tagSci-Fi & FantasyA War From Far Away Stars Ch. 03

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 03


Sarla'ala was still asleep when Derna'ala and Dela'ol came for him, they carried him out of the house while everyone else was asleep. They took him out to the woods near the crash site and tied him standing up to a tree. An hour later he awoke, confused and dazed by the surroundings then he saw his brother standing before him. Suddenly his brother slapped him hard across the face, and the young man could taste blood from the corner of his lip.

"How long have you known brother?" Asked Sarla'ala with anger in his voice.

"Yesterday evening after dinner." Came the reply, but Sarla'ala could feel the coldness of his brothers stare.

"Father was right about you, your loyalty to our grandfather will prove to be your undoing. Are you really this willing to let go of your station in life, so that others beneath you can feel as if they are our equals? Do you think our populace has the education, the will, the desire to govern as member of royalty or of the elite classes?" Sarla'ala gave them the same speech almost word for word their father had given their grandfather a month before he had overthrown the empire along with their enemies.

"Sarla'ala you have been found guilty to high crime of treason against the empire, the penalty for such a crime is death. Dela'ol your weapon please." Derna'ala gave his own brother his death sentence and then stuck his hand out for Dela'ola to give him his energy gun.

Dela'ola handed him the energy gun, Derna'ala took the gun and set the setting to it's highest level kills, if you used it long enough on the same target it would dissolve it. Sarla'ala looked at his brother in horror, but he did not think his brother would actually go through with the sentence. Yet something about the look in his brothers eyes told him that he would, the young man wished his assignation attempt went according to plan. The bomb was meant to make the ship crash, but he was supposed to be able to escape out an escape pod before it did.

"Goodbye Brother" Derna'ala said feeling remorse at what he was about to do. "I thought we would lead our people into a new age together."

"When Father's fleet catches up to the Grand Admiral's fleet you will be destroyed, this primitive world enslaved and the galaxy will tremble at the mention of the Teyven Empire once again." Tears were now rolling down his brothers face as he gave his final speech.

Without anything further to say Derna'ala squeezed the trigger, the energy beam lashed out and struck his brother in the chest, a few seconds the young man was dead. A minute later the body was burned until it was nothing but a pile of ash afterwards.

"Let's get back to the shuttle, and the battery may be charged enough for us to activate the communications system." Said Derna'ala handing the energy weapon back to Dela'ola

Meanwhile back at the farmhouse Rick woke up on the couch with Karen in his arms, he could smell the scent of blueberries in her hair. He remembered they professed their love for each other last night, then fell asleep on the couch watching the late movie. He leaned his head forward and breathed in the scent of her fragrant shampoo, then held her tightly to him.

"Mmm" She moaned.

"Good mornings sleepy head." He whispered smiling down at her pretty face.

"Good morning." She smiled back then she slid herself up enough to kiss him on the lips.

They held the kiss for a few minutes then they broke it off, the two of them just lay on the couch looking at each other. Rick pulled her up until her whole body was lying on top of him, then the two of them engaged into a more passionate kiss. He gently ran his hands up her back caressing her soft skin, Karen felt like she was going to melt into his arms forever. Yet she reluctantly broke the kiss off, and Rick looked at her with surprise and disappointment.

"The time is not right, not yet." She whispered.

"I understand." He whispered back.

"I have to check my patient, then I have to go back into town and check on Bryan, then I will try to get back out here." She explained.

"Why don't you bring Bryan out here, he's a great kid, I'm sure he would love to spend the summer out here?" Rick suggested.

"I don't know Rick, one he would probably be in the way and two we shouldn't take things too fast." She said pulling herself up off of him to where she was now standing.

"Well I think he will be just fine, for one Bryan and I are just like this." He said holding up two fingers and crossing them. "Secondly the kid has only dropped subtle hints for us to get together since you've moved back to town. Bring him out, tell him I need someone to help me with the dogs and that I have a big surprise for him."

"All right I'll bring him out." She said to put her hands on her hips. "Now get up and give me a kiss so I can go check in on Iza'ell."

Rick stood up and kissed her again on the lips, the two of them held each other for a few moments and then exchanged love you's. Rick watched her push away from him and went back upstairs to check on Iza'ell. After a few minutes she was back downstairs, the two of them exchanged kisses and love you Again and she was off for town.

Rick watched her drive off from his front porch, then he noticed the doors were open to the barn. He stepped down off of the porch and walked to the barn, the dogs who were laying on the front lawn followed their master.

"Rick the Grand Admiral is on his with a shuttle and he wants to meet you!" Dela'ola shouted enthusiastically from the wrecked shuttle.

"Wow how long do we have for him to get here?" Asked Rick.

"Well my squadron is flying his escort and piloting his shuttle, considering the way they fly, I would say any minute now." Said Derna'ala.

