tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Walk Through the Door

A Walk Through the Door


She walked in the door and was immediately spun around with her face pressed square against the backside of the front entryway door. The quickness of the assault took her by surprise and added a spark of fear, exponentially increasing when an unfamiliar object was forced into her mouth. Her body was being crushed into the door by the length of a man's body, and her arms were pulled sharply behind her and pinned as well. She could hear the rip and pulling of the duct tape echo in the entry way hall. Her mouth was sealed with the duct tape by a gloved hand from somewhere behind her. As the body crushed hers harder against the door another rip of duct tape was heard. Her hands were now snugly taped behind her back. A black binder was placed around her head to cover her eyes, and now blind and almost wild with fright, she was once again roughly spun around. Her back was forced against the front door again by the body before her, roughly he pressed against her, holding her still, crushing her arms, as several more long tracts of duct tape were hauntingly stripped from the roll. The noise jarred her a bit. The door was slightly opened and immediately shut; all the while she was being pinned against it by the large body. The body moved only to be replaced with a restraint, a cord pulled tightly above and below her breast, trapping her breast in between, it was tied to something, while her pelvis jutted forward to prevent her taped hands, now behind her back, from becoming crushed.

Rough hands pulled on her knit top, cutting it up the middle and ripping excess material to expose her Bra covered breast. The cold air conditioning wafted against the exposed skin. Her gasp was audible despite the gag, when the hands first grabbed the material of her left breast bra, and then the right breast bra, cutting away more material. The bra was pulled and manipulated several times until it was returned to her chest –only now it exposed the full of her nipples and areolas to the air conditioning as well. Her summer skort was pulled down to her ankles leaving her underwear in place. Moving her underwear and pussy lips aside, an ice bag was jammed next to her clitoris and lodged between her large sex folds. Her underwear were pulled tightly to lay taught and cord like between her ass cheeks, then cut and retied tightly to hold the ice pack firmly in place. Her chest was moving rapidly as the cold began to sink in; even with a cover on the ice bag her clitoris was getting frozen. Her body began to squirm even more as two additional ice packs were slid inside the remains of her bra cups and began to work the same icy process on her already air conditioned cold nipples and areolas as was affecting her clit. The whimpers and moans began in earnest now. He smiled and nodded – this was only the beginning.

Amy thought hard as she heard the chime of her grandfather clock coming from the living room, six o'clock. She left the car a few minutes after 5:30 and now not even a half an hour later she was attacked, restrained, molested and now left to freeze. The last thing she though she heard was -- this was only the beginning. Trickles of water from thawing, dripping ice bags were sliding down her waist and her inner thighs in rivulets, and what was left of the front of her shirt and blouse were completely wet from the drainage. She was shivering in earnest when the familiar sound of her hair dryer approached closer. The man was moving the dryer over her underwear and abdomen area giving her much appreciated heat. His hand touched her underwear where the ice bag was lodged, fearing that he was going touch her sexually she tensed immediately. Moments later she almost became disappointed when she discovered that he was releasing slush from the bag down her legs not touching her, again cooling other parts of her body with the tortuous cold water. Whining and whimpering it was another half chime of her clock before all the ice water had been removed from not only her clitoris ice bag but both breast ice bags as well. Wet and freezing she remained pinned to the door.

She had actually been sleeping against the door when she was woken up. The smells of food and cooking had filled her house and her body seemed to stir and awake with the pangs of hunger making noises in her stomach. He knew she was hungry; in fact he had helped manipulate her day so that she had almost nothing to eat. Again he smiled, a few well placed phone calls had quickly evaporated her free time at work leaving her behind schedule and skipping lunch to catch up. Slicing the duct tape around her arms he brought them in front of her and replaced the tape with locking leather hand cuffs.

"Are you hungry?" he asked. She nodded her head. He released her restraints from around her chest and removed her from the door. Pulling her hands slightly in front of her, he made her walk a few steps until he bent her over a large padded footrest. Her breasts still encased in the bra were exposed in front of the footrest and she could almost kneel. The handcuffs were separated and reattached to each leg of the footrest and a two foot long spreader pole with ankle cuffs was placed between her legs.

"Are you hungry?" he asked again. She nodded her head even wilder with no mistaking the intent. He moved around her and left the room briefly returning with the smells of her own homemade minestrone soup she had made last night. He placed the soup bowls on a chair in front of her.

