tagGroup SexA Vulnerable Moment Pt. 05

A Vulnerable Moment Pt. 05


Late that evening Andrew was relaxing with a glass of Bushmills when his phone pinged. It was a text from Anita. He opened the text, and attached was a photo, with the message 'How Steve would love to see this!'

Andrew's heart sank and he muttered out loud, "Oh you bitch."

The photo, obviously taken on a CCTV camera, and enlarged, was of Louise standing at her front door in her black lingerie, and Andrew stepping inside.

"Ping," another text arrived, another photo. The next in a sequence. This one of Andrew embracing Louise in her black bra, thong, and stockings. The message this time said, 'Another reason you will fuck me soon.'

Andrew swallowed the rest of his glass of whiskey, and slumped in his seat.

Eventually he summoned up the resolve to reply.

'Please don't ever show that. I will always do what I can to prevent that.'

The reply came back, 'Then you must always do as I wish,'

Andrew decided not to ping pong messages back and forth. He would wait until he met Anita face to face next time.

Instantly he found out when that would be. The next text said that she wanted to see him tomorrow. She would come to his for coffee at 11am.

Andrew didn't sleep much that night. He hated the 'not knowing' the 'not being sure' of anything.

11am came, and Anita's car drew up outside. The doorbell rang. This time there were no leather trousers, no heels, no cleavage. She entered dressed in a tartan skirt, and a maroon woollen jumper with simple flat moccasins.

Her mood was business like, and although she accepted the coffee offered, she sat in a separate armchair to Andrew.

Andrew took the bull by the horns.

"So what do I have to do to keep Louise's marriage safe?"

Anita looked at him and said, "Exactly what I ask you to do. There will be social activities with me. There may be trips with me. Nothing onerous, just time donated."

"I'm relieved that I won't be co-erced into something unpleasant," he replied.

"Well your first task, if you want to call it that, will be to come as my partner to dinner at some friends. I will drive. I will pick you up at 7.30pm. Just wear shirt and trousers."

"That sounds quite pleasant. I look forward to it." Andrew smiled as Anita stood up, and as she left he noticed that swaying ass again.

At 7.30pm Anita's car pulled up outside, and Andrew promptly locked up, and joined her in the front seat. The car was rich with Anita's perfume, and she was exquisitely made up, dressed in a black, low cut dress, tightly fitted around her waist, and a few inches above the knee. Black heels were on the rear seat, as she chose flat shoes to drive.

She greeted Andrew with a peck on the cheek, just as though they were regular boyfriend and girlfriend. She explained, as they drove, that they were guests of old friends of hers.

David and Olga lived a little way out in the countryside, and when they pulled into the lavish drive, and approached the house, it wasn't just your normal house, it was an extensive gabled manor house, set in many acres of landscaped gardens.

"David's a retired banker, and Olga was a lecturer in Stockholm," explained Anita.

They were both very personable people. David was a man in his 60s, like Andrew, a bit shorter than him, and stockier. Olga was about 50, short blonde hair, about 5' 6" with broad hips, and pert breasts.

They greeted them with kisses on both cheeks, and it was obvious that Anita was a long time friend.

The dinner went well with easy conversation, and lots of wine. Anita drank fruit juice as she was driving, but Andrew got stuck into some serious red wine.

Olga was very interested in Andrew's career in education, and paid him a lot of attention. Andrew was interested to know all about Sweden, as he had visited there in 1970s.

Dinner ended, and they sat with coffee and conversation for over half an hour.

David said, "Shall we stretch our legs?" and got up and led the way out though the conservatory into the garden. It was just getting dark, and the four of them walked through the rose garden, and round to the side of the house where a large outbuilding stood with what appeared to be a glass roof.

David opened the door, and suddenly the lights came on to reveal the long blue waters of a swimming pool.

"Well blow me down, that's quite something," said Andrew, showing his surprise.

David smiled. "Anyone for a dip?"

Olga nudged Anita, "Go on, I dare you."

"What the hell, why not! Andrew you're game aren't you?"

"What about swimming cozzies, we haven't brought any? he replied.

"Hey, we are all friends, don't worry about that. We'll 'skinny dip," cried Olga with relish.

She had already started to strip off, and open mouthed, Andrew watched, as naked, she dived in.

"Last one in is chicken," exclaimed Anita, as she peeled off her dress and underwear.

David and Andrew were a little more laboured in getting naked, but eventually they both ended up in the pool.

David swam off in the direction of Anita who had already swung three or four lengths.

Andrew started with a gentle 'breaststroke,' and then broke into a vigorous 'freestyle,' completing two lengths before coming to rest beside Olga. He spread both hands onto the moulded sides of the pool, and stood up in what was about five feet of water. Olga was not able to stand and keep her head above water, so she gripped onto Andrew's shoulders.

"You're so lucky to have this in your back garden," Andrew said smiling.

"We are, I know," replied Olga, "you must come to one of our 'pool parties, they are a lot of fun."

Olga looked at me puzzled because I was looking over her shoulder to the other end of the pool. She turned her head, and we both looked towards David and Anita.

Anita was sitting on the edge of the pool, head thrown back, legs apart with David's face buried in her pussy. At that moment she uttered a loud moan which echoed around the pool room.

Olga turned back to me and smiled.

"You must be shocked Andrew, but myself and David have quite an open marriage. Anita mentioned that you have a similar arrngement?"

Andrew stumbled over his reply, "Er yes, we do. We haven't been together long, it's a bit new to me."

Olga smiled, and pressed closer to Andrew in the water. As she did she lifted herself up and wrapped her legs around his waist. At the same time she kissed him.

They both heard Anita starting to cum at the other end of the pool, but they were now engrossed in their own pleasure.

She felt Andrew's cock growing against her bottom. Olga's breasts were rubbing against Andrew's chest as the water made her body bob up and down. As he stiffened he positioned Olga so that her pussy pressed against the head of his cock. He was so surprised when he started to slide inside. She must have been aroused enough to take him inside, even in the water.

The buoyancy allowed him to raise her up and down on his cock.

"Oh Andrew that feels so good. I need fucking so much."

Olga had her arms round Andrew's neck, and was forcing herself down on his cock. She was starting to make the sort of noise that came with a rhythm. A regular female grunt, and an occasional shriek out loud.

Meanwhile David was now sitting on the edge of the pool, and Anita's head was moving up and down on his cock.

Both couples came more or less together. Olga came with a shout, while David came with a loud groan.

When they had all 'come down' all four of them swam gently to the steps.

Anita was first to speak. "I hope Olga and David put you on their 'pool party' list."

Olga quickly added, "Yes he's near the top," and winked at Anita.

They all dried off and got dressed, exhilarated by both the swimming and the sex.

It was 1am, and Anita and Andrew said their goodbyes and thank yous.

Both David and Olga said that Andrew must come with Anita again to one of their parties.

Andrew looked forward to it, although it seemed to him that these 'parties' may be more than just parties.

The drive home was a quiet journey. When they arrived at Andrew's it was 2am, so Anita kissed him goodnight, but found time to remind him that he was still subject to her whims.

He collapsed into bed, but just as he was nodding off his phone pinged. It was a text from Anita.

'I've decided to have a bbq on Saturday. Just a few neighbours, and a couple of friends. I'd like you to come too. I'm inviting Louise and Steve.'

Anita was playing mind games again!

Andrew just wanted to sleep.

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