tagErotic CouplingsA Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

byMike Franklin©

Two legs diverged in a wood, and I – I went right between them.

"You sure you know where you're going? Cuz once I get out there I won't have any service if you get lost."

"Don't worry," you replied, "I know where it is. Remember I'm an outdoors woman, if I get lost I'll just track you."

"Ok," I said laughing, "I'm leaving now. I'll see you in twenty minutes."

I hopped in my car and drove the twenty minutes to the refuge, pulled into the parking lot and got out to put on some bug spray. As I was finishing you turned your car into the lot and parked it next to mine.

"Oh, the smell of Off really turns me on," you said as you got out of your car and came over to join me at the trail head.

"I figured either that or the smell of fish would do the trick. You want some?"

"Na, I'm not a wuss," you said needling me.

"Neither am I, but I'm just so sweet the bugs come for me."

"Oh, is that it?"

"I like to think so. Anyway, how are you beautiful?" I asked leaning in and giving you a quick kiss on the mouth.

"I'm good, glad to be home from school for a couple of days though. And even happier to see you."

"Wow!" I said surprised.


"That may be the nicest thing you've ever said to me."

You punched me in the arm, hard. "Oh shut up, I'm not that mean."

I rolled my eyes and got another punch for my trouble.

"So," you said looking down the path, "you going to show me this place or what?"

"Sure, come on," I said starting down the path.

We walked for twenty minutes or so, through some dense woods, then down a long hill and out into a big field. The sun was bright and the day was as beautiful as the girl I was with. Somewhere along the way I found myself with my hand intertwined with yours. I looked at you and smiled and you smiled back.

"Is that it?" you asked when the observation came into view at the far end of the field.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool. It's got all these benches and one of those binocular things so you can look out over the reservoir and look at ducks."


"I don't know," I said, "I just come out here to read. The place is so quiet and there is never anyone else out here. Not sure why they built it but since it's here, I figure I'll get some use out of it."

The observation platform sat out a few yards into the marshy edge of the reservoir and as we stepped onto the walkway that led out to the main structure I stopped and pulled you to me.

"What?" you asked me a little startled.

"Nothing," I said scuffing my feet on the gravel that had spilled from the path onto the planks of the walkway, "it's just that, well, I missed you and I'm glad you are here."

You put your hand under my chin and lifted my face so that we were looking each other in the eyes. You didn't say a word, you didn't half to, but I knew you felt the same way. I leaned in and you leaned in and our lips met softly at first, then as our kiss lingered we pressed harder into each other. Our lips parted and our tongues slithered forth, journeying into one another's mouths.

As we kissed I could feel a bolt of excitement rush through my body and my cock began to respond. I pulled your body even closer to mine, feeling your feminine parts press into me. My hand went around behind you and grabbed your ass, pulling you tightly against my crotch. For a long time we kissed, enjoying the feeling of each other's presence.

Finally we broke our engagement and pulled our bodies away. "C'mon, let's go look at some ducks," you said pulling me down the walkway.

We walked up the railing and looked out over the water. Everything was serene and calm on the water and a slight breeze was rustling the trees. Out in the water a fish splashed and a bird chirped a happy song.

"This is stunning," you said after taking a few long moments to take it all in.

"Not as stunning as you are," I said moving up behind you and pressing myself against you.

"You bring me out in the middle of all this nature and all you can think about is sex?"

"Is there anything more natural than a man's desire for his woman?"

"I guess not," you said laughing.

I put my chin on your shoulder and wrapped my arms around your midsection. You turned your head and kissed me on the temple; for a long time we just stood there like that just happy to be in each other's company.

But a man can only contain himself so long when he's got a physical specimen such as you at his disposal.

I started to softly kiss your neck and moved my hands up under the hem of your tank top and placed them on the smooth skin of your stomach. I moved them over your abdomen and your hips, feeling the feminine shape of your body. My cock was immediately on high alert and I pressed my crotch tight against your backside.

You let out a little hum of pleasure and reached your arm up and around, pulling my head into your neck. I started to nibble on your flesh gently and my hands moved further up your shirt to the bottom of your breasts. I hefted them and felt the smooth contours of their bottom in my hands.

"Maybe we should sit down," you said.

We moved over to one of the benches and sat with you in my lap, half facing me. You leaned back into me and my mouth went to yours; as we kissed deeply and passionately my hand again slid beneath your shirt and back to your breasts. I took the left one in my right hand and started to caress it, feeling your nipple start to grow rubbery at my touch.

Our mouths were pressed together tightly, our tongues flipping and sliding over one another as the passion kept on growing. Under my hand your nipple got hard and with my fingers I tugged and twisted it gently, using your piercing to amplify your pleasure.

You slid your mouth from mine. "You sure no one ever comes out here?"

"I've been out here dozens of times," I said, "and never seen another soul."

