tagNonHumanA Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods


Never walk in the woods in the early morning during full moon. If you must, don't go alone. Not unless you're looking for trouble - and I don't mean a teddy bear's picnic.

I found trouble on a beautiful summer morning, somewhere between drunk and hungover, after an end-of-term party that had gone on well through the night, plenty of alcohol, dancing and, yes, drugs. Although I rarely do drugs myself, a guy there I liked persuaded me to do poppers, and a few minutes later we were doing anal in a cubicle. Which was fine, except he didn't use a condom, and within minutes hooked up with another girl. Where exactly my knickers disappeared to, I had no idea.

Which was about par for the course. If my friends call me a slut, it's deserved. Still, I swore off men for the rest of my life - or at least the rest of the night - and hooked up with some girl who was high on ecstasy and kept telling me how great I was.

But I walked home alone, through the woods, pretty much out of it, and no doubt stinking of sex - if you have a nose for such things.

Which is how I came face to face with a young man who was not only naked but cute and muscular and possessed of a sizeable cock. Okay, the context was weird, and being confronted unexpectedly by a stranger with an erect cock is always deserving of caution, but if he wanted to attack me, I doubted I could run very far.

But damn that was a nice cock. Long and thick, enough to put any of the many guys I'd been with to shame. "Ah, hi," I said, trying not to stare at the obvious.

He strode towards me, and before I could make up my mind and run for my life, he caught me in an embrace, mashing his lips against mine and kissing hungrily. Mostly I was thinking about the hard cock pressing into my belly, but I didn't mind kissing him back. As random assaults went, it was crazy weird, but not too alarming.

I tried gently to push him away. His expression was one of pure feral lust, and I finally did what I should have done from the start. I screamed, and tried to run.

He lifted me and threw me over his shoulder, and ran through the woods. I was soon utterly lost, and my feeble attempts to escape achieved nothing. I scratched his back bloody with my nails, and he barely felt it. I think my nails came off worse.

In a clearing that could have been anywhere, he stopped and threw me down. He knelt and literally tore off my clothes, shredding them with ease. The sheer force of him astonished me. He wasn't even panting after carrying me so far and so fast, and with his bare hands he was ripping cotton like it was tissue paper.

And still that amazing cock was hard, a glistening strand of precum trailing down. His eyes blazed with hunger for me, and my utter helplessness both terrified me - and excited me beyond measure. I was prey to his predator, but what an astonishing predator he was. My human self was screaming at me to run, but the animal in me had surrendered already.

He rolled me over onto hands and knees, and with one hand on my hip and the other grabbing my hair like a rein, he drove his thick cock into me. I must have been so wet. There was no pain, just the overwhelming flood of sensation as my vagina stretched beautifully about him.

Again he thrust, and again, each time deeper, and each time I cried with pleasure as I felt more and more impossibly full of him. I had never had sex like this. I loved how in control he was, and the way he pulled on my hair just made me melt. This was pure animal sex, he the stallion, I the mare.

I can't really explain it. I should have been feeling terrified, and furious, and violated, but instead I submitted utterly to his dominance. I couldn't get enough of him, and slammed my hips back in time with his thrusts, determined to get all of him inside me.

I couldn't believe how thick he was! Every time the base of his cock hammered home, I wanted to scream it felt so good. He was hitting my clit perfectly. But he was also exciting me along the full length of my vagina, something I had never experienced before.

But he wasn't quite fast enough for me. I was on the edge of climax for so long, it was getting frustrating, I just couldn't get that extra push I needed to achieve orgasm. "Faster," I pleaded. "Faster!"

But if anything he slowed down, as his cock thickened so much he could hardly move it at all. Grabbing my breasts suddenly, he pulled me up, my back against his chest, and as his cock stiffened within me, he bit into my neck with razor-sharp teeth.

I screamed, in part from the pain, but mostly because his climax triggered my own. He was stretching me so much that we were locked together as his cum jetted powerfully into me, an experience both intense and surreal. His fingers tugged and pinched my nipples, while I reached back to dig my nails into his ass and try to pull him even deeper into me somehow, to prolong the exquisite pleasure.

After a minute, though, he released me, his mouth leaving my neck, his hands dropping from my breasts, and I dropped down onto all fours. His cock remained lodged within me, pulsing gently and sending shivers of pleasure through me, but clearly the main event was over.

"Oh shit," he whispered. "What have I done? Shit!"

"Given me the fuck of my life," I said.

"I'm sorry! So sorry! You caught me by surprise, and your scent drove me wild." He touched his fingers to the wound in my neck. "Shit. I am going to be in so much trouble."

"I won't tell if you don't."

He laughed, a little bitterly. "They'll find out."

We were having this conversation in doggy position, and I couldn't help making the connection. "Um, are you a wolf?"

