tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park


It was a warm sunny day, and I was out for a walk through the Park. A soft breeze blew through the trees, and it felt so good on my body. As I rounded the base of a hill, to my surprise, I ran across Patrick, out for a walk as well.

He was wearing a pair of Dockers and a tee shirt, he looked so good, and I found him incredibly sexy. We embraced, and I enjoyed the feel of our bodies against each other; it was incredibly exciting. His skin was warm to the touch from the sun, and we felt so right in each other's arms. We walked along, making small talk, but it was obvious we were very turned on by each other and it was getting difficult to control ourselves.

As we walked across the crest of the hill, we noticed that we were completely alone, taking advantage of the situation and rushed into each others arms. I felt his hard penis pressing against me through our clothes, and his hot breath on my cheek was so sensual. He pressed me against a tree; a nice one with smooth, almost rubbery bark; rubbing his body against mine, his hands reached under my blouse to caress my nipples with his fingertips. He bit me gently on the neck, and it made me give a little shout of pleasure.

Suddenly, I could feel my pussy swelling with pleasure and anticipation. I could sense every muscle in my body tighten from his touch. I felt his cock pressed hard against my stomach. Then I reached down to his pants and unfastened the zipper, to caress his hardness. I pulled it free. I got down on my knees in front of him.

Teasingly, I pressed my lips up and down his hard cock playfully licking the tip of it, kissing and running my tongue from the shaft to the rim of his penis. I heard him moan and tighten his thigh muscles sending a surge of sweet tasting pre-cum in my mouth. And when he least expected it, shoving him all the way into my throat. He groaned in surprise and pleasure.

Then it was his turn, he stood me against the tree. Taking my face into his hands, we kissed deeply. His tongue played with mine, then with my lips, and trailed down my cheek to my neck. He did not stop there...his hands lifted my blouse, and before I knew it, my nipples were in his mouth. He was sucking hard on my sweet nipples, first one then, the other. His hands grabbed my buttock to pull me closer to him, as he tried to suck my breast into his mouth.

He pulled as much of the soft flesh into his mouth, and then let it slide out so he could suck harder on the nipple again. My hard nipples popped in and out of his mouth. Now his hand reached down to my knee, while still sucking on my breast. He rubbed my inner thigh, then gently caressing my pinkness, playfully brushing against me before he retreated down to my knee again.

This time, as his hand moved up, his finger reached inside my panties to gently caress my clit. He rubbed my bud between his thumb and two fingers. He kept stroking my throbbing slit in slow movements. Then his two fingers slid gently inside my pinkness. My hips started grinding against his fingers in and out of my tight pearl. When I was about to cum, he thrust his thumb deep inside my wetness, making me quiver.

Quickly his hands unfastened my skirt, and dropped it to the ground. Suddenly, I realized my skirt and panties were around my ankles as his hardness was rubbing between my legs. He knelt down in front of me, spreading my legs and stuck his tongue into my soaking wet pussy, my knees buckled. I had to have him.

"Take me," I plead, desperate to feel his hardness deep inside my pearl.

Patrick ran his hands to my hips and lifted me up so my legs wrapped around his waist. As our tongues danced together, he began to pump in and out of my wet pussy. My legs clasped so hard against his body I could not let go if I wanted to for I was in the heat of passion and it felt so good.

He fucked me with force, showing me absolutely no mercy.

"Oh Patrick, Yessss, do me hard." I screamed.

My pussy tightened over his cock, I felt him expand inside me. He kissed my mouth as we came together before collapsing in a heap totally exhausted in each others arms.

We exchanged emails and phone numbers that day, and promised to meet up again soon for another adventurous stroll in the park.


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