Amy was focusing on the smells and thoughts of eating the soup when she felt him moving to her side and touching the earlier created thong,the release of the underwear materials and the splat of the expended ice bag hitting the floor refocused her attention, the panties were cut through. A large butt plug was being rubbed outside of her anus, spreading the lubricant around occasionally penetrating her anal ring. After a few moments, Amy felt pain as the butt plug was forced fully into her, deeper and deeper until she realized that his was not a butt plug but a large, wide, foot long dildo that she had seen before in sex catalogs. He pushed the dildo still further until she felt she was going to burst. He was not stopping; she continued screaming beneath her gag and attempted to maneuver her body away from the dildo's forward pressure. Several sharp slaps ended up squarely on her still cold ass making her movement stop immediately. Amy was sure there were a red marks. More tape, it almost felt like cloth tape from the hospital, was placed across the dildo and another tape crossing it from the opposite direction made an X pattern across her legs and ass. He placed her nipples in two warm bowls of minestrone and Amy was aware of her hunger as he sucked the broth from each of her breasts.

Dropping her breast back into the soup, "Are you hungry?" she heard as he asked for the third time; she felt only able to just whimper beneath her gag. The chairs were moved slightly as she could tell he was adjusting something, perhaps he was finally removing her gag. She was so hungry.

He removed his pants down to his knees and pulled the second matching footstool closer to her head; while she smelled the soup and sat knowing her breast were soaking in it, but yet couldn't taste it, only be allowed to just feel it – like the King Kong Dildo he had put deeply into her ass. He pulled the tape off of her mouth in one fast move.

"Open your mouth," he stated and immediately pulled her head down over his erect cock. She attempted to move her head off of his lap and remove the cock from her mouth but he slid in closer and began again to slap her ass until she stopped moving and accepted his "food".

"Suck my cock, swallow every bit of cum, Bitch," calmly and quietly he spoke, "and then I'll let you eat something." He took her head, with the binder still blocking her vision, and began to pump her mouth up and down his shaft, occasionally smacking her ass cheeks, until he felt she was sucking and swallowing with all her might. As he began to grow he continued to push her head lower and deeper down his shaft, feeling the tip of his head at her throat. He bent his body over hers and deepened the pressure for her to deep throat him. He knew that she liked this part. But he also knew that she never swallowed cum – that was before today. Feeling himself getting ready to cum, he steeled his abdomen putting pressure on her back with his long torso and trapping her head in place, he reached around his legs with both arms, and grabbed each of her nipples, and began to pull. Cum began to erupt in waves. He could feel her attempt to pull away but he held her fast pushing against her head with his chest and pulling her nipples hard down toward the floor.

"Swallow, or you'll choke, Slut."

The waiting and arousal from the last few hours took its toll and he continued to cum several long, powerful sprays, chiding, "Keep sucking Slut, my cock better come out perfectly clean."

Amy was exhausted and a bit sick from swallowing cum. She felt one of her hands being released and was told to eat. The soup was cold but it was something else in her stomach and welcome at this point. Amy slowly spooned the soup into her mouth when the dildo in her ass was turned on, "God!" she exclaimed, "It's a vibrator."

"Are you finished eating yet?" The male voice broke the silence.

"No!" Amy exclaimed a little more loudly. And to prove her point she kept eating the soup, making a large mess without use of her eye sight. The the ass vibrator kept humming away at her insides and she attempted to ignore his attempts to distract her by his continued pushing of the now active monster dildo in deeper. After finishing the first bowl she located the remains of the second and started on that when she felt a cold metal bracket enclosed over her left nipple tightly. She winced slightly as it tightened when he tested it, and then the full weight of the chain and metal clamp was apparent as he locked it into something at the base of the footstool. She attempted to eat more slowly, hoping that would delay what ever was coming next, but instead he repeated the procedure on her right nipple. She really was finished, but attempted to make the noises hoping that it would give a small reprieve. Her hopes were dashed as the now familiar handcuff was returned and re-latched to the footstool.

"You will beg." he said simply. He moved his fingers between her pussy lips and stroked her clitoris. Placing several of his fingers into her cunt hole and stimulating her clit with his thumb she began moaning as he stimulated all of her "slut holes" – he smiled, that was her favorite term. His continued pressing on the taped in dildo in her ass, combined with the tugging from the clover nipple clamps as they continued to tighten further, limited her movement and steadily increased her arousal. Shortly she would be screaming for it, screaming at him to use her slut holes like the Bitch she was. Her arousal was unmistakable, he could see her juices running down his arm and feel her straining to get as close to him as possible. Placing an electronic egg in her cunt and securing her pussy hole closed with medical tape, he moved to the stool in front of her face and slid his limp cock in her mouth. The vibrations were consuming her and she began to suck his cock hard, prepared this time for cum, he felt she was almost looking forward to it. He pulled he cock out of her mouth when he became engorged, rock hard. Returning to the back of her footstool he removed the egg and instead placed a strap on clitoris vibrator under her pelvis and rammed his cock deep inside her pussy. He could see her moaning and feel the tensions of such intense stimulation exciting her and bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

After such pleasure and excitement she was literally whimpering now when he once again removed his cock from her pussy. The clitoris vibrator was continuing to work and because she was partially leaning on it the vibrations were even more intense. Only now her cunt felt empty. Again he pulled up the footstool, bringing his cock soaked with her juices into her face and she began to squirm and panic, she had forgotten about the nipple clamps for a moment, and cried out in pain. Grabbing her head once again, he forced her mouth over his cock until she accepted the position and began to smell the musky cock hair mixed with her cum, surrounding his member. She had been finally sucking his cock in earnest now and was feeling close to climax when she felt him remove his cock from her mouth.

