tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Walk On The Beach

A Walk On The Beach


It was a warm evening. The sun was slowly setting, a burst of color in the sky. The day had been a rough one, with the possibility of losing the "Winston" account. My job was at stake this time too. I had been warned about the importance of this to the company. Already fighting my way up in a mans' world, this didn't sit well.

So I took off to the beach. Always a good place to think, tonight it was almost deserted as well. Just as good, I thought, since I wasn't really in the mood to chat with anyone right now. My mind wandered to work. If I could have done anything differently. I had planned and researched for weeks. Hoping for good news at the all-important meeting coming up in two days.

Looking up I discovered my meandering had brought me much further than I normally traveled on this stretch of beach. It was dark, and a bit rocky. My shoes had been left in the car. And it was getting chilly now too. I could see on the walk back I would have to be more careful. But I wasn't really afraid. Never hearing of trouble through here, I turned and began my journey.

Deciding tomorrow was soon enough to worry, I softly hummed a favorite blues tune. The waves and the cool air seemed to calm my mind. I could feel the dampness against my skin, a relief after the sweltering humidity of the day. A lighter step now than on the path over, I never anticipated what was next.

From behind, out of where I don't know, came a hand over my mouth. At the same time, I was twisted around. An average size body, his face was covered with a black mask. The fear instantly caused me to struggle, pushing and fighting. His size hid the fact that he was exceptionally strong.

My arms were pinned in seconds, body pulled close to his. Walking backwards, half dragging me, we were in a small rocky nook, hidden in the shadows. In short time he had me gagged and hands tied behind my back. No way could I get out of this now. My eyes begged with him, pleaded, to not do this. But I sensed, he had plans.

Shoving me down, I landed hard on the sand. He leaned over me, ripping the few buttons on my blouse. Due to the heat, I had gone without a bra, something I now regretted. At least it would have been more clothing between me and this evil man. The air hit my skin, chills running down my spine. One hand touched my breast, flicking the nipple, back and forth. Scared to death, I watched, waiting for the pain I was sure was coming next. For the violence, anger, and hatred that went with an attack such as this. And waited.

His eyes devoured me...burning with lust...glowing from the knowledge he was about to win the prize he so desired. And there was no question as to whether he was turned on or not... I could see the wet spot on his jeans. The material stretched to the point of tearing. My only hope here was that it would be over quickly. Then he would let me go. Tarnished, brutalized, but safe from further attack.

Long fingers followed the curve of my breast, cupping its weight. Gently caressing my skin. This man certainly knew how to caress. In any other setting, this could very well be pleasurable. But my fear over-rode all enjoyable sensations I might have felt. My heart was pounding out of control, eyes wild, silently screaming at him yet to stop this insanity. It was useless. His attention was totally on my tits.

There was nowhere for me to move to, no way to get away from his touch or his look. Each minute that passed, every second he entertained himself at my expense, his cock grew. My body howled in protest, cringed each time those hands pinched or squeezed a nipple.

Suddenly, the hand was gone from my body. A reprieve!! He was going to go, I thought!! Oh thank God!! Almost sobbing aloud, I lost track of the man, of the movements around me. So that the crushing weight of him took my breath away. The gag seemed to stick in my throat. My arms burned, almost torn from the sockets, still tied behind my back.

My skirt was no match for him, tearing and falling away as if it had been commanded to. Naked now, nothing hidden from him, I was defeated. No way to fight, or to yell, no one to rescue me, I resigned myself to my fate. The sound of his zipper was loud, pants being removed. Shivering from the cold, I tried to numb myself from the movements he was making. Take my mind away, to a better place. It didn't seem to work.

His body above mine, the mask so close to my face, the feel of his cock, still drooling, next to my pussy. All things registering in my head. And the sudden thrust. The intrusion. Him fucking me, the pre-cum from him the only wetness. Moving my legs further apart, he buried himself deeper, shoving my body up against the rocks. He was fucking me with a frenzy I hadn't seen before from any man. Like he needed this. Would die without. In and out, faster and harder. In my haze, I could feel the throbbing, the size.