"Good," you replied and moved your mouth to my neck. Much as I had done to you previously you kissed and nibbled on the skin, down to my shoulder and back up to my ear. It felt good, damn good, and I began to grow hard.

I slid my hand from under your shirt and placed it on your thigh. I stroked up and down your smooth skin a few times, each time going higher and higher until I was at your pussy. Once again I discovered you sans panties.

"Oh, who was thinking about sex? Mrs. doesn't wear panties for a walk in the woods."

"Shut up" you said into the crook of my neck. I smiled knowing that you wanted me as much as I wanted you.

I pressed my hand against your crotch and you slid your legs apart wide enough to allow me access. I slid my middle finger between your lips and discovered that you were already soaking wet. As we sat there on the bench I slowly fingered you.

With your lips on my neck and nothing for my mouth to do I leaned forward and started to kiss your breasts through your shirt. Both of your nipples were now erect and I took turns taking them into my mouth through the thin material. I tried with my left hand to get your shirt up so I could expose your skin, but just couldn't manage it. Luckily, you could, and after you pushed your shirt up I was able to gain full access to your chest.

I pressed my face into the soft flesh of your breasts and bit softly at your nipples. I sucked them into my mouth hard, holding them there and flicking my tongue over the tips of them. I had a wondrous time with your nipple ring, pushing it up and down and tugging on it gently with my mouth.

"I want you so bad," you said breathlessly.

"Right here?"

"Yeah, right here."

"Ok, I think I'm ready to go," I said.

"Well, we'll just make sure of that," you said sliding your body off of mine and onto the seat next time mine. You bent forward at the waist while at the same time your hand pulled the elastic of my shorts back freeing my rock hard cock. The next thing I knew I was in your mouth, your tongue swirling deliciously around the head of my prick.

I leaned my head against the back of the bench and just sat there enjoying the feeling of having your lips on me. My hand rested on the back of your golden hair and urged you to take me even deeper. When my cock had reached its fullest capacity, you let it fall from your mouth and scooted back into my lap.

You pulled your shorts to the side exposing your perfectly manicured pussy and I aimed my cock at your hole. Slowly you descended, taking me inside of yourself inch by inch until every last bit of me had disappeared and our bodies rested against one another.

I lifted your shirt and returned my mouth to your pert breasts and delved my hands down into your shorts and onto your ass. As you continued riding me slowly, my mouth devoured your breasts and my hands explored your backside.

"My knees are starting to hurt," you said after you had been riding me for a while.

"Do you want to switch positions?"

"Na," you said reaching back and sliding off your shoes. You pulled your legs up and placed your bare feet on the bench. "I'll just do it like this."

You wrapped your arms around my head and pulled yourself close to me, forcing my face back into your chest. Now instead of fucking me slowly, you began to bounce up and on me hard and fast. Up you came until just an inch or two remained inside of you, then you would crash back down on top of me ramming every bit of my cock deep into your pussy. It didn't take long in that position for your breathing to become shallow and raspy.

"I'm going to cum," you said into my ear.

"Well bite your lip when you do or you'll scare all the ducks."

If you hadn't started cumming at that moment you probably would have stopped and punched me. But you were, and my arm was spared.

When your orgasm finally subsided your leaned back and looked at me. "Ok, now my legs are tired. Your turn."

"Gladly," I said helping you up and off of me.

With us both standing I led you back over to the railing and got behind you. I grabbed the waistband of your shorts and pulled them down just below your ass. With a gentle hand on your back I bent you over slightly, bent my knees and took careful aim.

On my first probe I located the correct hole and slid inside; very fortuitous because had I hit the wrong one the ducks really would have been scared. I pushed myself deeper inside of you until my pelvis came in contact with your glorious ass. My hands went to your hips and I began to take you slowly from behind.

With each push I used my hands to pull you into me, driving deep inside of you and holding myself there just enjoying the feeling of being coupled with such an amazing woman.

Again and again I pushed myself inside of you, fucking you hard if not fast. When we started in this position you were bent at the waist slightly but as time went on your bent further and further until your bent in half with your hands gripping the rail. You were also starting to push back into me, meeting my every thrust and encouraging me to go deeper.

So I started to pick up the pace, fucking you faster and faster until each push caused a muffled slap when our bodies collided. I was giving it to you with everything I had, fucking you as hard as I possibly could when I saw you release the railing with one of your hands and move it to your breasts.

Then your legs got weak and I had to help hold you up with my hands as you began moaning.

"Don't fucking stop," you said looking back at me over your shoulder.

The thought had never even entered my mind.

You tried to stifle your moans, I'm sure you did, but it just didn't work. Wails of pleasure stared pouring out of you as I kept right on plowing away, slamming every last bit of my cock into the deepest depths of your pussy. As your climax reached a crescendo, I pushed into you one last time and held myself there, feeling your body convulse around me.

