

"He likes being ordered to do kinky things" she informed the nurse.

"Oh, does he?" she said "well get down there and lick your cum out of me" the nurse ordered. I slavishly knelt down and cleaned her out with my tongue and thanked her for letting me take part in her survey.

"Its all part of the service" she said smiling as she zipped her uniform back up.

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