tagSci-Fi & FantasyA War From Far Away Stars Ch. 01

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 01


Rick Thomas locked up the double doors on the old barn he used as a garage to run his automotive repair business. He had just finished putting four new tires on the car belonging to Karen Jansen, a girl whom he went to high school with. She is a single mom with one child, working as a nurse at the local health center in the small community they lived in. Rick as usual only charged her for the cost of the parts, he never charged anything for the labor.

He walked up the short dirt driveway to the front porch, tagging along with him is one golden retriever which he named Rommel and one black Labrador retriever he named Patton. Rick enjoyed history, mainly World War Two, mostly because of all the stories his late grandfather had told him about his experiences during the war. They enter the house which, along with the barn and the old farm land he inherited from his grandparents after his they both passed away.

He turned on the hot water at the kitchen sink washing all of the dirt and grime off his hands from a days work. Then he opened the refrigerator and pulled out everything he needed to make a quick supper for himself. Setting a jar of mayonnaise, a deli package of roast beef, a jar of polish dill pickles, some spicy horseradish flavored mustard, some lettuce and tomato slices kept fresh in a plastic container. While making his sandwich he tossed meat to the two dogs, then he placed the completed sandwich on a paper plate, a large pickle and he got a handful of chips out of a bag that was on the counter.

Rick grabbed a couple of beer bottles from the fridge and grabbed the plate from the counter, then the three companions head back outside onto the porch. Rick sits in an old rocking chair that used to belong to his grandfather, he sets the plate on his lap, sets the beers down on a small table next to the chair, also on the table is a small radio. He turns it on and it is already tuned into the New York Mets, his and his grandfather's a favorite baseball team. Even though he had cable, he enjoyed sitting in the cool night air and listening to the radio announcers paint a vivid picture of the action going on at the ballpark.

Rick had about half his sandwich gone and was starting on his second beer when he hears what he thinks at first is a rumble of thunder. Yet looking up at the night sky it is full of stars and perfectly clear, the rumbling continues to get louder and louder. Then he sees a bright orange glow falling from the sky toward one of the abandoned fields.

The two dogs begin to howl and bark as the sound reaches deafening proportions, even their master has to cover his ears as they watch whatever is falling from night sky. They hear the object crash with a loud thud and then nothing.

"Wow boys I wonder if that was a meteor of some kind?" Rick asked his two dogs. "Let's go for a ride and see if we can find it."

The two dogs followed their master off of the porch and he pulled the back lift gate down for them so they could get into the back. He put the lift gate back up and got into the truck, he drove it toward and opening he made in the fence years ago. As they drove into the field, they could see a small fire at the edge of the tree line of forest that bordered the property. As they get closer, Rick can now see now that this was no meteorite, the sleek metal design of something that looked to be about the size of a commercial jet liner.

Yet this looked like no jet liner he had ever saw, and he parked his truck at the edge of the crash site. He walked to the back of the truck and let the two dogs out, then he grabbed the fire extinguisher he kept back there. He put out several small fires as they approached the strange object, Rick stood by its side looking at the lettering, it did not look like any kind of writing he had ever seen.

An opening in the side of the object, provided enough curiosity and temptation for him to venture inside. The two dogs cautiously followed him in as well, they walked down a small corridor that led him to what looked to be a cockpit of some sorts. In the room were four people all of them injured, Rick noticed that they were definitely alien, instead of your normal blonde, brunette or red hair, the people in the cockpit had a light green hair. The hair matched the golden brown skin, and they wore uniforms with different insignias on them as well.

"Well boys they are alive, they need help." He said. "Let's go get the first aid kit out of the truck and see what we can do for them. I'm sure the military or the authorities will be along soon enough to take them away."

He went back out to get the first aid kit and then came back in, he stopped by the first alien he came to. The man was unconscious and had a good sized lump on his forehead. The blood at least was red like ours, thought Rick, then he checked for any other injuries. He found none so he dragged the man outside, figuring the cool night air would be better for him than the acid smokey interior of their spaceship. The next one he checked had a broken arm and several small lacerations on his face, Rick cleaned them up and then he splinted the arm. Carefully he got the man outside in fresh air, then he went in finding one of the aliens was now awake.

Rick stopped and stared into the dark eyes of the man now standing before him, the man slowly reached down toward what looked to be a weapon holstered on his belt. The alien man unsnapped the holster and put his hand on the grip to whatever kind of weapon he was wearing.

"Hey look buddy, I'm just trying to help you and your friends, you can see for yourself they are both outside resting comfortably." Rick said to hope the calm tone of his voice would calm the alien.

"We are a scouting party." The alien said in perfect English. "We mean you no harm, but our ship was sabotaged."

"Well I would feel a little better if you took your hand off of your weapon, I'm only trying to help." Explained Rick.

"I'm Commander Dern'ala of the Royal Teyven Empire, I command the royal fighter squadron and we are currently attached to Grand Admiral Kova'aval and his expeditionary force." He explained. "I will get a medical kit, would take my comrade outside?"

