tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Voyeur's Reunion

A Voyeur's Reunion


There was no question about whether or not I would go with Judith to her high school reunion. I didn't know most of her high school friends and she didn't want to spend half her time introducing me instead of catching up on what everybody has been doing the past twenty-five years. I told her, "Go, get drunk, and have fun. I'll rent a movie for the kids and get a pizza." For me, that was it. I even fell asleep halfway through the flick, tucked the kiddies into bed, and was asleep before midnight.

At the reunion, Judith reconnected with Teddy, her old high school beau, who also left his spouse at home with their brood. What harm was there in reminiscing about prom night, dancing to Kool and the Gang, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, and the Bee Gees, and drinking too many vodka-tonics to count? Judith and Tommy laughed, danced, sweated, sang off key, and kissed each other's lips more than once. When the festivities came to a close, Teddy suggested that he drive her home, but Judith asked him just to follow her home instead. When he pulled into our driveway behind her van, Judith got out and walked over to his sedan to thank him for making sure she got home safely. Teddy motioned for her to come around the passenger's side and get in.

"Let's sit and talk a little," he said, cutting his lights and the engine. She agreed and sat beside him expectantly. Teddy pulled a nearly crushed cigarette pack from his jacket pocket and asked, "Do you mind?" Judith shook her head, adding that she quit when she was pregnant with our first kid. "That's good. I wish I could, but it's not that easy." As he spoke the words, he ignited the cigarette, breathed in a lungful, and blew it out. Then he held the filtered end between his fingers and offered it to Judith. If sober, she would have declined, but she tilted her head and let him put the butt between her lips. Even as she coughed out the first drag, she pulled in another puff of smoke and it went down smoothly.

In the smoky haze, my pretty wife smiled at her ex-boyfriend and pronounced, "You always got me to do bad things." She smiled and they laughed together, no doubt both thinking of exactly the same event. On prom night, twenty-five years ago she gave him her first blow job ever in the backseat of his parents' station wagon. She blushed, matching him drag for drag on the spit-wet cig, as he recounted all of their "parking," meaning "necking," spots around town. Of course, I never expected a healthy and sexy lady like Judith to have been a virgin when I met her, but I never doubted for the twenty-plus years of our marriage she had always been faithful. On this particular night, however, the memories, feelings, and desires of long ago were unexpectedly resurrected. Teddy was a little grayer, slightly heavier, and softer spoken, but the same boy who ignited her passions as a nubile teenager.

As naturally as she had pecked me on the cheek a few hours earlier, she leaned her body toward Teddy's and kissed him with moist, parted, insistent lips. She smelled his tobacco tinged breath and loved the taste as she sucked on the tip of his tongue. Then she thrust her own tongue into his warm, opened mouth and simulated penetration by rapidly thrusting in and out. After a long minute of heavy breathing and swallowing each other's saliva, Judith realized Teddy's hands were on her shirt cupping her breasts. She murmured, "Let me help you with that," and pulled up her shirt without unbuttoning and watched the now-experienced and married man confidently unhook her lacy black bra. Judith's plump, oval breasts fell into Teddy's waiting palms and he exclaimed, "My, how you've grown!" She giggled girlishly and then gasped with pleasure as he pinched her hard, erect nipples. She commanded Teddy to suck each one in turn and swooned while holding his head against her breasts, feeling her erogenous tide rising down below. As if to pause for a respite, the two former teenaged lovers separated and looked at each other in silence.

"I didn't expect to end up in a make-out session," Judith finally said to Teddy. He just smiled. He had all his teeth, most of his hair, and was still good enough looking after all these years. Now that Judith was a married woman and not a shy, inhibited schoolgirl, she knew what she wanted and where to find it. Teddy might have been a bit shocked - or at least pleasantly surprised - as my beloved wife reached into his lap and gently rubbed his bulge with one hand while unsynching his belt, unhooking the clasp of his slacks, and pulling down his zipper. She moved in closer and Teddy wrapped an arm around her shoulder as she twirled her finger through the opening of his jockey shorts and found his manhood. Teddy watched Judith smiling down at his crotch expectantly as she grasped his cock by the shaft and pulled it out in the open air.

She crooned, "You've grown, too. Haven't you, big boy?" She caressed the flesh of his penis with her fingers and gave it a squeeze before bringing the red tip to her lips for a loud, theatrical kiss. Her eyes met his as she gave the deeply cleft head a swipe with her moist tongue and then kissed up and down the length of his member. "Is your wife a happy girl?" she asked tauntingly. He replied yes. "I bet she is. Does she do this?" asked Judith while taking Teddy's cock head between her lips. He muttered yes. "How about this?" She enclosed her mouth over the length of his dick with her fingers encircling the base and squeezing. An involuntary groan escaped Teddy's throat as she pulled the entire length of his manhood into the warm cavern of her mouth.