"Any minute!" Rick exclaimed.

Suddenly four objects the size of earth style fighter jets swooped over the barn, the noise was so deafening that is made the dogs howl. Then a shuttle similar to the size of the one that wrecked was now coming in for a landing, right in front of the barn. Rick stepped outside and saw the four smaller crafts landed in the field behind the barn, he saw four figures in flight suits get out of them.

Then the shuttle opened up and a ramp came down from it, first a half dozen figures come running out armed with energy rifles and dressed as combat soldiers. Then one of the most menacing figures Rick had ever seen in his entire life come down the ramp. The man was large by any standards whether he was from earth or an alien from the Teyven empire.

The man had a patch over one eye, the patch had five gold stars embroidered onto it, each star had some kind of gem attached to it. His head was shaved bald, a large scar on the right side of it, his face looked rough and worn. Then Rick noticed as he walked toward the barn that his nose was missing half of it, the man only had one nostril. Rick always thought he was a very big guy at around six two and weighing two hundred pounds, lean and all muscle. This guy coming toward him had to be five or six inches taller, probably weighed more than three hundred pounds, he was definitely huge.

"Grand Admirals thank you for coming sir." Said Derna'ala running out to salute him then shake what appeared to be a mechanical arm.

"Commander Derna'ala, Lieutenant Dela'ola, glad to see you are alive and well" The man said in a thunderous voice. "You must be Rick, I'm Grand Admiral Kova'aval, thank you for taking care of people under my command and a member of the royal family I have proudly served for the last fifty years."

"You're welcome." Rick said in awe of the man.

"So your brother is the traitor, damn." Spat the old grand admiral.

"Yes sir, I most unfortunate loss." Said Derna'ala looking down at the ground.

"Oh the senior members of your squadron are here as well." The grand admiral said as the four fighter pilots walked up behind him.

"Rick going from right too left we have my adjutant, Adjutant Commander Sekla'ara, Lieutenant Senior Grade Pevet'ele, Lieutenant Senior Grade Kora'ele and Lieutenant Dega'ana. They have served with me for the past eight years, everyone this is our new friend and our ambassador Rick Thomas" Announced Derna'ala.

Everyone nodded in acknowledgment and then the small group started to go into the barn, the dogs cautiously sniffed at the grand admiral. The large old man laughed when one of them sniffed with its cold wet nose at his robotic arm.

"What are these beasts?" He said in a surprisingly quiet tone.

"They are dogs, the yellow one is named Rommel and the black one is named Patton, besides being a mechanic, I'm sort of a history buff as well." Explained Rick.

"Naming your pets after great figures in your history, is that an honor?" Asked the Grand Admiral.

"Depends on the person, I guess." Said Rick.

"Someday you will have to name one of these dog creatures after me." Laughed the Grand Admiral.

"Did you find the dreadnought?" Asked Derna'ala trying to get back to business.

"Yes commander it is still intact, under the ice." Replied Sekla'ara. "It should be easy enough for us to recover."

"Only if its guardians will let US that is." Mumbled Dega'ana.

"Guardians?" Chimed in Dela'ola.

"Under the ice is an ancient race that inhabited the seas of most worlds throughout the universe, now they only live on that moon. They are almost as time itself, they are wise, telepathic and very large, your grandfather in his memoirs said they called themselves the Gumtu." Explained the Grand Admiral. "You must be first petitions' them before retrieving the ship Commander."

"Then if they do let you, you will have to enter the right code, the wrong code will make the maintenance androids switch from their normal maintenance mode to a security mode. They will kill anyone who comes on the ship without entering the proper code first." Explained Sekla'ara.

"Do you know the code Commander?" Asked Kora'ele.

"Only I and the Grand Admiral know it." Replied the commander. "So tonight we will prepare, then we will have a good supper, so you can get to know all of our new friends."

"That's right, and Karen went to town to get her son." Rick said. "She has been taking care of your injured pilot Iza'ell."

"Ah yes the healer, and we will look forward to meeting her and her son." Said the Grand Admiral.

The Grand Admiral, Commander Derna'ala, Adjutant Commander Sekla'ara and Dela'ola went aboard the shuttle to plan for the next day. While Rick and the other set up table outside for a good supper. Rick called Karen and told her they would have guests tonight and asked if she would pick up a lot of food before she came back out to the house. He told her not to worry about money, and he would just call mister Jenkins the local grocery store manager to put it on his credit card.

After he got off the phone they got plenty of tables and chairs, then they went to the woods to find wood. Rick was going to make a large fire, when they got back to the house he checked the gauge on the propane tank and saw that it was full. Just then the horn from Karen's car was blowing as she pulled up the long driveway with a car full of groceries and her son Bryan.

"Wow from the road you can't see any of their ships." She said in awe.

