tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Walk on the Wild Side

A Walk on the Wild Side


It was our own stupid fault! If... what huge word that turns out to be... if we had not stayed for the 'last drink'; if I had not worn my 'slut' dress; if we had not taken that short cut through the woods... if only we had not stopped for that long lingering kiss just inside the tree line.

The evening started out as a fun time. Dave wanted to introduce me to his friends. To 'show me off' as he put it, and he chose my outfit accordingly. A skimpy dress that was low cut and gave glimpses of my ample breasts as I leant forward. The dress was hip hugging too, and split up the sides to allow for movement – and allow the tops of my stockings to be seen occasionally. His fellow rugby players loved it. I had always thought of rugby players as being big tough guys but soon realised my mistake. Sure, they were big built, but off the field, they were like overgrown puppies; gentle giants who blushed as soon as look at you.

The rugby dance went well, and we both had a great time, both getting a little tipsy as the evening wore on. When it finally came time to leave, Dave decided that he had far too much alcohol in his blood to drive safely so we would walk to the bus stop and catch the bus home, returning the next morning to collect the car. We set off walking, taking it slowly, as I couldn't stride out in my heels easily. The bus stop was a couple of miles away down a winding country lane – unless we cut the corner off by going through the woodland that edged the lane. I had agreed readily enough – we had been through the woods plenty of times when walking his dog, and there were small paths running all over it.

The thing is – it all looked so different in the dark. We had been walking for sometime and should have almost been at the other side, but still seemed to be right in the centre of the trees. I stopped for a while and leant down to rub one of my feet. Dave told me that he really fancied a good long kiss, and giggling, we moved off the path and found a nice big tree to lean against. I leant back and opened my arms to him. Soon we were kissing and running our hands up and down each others bodies, totally lost in each other and our rising passion.

The first realisation that we were no longer alone was when I felt my arms being dragged away from Dave's body and being pulled roughly behind the tree. I gave a startled scream and opened my eyes in time to see Dave being dragged off me by two huge men dressed in leather jackets. Dave began to try and fight the men off, but his struggles stopped as third man appeared, waving a knife that glinted in the moonlight.

"What have we here? A right couple of beauties, and no mistake. Well boys, looks as if we are in for some real fun tonight – something for everyone here. OK you," he growled turning to Dave, "get them fancy clothes of yours off – and just in case you have any thoughts at all about not doing as you are told, Smokey over there has quite a way with a naked flame. Show him Smokey."

One of the men who had grabbed my wrists appeared from behind the tree and grabbed a handful of my long brown hear, flicked his lighter and began to play the ends of my hair in the flame. I screamed in pure terror and Dave began to tear his clothes off as if he was crazed. Once Dave was naked, Smokey snuffed out the wisps of my hair that were still smouldering and grinned.

Men, walking around him and making comments about his flat stomach and nice tight bum, surrounded Dave. Joking that he was bound to be a virgin, and that was almost criminal at his age, but that could be fixed easily enough. This caused a hearty laugh from those gathered, which turned near hysterical as the leader took Dave's limp cock in his hand and held a blade up to it, sneering, "A little off the top, Sir? One inch or two."

I couldn't help but draw attention to myself as I let out a piercing scream to leave him alone. I soon wished I hadn't. With the leader still holding Dave's penis in his grip, the other men moved toward me. More knives appeared, flashing their menace in my face. I was told to be quiet and stand still. The terror that enveloped me meant I had no real choice, as my voice seemed to have deserted me. I flinched as a blade came ever closer and screwed my eyes tight closed. I had read somewhere that the pain from a knife cut was like a red hot line and I waited for the heat. None came, but instead I felt a cold chill wrap around me. I opened my eyes slowly and found the men standing there just looking at me. It was then I realised that my clothes had been cut from me.

I was released from the tree and flexed my arms to get the blood flowing again. Dave was released at the same time and made a move toward me, which was abruptly cut off.

The leader began to speak again in his sneering voice, "Look mate, we are gonna have our fun. We ain't real fussy about who we have it with see? Either you take us or she does – it's your choice. Who is it to be?"

Dave started to say something about over his dead body, and was promptly told that could be arranged too. Dave and I looked at each other, neither daring to speak, neither wanting the other to go through such an ordeal, but neither wanting to volunteer. Finally, the decision was made for us as I was roughly pulled away from Dave and the leader threw his boxers over to him and told him to take a hike. Dave hesitated but was sent sprawling by a rough shove from one of the men.

He began to walk away, yelling to me that he would fetch help. As I was being pulled to the ground I noticed two men melt away and tried to scream a warning, which was cut off by my own panties being shoved into my open mouth. A muffled yell and a piercing scream told me that Dave had not got far and I wondered at his fate. I wasn't able to spare Dave much thought as my legs were yanked apart and the first of the men thrust inside me. I was not prepared for the searing pain at being taken with no lubrication and my body stiffened.

Things began to get blurry after a while. I remember being flipped over and taken doggy style, huge hands squeezing my tits as he had his fun. Another time I was pulled to my feet and then bent double as another wanted to use my arse. I lost count of the times I was taken. I didn't remember being that many men, so they possibly used me more than once each. Eventually, I must have passed out, because my next conscious thought was flinching and flaying my arms about as pair of hands tried to sit me up.

Then voices gradually invaded my head. Gentle voices telling me that it was all right; that I was safe. A blanket was placed round my shoulders and I was helped to stand. As memories of the night flooded back, I began to shake uncontrollably. A small pain in my arm made me gasp and then I was floating, only to find myself lying on a crisp white sheet, in a brightly lit, flower-filled room. Once the waiting nurse was sure I was awake, she went to the door and called my visitor in.

Dave limped in and gave me a lopsided smile. A few of his teeth were missing and his nose was misshapen where it had been broken. He came over to the bed and sat down painfully before scooping me into his arms and rocking me, telling me how sorry he was that he didn't save me. We were both in tears when the doctor made his rounds and told us how lucky we were. The wild men didn't usually leave their prey alive and able to talk.

Now, if only we could remember what they looked like... IF is such a huge little word.

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