And somewhere in all this, I had gotten wet. No longer was it painful. Oh he still had taken me without my permission, no doubt. But what had been an unbearable dryness no longer was. I felt the thickness of him. The sheer strength of his cock. How he stretched me, my walls surrounding him tightly. And as if he too felt the change, he slowed his pace. Kissed the curve of my neck, bringing a slight moan from my still gagged mouth. Those soft lips catching and sucking a nipple, my body arching closer, not wanting them to leave.

Slipping my legs up and around his body, my pussy opening more to him, I urged him deeper. My clit hard, aching with need. One hand carefully removing the gag, slowly, so as not to hurt me more. And the instant it was gone, a hot wet tongue replaced it. Dancing and mating with mine. Yes!! Oh it was awesome!! Not letting up, he kissed as he fucked---fast and furious. Again and again. I could feel my orgasm building. Close to cumming, I pulled him even closer with my legs. His cock filling my pussy, his body tense.

On the edge, he rammed me again, sending me over. Screaming into his mouth, my convulsions tightening my pussy around his cock, it was all he needed. Hot cum exploded deep in my pussy, taking my breath away from the force of it, the slapping of flesh heard until every drop was milked from him. Spent and exhausted, we collapsed, sprawled together on the sand.

Minutes passed, trying to breathe normally again. Not a word was spoken. When he had gotten up and quickly dressed, he lifted me. Careful now, the ties were loosened from my hands. My clothes all torn, body cold from the night air, i struggled. From somewhere in the darkness he pulled out a long coat, handing it to me. Thankful for the warmth and the coverage it provided, I slid it on, hands fumbling.

Not sure where to look, I kept my eyes to the ground. I was ashamed of my response to his attack. Appalled at my behavior. My mind was racing, taking it all in. What kind of person did this make me? The implications were too much for me.

Trying to get my bearings, it only then occurred to me I was once again alone. He had vanished into the night as quickly as he had appeared. Tugging on the coat, I started to run, needing the safety of my home. Adreneline suddenly shot through me, making the distance fly past.

In what seemed only seconds, I was back at the safety of my car. Trembling hands searched for and found the hidden keys. My fingers shook so bad, it took several tries to start the car. Driving through town was a nightmare. Every traffic light was red for me, making it take forever. When the garage door closed behind me, the tears flowed.

Standing in a hot shower, I scrubbed my skin over and over, as if it would wash away my behavior as well. The water was cold before I finally climbed out. Crawling in my bed, i curled up and tried to sleep, to forget this entire night. Several hours of tossing and turning later, my mind was still racing.

Grabbing the phone first thing in the morning, I called my boss, telling him I had the flu. Pacing, silently berating myself, more hot showers, even tears. Nothing worked to explain my reaction at the end. A few times I checked my figures on the "Winston" account. Though it helped for a short time, as soon as I closed it, my mind was back on the beach. Who was he, and what was it that made me enjoy it? He had never spoken, and his face was covered. Would I ever know who it had been?

That thought plagued me at work yet the next day. Wearing my best suit for the meeting with the "Winston" representatives, I looked better than I felt. Getting this contract was vital to my future here. I had done my best, researched and worked up a contract to benefit both sides. All I had to do was convince their people. Folders in hand, pasting a smile on my face, I joined the others in the conference room. Taking my seat, I pleaded with the demon in my head to leave. Several minor details were being covered, with my presentation going last.

Losing track of the conversation, I finally heard my name being called. Opening the contract, I stood, prepared to state my findings. The entire team listened, following along, nodding, asking a question or two. I urged them to stay with our company, based on the projected profits. Taking my seat, I thanked them, pleased with the work I had done.

Hearing a voice from the corner, I leaned forward. From my spot, I had not been aware of anyone there. Confident, very well dressed, a look of authority, introductions were made. Grey Winston III . One of the owners.

He enjoyed coming at people from out of nowhere he said. Taking control, forcing them to remain speechless. Amazing how they still managed to come to a mutually satisfying conclusion. Congratulations, he added with a wink. Your recent participation pleased me very much. The account is yours.

My face paled. It was him!!

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