"You will beg." Again, he said this simply.

"Please fuck me again." She said.

"Not good enough."

She sighed and thought for a moment, "Please use me however you want just let me cum." That had to be better, she thought, how could he know the depths that she would lower herself for this pleasure.

"Not good enough, Amy. You aren't even trying." He sighed and the clitoris vibrator stopped.

"Wait, Wait!" she screamed, "Please, Please let me cum. I don't care how you use me, just please fill my holes and use me like a slut. Please. I'll suck your cock again, anything. I am such a Bitch and I need to be punished with your cock, Please!"

"Better, but I know that you can do better than that. My cock is too good for you and perhaps you should think about that in the future."

"Anything, I promise, I will, anything." She kept mumbling and moaning as she felt the vibrations begin again.

He stepped around and briefly inserted his cock into her pussy for several strokes getting as much of her cum juices in his public hair, even wiping his balls to saturated them, as bountifully as possible, finally pulling out to replace the vibrating egg in her cunt hole. After re-taping her dripping cunt, with the vibrator running securely inside, he took up his now comfortable space with her face in his lap.

"Your going to do what I say, aren't you?" It was really a statement, not a question. He waited for a reply.

"Yes." the voice was submissive and faint.

"Lick my balls clean. I want to you to moan like you enjoy this...Because I know that sluts like you enjoy this." He waited until she had licked every last drop of her cum off of his balls. "Now, I am waiting again." he said impatiently. "Suck my cock slut and if you want to cum make sure that you get it done quickly." The vibrators roared on and the egg increased speed several times, thanks to the remote control. He could tell she was very near to coming because she continued to suck ever harder. It would be a race and with luck he would win and leave her unsatisfied and wanting more.

She felt her body began to tighten and shudder and her breath became rough and difficult to manage the large, bulging cock inside her mouth and her airway at the same time. The orgasm had started and she began to use the powerful waves to latch on to his erection and push herself harder, if that was possible. Within a few minutes he was holding her head and cumming into her mouth, moaning just as loud and uncontrolled as he forced her to be. She smiled for the first time tonight; she had gotten to him as well, where it hurt him the worst. For five minutes he had lost his control.

Somehow Amy had managed to get to bed that evening. Even the next day she wasn't sure exactly what had happened, after that amazing orgasm they had experienced together, she was bursting to tell her husband how much she had enjoyed the role playing and the genuine surprise he gave her. All day long she felt invincible, able to conquer all men. Racing home early she prepared her husband's favorite meal and was waiting to bring up the subject of last nights escapade.

"Honey," she said over her food, "I wanted to talk to you about last night."

"Oh, Yeah. I am sorry."

"Sorry?" She looked at him quizzically. He must be having second thoughts, she thought to herself, maybe he thought he went too far. She would make him understand.

"Yes, I am sorry I worked so late last night again." her husband's voice interrupted her thoughts, "I wanted to call but we were wrapped up on a teleconference. Finally, decided to order pizza in and the next thing you know, midnight." His voice kept droning on an on about some million dollar estimates and deadline dates, she heard a bit about his boss being sorry to waste our one night per week alone without kids by keeping him so late at office, but it really didn't change her thinking or capture her full attention. If he was really at work, then who was she with? A shiver ran through her and mingled with her thoughts; who was in her home, knew her complicated schedule and even more intimate, knew her rich fantasies? And confident, controlled, and cocky enough to carry the plan out.

Two days later a confidential package arrives at her office. Unsure about the lack of return address she had almost thought to delay opening it until later, under building security safety measures, but her curiosity by midday had won out. Spilling out on her desk were several photos of her tied to a door, giving oral sex, the remnants of her destroyed underwear and a video tape. The note attached to the tape said simply, "This is just the beginning." with no signature. After catching her breath, she cancelled her afternoon staff meeting and went home feeling sick in more ways than just physically. Just thinking about how she almost opened the package in front of her building security was enough to make anyone shudder, but even more worrisome was that she wasn't sure if deep inside her she was really more scared or more excited.

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