"Sure." Said Rick, he walked over to the last alien lying on the floor, this one was definitely female.

He scooped her up gently and carried her outside, a few moments after he did the man who identified himself as Commander Dern'ala arrived carrying a large pack. The pack was loaded with alien medical devices, he used some sort of scanner on all of his comrades and then the machine told him the best course of treatment.

"Anything I can do to help you Commander?" Rick asked.

"Actually you have done quite well in stabilizing their wounds and getting them out in the fresh air was a big help." Replied the Commander.

"I'm Rick Thomas, this is my land you guys crashed on, over there on the ground next to your friends are my dogs, the yellow one is named Rommel and the black one is named Patton." Rick said introducing himself and his two companions.

"What sort of animals do you call them?" Asked the commander as he bent over the female injecting her in the arm with a kind of shot.

"They are called dogs." He answered. "A common pets among those of us on our planet."

"Well my comrades are all members of my squadron, the first man you took out is Lieutenant Senior Grade Dela' ol, he is also my flight engineer when we take a scout ship. The other man is Sarla' ala, my brother and a junior lieutenant, he broke mothers' heart when he joined the service, she wanted him to be a doctor. The last member is pilot third class Iza'ell she is fresh out of our military academy, but this was her first mission." The commander explained.

"I'm surprised the authorities or the military are not here yet" Rick stated.

"They probably are not aware of us, and we jam all of your tracking technology rather easily." The Commander replied.

"Well you better get some rest, we'll look after you and your friends for the night, then we can figure out what to do in the morning." Said Rick

"Rick, thank you." Said the alien commander.

"No problem, I'm going to drive down to my house, I will bring back blankets and water." He said. "Do you want to come with me, make sure I don't turn you in or take off to get the police?"

"No, I trust you, in our culture first impressions tell us a lot about a person, despite the possible danger you helped us, when you could have called your authorities. I sense that you could be a good friend to the people of the Teyven Empire." The commander explained kneeling down to pet Rommel on the head.

"All right I will be back soon." Said Rick getting into his truck.

He drove back to the house he ran in and got all of the blankets out of the linen closet, then he filled a big plastic cooler with water, he loaded all of this in the truck. Then he went back in and got some cups for the water, some beef jerky and some dog treats. He drove back to the crash site quickly, once they got everyone situated for the night the Commander laid down and went fast asleep.

Rick stayed up most of the night eating jerky and giving treats to the dogs, and it was near dawn when he dozed off. The medical sensor started to emit a loud beeping sound, the Commander and Rick both responded to it. It was for the young female, her breathing became erratic and blood pressure was starting to drop.

"What's wrong with her?" Asked Rick.

"Internal bleeding." Said the Commander. "This device can tell you and show you how to treat someone, and her injuries are too difficult for someone with medical training to treat."

"You trust me Commander?" Rick asked.

"Yes Rick." The Commander said not looking up from his injured comrade.

"Then I will be back with someone I've known most of my life, who could possibly help her." He explained.

"If this is someone you trust, then we will trust them too." Said the Commander.

"Keep an eye on her I'll hurry back." Rick said running for his truck.

Rick sped out of the field and drove down the driveway to the main road, he sped quickly into town until he reached the house of Karen's parents. She and her young son lived there with them, they looked after her child while she worked.

Rick pounded on the door frantically, finally Karen came to the door, still in her pajamas, she pulled back the curtin to see it was Rick standing on the front porch.

"Ricks do, and you know what time it is." She said yawning as she opened the door.

"Karen, no time to explain I need your help." He said anxiously.

"Is someone hurt?" She asked.

"Yes and it's bad." He said.

"I'll go get dressed and grab my bag." She said to stretch her arms and then yawning.

"No time for that, we need to go now!" Rick said reaching down and running out with her bag.

"What the hell!" She said aloud. "Mom, Dad, I need to go with Rick, some kind of accident."

She ran out and got into the passenger side of his truck, she did not even get a chance to put her seatbelt on as he sped away. They drove down the main road and tore up Rick's driveway and through the field. Along the way Rick explained what happened last night and how this young female alien was hurt bad. When they pulled up to the crash site, they saw all three male aliens tending to the young female, the two dogs also anxiously watching them try to help her.

"She's awake now, so are the rest." Shouted the commander.

Karen pushed her way to the young woman side and opened up her tunic, they could see the discoloring of her skin where she was bleeding internally. Karen frowned as she looked over the injury, then took her stethoscope and listened to her.

"Rick this is not good she is bleeding badly inside, it is filling her lungs, she needs a surgeon, not a nurse." Karen explained.

"This device can guide an experienced medical person through any procedure." Said the Commander. "As her commanding officer, I give you permission to try, even if you fail we will be forever grateful if you try to help her."