While I snored in the bed we had shared for half our lives, my wife was sucking another man's cock, slurping and gulping with gusto and vigorously massaging the flesh of his thighs, groin, testicles, and buttocks with her hands. Then she abruptly pulled her head up and spit out a mouthful of saliva on Teddy's cock and used her tongue like a paintbrush sweeping over the head, shaft, balls, and even into the creases where his legs met his pelvis. She loved the salty taste of his sweaty skin. She pumped his cock with both hands wrapped around its still growing length. He moaned when she nibbled his wiry pubic hair before sucking both of Teddy's balls in her mouth. She caressed his creased arrowhead, thickly bulging vein, and smooth underside before commencing a sustained "banana flick" - tickling his boy toy with the tip of her pink tongue from bottom to top and back down to his swollen nuts. When she covered his penis with her velvety mouth once again, he immediately started to buck and groan like a stallion and sent hot steaming semen down her throat for a solid minute and a half before the spurting ended. My honey swallowed all of his spunk and kept sucking his wiener until it shriveled and softened to about the size of his thumb. She let it go with one more affectionate kiss.

"That was nice," he said.

"Oh, yeah?" she said as she sat upright in the passenger's seat. "We're not done here, you know." With that, she began to pull her pants down to her knees, first showing him her still flat, but somewhat wider ass, followed by her freshly shaven lady's lump. A quarter century ago, Teddy had only seen her pink lady shrouded by a kinky black thatch. He clearly saw the contours of her clitoris, labia, and vulva as she took his left hand and placed it at the gate of her womanhood. She pulled his index and forefinger into her dark mystery and whispered, "Gently in and out and in and out..." Next she carefully placed his right hand on her spongy swelling clit and coaxed him into a swirling motion. "That's it." Before launching into a self-propelled orgasmic dance, my lady moved her own hand around back and inserted two fingers deeply into her asshole. She bounced up and down in a thumping simulation of a disco beat as Teddy struggled to keep pace with her, his fingers slippery from her cascading juices and sprinkling sweat.

My precious baby's eyes rolled around maniacally and her boobs bounced in a comically circular pattern. She came in waves of multiple orgasms to the rhythms of his and her magic fingers. She raised her arms high in the air in a gesture of erotic triumph. After she climaxed, she licked her smelly cunt gravy from Teddy's fingers and her stinky ass funk from hers. To my hot piece of ass of a wife's surprise, she gazed upon her first true love and saw his delectable rooster swelling and rising toward her. She grabbed hold of the thing and kissed his mouth hungrily. "Ready for more?" she murmured in a husky voice, sniffing a mixture of his body odor and her own bad breath. Teddy mumbled his barely audible agreement as Judith took his amplitude between her lips and wrapped him in the warmth of her beautiful mouth. He reached between his knees and found her nice, plump titties to play with while she worked her oral magic on his wang. Her tongue made love to his manly member as she sucked on the head, feeling like the pull of a vacuum. When his geyser began to spout, she sucked still harder and gobbled up every drop of his man's milk.

In the afterglow, they both knew this was a one-time deal. As for carrying on a friendship, seeing each other with our spouses would be awkward to say the least. All Judith could think about was me somehow finding out and imagining her blowing him. For her part, her mind's eye could clearly picture Teddy drilling his little wench's pussy with the horse cock she craved. When they said goodnight, she noticed how pale and drawn he looked and saw herself as looking like a washed out hag when she glanced at her reflection in the rearview mirror. Judith wasn't even sure she would even remember any of this come the morning.

What Judith didn't know was that our longtime neighbor Harry was walking his dog when she and Teddy pulled up to our house. Harry thought the scene was curious and stayed in the shadows to see what was up. As the interior of Teddy's car darkened, Harry moved closer for a better look—and did he ever get an eyeful! Apart from a few idiosyncrasies, Harry was okay, but Judith and I always suspected he had a secret yen for her. Harry watching Judith give Teddy head and jerking off on our lawn wasn't really a problem. However, when he came to our door in the middle of the day next week, Judith knew there was trouble.

Harry stood in the doorway and stated flatly, "I saw you the other night with that guy."

Dumbstruck, Judith awkwardly invited him inside. I was at work and the kids were at school. She said nothing at all, letting him speak his piece.

"If you can go down on him, then you can go down on me, too." Before she could protest - or laugh - Harry told her, "If you don't blow me, I'll tell Norman."

"That's blackmail!" she squealed.

"Yes, yes it is," he replied deadpan.