"Uh, yeah," he said quietly. "I bit you! I can't believe I fucking bit you!"

Hmm. I'd been bitten by a fucking werewolf. Literally fucked by one. What the absolute fuck? "So, does that make me one?"

"Maybe," he muttered.

We didn't say anything for a few minutes. I was trying to remember anything at all about werewolves beyond the erotic fantasies I'd read. Would I have to shave my intimates every day? Would I run about as a wolf in the woods during the full moon, waking up naked? Apparently yes to that. Could I hope for good solid fuck like this one again? Was I pregnant?

"Do you have a name?" I asked.


Seriously? Oh, well. "Julie," I said.

I felt the knot relax, and Greg eased out of me. "I'm really sorry about this," he said - and ran off, leaving me still on hands and knees.

"Fucker!" I hissed. That was the second time in the past few hours that a man had come in me and then ditched me. "This time I really am giving up men for life."

The wound in my neck ached, although the bleeding had stopped. My whole vagina felt bruised. Even my ass was still sore from the rough, drug-fuelled bathroom fuck. I felt used and dirty, and more than a little disbelieving about what had just happened and what it meant, beyond that I had just been fucked and abandoned by a complete stranger called Greg. Maybe.

My clothes were shredded and unwearable, that was for sure. Where my shoes had gone, I had no idea. I was lost, but at least my phone knew vaguely where I was, though the 5% battery charge was worrying. Wearing only a tiny handbag, I set off towards civilisation, following the blue dot for as long as it lasted.

But walking through the woods barefoot isn't easy, and it wasn't helped by the stickiness of my thighs from the cum leaking from me. As the adrenaline of my recent encounter wore off, my long, sleepless night caught up with me. More and more I stumbled, and the building heat of the day drained me. After washing myself in a cool stream, I curled up under a willow tree, and slept.

It's amazing how natural it felt, sleeping naked in the woods. I slept for hours, waking from time to time only to adjust to the shifting pattern of sun and shade. It was only as it cooled in the evening, the sunlight bright amidst the treetops but not penetrating to the ground, that I felt restless and compelled to move again, and then mostly because the faint smell of burning meat reminded me that I hadn't eaten solid food in over twenty-four hours.

My stomach growled. After squatting to relieve a full bladder, I followed my nose. My phone was long dead, but I wasn't far from where the woods gave way to the park at the edge of town. Which presented a whole new problem. I really didn't want to answer a whole lot of questions about the past twenty-four hours, either the party or being sort-of raped by a maybe-werewolf, and walking naked past play parks full of children and watched by fearful mothers would put me too much in the spotlight.

I skirted the park, keeping to the woods, but here the woods had been civilised with dirt trails and signposts, and more than once I concealed myself from walkers enjoying the wild, or lovers hand-in-hand, or adventuring children. They all seemed so loud. So intrusive. But the summer sun was getting low in the sky, and people were gradually making their way homewards. And while it might be end of term for the students, it was a Sunday evening and the kids had school the next day.

The sky was bright, and would be still for hours, even after sundown, but I was more curious about the moon, full and round in the cloudless sky above the rooftops of the town. It stirred a hunger in me for something more than food, and it wasn't the cool breeze that made my nipples so hard.

But it was a more ordinary hunger that dominated my thoughts. I was close to the kebab shop by the petrol station on the quiet north road, and the trees gave me cover until I was standing almost opposite. Tony was behind the counter. I knew he wouldn't mind serving a naked customer - although he might post the security cam footage online afterwards, which right then I couldn't care less about. I was more worried about other people seeing me and calling the police.

So I waited, and waited, until there were no customers, no cars, no people walking nearby, and ran across the road and into the shop. The smell of meat made me dizzy. Tony gaped at me, wide-eyed and speechless. "Double burger," I said. "With bacon." The rotating wheel of lamb looked too delicious to resist. "And a kebab," I added, "with everything." I snatched a Coke from the fridge and opened it, drinking half in one go. "Oh, and this."

Tony nodded slowly, and managed to tear his gaze away from my breasts in order to do my order. I watched him curiously, trying to remember if I'd ever done it with him. I had a vague memory of blowing him behind the bike shed, but then I'd blown just about everyone behind the bike shed.

A mirror filled one wall of the shop. My body was a good shape, worthy of admiration, thanks to regular swimming and plenty of sex. The wound at my neck was nothing more than an ugly scar, vividly bruised, sensitive beneath my fingers but not painful. My long, sandy hair was a tangled mess, and I plucked leaves and burrs from it while I waited.

I caught Tony watching me surreptitiously from time to time, and chose to ignore him. What I wasn't prepared for was the young couple who suddenly entered the shop. They were already through the door before they fully realised a naked woman was standing in front of them, and I could see them thinking about leaving.