"I think I need to sit down," you said when you were finally able to speak again.

"I've got a better idea," I said sliding myself out of you and pulling up my shorts.

Taking you by the hand I led you back off of the observation platform and down the path to the woods. There on the edge of the field was a row of trees that would give us all the privacy we would need. I stripped off my shirt and laid it out on the ground and helped you down onto it. As I hooked my fingers into the waistband of your shorts, you removed your shirt and when I pushed you down onto your back you were completely naked.

Quickly I kissed my way down your torso to your legs, letting my mouth linger on your exquisite thighs before moving up to attend to your clit. I licked it with long strokes, drawing wet circles around it, then taking it between my teeth and nibbling gently. Then releasing it from my mouth completely and instead rubbing on it hard and fast with my fingers. I did anything that I could think to do jut to keep you on your toes and bring you as much pleasure as I possibly could.

When you lifted your legs, spreading them wide, and put your hand on the back of my head to hold my mouth on you I knew that my efforts were successful. As you let out a gentle moan you rocked and bucked your hips against my face, intensifying your gratification.

Meanwhile my cock was back at full attention and desperate to get back inside of you. Once your orgasm finally subsided I slid forward on my knees, grabbed your legs that were splayed wide in my hands, placed them on my shoulders and brought the head of my shaft to your opening.

In one desperate rush I entered you, sliding every inch of myself into your pussy. A loud gasp of pleasure or pain, or both, escaped your lips as I pushed your legs back and apart in an effort to venture even deeper within. Once I was convince I had bottomed out inside of you I held myself still for a few moments, reveling in the warmth and wetness and feeling the muscles inside you twitching around my hard cock.

Then I began to fuck you with long, hard, crashing strokes that started with me drawing all but the very tip of my prick from inside you, and then roughly slamming myself in my entirety back into your depths. Each descent brought forth a similar gasp from you as well as the concussion of our flesh meeting with force.

Again and again and again I pushed into you, reveling in every moment spent inside of you, until my knees started to hurt and I needed to change positions. So I released your legs from my shoulders, pushed my legs out behind me and laid down on top of you supporting my weight on my hands.

In this position I couldn't fuck you quite as hard, but I could still go deep and progress at a much faster pace. And now you took an active role, rolling your hips away form me each time I withdrew and pushing them up to meet me each time I returned. Your hands were grasping my arms at the bicep and I could feel the pressure in your grip intensifying.

I looked into your eyes and saw them roll back and your eyelids flutter at the same time as I felt your fingernails digging into the flesh of my arms. You were cumming again and this orgasm was going to be one for the ages.

Your body went momentarily stiff then began to convulse all over as wave after wave of pleasure cascaded over you. Your nails were shredding the skin on my upper arms but I took solace in the knowledge that I was giving you an experience you weren't likely to soon forget. When finally your orgasm trailed off you released your grip on my arms and flung them out beside you as your entire body went limp.

"How was that?" I asked rhetorically.

"Fucking amazing," you said breathlessly.

"Fucking amazing, or amazing fucking?"

"Both," you replied and smiled. "Are you getting close, because I think I'm going to have a little trouble walking tomorrow if you keep this up."

"I can be," I said "How do you want me to finish?"

"Could you lay here and make love to me softly and sweetly?"

"Oh, I bet I can manage that."

"Good, because I'd like that. And don't worry about waiting for me to cum again, you've more than fulfilled your duties in that area," you said smiling up at me.

I took the weight off my arms and settled down on top of you, our naked bodies resting against one another. You wrapped your legs around mine and locked your feet behind my knees and threw your arms around my back, holding me close to you. Slowly I started to move in and out of you. Our lips met and we kissed deeply for a long time as I set about establishing a leisurely pace for our last moments of passion.

It was an awesome experience just being there with you, our bodies as one, locked at the hips and at the mouth. When after a prolonged time I started to feel the telltale feelings that precede my own orgasm I broke our kiss and buried my face in the crook of your neck. As I concentrated on the feeling of my cock pistoning in and out of you, your mouth went to my ear, licking and biting gently at my lobe.

That was all it took. I felt myself growing even harder and I pushed deep inside you and held myself against you as the muscles of my cock spasmed delivering the first stream of cum into your warm pussy.

Over and over I shuddered as my cock worked depositing every last drop I had to give into the very depths of you and I heard myself cry out with pleasure. When at last I had given all that I could my exhausted body collapsed against yours. Your arms held me tight and for a long while we said nothing, both of us simply basking in the afterglow of our glorious coupling.

When I finally had the strength I pulled my face from your neck and propped myself on one elbow. I looked deeply into your beautiful blue eyes and smiled. "That was the best trip to the woods ever," I said.

"You just wait till next time," you said and kissed me.

"Oh?" I said in mock surprise. "We're going to 'get back to nature' again sometime?"

"Let's just say that the ducks had better get used to my mating call."

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