Needless to say, my wife reluctantly agreed. Judith sucked off Harry on our couch with an Oprah rerun on TV. Judith played it straight - no kissing, licking, or flicking. There was no undressing or other touching between them. Judith and Harry stayed fully clothed. Only Harry's pecker peeked out from his fly. Harry's cock was smaller and thinner than Teddy's - and mine, for that matter - and it also had a crooked bend to it. He came stiffly and quietly, and his discharge tasted bland. When she finished him off, she spit his scum into a water glass and he thanked her before saying goodbye, adding, "Let's make a date every Monday around this time. Okay?"

Judith was stunned, "No fuckin' way, pal!" Her emotions were confused. She didn't really enjoy sucking Harry's cock, but she hadn't found him unpleasant to taste. Yet his insistence on making this a regular occurrence angered her.

"Now I'll have to tell Norman you went down on me, too," he said in a monotone. "The poor guy! It'll break his heart."

The next week, my wife gave Harry his second blow job on the couch again, but this time he asked her to kneel in front of him. Last week she had sat alongside him on the cushions. Another thing was that this time she swallowed his come without thinking about it. She had intended to hold his wad in her mouth and then spit it out. Harry seemed to read something into that because he smiled and patted her on the head as he left. Judith wanted to kick and slap him, but thought better of it. The pattern began to emerge the following week. Harry asked to take his pants off, meaning he wanted Judith to take them off, removing the trousers first, then his shoes and socks, and lastly his tighty whities. When he was ready, Judith asked if he wanted it standing or sitting and he said standing as long as she once again knelt. He also asked her to hold his rod while sucking it. She complied and noticed that he held his load longer than previously.

Moving on, at the next get-together, Harry asked Judith to blow him topless. She reluctantly took off her blouse and bra and let him ogle her balloons, but not touch them. She also agreed to his further request to kiss and lick his wick before siphoning him off. The next step was asking my wifey to fondle her tits while giving him his weekly oral treat. A week down the road he asked her to touch herself in her secret place while keeping her pants on, asking her to let him sniff between her legs when they were done. After half a dozen trysts, Harry was growing on Judith. She even showered and shaved before his visits, forgetting the coercive nature of their relationship. As things continued, Harry wasn't content with Judith keeping her pants on and he demanded that she blow him naked. Then masturbate while she blew him. Then he asked her to start the date with a strip tease before undressing him, next time to dance naked before kneeling at his feet to pleasure him with her mouth, and a week later to kiss her way up from his feet, nibbling every toe, all the way to his waiting cock. Harry came forth so hard he almost cried and Judith nearly gagged on his load.

Finally, if all good things must end, the same goes for bad things. On their twelfth Monday date, Harry asked Judith to let him taste the nectar from her cunt. She let him eat her pussy, which he did frantically and sloppily, and she gave him his weekly cock-sucking in sixty-nine position. Harry even licked her ass - and Judith wished she had taken a shit without wiping ... She tried to keep Harry within limits, but he managed to get his fingers inside her vagina and anus. It was crystal clear to Judith that the next step was fucking and she had had enough.

After they dressed, Judith walked Harry to the door and let him kiss her goodbye, smelling his fishy breath from time spent savoring the pussy that was once my exclusive plaything.

"This is it. I'm done."

"I'll tell Norman."

"Go ahead," she laughed. "I'm telling him myself. It's just not worth it anymore."

Harry left in a huff. That evening, after dinner, after putting the kiddies to bed, and after reminding me how much we had going for us, Judith told me about Teddy, Harry, and everything she had done with them. I took the news in stride and said I understood how a mistake can get out of hand. "I'm certainly not gonna throw away the best thing I ever had just because you sucked a couple of cocks." That announcement got Judith so hot she jumped my bones and rode my woody like a lathered up pony.

Don't be fooled, my friends. A potent man like me cannot let his wife's blowjobs of other guys go uncompensated. In my middle age, mature beauties find me attractive. In fact, Teddy's thin and cute wife, Liz, works at an office near mine. We have said hello and found ourselves at the same place for lunch a few times. She is very friendly. Harry's wife, Nancy, is plumper and rounder than she was when we first moved into the neighborhood years ago. Still, she has beautiful eyes and a lively smile. I also like to look at the way Nancy's fat boobies and jiggly buttocks shimmer when she rakes leaves in her front yard across from ours. My plan is to wine, dine, and fuck little Liz and big Nancy—not just once or twice, but regularly and indefinitely—until their cuckolded husbands notice their cherished pussies at home have been stretched out by overuse. As for Judith, I couldn't bear for her to know I would be screwing other women. A more fitting punishment is her feeling guilty about cheating on an ever faithful hubby.

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Face it guys, we all fantasize about it

I think any dude is a liar if he doesn't fantasize about their wife in sexual abandon, watching as they let loose all inhibitions and act in a purely sexual manner. Indeed, quite like us!

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