"We can't do it here, get her into the back of the truck, let's get her down to the house, slow and careful guys, Rick drive us down there really slow too." She said

Karen rode in the back with the Commander and the alien device while the other two rode in the cab with Rick. The dogs ran alongside the truck following it to the house, when they got there they got the young woman out, Rick led them upstairs to his grandparents room. Karen washed up with soap and hot water, she went into the room. She stopped and read the device, what and amazing device she thought, and it was in English too.

"Do you speak the same language as us?" She asked.

"No we have been studying your planet for several years, and my flight engineer was able to reprogram it from our language banks on our ship." Explained the Commander.

"First we need to run a transfusion, are any of you the same blood type and she?" asked Karen.

"I'm." Said the man whom the Commander said was his brother, Sarla'ala.

"Good let's see your arm." Karen said. "Great veins."

She pulled a needle from her bag and pushed it into his vein, then took out a second needle and put it in the young woman arm. She ran a tube between the two and then opened the flow of blood. The scanner now showed her a diagram of the woman body, showing her the best place to make the incision. Karen pulled out a scalpel and began to cut, scanner pointed out bleeder after bleeder to her. Karen repaired the bleeding, then she found the small hole in the lung, the scanner told her how to fix that as well. Then the scanner told her everything was under control, and showed her the best way to stitch up the patient.

"You two help your friend to Rick's room so he can lie down." She ordered.

"Is she going to be all right?" asked Sarla'ala.

"She is stable, but she is not out of the woods yet. I will go back into town, I will take a few days off from work and come back out here to stay and take care all of your wounds. Commander can, but I take your scanning device with me, it apparently has all of your injuries recorded and necessary items I need to treat everyone properly." She explained going into the bathroom to wash again.

"Yes by all means." Said the Commander.

"I fixed your car last night, and I will walk you to the barn." Said Rick.

The two of them walked to the barn not saying anything to each other, Rick unlocked the door and turned on the lights. Karen followed him and went over to her car, she opened the door and popped the trunk. She had a gym bag in the back with some clothes she wore when she worked out at the gym.

"Turn around" She said.

Rick did as he was told and turned around, he blushed when he could still see her reflection in the mirror. He watched as she slowly unbuttoned her blood soaked pajama top, her grapefruit sized naked breasts standing firmly. She put on a tee shirt to cover them up, then she slid her pajama bottoms off. She was wearing a thong, and he admired her muscular shapely legs and the round curves of her ass.

"Okay you can turn around now." She was done pulling up her shorts.

"Thank you for all of your help." He said softly to her.

"I think we are in for a really exciting adventure with all that has happened last night and today." She said. "I can't believe I performed surgery on someone with the help of this thing."

"I believed in you, which is why I chose to come get you to help these people, trust seems to be a big thing with them. They seem to trust me, so they were willing to trust you." He explained.

"You such a brave, good, decent person Rick" She said to give him a big hug, then kissing him on the cheek. "You risked your life to help, to help aliens of all things, now what do we do?"

"Help them get better, either fix their ship or contact their fleet they said they had outside our solar system so they can be rescued. Are you all right with keeping this a secret?" He asked still hugging her not wanting to let her go.

"Yes, like I said this is going to be an exciting adventure, we don't get much of that in this old town." She said. "I will try to get back as soon as I can."

She broke the hug and Rick opened her car door for her, she got into the car and put her seatbelt on. Karen turned the engine over and she reached out to shut the door, but Rick held it open still.

"Uh, Karen I would just like to say." He said pausing.

"What." She answered looking up at him with her big green eyes.

Rick loved her, he loved the way her hair smelled when he just got that hug from her, the way her skin feels against his. He loved her beautiful face, her smile that lights up his entire soul, her beautiful green eyes. He had loved since high school, but he never acted on it, she left for school, moved to the city and ended up falling in love with some loser musician who left her to raise their son with no child support. He wanted to tell her loved her, that he needed her, he wanted her, yet once again he could not work up the courage to do so.

"Uh, thanks again and I will fix the spare room up for you." He said to close the door.

She rolled down the window. "Oh okay."

With that she drove out of the barn and down the driveway to the main road, even though she didn't show it, she was upset with him. She too loved him all through high school, she felt he was too immature to see that or he wasn't interested. So she moved away to become a nurse and then she moved to the city making the mistake of getting a loser boyfriend. Her young son was not a mistake of course, then she made the decision to move home.

Sure enough Rick Thomas was still here, still handsome and athletic, still with his friendly and sweet personality. Still here in the small town he was born in, the small town that is responsible for making him the good man he is today.

'I'm right here Rick, I need you, I wish you could see that' She thought

She put Rick out of her mind for while, she needed to think while driving home on some kind of excuse for why she will have to leave for a couple of days. She had a lot of vacation time at work she never used, so work would not be a problem, she had to find an excuse for her parents and her young son.


Feedback needed, this is my first attempt at a genre I love. I know there is no sex in this, nor will there be much in the future chapters, I hope it will get more exciting as I add chapters.

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