I did the only thing I could. I ignored them. They chose to stay, and were very obvious about not obviously looking at me. A glance at the man's crotch told me he was aroused, and he blushed uncomfortably when I winked at him. His girlfriend looked furious, and was perhaps about to drag him outside when Tony handed me the box with my meal. I paid quickly with a wave of my contactless credit card, and took my food back across the road to the woods, running because a car was speeding towards me, and it shot past behind me with a toot of its horn.

I sat on a bench in the abandoned picnic area, devouring first the burger and then the kebab. I don't think I had ever felt so hungry. I knew I should really go home, have a shower, put some clothes on, and generally be normal again, or as normal as a bisexy nympho could be, but I felt so at peace in the woods, and so alive. My feet had grown adept at finding purchase and avoiding sharp stones.

And now that my belly was full, a hunger was stirring in me for more. Even if I did go home, I'd be out again, on the prowl. It was a shame the students were all heading home for the holiday. The town would be like a ghost town soon.

I lay on the table, gazing across at the full moon, bathing my naked flesh in the cool light of that goddess. With one hand I teased my labia, running fingertips through the soft, wet folds within. With the other I rubbed my nipples gently, and moaned as my body responded, going from merely aroused to full-on slut in record time.

I needed more hands. Two just weren't sufficient. I soon neglected my breasts in favour of my cunt, fucking myself with two fingers of one hand while worked my clit with the other. Soon it was three fingers, then four, but what I wanted desperately was a thick, hard cock, or two or three, pounding my ass, stuffing my mouth, stretching my pussy until I screamed.

I did scream, fluid gushing between my fingers as I worked through a long, delicious, much needed orgasm, and a second, and a third, until at last the tension eased from me and I lay there luxuriating in the moon's silver caress.

Only once the moon dropped at last below the roofline did I rouse and think seriously about going home. Indeed, I even stood and started mapping out in my head a potential route through quiet streets where I could avoid notice, but I took only a few steps along it before a low growl halted me.

I turned slowly, and saw the eyes of a wolf regarding me. It was Greg, in wolf form. "Hi," I said tentatively. I wondered if I was dinner, or dessert. He emerged from the dark, a magnificent lupine form, a terrifying predator, and he circled around me, sniffing my crotch and the remains of my meal. I didn't dare move.

I eyed the long, thick cock that hung stiffly beneath him, and wondered why he seemed to be holding back from using it. I rather hoped he would. I might have sworn off men for life, but a wolf was a different matter. I wanted that cock inside me again.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked.

With a growl, he lunged at me, sharp fangs snapping closed as I retreated. Again he lunged, forcing me to retreat, and understanding dawned. He wanted me to run. He wanted to chase. Not that I had a chance of escaping him, of course.

"Okay," I said, "but you really have to give me a head start, or it's not fair."

He whined reluctantly and pawed the earth impatiently.

And I ran. Moon and sun had both set, and although there was still light in the sky, it was dark between the trees. Still, I was able to penetrate the shadows well enough to find paths for my feet. Branches and thorns scratched at me as I tore through bushes, and I could smell the blood, just as I could smell my own arousal. I knew it was only a matter of time before that cock was in me again, and my clit throbbed in keen anticipation.

Despite the obscure and uneven terrain, I ran faster than ever before in my life. It was exhilarating. I ran not towards safety, but directly away, deeper into the woods, further from civilisation. I had no idea where my wolf was, but I was sure he was there.

And he was. I screamed as I was thrown to the ground and felt his hot breath against the back of my neck. His cock pressed against my pussy and I positioned myself eagerly to accept the fierce thrust. I climaxed immediately as he skewered me. "Yes!" I screamed as he buried that length fully inside me.

In wolf form he was so much stronger, so much faster. Despite the thickness that stretched me so exquisitely, his strokes were fast and deep and regular. Barely had I recovered from one orgasm than he forced me to another, and another, until I had no idea where one stopped and the next began.

"Deeper!" I cried as I felt him thickening, the knot binding us together, and I climaxed again as his cum poured into me.

If this was what it was like to be a werewolf, I would happily accept my fate. Nothing else could compare to being chased and conquered by a wolf...

... although, I must say, the ten minutes after, when you're lying there still coupled to a frankly bored wolf, isn't quite as thrilling.

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by Anonymous

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by AlinaX07/13/18

I was feeling a little guilty about her reaction to the name, so I love that you liked that.

Thanks for reading!

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by Anonymous07/13/18

I like your style

I like how the protagonist has fairly realistic and rational thoughts about the whole situation. Especially her disappointment at his name, and the fact that going barefoot in the woods hurts. Little detailsmore...

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by AlinaX07/11/18

I'll think about it. Could be fun.
Thanks for commenting! :-)

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by Anonymous07/11/18


I was so jealous of the protagonist. Really neat story. I hope there is a sequel.

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