tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Voyeur's Love Ch. 03

A Voyeur's Love Ch. 03


Dorethia quickly began helping Derek unfasten and remove her clothing. When she was finally down to her under things she turned to him, unfastening his pants while Derek pulled off his jacket, vest and shirt. She wanted Albert see her wantonly go for Derek's cock, hoping he would look for her to do the same to him. As she freed the hard cock from the clothing she immediately took it into her mouth as she fervently stroked it, sucked it and played with his balls.

"Now Dory if you keep up like this I will never last enough for the instruction," Derek moaned, trying to slow her down.

"But I want him to see, to want me like this."

"Okay, okay, just make it look like you are doing these things. Put me in your mouth, but only act like you are sucking otherwise you'll be swallowing my essence very soon."

She eased up a bit, bobbing her head up and down on his cock but holding her mouth open wide enough so he could barely feel it. "Is that better?" she mumbled.

"Yes, but let me finish undressing you now."

"Yes, yes, in a moment," she replied running her hands over his ass and then back to his cock.

Derek finally had to pull her up so she could finish undressing. She pulled off the last of her clothes and fell naked onto the blanket. Wanting to continue as aggressor, she pulled Derek to the ground and then climbed on top of him, lowering her pussy over his erection. As she began moving up and down she reached down and began playing with her clit as she bounced on Derek's cock. Dorethia could feel her breasts bouncing wildly as she consumed the cock in her pussy.

Feeling Derek's ample cock sliding in and out of her while she fervently touched her clit while acting for the watchers really had her going and now she felt the pleasure sweep over her as she came. Wanting the men watching her, especially Albert, to see that she came, she moaned loudly and with a deep guttural groan said, "Yes, yes I am coming."

She collapsed down onto her lover, her pussy oozing her cum over Derek's cock and balls as she tried to catch her breath. Under her breath she asked, "Do you think he liked it?"

"Hell, they all did, look up at them most have their cocks in their hands already, several already spent themselves. And you better climb off me before I spend myself," he said.

Dorethia climbed off of her lover and moved onto her back where she opened her legs giving all the watchers a clear view of her wet pussy. She looked up at Albert and could see he was staring at her sex as if he had never seen a woman before. "Good," she thought, "perhaps you'll want me differently now."

She felt Derek nestle between her legs and as she looked down she watched as he pushed his tongue into her opening and then slid it upwards in an exaggerated movement. As he licked and sucked on her clit he continued emphasizing his every move, something that clearly pleased the watchers who so often missed many fine details due to their vantage point.

Derek's fingers slipped into her pussy and she moaned again, almost forgetting to change the pitch of her voice. Not only was Derek's performance inspired, but this added exaggeration by the both of them really had her fired up. She groaned again and lifted her hips as another orgasm rushed through her. As her pussy squeezed Derek's fingers again and again, she planned her next move. When the orgasm subsided, she moved, pushing Derek onto his back where she straddled his face and then took his cock in her mouth.

There was no slowing her down now as she wildly ground her pussy on Derek's face while devouring his cock. Her saliva ran down the shaft providing lubrication for her fist which stroked him wildly while her other fingers massaged his balls. She could feel him respond, lifting his hips to push deeper into her mouth. When he finally arched his back and came, she let the first spurt splash into her face and her masque before she took his cock into her mouth and sucked and swallowed the rest of his cum.

After a few moments she removed her mouth and slowly milked his cock, dipping her tongue in the last white droplets that formed at the tip. When she finished that, she used her fingers to wipe some of the cum off her masque and then licked the cum from her fingers, all while the watchers watched. She glanced up and saw her husband sit quietly staring at her exhibition.

"I think he enjoyed the show. Perhaps he might learn to enjoy his wife later and even better, let her enjoy him," Derek whispered.

"Thank you Derek," she replied as she began gathering her clothes.

"Oh it was my pleasure my lady, I have enjoyed you, perhaps your husband will do the same."

Still partially dressed, they both began moving back down the private trail. Dorethia now had to rush home and get changed before her husband would get home. He would have to go back by work for a while so she was pretty sure she could make it safely home in time.

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