"It's our stealth technology." Explained Pevet'ele.

"Works good." Said Karen.

"Rick are these the aliens mom was talking about, they are so cool." Bryan shouted with glee looking over the aliens with the curiousity of a child.

"Yeah buddy, they are cool." Rick said scooping the child up.

"Mommy says you and her are starting a relationship." The boy told him.

"Yes we are, what do you have to say about that?" Asked the boy.

"All I have to say is what took you so long?" The little boy said and everyone laughed.

Then the four who were in the barn finally emerged, Rick took time introduce everyone and then they all worked on dinner. He and Karen had to do a lot of explaining on what to do, the Grand Admiral had a lot of fun helping Rick cook the burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Even the injured Iza'ell was able to join them for dinner, everyone at the tables got to know each other and talked of happier times.

Rick and Karen learned that Pevet'ele a male Teyven and Kora'ele a female Teyven met when they joined the fleet, fell in love and were actually married by Derna'ala's grandfather. They found out that Sekla'ara was once a former beauty pagent winner before she joined the fleet, she wanted to show she was not just a beauty, the Grand Admiral had decorated her twice for valor.Everyon had interesting tales to tell about themselves and life back in the Teyven Empire and how anxious they were to get back to take it back.

The most surprising thing of the night was the Grand Admiral, Bryan and the dogs, the dogs laid at his feet and Bryan not deterred by appearances sat on the mans lap. He told them stories of when he and Derna'ala's grandfather were very young men fighting in wars side by side. The entire time they were fighter pilots together neither of them had a different wing man, when they both commanded capital ships they were at least in the same fleet.

But not all of the Grand Admiral's stories were of war, he told tales about all the different worlds of the empire. He also told stories about other planets that he led expeditions to over the many years he was in service, before they knew it Bryan had fallen asleep cuddled up against the gruff old Grand Admiral.

"I better get him to bed." Said Karen.

"What handsome young lad, he has your eyes." The Grand Admiral whispered while handing him to her. "Reminds me of my great grand children still in the empire, if they are even still alive."

"Don't talk like that sir, of course they are still alive, we have to keep up hope that all of our loved ones are holding up while waiting for us to return home to save them." Said Iza'ell

"Hold your tongue girl." Said one of the soldiers, Rick could not remember his name.

"Hol your tongue combat specialist Arek'ork, she is right to remind an old soldier that we must never give up hope." Said the Grand Admiral. "Now get that boy off to bed, he will have an exciting day tomorrow."

Karen carried her son inside the house, Rick followed her inside as well, they put him Rick's bed. The dogs either out of force of habit or a need to protect the boy followed as well, they knew he would sleep well tonight.

When they went back outside the soldiers, the pilots, the Commander and the Grand Admiral said their goodnights and went back inside the shuttle. That left Karen and Rick alone outside, Karen started to clean up the mess that was left behind.

"Karen that can wait until morning, do you remember the layout of this property?" He asked.

"It has been a while since I've been out here, so no not really." She replied.

"Well would you like to take a short walk with me?" He asked her extending his hand to her.

"Yes that would be nice." She answered.

Rick grabbed a blanket from the truck that he kept in it for the winter time when he would go deer hunting. Then he led her down a small path just past the barn leading in the opposite direction of the woods. The path went straight up a small hill and when they got to the top they could see the glimmering lights of the town.

"It's very beautiful." Karen sighed.

"Not as beautiful as you are." Rick replied taking her into his warm arms.

The two of them embraced each other and began to kiss passionately, they only stopped long enough for Rick to spread the blanket on the ground. Then they laid upon the blanket and continued to kiss, Rick gently unbuttoned her blouse and then nervously unclasped her bra, Karen could feel the nervous trembles in his fingers as he gently caressed and squeezed her breasts.

"Make love to me." She whispered into his ear.

Rick undid the button of her jean shorts and then he pulled them down off of her, then he pulled her panties down. He pulled down his jeans, then pulled off his shirt, he got between her legs, his cock throbbing with anticipation of entering her.

Gently he positioned his cock at the warm moist entrance of her pussy, and he gently eased himself into her. Karen had not had a lover since before Bryan was born, she almost felt like a virgin again. She pulls Rick down on top of her and they are once again kissing passionately, making love under the stars on hill overlooking the town they grew up in.

Rick slowly began to increase his thrusts, Karen let out several soft moans and then dug her nails into his back when he brought her to her first orgasm of the night. Karen wrapped her legs around him tighter urging him to continue, he does and soon they are both cumming together.

They made love three times that night before they headed back to the farmhouse, once again they fall asleep in each others arms. They would be tired the next day, but it was well worth it to consummate a love that should have happened years ago.

Next Chapter we meet the Gomtu, the android caretakers and dropping in on the United Nations.

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